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  1. Must've been a wayward shot.
  2. Moses would have likely just passed it out for a goal kick.
  3. I love Luiz, seems like the life of the party every time he's in front of the camera.
  4. I'm one of the Torontonians but my wife lives in Roch!
  5. Champions League winner, Gary Cahill.
  6. Rumor has it that as part of his post-match cool down workout, he ran to King Power in time for the game.
  7. Welcome bud, I'm also from Toronto.
  8. Beauty result, dropped points at home.
  9. Someone's cutting onions. Loved Cech at the end.
  10. Typical Moses final third pass.
  11. Tyres look a little flat.
  12. Had Messi scored that goal, sports centre here would be creaming their pants.
  13. If it makes you feel better, I basically turn into a sissy every time I see literally any picture or video of him.
  14. Favourite player of all time (if my username wasn't obvious enough). Hated the few people on this forum who talked sh*t about him when he left for NYCFC/Man City, **** you guys. What a beaut this guy was, unbelievable. Played a full pitch game, always gave 110%, great leader, everything about him was perfect. Total man crush on him and it's sad to see him retire.