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  1. abister1

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    One thing that has never sat right with me about Conte is the fact that he gets "good reports" from players that have worked with him but dont understand why they wont follow him to a new club. Quite rare for a manager not to be able to take along players he likes from an old club to his new club. Players would make it happen and even take lower wages to reunite with their old manager but none of his supposed disciples have made that commitment to him.
  2. abister1

    Victor Moses

    The damn manager sets the tone.lol They feel they have better options for those moves than Moses and Mikel in other players and constrain the Nigerians depending on others to deliver the goods. In Nigeria, they are their biggest names so used accordingly to create for and pivot the team. Also can't really say enough of his professionalism at Chelsea. An all out attacking midfielder converted to a DM by Mourinho but just got on with it and carried out instructions always. Always a feature of every Chelsea manager's team and the only manager that didn't give him a chance was Conte due to his own stubbornness and desire to control the players in every way he could. Basically told him he didn't want him to go for Olympics at start of Conte's first season because his place would be at risk. Of course Mikel is Captain and Nigeria depends on him so he went and came back afterwards but never even made match day benches, pretty much what we see with Luiz and any other players that dare cross he whom must not be crossed.
  3. abister1

    Our New Stadium

    Whilst not great news, totally expected and sensible decision from Roman, Marina, et al. What do the UK government expect? A man investing his fortune (the fortune origins not in discussion here) in a country he sees as home that considers him a risk or "casualty of a diplomatic war" to keep putting food on the table for thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of its citizenry? Totally in love with the move, of course downside being the growth of CFC. But perspective, as I always like to say Roman rescued the club and yes it might have been someone else, even maybe an honest British billionaire of integrity that rescued it, but if my aunt was my uncle.......... Surely, they can't expect him not to feel underappreciated, used and possibly not valued in anyway.
  4. abister1

    Is this the end of Roman era at CFC?

    Nothing to see here. If it's a visa issue then it is easily resolved with his access to cash. Entrepreneurial visa is easy as abc and like someone said earlier, his number of years in the country and investment on that visa category will most likely enable him to apply for permanent residency via the Indefinite Leave to Remain route. If politically motivated, it will be resolved as well as the UK has to be very careful with how they go about excluding people from getting a visa approved, especially in the light of Windrush which is only a fraction of the unbelievably unfair and downright immoral actions of policies put in place by Theresa when she was Home Sec. Except they apply a blanket decision they can't cherry pick who they exclude without facing a possible legal challenge and for someone with the financial resources, it will always be a dangerous game to play.
  5. Well he had wanted to leave long before Conte was even considered a Chelsea manager. He gave a lot to club and like you say was a key person so can see your point. I actually didn't mind him leaving as I felt he was unfairly used as a cheap scapegoat by many fans (at least 75% on here). To blame him for every single bad turn of event in the club became the default reaction and I'm happy he's away from such unfair vilification.
  6. abister1

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Well, as for me I blame Emenalo. Girls football coach, what's he got on Roman?
  7. abister1

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    What an absolute idiotic and clusterf**k of a decision to make. 2 games to go in a rotten season and you don't step out with your best team. His decisions have been nothing short of shocking at several points in the season and any manager getting the sack on the basis of such decisions sure deserve it. Shambolic behaviour and absolutely sabotaged the season. I would scream out of love for him last season. Now I'm just emotionless as he has absolutely drained out the passion in team and me.
  8. abister1

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Very good manager if you want to look at statistics and results, and as much as I really like him I place full responsibility on him for derailing the season. All that moaning for most of the season, did us no good. Once the window shut, nothing could have been done again, so he could have made his point in one or two press conferences and gotten stuck in to his job of coaching the team. The running theme of his press conferences were literally draining me emotionally and mentally, I wonder what it would have done to the players who saw him 5/6 days a week
  9. abister1

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Bringing up the past is not irrelevant. The present has always and will always be measured against the past as sure as the future will be measured against the present. It will always fit into today's climate and what you can say is holding on to the past will not fit today's climate, then that will be saying something to think about. A man that dismisses his history or history in general is like a man that revels in history. Both reading from the same foolish page. Embarrassing or not, the money was spent, that is key. When we broke records for signing Torres he would have been a good signing i suppose. Only before the fact. When measured against HIS history and money spent he was a dud signing. A sense of entitlement to anything that is not totally within your control is laughable, forget about the other members of the top six, how about the rest of the league? Are they not also footballers wanting to win things? Because we have more money or so called better players? Appreciating, understanding and accepting of a situation is not accepting mediocrity. It is being rational.
  10. abister1

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Thanks Val, couldn't have "explained" my post any better.
  11. abister1

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Your sense of entitlement is bewildering. I'm not saying don't be ambitious but please remind me what European tournament we regularly participated in before our luck with Roman's millions.
  12. abister1

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Davey has made all the points that should be made. What changed from last season is Conte wasn't moaning last season about his team. He believed in them (and even if he didn't he did not give that impression) and worked with what he had. This season as the board didn't back him to the extent he wanted he lost control and unfortunately in expressing his disappointment also indicated his team are not good enough. Some great votr of confidence from your manager. That's what took away their confidence and fight in facing whoever they came up against. A lot of dominating teams comes from you being confident in yourselves. I want him to stay as manager because it is clear he's a good manager and even this season you can still see players improving but he needs to correctly identify his error and amend it for the team to succeed like last season.
  13. Season all on Conte. He's a very good manager but his attitude (call it ego, arrogance, petulance, stubbornness....or whatever) stunk the place out and derailed us. Its not games like this that have us so far behind but we dropped about 12 sure points from other places. You could argue when a team isn't strong enough mentally to beat the lesser teams it comes from the motivation and squad atmosphere.
  14. abister1

    Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    Even if a player plays every match but he does not retain the support or confidence of the manager and maybe fans, he will never perform to same capabilities as if he retained said support. Does anyone here think Bats was ignorant to the fact he wasnt fancied? I don't blame a manager for having his preferences but what I can't stand is when they complain of the same situation that has a possible solution they refuse to explore. You hear of or see players having a barren run for several games, nearly a season or more. Cases in point our own Torres and Saido who was heavily linked to spurs and has now not experienced the feeling of scoring a goal in nearly 2 years. What was Bats longest goal drought? He didn't score every game but it was always a fair chance that he would score goals in games as he had the natural goal scorer ability. Like someone rightly said the other day I think it was @slojo, given the same number of games in a season as Morata he would probably outsore the spaniard. The quality of goals or importance to the team's cause is up for debate but the odds he would score more would favor Bats.
  15. How poor is Hazard though?