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  1. Of course. I see your point. Sometimes however when team tactic is to play out from the back you will at some point have to play across the back. It's very difficult to manage and most times that's where you will get punished when teams press if you insist to play out from the back. Can't remember what game it was but I think it may have been against Arsenal when we were a goal up and Willian had the ball could have booted it up the field but because of play out the back tactics he tried to do so by dribbling his way out of the press and got dispossessed leading to their equalizer. I think the managers can set up the team tactic as play out the back but leave the players to execute it how they see fit depending on the circumstance. Now if Cahill had made that mistake i would have been livid as he is already a mature and fully developed player but with Christensen these are the moments that help his development in reading danger better. Like I said earlier, annoying it happened and tough mountain to climb but we know what our boys are capable of.
  2. True that. Ultimately cost us the game but taking a positive from a bad situation good for the schoolboy's development. When a player is still in the developmental stages such mistakes are bound to happen. You hope you don't get punished for it, we got punished for it but at least a draw is certainly better than the doom and gloom scenario painted since draw. Camp nou is a different beast altogether however it has been done before, we have also done it there. Let's keep our finger crossed for a positive showing on the day.
  3. Can someone please tell Conte he won't carry over his subs and get to use 6 in the next leg. Players have tried to win us this game on the pitch. You try it from the bench as well too. Sick of this over defensive stance.
  4. If we score first we will win, if we concede first early night for me as to bed I'll go.
  5. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Come on Antonio. Win or lose let's see the you of last season. No moaning, no glum looks...... We've got your back.
  6. Alvaro Morata

    I like your thinking but it differs maybe a bit slightly from Don Conte's.
  7. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    You keep calling him a manager. He isn't a manager. He is a first team coach. They know why they appointed him with that title. His contract details which the public isn't privy to probably reflects the extent of transfer calls he can make. Hell he even says it in his moaning conferences that the club is in charge of transfers and he knows nothing about it. Every now and then he soft pedals and say decisions are made with him adding his input but the general view he gives is he is not in charge or control of what transfers we make. That is because he is a first team coach and not a manager. He won the league, they had contract negotiations, they told him they wouldn't give him full control and as a result he said he won't extend. That is possibly what happened. I am speculating but this is what likely happened. Or at least something similar.They probably conceded to working with him where his targets fall in line with their own long term policies. Problem is most of his transfer requests don't make sense and I was happy when we didn't get Bonucci or Sandro for the so called £80m Juve asked for. Not because it is my money but because i felt we had invested a lot in players like Ake, Chalobah and other youth players to not give them a chance. If you want Alex Sandro, Bonucci and other players Conte badly desires, why don't you buy Chelsea football club and buy the players for him. Sick of how you come on here and moan like Conte all the time about the board. And talk down at other posters as if you have all the solutions and know it all. Football isn't all about winning on the pitch every time, sometimes you need to consider other goals. An improved stadium today may not increase revenue as much in comparison with the tv deals currently going but when those plans to expand were made they probably didn't have Conte on a shortlist as future Chelsea manager.
  8. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Exactly what I keep saying. The trend seems to be they provide players for positions where he indicates he wants players. If they can get who he wants they do and if not they provide someone else. They definitely are not breaking their backs or going against their own policies to get the players he wants and that is exactly what everyone should expect as you can't give full backing to a man that hasn't even shown the willingness to be your manager long term. I think he realises this was a big mistake now hence his statement a couple of days that he was ready to even extend his stay beyond current contract . All we see today is a fall out of poor decisions made by the manager over the summer. He axed Costa, board probably tongue lashed him privately but supported him publicly, he came back in a strop and started taking pot shots at them after refusing the extension. Club probably felt slighted and just like everyone's alarm bells were ringing when he didn't extend so would theirs' have. You may not want to stay beyond a particular time but you generally extend. If they say 4 years you say 2 years and both parties know that can fall apart in 2 months but its the tone you set by not extending. Why should they buy who you want?
  9. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Woke up this morning to see I was right to go to bed at half-time. Can't say I'm surprised at result. Conte is not bad manager. Just a very stubborn one. This is a man who last season after Arsenal's spanking said I don't care what formation we play but something has to change and then switched it up. Now all of a sudden he can't switch things up and goes into the same formation with the same set up and tactics? I said the other day Hazard part of our problem and was nearly chewed up. He is great don't get me wrong but holding on to the ball a tad too long just because he can doesn't do the team any good. I saw it happen several times in the first half as well. Teams have figured this out and just crowd him out now whilst others get back in position. Well my assessment is the board is willing to spend money but not just on what Conte wanted there is no future with him long term at Chelsea. They are buying squad fillers now and when the next man comes will give him who he wants. Conte refused to commit from the start of season and all that has happened afterward is a consequence of his decision. And Emenalo no longer here otherwise he would gave been taking a glorious berating from the fans now. Lucky man, dodged that one. So who do we blame now guys?ha
  10. Time to go to bed guys. As a fan you wish for different but really it's game over. Conte's record for getting back into games when losing is shockingly poor, talkless of doing it with a man down. At least still a point ahead of Spurs for now.
  11. Conte In? Or Conte Out?

    Back then bragging rights were reserved for derby games. And every other game a good reason to just enjoy football. Social media eh.
  12. Conte In? Or Conte Out?

    Fair point on Poc. Do you think they can do better than him at the moment? Once they think they can he gets the chop. He's taken them closest in years with a style previously unseen and as one of the upcoming managers in the game it will be foolish of them to get rid before he starts underachieving (or in another way status quo resumed as right now he has spurs overachieving on the money they are willing to spend) RDM is a legend on these hallowed pages but I guarantee you, you'd be hard pressed to find 10% or even making it simpler for you 10 people who can hold up their hands with a straight face and say the CL and FA cup wins were his tactical genius on display. He was given a chance which was the job full time and it was rightfully seen and correctly too, if I may add as a reward for what he "achieved". When the hammer fell there was disappointment but also a sense of acceptance of what most felt would be the natural outcome as the season went on.
  13. Conte In? Or Conte Out?

    Thanks Coco. People want managerial consistency and success. But the thing they fail to realise is consistent success means the manager is doing his job (winning and therefore remaining in-situ) or not doing his job (failing to win and being replaced by someone else who can), ..... rinse and repeat process. Now what they should be glad about is more times than not our board have gotten it right in terms of the next man in always steadied ship to an extent and maybe win the odd cup here or there. We've been fortunate with winning league titles several times. Alex left Utd what 4 or 5 seasons ago and they're already on their 3rd manager. A man they swore to hate and despised so much and it is well recorded and open knowledge that one of their legends upstairs hates him passionately. That's who they turned to because of his serial winner rep. It's a bit funny to me every time I hear people go that route because though I never support sacking a manager or player on the basis of lack of time to deliver, I am never one to stand in the way of moving people on for non performance or to favour long term goals and plan. In a democratic set up as we have in the westernized world where far more is at stake than football and where we have long term planning considered in generational terms rather than as one would consider 5 - 10 years in football, the manager( prime minister/President) is generally given 4 or 5 year terms during within which they can even be sacked (impeached/leadership change) if things arent going well.
  14. Conte In? Or Conte Out?

    So why are we a joke in England then? Is it as Spurs are a joke for the way they change their managers? I ask because they've had more managers than us in same time period or is it maybe the perspective the media tunnels your vision towards?
  15. Conte In? Or Conte Out?

    Are we any more of a top club than Real Madrid who have had about 14 managers to our 10 since Roman tool over? Managerial changes ARE part of the pressures a club that wins or has ambitions to win faces.