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  1. Thanks man. I always thought the point of building up a points lead was to create a buffer for when things don't go to plan and points are dropped so you still have that wiggle room. Some posts here after the loss seem to be telling me I had a mis-education on that point.
  2. Oh feck right off you moaner again.
  3. Oh feck right off you moaner
  4. Poor tactics from Conte. Needs to give others a chance when Costa is misbehaving. In his attitude and performance. Good performance from Jose and it's his ultimate party pooper move which we have been beneficiary of several times and no surprise there. Seems to have also got the mental edge over Conte at the moment as Conte very subdued in his area. Finally very poor performance from the so called fans on this board. It's disgraceful to read some of the things I'm reading. I remember how draining reading posts can be on here so i blame myself but really people,get your thumbs out ffs.
  5. Yes it's a safety rule and rule of law but the onus is not on the driver legally. Yes maybe as a duty of care but not legally responsible for a passenger not wearing one. Hence modern cars have the beeping noises that persist and get louder to remind the occupants. And that is why the police will fine passenger and not driver. At worst the driver gets a strong verbal warning.
  6. Do you actually check that everyone in your car at all times is wearing a seat belt? Especially as the law puts the onus on the passenger not driver. If I get pulled up by the cops and a passenger isn't clicked,he/she gets fined not me. I'm not advocating being nonchalant but it's not very practical and possible to check every one is wearing a belt always.
  7. Exactly. Even in this country and league Brenda used it a lot and several teams last season used it randomly. Yeh we may be more associated with it as our main formation but to say trend started with Conte and brought into style by him......well l'll just leave it at have some salt handy people.
  8. Never liked statements like this. What makes it our 3-4-3? I believe the manager was also a member of a back 3 in a 3-4-3 formation back in his playing days. Formations evolve, go through active and dormant stages but to say "our 3-4-3" is a bit of a stretch. How about he's just trying a formation out, maybe one he has played in as well before?
  9. He himself said back in the days when Lamps jailed city there was no more romance so will be a two-faced geezer for his behaviour now I'd say. I loved him to bits and respect what he achieved with us but let's get things straight there is always an opposing minority in every situation even in a family of four. That some fans boo or sing about him doesn't even annoy me because HE started the slinging first. Stay in your lane boss. You did good with us in the past and I get you're bitter cos we sacked you and sacked you again but you pouring scorn on us or our new manager now will get you nowhere fast boss. Wish Conte took your head off yesterday. You think because he has been chilled the whole season at Chelsea that's what he is about?You better ask somebody.....
  10. Normal people are involved in this daily. We just don't hear it cos they are normal people. Plus 80% of the football population are below 28 i will estimate. Not really mature people especially given the fact they have been exposed to the fast life at a tender age.
  11. Oh certainly disappointing. I was a huge fan and defender of the man even when I knew he was in the wrong and just being a D head. Right now I'm like....meh....whatever loser. Loser in this regard being his petulance and overall general behaviour of course. Serial winner. Scary like someone said earlier if Man Utd became our main challenger/competition. I saw a stay earlier that they are on their longest unbeaten run since Fergie.
  12. He got sacked by us. Twice. His behaviour is unexpected but not surprising.
  13. Thank you, you voice of sensibility and rationale.
  14. Canni win. Folk always f*****g moaning. He didna do this, do that..... We need a change, an upgrade....its no futba manager ffs, you ken.
  15. No club is obligated to sell any player they don't want to. What it does is stop the outrageous tapping up by clubs and also the players themselves from getting their heads turned easily. It's a statement basically of you can have him as long as you pay this. How many players can you tell me got sold recently below their release clause due to player discontent.