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  1. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    And the point? Having character flaws doesn't mean he wasn't respected for the great manager he was and still is. I know Mourinho is a twunt doesn't mean I don't like him or regard him as one of the best in the game. Charlton's views on him didn't stop man u appointing him when they were desperate to be dug out the hole they were in.
  2. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    That's Conte. He's always been that way. In fact i would say we have not seen his worst side yet in Chelsea. He was very controversial and divisive in Italy. Almost like Mourinho.
  3. Oh you were right. With that blinder later ha.
  4. David Luiz back at Chelsea

    I think "carefree" would have been a more apt description.
  5. Most hated opposition

    Newton Heath, the club now known as Man United for me. The short-sightedness and arrogance of their fans is beyond this world. Grew to be the brand they are because of their money driven dominance. Not just fergie being brilliant. The irony is the fans they attracted because of that fortune are same ones that dare to call other club fans glory hunters and belittle their achievements. So jealous of the modest (in comparison to them) achievements of Manchester City and indeed any other club. The pretentious bar stewards, i don't know up to 5 of them that liked Jose when he was ours but now he is theirs they try to deride us and are blind to all his inadequacies (bless the cheeky git, still respect and like him) that were a woe and problem to the world before he accepted to join them. A club that its past ain't particular a bed of roses and nearing bankruptcy on more than one occasion but were saved by rich benefactors thumbing its nose at new clubs being in the same situation. Just because theirs' happened a 100 odd years ago doesn't make the situation any different, after all they were known as moneybag united during Davis time and were caught fiddling the books. Cups that were irrelevant always become top end when they are the ones winning them and if they have any honest bones in them they should be severely ashamed of their fanbase especially in light of post -fergie happenings. Their most respected and successful manager ever gave them one job - to support the new manager, they couldn't even do it for one year. From hailing him as the chosen one, a mockery of all things Jose and Chelsea, (they started the fly plane protest trend in premier league ffs), but mock people for sensible poster protests. To Louis the saviour and now onto Jose. They only want the glory days back, like they have always been and will always be they are vile arrogant scum who care for nothing else but glory. Makes me laugh how humble and pitiful they seemed when they couldn't string two consecutive wins post fergie but now as you can be sure as there being water in the sea, the arrogant disposition is back. I have so much more to add but i am sorry I have gone so much into what i shouldn't have but I absolutely hate them. Then spuds, then pool... but when i think of man u....aarrrgggghhhh
  6. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    It's ridiculous to even contemplate a manager with 37 wins out of 49 PL games a whopping 75% win rate has such stories written about him daily. The media and pundits come up with their pretend and extremely shocked routine of "i cannot believe where the game is going when a manager is not given any time blah blah blah...." after their really extremely shocking views of "he's lost the dressing room, the players ain't playing for him, he's not gonna last the season blah blah blah...." articles and "pundsh*ttery" help whip up negative sentiments and get managers fired. Your perspective is spot on Jezz.
  7. Emanalo The Problem

    Happy for the man, Not for Chelsea. He was vilified and scape-goated too often at the slightest thing like a missing shoe or burnt dinner. Sometimes it was plain embarrassing. Roman camp, friend or ally, you don't get 10 years at a big club progressing to such levels without delivering certain objectives and as has been highlighted by several people through an immensely successful period. The unhappiness for Chelsea stems from the fact that all is not well within. Apart from his exit, there's something more to come......Hard to know what but not good news by any stretch.
  8. There it is again. The Azpirata
  9. Victor Moses

    His absence highlights how important he has been to our stability in the back. I think Zappacosta suits the role better but he seems more functional and suits team cohesion more.
  10. Shambolic performance but one has to look at the positive side of things. 1st season back in Champions league. After draw made if i had been offered two games left Qarabag and Atletico to win one of them for next round would have jumped for joy.
  11. Never fancy our chances when we go behind. Conte needs to work more on his tactics from a rescuing games perspective
  12. Rather than closing down the angle Cahill opening it up for the player there by backing off.
  13. There's one thing the elite defenders apart from their own talent had/have. Maldini, Baresi, Rio, Vidic, Terry, Puyol, Ramos,.... They all could organise their defence to cover when they can't. I don't see any of ours capable of that.
  14. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    And I think that's him trying to be together with the team and players he's supposed to be overseeing. I believe some could term that "getting stuck in" rather than making the plush executive boxes his home on match days. I'd have thought that's a plus to the man rathèr than a negative.
  15. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Most worrying thing for me is we seem not able to win games 90% of the time if we get put on the backfoot. Our plan A is impeccable most of the times but we don't have much to offer beyond it. The pattern is developing and once teams figure this out fully we will be in trouble. It isn't just Chelsea though. Was also a symptom of Juventus with Conte at the helm. Just a weakness. Not deriding him in anyway. He is really good.