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  1. abister1

    We've got a new Kepa

    Not directed at you mate but we Brits do have the most god damn awful chants/songs in football across the globe. Boring, mundane, in some cases proper full scale juvenile. One chant used by 96 teams in the football league and adapted as player and club name dictates. Like I said not targeted at you but reminded me of this which has always been on my mind.
  2. I agree with you. It's disappointing sometimes not to see CHO and other hopefuls but let's not forgot who Sarri is. A manager getting in to the big time late by all standards. He will be hungry for a trophy and will always want to put the best tools at his disposal to get one. Might not fit in with the vision or the needs of the fans and may not even be the best tactical approach to get one but that's an issue that will be blindsiding him in my opinion. Let's put things in perspective, he seems the most likely reputation wise, to give the young players a chance if they deserve one compared to our past managers. Conte seemed like that early days too so let's just watch and see. On a positive note the squad is being used which was always a fear with Sarri as I had read he's not one for rotating much.
  3. The best teams rely on their best men to deliver when the chips are down. No big deal there for me. If we have 3 or 4 top men like other top teams good. If we have only one and he;s delivering, well that's what you want innit?
  4. At first glance disappointing line up as would have liked to see some of the young ones as well. However, with our winning streak at the moment any negative result could affect momentum due to psyche of players and team in general. With some tough games on the horizon especially pool, it's not something you'd want to mess with too much at this point.
  5. abister1

    Alvaro Morata

    Didn't think he was too bad and feel as the rest of the team clicks he will also find another gear and start to score the goals we all want him to. He's obviously not mentally strong enough to carry the burden of goals but once it's lifted by other players around him scoring I think he will also start to score. More importantly, I think he will win us points in tight games with goals. May score just one but will be the one that counts.
  6. Zappa and Moses where those brought on as replacements weren't they? Happier with Azpi there.
  7. Actually he did. My bad.
  8. Wonder why a lot of people putting Azpi at RB when he never played a minute in that position during pre-season. I think it will be Zappa or surprisingly Moses. Truth is as bad as Moses is, in the last couple of seasons he's been the best player in that position. I'd even say he was better defensively than going forward and although he started to put in better crosses in the last few games of last season he is more suited for defensive duties in my opinion. Though RWB, it is easy to transition into a RB. Just become an overlapping RB and if Sarri's antecedents are anything to go by he does like an overlapping RB for a switch of play from the left side of the pitch which most of his game is built on. Azpi might be useful for the Azpirata goals if he watched our games last season when the headmaster was causing pain but that's not really his style of play.
  9. abister1

    Thibaut Courtois

    Just reading through all these posts it's so easy to see how bitter people are about Courtois leaving. Really sad. Damn right we have a right to be bitter...the faith, support and backing fans gave him over a gent and legend like Cech to be number 1 and he pulls this. The lanky weasel. It's sad because we all knew it that all he was doing was winding down his contract. Even those that try to play devil's advocate and say he was unsure, difficult situation to be in as his kids in Spain....blah blah blah know deep down that the gobsh*te was doing what he has done best since we loaned him to Atletico.....Being unfaithul and ungrateful to Chelsea. We let this guy play against us in a champions league semi final for crying out loud just to keep him happy when we knew at the time he was a formidable element of Atletico's backline. I believe at the time he held club to ransom about signing an extension and returning to Chelsea if he was allowed to play or something similar (Not too sure now). We knew it could be to our detriment and it was as he pulled off blinders against us to eventually carry them over the line. Now I'm not saying it's wrong for him to have ambitions beyond Chelsea or even not share the same passionate emotions about the club we do as fans but he knew what he was doing all along and for a club that did what it has for you over the years that's pretty low class. I'm glad the club has dealt with situation as best as it has but truth is they didn't really have a choice to deal with it earlier as the weasel led us all on.
  10. abister1

    Kepa Arrizabalaga

    Unpopular view but the club always step up for it's managers when they align with the club's vision. I'm an advocate of letting a manager buy players he needs but if there's a vision from the club those players should be aligned with that. My problem with Conte was that the players he wanted were so far off the club's vision and it was obvious it was from a selfish point of view.
  11. Much better performance than that shower of sh*te at Etihad. No team with genuine intentions to be called a big team should never play (or not try to play depending on your perspective) ike that. We were over run because city kept stretching the play and we were narrow and the whole team generally moves to the side of the pitch play is around so when play switched it's a problem. Also of course, let's be realistic they are a much better team than we are and even if we had our full squad I would have still thought they would win. With time we can judge but we've got to give them at least 4 to 6 weeks of competition before we crucify them.
  12. abister1

    Tiémoué Bakayoko

    For all those blaming Emenalo now or suggesting underhand deals went on to facilitate employment with Monaco if we bought Baka I say shame on you. I didn't see too many people suggesting such or saying we shouldn't get him at the time especially as his signing dragged on for so long. It was more complaints about why taking so long to complete. Fair enough a few voices of opposition to the deal were present but the general mood was "great signing, let's have him already". I remember being cautious about deal at the time and even was unhappy as I said we restricted our youths too much. At the time he got into Monaco's team he had played less professional football than Nat Chalobah but got given one season of opportunity in which he blossomed and all of a sudden the next big shiny thing obscured a path to first team football for one of our academy's brightest products. I even said at the time I would be happier if we made no signings and gave all the slots to the young players to see what they can do and write off the season. We didn't, but spent over £200m on bad buys and season went awry anyway. However, I don't agree with binning a player after just one season at a club especially in a new league. Not saying he should get into the match day squad but should have the opportunity to fight for a spot. That's the least Chalobah deserves, let the guy that led to his Chelsea exit get an opportunity (again) at showing if he's got it in him. We miss a trick every season with our youngsters and it is what we are now having to pay for with hugely inflated prices and mediocre returns. As I said last year around this time, if Monaco didn't give Baka a chance to play there would have been no fawning over Europe's next big thing so I say let's give our own youth a chance. These players won everything at youth level. Sake!!!
  13. abister1

    Eden Hazard

    A cynic might say Courtois and Hazard's criticism of the French style of play in their semi final loss was a veiled dig at their club team or Conte himself. Afterall it's a style they would have been participants in executing in games every now and then for the club.
  14. abister1

    Next Chelsea Manager

    There's an argument to be made that the managerial sackings are being made by the press. Print enough rubbish, stir enough doubt in the minds of fans to cause palpable and obvious agitation and the board start to wonder if they should be acting in line with the "feelings" of its fan base. Of course such strategic decisions are not best made under emotional strain, but that's what tends to happen more often than not in our modern football age. Our board may be annoying with their approach to transfer dealings recently but i'm also proud of some of the decisions they have taken over the years. If the all knowing press (most of which I feel are scum and have little or no regard for anyway) were to be believed, Conte was to be sacked in August of last year, and September, and October, and November...... and you get the picture.
  15. abister1

    Next Chelsea Manager

    111 pages and counting of next manager thread when current manager is still in his job. Says a lot, don't it. Can't say we don't do our bit to earn the numerous tags attached to us Chelsea fans.