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  1. Diego "the guv'nor" Costa

    Been playing connect the dots from what's been in the media last week. It may be that Simeone had a hand in him never truly settling here even with all the Brazilians and Spaniards in the squad. Most managers when they lose their prized possession, they give the player their blessings and move on. With Simeone he always made it clear that he wanted Costa back from the day he got sold to us. The dirty git. Should have kept him in the first place rather than sell and have the player unsettled throughout the whole period at his new club.
  2. Diego "the guv'nor" Costa

    Glad it didn't work out. I wouldn't sell those idiots a virus.
  3. Gary Cahill - PL CL FAC LC EL champion

    He's paid his dues for us. I like Gaz but like Argo said he was signed for squad depth, however he's put in quality performances than what we expected. Nothing over exciting but he does his job and especially playing with JT at the height of JT's powers made him even better. He can still do a job and still does but when we look at the options that we have in that position now, it's hard to say with a straight face that he should be an automatic starter. A rotational one maybe yeah but just like Davey Baby pointed out, him starting at right then moving to left could possibly point to the fact that he is less dependable to be anywhere in that back line than Rudi.
  4. Alvaro Morata

    Yeah that's the one I meant. Not quite as I remembered it but I guess it's ok to praise now.
  5. Alvaro Morata

    Who is that person that said something along the lines of not rating Morata as he hasn't scored with his foot? Do you now rate him x3? His intelligence when taking on defenders is good. Even when he doesn't complete the move successfully you can appreciate the well and quickly thought out plan to go past.
  6. Diego "the guv'nor" Costa

    9He was a good effective player for us. Will miss him. Hated his antics, loved the man and deep down he's got a good heart. It's not obvious because he never truly settled in the UK and gave his heart to the country. But he showed that heart every time he stepped on the pitch and bruised opponents for the shirt, for his team mates, for the fans, for his club. No surprise why he is very well regarded amongst his team mates. We need a bruiser in the team, we have always had at least one and hence we have held our own. Hope one of the ones left can take up that role. I see Baka as a good candidate.
  7. Andreas Christensen

    His calmness and touch on the ball is impressive for a young defender.
  8. Charly Musonda Jr.

    Hope he gets some bit of game time as the season goes on. I look at him on the pitch and breath a little easier for when Eden leaves(surely he's gonna end up in Spain in the next 2 -3 seasons?eh). He moves like Eden only thing I noticed is he may even be more skilful on the ball. Delighted Conte could show us more than a couple of youth. It's what I always pine for.
  9. Alvaro Morata

    Think the officials weren't very fair to him as well. He showed a good burst of pace and skill to get past the defenders more than a couple of times but they were always physical with him. Shoving, pushing and when he wised up to it and also shoulder barged for a 50-50 ball he got a yellow. The officiating didn't help us as it was double standards throughout I feel.
  10. Gary Cahill - PL CL FAC LC EL champion

    That's an app you'll find the most ungrateful scummy lowest of the low humans finally having a platform to project their bile to contaminate the rest of humanity. It's not even funny.
  11. Gary Cahill - PL CL FAC LC EL champion

    Haha, I always say it fans are the most disloyal. If the attitudes of fans where it comes to loyalty is generally the way in all spheres of life, humanity is done for, big time. And that's why you will always see me back players when they have a dream move (not even a dream move in all cases) to another club. The fans will say this and that....oh he's not loyal, he's a pri**. Give that player a 3 game poor run, the players want him oot the door as fast as they can get him out. Anyway on the topic of logic and to be rational, a point from a game with what not too long ago would be considered a direct title/top 4(whichever you prefer) rival isn't bad and we have already played 3 of the top 7 teams last season so we push on. Come on Chelsea!
  12. Gary Cahill - PL CL FAC LC EL champion

    That's my point bud. I don't even see Cahill as a bad defender by any stretch of the imagination. I like the grit that he gives us as he can be very good at the gritty throwback defender things. His tactical ability which i touched on is even not much of a problem for me. My main point is that the team had achieved a certain understanding and balance without him and I feel in such situations you let normal team fatigue and injuries dictate how the team is picked. The team harmony can be easily disrupted by bringing in one player that doesn't need to be there not because they aren't good enough.
  13. Gary Cahill - PL CL FAC LC EL champion

    I said it in my post might seem strange as we didn't concede but you can't say there was the same spark in the team when compared with the 3 PL games he missed?
  14. Gary Cahill - PL CL FAC LC EL champion

    The gaffer gets it right more times than not but Cahill's nod was a big boo boo. Not even fab in a 2 man midfield. The connection between back line and midfield was shaky after he displayed his less than impressive tactical nous and ball control. Football is a confidence thing and it builds right from the goalie. Defenders know he got their back they move on, midfielders know defence is tight, they plod on and give the support to the forward line that it needs. He is a good player and deserves all respect but getting on now in age and the new faces in the squad mean he should earn a spot and not based on past years performances but when he gets an opportunity play well enough to deserve keeping it which is what Rudi has been doing. The poor performance in the first half to me was more of the lack of good interplay mostly between defence and midfield. I know seems a weird point especially as we didn't concede but that's more of luck than anything. One could even argue that players have more confidence in Azpi marshalling them as their captain and give better output. It is as much psychology as talent and commitment.
  15. There was absolutely no point to unsettle the team by bringing back cahill. Poor call by Conte.
  16. Antonio Rudiger

    For me Conte probably feels the same way we do. Like @Drogbaholic says no goals conceded in open play since game 1. I think it will be more a case of will he want to do it to the captain 2 seasons in a row. Last season JT was playing till his injury. Never regained his spot again. Now this season if he just eases Cahill out after that red few people might raise eye brows. I think he will let him back in team but Cahill being Cahill will show himself up with a few mistakes which will mean he's gently moved out without too much of sympathy from any quarters.
  17. Diego "the guv'nor" Costa

    This doesn't even make any sense. Why would he be making a play for the managers job when he's in a position apparently where he wields so much power. And the managers position in Chelsea is the least secure. Would it be the money or fame? Those are the only two things he could possibly benefit over what he currently does.
  18. Diego "the guv'nor" Costa

    Read your post and all I could think of was that chilling laugh when Conte was asked about Costa.
  19. Victor Moses

    That's one thing I was happy about zappacosta signing. It gives us more options. If Pedro or Willian aren't available for the wings he can be drafted on either right or left.
  20. Diego "the guv'nor" Costa

    This is a very sensitive issue Don. I agree with the points you make as per Conte walking and also the players wanting him back but don't forget Diego is a strong character and it is natural for his teammates to want him back or be more forgiving as they will place themselves in his shoes. Also Diego gets a free pass from most of the players and staff because of his eccentricities. I have seen JT in an interview make an offhand comment something along the lines of "it's Diego, Diego does what he wants" Now these players are of similar age, maturity, responsibility, and most importantly accountability levels all different to the manager so perspectives will differ. In an age where player power reigns supreme, the club needs to make sure that Costa coming back in the team is because the manager wants him and not due to the pressure his teammates have put on them. It sends the wrong signal to the rest of the team and sets a dangerous precedent if player power sways any decision here.
  21. The John Obi Mikel Goal Scoring Thread

    This thread has laid dormant for a while now so sorry if I offend anyone by "awakening" it. Saw an article i wanted to share. [Hope not breaking any rules, mods please call me to order nicely if I am :-) ] http://www.planetfootball.com/in-depth/tribute-john-obi-mikel-nigerias-creator-turned-chelseas-water-carrier/ I read this article and the line that i felt touched by, was one that someone on here in one of the threads touched on in the close season. The poster said something about when Mikel went to Olympics and came back Conte didn't play him again because he had told him before he left that it was at the risk of his Chelsea career. Don't know how true it is but he sure never played again. And this is the line that struck a chord in me when i read it; In that time Mikel had quietly become Chelsea’s second longest-serving player behind John Terry, an honour that was difficult to reconcile with his diminished status in the squad, but that decision to put country before club proved to be the death knell for his Chelsea career. Now it got me thinking, a long serving player, truly loves the club and treated (I won't say badly but could have been better) that way never once moaned or complained but just sat on the sidelines and watched like the rest of us, trained and provided maybe moral support behind the scenes and was quietly eased out in January unceremoniously. Even after leaving we haven't really heard anything critical he has said about his last days at Chelsea . Compare this behaviour with the man in Brazil who incidentally is loved, hailed and courted fervently amongst the fans, notwithstanding his less than acceptable behaviour sometimes (some would argue most times) because he scores goals and then take a step back and breathe. Be rational, think clearly, how this compares with how Obi was "loved, hailed and courted fervently amongst the fans"......... humanity is failing humanity in this tribal game of football and fandom. Just my opinion.
  22. Victor Moses

    Saw some of the game on BT Sports. He was trying some stuff out. I think he's got a football brain with some good ideas but his technique lets him down. Give it to him for trying though.
  23. Diego "the guv'nor" Costa

    That was always the sensible and realistic thing to do. It keeps him attractive to clubs in champions league that may want to bolster their attacking options in January. Meaning priority for club is to sell him but he's back up plan in league if current scenario changes hence his inclusion in league squad.
  24. Diego "the guv'nor" Costa

    DonAntonio, don't get me wrong. Not having a pop at you. Just arguing things from another perspective. I'm a big Costa fan. I feel he gets a lot of stick unfairly. But here i think he has made the situation a lot worse than it should be, of course with the help of the media who are always chasing the "clicks, hits, views" angle. Tevez and Mancini came back from "that brouhaha" so Conte and Costa can as well. But the reconciliation should start from team Costa. I'm not even angry about the whole thing just in case the reference to a lonely angry chap was aimed at me. But hey ho, just another cheery afternoon on theshedend.
  25. Just thinking out loud here. I think she's done very well for this club and is rightfully one of Roman's most trusted lieutenants. Inside sources say Granovskaia takes no prisoners when it comes to negotiations, be it transfer deals or new contracts. She's also been at the centre of many big signings, and its been said no agent or player will get the better of her. She always works hard to strike the best deals in Chelsea's favour. Could this be a reason why it's becoming difficult to sign players from other clubs? Maybe they feel like they have to take their pound of flesh as she would do if on the other side of the table. I mean some of our player out deals she has conducted were just unbelievable. Now I'm not as upset as some are about further strengthening the squad but obviously I can see it's more difficult for us to get deals over the line than it was 3-5 years ago. I know the market has changed but there are clubs with means (we are too) still getting deals done. Just wondered if anyone else has this perspective. As an aside I read somewhere Costa is one of her favourites in the team. Wonder if this status emboldened his actions?