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  1. Tiémoué Bakayoko

    Yeah true. I understand you and his point but don't like it as the way its couched it's a potential fuel for much darker stuff.
  2. Tiémoué Bakayoko

    No need for the stereotyping. Idiots are idiots and they are everywhere. You know one or more, I do too.
  3. Tiémoué Bakayoko

    I don't write off either. The only reason I can think of is that Michy has been around a lot longer than Bakayoko. Michy hasn't even got half the opportunities or quarter of the managers backing Baka has had. Poor lad.
  4. Aye Zeta. We can just change the name to handball or rugby whilst we are on the matter. I'm disappointed with the views of many on here. Morata is a weakling I agree but let's not condone illegality according to the laws of the game and compensate a poor ref decision by blaming our own players.
  5. Refs in Football Are Unacceptably Terrible.

    That to me is a fundamental flaw. Means a referee with an agenda will not ask for it and just overrule all VAR decisions due to having final say. It should be given to the bench of each side, like to have a maximum of say 2 "asks" per half (as in ask for VAR to review).
  6. To me the biggest problem is the mentality and approach to games in England. In European competitions or other leagues the referee blows for a penalty in the Morata incident. England seems to pride itself with this "hardman" reputation. "Oh it's just a bit of contact", "Don't tell me a big guy like that is going over for such a light touch on him", "he needs to toughen up and stand his ground there" My gripe with this is that the rules are not applied as they should. There is discretion and common sense I get it, but I don't understand why no matter how brief or light it was, anyone should rationalise any man, in a race towards goal against another man, stretching his hand out and pulling the guy back by his shoulder or grabbing his shirt or even attempting to make such a motion as part of the physicality of the game. Let's call it what it is as we are quick to call out the players who go down easy as cheats. It is cheating, simple enough. A defender has tried to get an advantage over the attacker by impeding his progress. Holding, grappling, and all such similar have no place in football (only seems to be loved so much in "Hardman England") It is the worst sight in football for me. Couldn't count how many times Ivo Pinto had his arms literally around players to impede their progress. It's football not wrestling and I hate when I see Chelsea players do it too. I don't care if my team concedes penalties in that way - don't be silly enough to allow the ref make that(right) decision -, but can the rules of the game be applied honestly to the letter is all I ask. And we wonder why our superstars that play in the supposedly best league in the world can't make a headway in tournament football. Or even in other top leagues for that matter. Can count on fingers of one hand how many British men have gone to leagues abroad and been a success. This nonsense should stop simple and short, apply the rules as they are set out. Football called a contact sport doesn't mean you can make contact in glaringly wrong ways and get away with it. I was seething last night and refrained from posting but realise as I type this now the rage is still alive so rant over, will end it here.
  7. Andy Carroll - Football has gone mad

    In this era of fake news anything is possible.
  8. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Have we completed our latest big money signing yet? AC signing for AC. Maybe the board fancied the ring to it ha.
  9. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    That's something I've wondered about too. You usually hear players say after a transfer when I heard Mourinho, Pep, Arsene.....was asking I was ready to make the move. Why are all the players that have worked with him not itching to ask for moves away from current clubs to re-unite with him. He wanted Matic to stay, Mourinho wanted Matic at united, Matic made it happen. The manager makes the transfers job easier for the club as well that's the truth.
  10. Tiémoué Bakayoko

    I actually think he is a Conte signing hence him playing him so much. Bats was bought by board not Conte and he doesn't give him a sniff. The signing to me was our most disastrous of the transfer season. And not because of the player's performances. I'm not one of the ones criticising him. He can do better but I think it was a pointless signing and I said so several times during the saga to sign him. He had one, 1, a single season (Last season) where he broke into the Monaco team and played a blinder but we decide to buy him rather than play and improve Chalobah who before last season had played more professional football games than Bakayoko in a much more difficult league and had always put in a good performance when played in that position. I still don't get it.
  11. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Player power has not been on show here in my opinion. Conte has had his way over players and even possibly back room staff. We literally gave away our best striker, one of the best in the league and world because Conte didn't want him in the team anymore for God sake. The only thing I have noticed is in terms of the general direction the club is taking vis-a-vis squad age and transfer prices they aren't letting him have his way which for a club with a high manager turnover seems sensible anyway. Otherwise we have a situation like man u where half a billion is spent and nothing to show for it until the magician manages to wrangle them a league cup and Europa trophy. At least with our strategy we are still relevant and winning things without wholesome changes to the squad.
  12. Alvaro Morata

    When you know the manager will play you no matter what over the other striker except you're injured you tend not to challenge yourself to improve or put in better performances . All on AC in my opinion. Ditch the damn 352 as not working. Go back to 343, play Pedro and Willian at either side of Morata or Hazard since you won't play Michy but for f**k sake switch things up. I am concerned he is more bothered about making noises about transfer targets or Mourinho. All this translates to the players. Compare last season to this, he never moaned just got on with things but now no press conference goes without a complaint of some sort. Really off putting at the moment. Yes we know the squad isn't good enough, it wasn't last season as well but you are actually giving the players an excuse or out for underperforming which you didn't do last season.
  13. Marcos Alonso signs for Chelsea.

    Kind of balances out though. Moses seems to be better defensively. I mean not a natural defender but his area is breached less frequently than Alonso's. Strange one actually. As Alonso is the more defensive than offence in terms of original playing roles and vice versa for Moses.
  14. Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    I see your points with a loan deal for holding value but what I don't like about it is for such a player -profile and age- he should have the certainty of his position in a club that values him. That way he gets his best performances in. I may be unpopular with my opinions on things like this but players should not have to go through what we put them through especially when they were blossoming in their previous club and we paid over £30m for their services. I'd say sell him and take the hit. He's been ridiculed a lot for no fault of his and if our management think he's not good enough sell him to who he is good enough for. There is no certainty in the future, in the game and in life generally. A new manager may come with his own thoughts on how he wants to play so Michy can't and shouldn't wait for that. KDB whilst we knew his potential and possibly more than Michy was rightly stubborn and left and today he is among premiership royalty.
  15. Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    Batshuayi should be sold as he has a lot to offer. Not just to Conte. Some managers don't fancy certain players and that's fine but let's not keep knocking a player on the basis of what we see him do in a cameo performance every 2 months or so he gets a chance. Had he gotten a fair amount of game time since he came to us there would have been improvement. He hasn't been given a fair crack and when Costa was established here you can say he would always have to be benched. Morata now here, never been a main striker elsewhere but leading our line but when not available we do that crap false 9 routine. I feel for the guy and I would be knocking on everyone's door on January first from manager to marina to anyone at Cobham to ask for my transfer away from the club if I was him. What's the point in being a back up when I won't even get a chance to be back up when the opportunity presents itself.
  16. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    And the point? Having character flaws doesn't mean he wasn't respected for the great manager he was and still is. I know Mourinho is a twunt doesn't mean I don't like him or regard him as one of the best in the game. Charlton's views on him didn't stop man u appointing him when they were desperate to be dug out the hole they were in.
  17. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    That's Conte. He's always been that way. In fact i would say we have not seen his worst side yet in Chelsea. He was very controversial and divisive in Italy. Almost like Mourinho.
  18. Oh you were right. With that blinder later ha.
  19. David Luiz back at Chelsea

    I think "carefree" would have been a more apt description.
  20. Most hated opposition

    Newton Heath, the club now known as Man United for me. The short-sightedness and arrogance of their fans is beyond this world. Grew to be the brand they are because of their money driven dominance. Not just fergie being brilliant. The irony is the fans they attracted because of that fortune are same ones that dare to call other club fans glory hunters and belittle their achievements. So jealous of the modest (in comparison to them) achievements of Manchester City and indeed any other club. The pretentious bar stewards, i don't know up to 5 of them that liked Jose when he was ours but now he is theirs they try to deride us and are blind to all his inadequacies (bless the cheeky git, still respect and like him) that were a woe and problem to the world before he accepted to join them. A club that its past ain't particular a bed of roses and nearing bankruptcy on more than one occasion but were saved by rich benefactors thumbing its nose at new clubs being in the same situation. Just because theirs' happened a 100 odd years ago doesn't make the situation any different, after all they were known as moneybag united during Davis time and were caught fiddling the books. Cups that were irrelevant always become top end when they are the ones winning them and if they have any honest bones in them they should be severely ashamed of their fanbase especially in light of post -fergie happenings. Their most respected and successful manager ever gave them one job - to support the new manager, they couldn't even do it for one year. From hailing him as the chosen one, a mockery of all things Jose and Chelsea, (they started the fly plane protest trend in premier league ffs), but mock people for sensible poster protests. To Louis the saviour and now onto Jose. They only want the glory days back, like they have always been and will always be they are vile arrogant scum who care for nothing else but glory. Makes me laugh how humble and pitiful they seemed when they couldn't string two consecutive wins post fergie but now as you can be sure as there being water in the sea, the arrogant disposition is back. I have so much more to add but i am sorry I have gone so much into what i shouldn't have but I absolutely hate them. Then spuds, then pool... but when i think of man u....aarrrgggghhhh
  21. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    It's ridiculous to even contemplate a manager with 37 wins out of 49 PL games a whopping 75% win rate has such stories written about him daily. The media and pundits come up with their pretend and extremely shocked routine of "i cannot believe where the game is going when a manager is not given any time blah blah blah...." after their really extremely shocking views of "he's lost the dressing room, the players ain't playing for him, he's not gonna last the season blah blah blah...." articles and "pundsh*ttery" help whip up negative sentiments and get managers fired. Your perspective is spot on Jezz.
  22. Emanalo The Problem

    Happy for the man, Not for Chelsea. He was vilified and scape-goated too often at the slightest thing like a missing shoe or burnt dinner. Sometimes it was plain embarrassing. Roman camp, friend or ally, you don't get 10 years at a big club progressing to such levels without delivering certain objectives and as has been highlighted by several people through an immensely successful period. The unhappiness for Chelsea stems from the fact that all is not well within. Apart from his exit, there's something more to come......Hard to know what but not good news by any stretch.
  23. There it is again. The Azpirata
  24. Victor Moses

    His absence highlights how important he has been to our stability in the back. I think Zappacosta suits the role better but he seems more functional and suits team cohesion more.
  25. Shambolic performance but one has to look at the positive side of things. 1st season back in Champions league. After draw made if i had been offered two games left Qarabag and Atletico to win one of them for next round would have jumped for joy.