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  1. MOTM vs Arsenal (A) (PL)

    Costa for sure, the rest just standing around not making a run.
  2. Defensively we were awful today. Sure, it was blatant foul to Cahill, but as a defender at his caliber, he shouldn't be holding the ball and invited pressure to him. He is the last man and it's very risky. I am actually more mad about Fabiansky fouled on Costa, it was a cleared penalty. Our players were kicked constantly especially Costa and Eden Hazard, Amat should have seen at least 3 yellows but somehow he manages to stay on the field...
  3. Eva Carneiro

    Respect Jose as a manager, but Eva went on the pitch because the ref. asked them to come in. Jose was being a d&%$ sorry.
  4. Jose Mourinho thread

    You understand English is not his first language right?
  5. Jose Mourinho thread

    Thank you for everything Jose, I think you deserved more chance for what you had done for the club.
  6. Branislav Ivanovic - Your Views?

    Love Ivo, but it is what it is. Most goals against us are coming from his side. He is very strong but against someone really fast; he got beaten most of the time now. Also he can't cross for @&, he mess up many good counter attacks since the season started.