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  1. Both teams have a leaky defence. Both are quite unpredictable. We have the FA final and they the CL finals. We need the 4th place finish rather badly and they need to hold off their challengers to that spot, although if they do win the CL and we secure the 4th spot at their expense. Well then it will all be for naught?
  2. Well, this particular match is quite interesting. Soton is like an injured animal, and us, well we're self-destructive. Can't seem to hold our concentration for the full 90. Winner will take on MooManure. Wish we could be the one to put a challenge to them. Can't see Soton topping them.
  3. I will send a team to have some fun on the pitch. Nothing to play for here save for some entertainment.
  4. Going from bad to worse. Best thing to do at this point is play for fun. Bring in the unused players and let them have a bit of play time. Conte is done as it is. No chance at the FA as well given the form we display. Only luck will have it.
  5. I don't know why recently, but after a pretty good season, we flop the very next. The writing was on the wall for this loss. You could tell it was coming to an end.
  6. Don't have much positive to post except to say I hope we can keep our home stat in tact.
  7. We were really crap. Laughing stock. Goodby to Conte during the summer transfer. Sorry to see you go.
  8. Frustrating team to watch. I do hope we scrape a win, even if it is ugly as hell. Our team is much too depressing.
  9. That's too bad, equalising just before the half
  10. Was also about to say we do look the spirited side today.
  11. Exquisite play! What a counter!
  12. A win today would be a great result for us. Am also hoping Spurs don't get the 3 points. Crossing my fingers.
  13. On the path to self-destruction. Don't have any hope for any form of silverware this season. Just can't stand it when we have a stellar season then flop the very next season. Our owner or management, or combination thereof? Can't seem to place any blame on Conte after all he's been vocal on the lack of discretion given to him during the summer transfer season.
  14. You must've gone for that crap. We done 2 more!
  15. This is a very encouraging win.