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  1. Obviously the Premier League season is over for us. I really had high hopes tonight that we won't go down to the second worst team in the league particularly after we went down agains the first worst team. However, it did happen and our season is over. I was hoping despite our inconsistencies that we could keep it together and since the Mancs were playing tonight in their derby, our incentive to keep alive was our lifeline. It wasn't meant to be. I really doubt I will have any further interest in our team going forward and most likely won't be as enthusiastic as before. Our hopes are alive in other competitions, and I do hope we show up for them. To our supporters, I salute you and may we come back stronger than ever next year! KTBFFH!
  2. do you think we still have a chance of winning? a draw is useless
  3. we are no better this second half...
  4. Haven't woken up the second half either Cahill!
  5. Playing like a second rate team is an understatement. Woe is us! Placing all our bets on the second half now!
  6. West Ham are playing for their lives! We need to do a lot lot better!
  7. an equaliser before the half would be good.
  8. on the bright side, we conceded early on
  9. early but stupid concession. we are off the block slowwww....
  10. Another derby and I hope not another Palace result! We need a win and we need United to win (can't believe I'm saying that!).
  11. We should have put this to bed. We were the better team but couldn't finish. When we turned up the heat, we were a class ahead. Pity for the draw and 2nd place.
  12. The incredibly frantic schedule is upon us. How we do and where we stand after this period will be a deciding factor for whether we have a chance to retain our title. As it stands City are undefeated and I'm really hoping they will slip up sooner rather than later. The pressure's on us and we need to deliver each and every game.
  13. I thought we were more or less dominant throughout the match. A one goal advantage wasn't much to speak about but we had our chances and should have been much more ruthless. The heartbreak was City's last gasp goal. That draw would've helped us quite a bit.