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  1. On the path to self-destruction. Don't have any hope for any form of silverware this season. Just can't stand it when we have a stellar season then flop the very next season. Our owner or management, or combination thereof? Can't seem to place any blame on Conte after all he's been vocal on the lack of discretion given to him during the summer transfer season.
  2. You must've gone for that crap. We done 2 more!
  3. This is a very encouraging win.
  4. Wonderful ball from Masonda and lovely finish Moses!
  5. Briliant setup goal by Willian for Hazard
  6. Our first two goals were brilliant. We now look like the way we've been playing the last several games - lacklustre!
  7. Getting very sloppy on our defence!
  8. Little nervous about our Cabalero
  9. Go for another crap so we can get 2 more!
  10. This is our style of play!
  11. I really hope we can get our game back on board. We've been terrible, drawing constantly and a lack of frontal assault weapons.
  12. As some have commented in the first leg, I do now understand how important this game is for us. Our borefest continues with the draw in the PL agains Leicester. Probably our most realistic chances of silverware this season.