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  1. I just returned from out of town. There seems to be some criticism laid against the mods, which I'm sad to see but not going to get weighed in without knowledge of the matter. I'm sure the mods are doing their best and have the interests of this community and CFC at heart. The game itself sucked eggs. Big time! How on earth did we come crumbling back to earth so quickly? We started our season poorly, picked up then lost a game against the worst team in the PL? Sorry, but this doesn't or shouldn't happen but one in a million years. Befuddled and confused and definitely VERY UPSET!
  2. We lost to a much better team today. We also were not playing up to par. It was quite evident that we looked tired and quite the opposite against our opponents in Madrid.
  3. This is another big one. Pity about Aguero and wish him a speedy recovery. Mendy also out so is our Luiz. I think we stand a reasonably good chance of bringing the bacon home.
  4. Wow, what a performance. We deserved the win. Our playing was very smooth and articulate, I thought. Kudos to the team and please keep up the momentum for the weekend against City.
  5. What a difference when Fabs and Hazard are in the game.
  6. Beautiful! Morata, you are marvelous!
  7. Another mistake. Morata, good for you using not your head.
  8. True dat. Willian is a bit slack today.
  9. Good thing Alonso is going off. Don't really understand what's got into him.
  10. We do not need yet another red card please. Get Alonso off for now to cool off!
  11. Careless and stupid Alonso. What has got into you?
  12. Seems like we're sitting back waiting for the counter or a mistake. Other than Azpi to Morata strike, we don't seem to be coordinated.