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  1. id be interested in a stream for poor old folk in the UK please, thank you.
  2. corr its bleaker than Tromso
  3. Re Jose he was talking about the watford squad like they were world beaters, he has worked with/ experience of a number of their players in Europe blah blah blah and this all to big up what should have been and was a routine 3 pts for Manu
  4. was a really well taken goal v QPR i think he has 4 goals in 5 games
  5. by train...
  6. send him to Huddersfield Town with Kasey & Izzy
  7. Another goal from Izzy i like the way he Shhh.. the Leeds Fans after the goal in response to the verbal abuse they had been giving him presumably because hes one of the Chels. Younger readers might need to be advised that Leeds were a force a long time ago but no longer
  8. they think clattenburg slipped up i think mignolet slipped up hey ho
  9. someone has stolen the scousers carpet..
  10. Another goal for Izzy from the penalty spot to help Huddersfield progress 4-0 v Rochdale in the FA Cup
  11. are there any other streams please
  12. The bin dippers are obviously concentrating on the league as theyve just been knocked out of the Cup by Wolves, the greatest fans in the world were a bit quiet too
  13. Gerrard slip highlighted by Jake Humphreys last night on BT Sport - some things just wont go away perhaps someone could attach the clip ..please
  14. Izzy just scored for Huddersfield , shot from outside the box v Ipswich