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  1. bin dippers win keeps the gap at a maximum draw hurts both citeh win also suits as i really detest the bin dippers happy days a red card or two would be nice
  2. jesus and we have to watch lallana playing for england...
  3. 1-1 that suits me never liked the bin dippers
  4. hes not much better in a straight line - hes bloody lazy nobody can be that unfit
  5. well placed pen by milner but when he becomes the hero of the hour it signals pretty dull times for a club
  6. i suppose best result is a draw or bin dippers winning manu talking up their unremarkable win over boro they have a lot of ground to make up cant believe the number of empty seats at citeh
  7. difficult game against a brutal stoke team - i bet their fans hate watching this caveman football especially when it doesnt work! bardsley is a very dangerous human being could seriously hurt someone chelsea did well to grind out another 3 pts always been respectful of stokes achievements but their style or lack of it is getting worse how we managed to contain the welsh messi Joe Allen i will never know
  8. He held Huddersfield Town reserves to a 0-0 draw in the FA Cup too
  9. lol at Manu it really has been a great week for the chels poor old Jose that pitch looked awful ...Rostov seemed to manage ok
  10. In a week when the bin dippers comeback in Istanbul has been totally overshadowed, Jose and Manu have whinged about the pitch in a competition that he previously had no interest in and Arsene Wenger was struggling to find a reason to continue at Arsenal, Citeh slip up at home in a half empty stadium ... we quickly and quietly move closer to the Premier League title, nice
  11. Hi Bogga, i think you bring absolutely nothing to the table so i would like to take you up on your offer to stop coming on here thanks
  12. City chose to field a very strong team so i think that is an indicator of where their priorities lie for silverware this season and expect them to whinge about fatigue as the season goes on Good effort from Huddersfield's squad players, caught city napping and exposing Bravo for what he is, but alas the inevitable followed.
  13. it has resulted in some very consistent form
  14. bin dippers have a crisis on their hands
  15. bin dippers dont sound too happy, they have been moaning about Lucas for years haha