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  1. Gareth Bale for Eden Hazard

    200m for hazard or 220m plus bale
  2. If this thread had appeared last year i could have said Huddersfield Town They are doing a pretty good job against the odds this year, very decent club.
  3. Welcome Ross Barkley

    It may raise his profile such that there is an investigations into him, of course being an honest scouse politician he will have nothing to hide and will come out of the matter as the white knight of the realm he is... probably
  4. Random Rumours

    But they let us have Willian
  5. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Surprised Jose wants to talk about scandalous issues as its likely to bring his controversial matters back to the fore. I doubt Man Utd will be pleased with his behaviour its not in keeping with what they would expect from a manager. Would'nt be so bad if the footballing side of things was perfect.
  6. Welcome Ross Barkley

    If the scousers arent happy with this deal i like it even more, Welcome Ross!
  7. Arsenal Vs Chelsea (PL) Wed Jan 3rd 2018 19:45 UK

    Can she get to Norwich on Saturday evening?
  8. Arsenal Vs Chelsea (PL) Wed Jan 3rd 2018 19:45 UK

    We didnt need to be that good to win tonight, Arsenal are not a strong team defensively. Morata missed several relatively straightforward chances, if he could only have found the net with one of them. tut.
  9. Arsenal Vs Chelsea (PL) Wed Jan 3rd 2018 19:45 UK

    2-1 to the Chels
  10. Arsenal Vs Chelsea (PL) Wed Jan 3rd 2018 19:45 UK

    wow what a bench !
  11. Kasey Palmer

    Does anyone know what is happening with Kasey?Apparently he's been fit since early December but not featuring for Huddersfield, he strugles to make the bench. Is he coming back in January?
  12. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Good..devening !
  13. Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

    shame both scouse cant lose today that said everton even with that waster allardyce are less unacceptable than the deluded bin dippers
  14. Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

    He was always a good bet for a chelsea win plus himself as first goal scorer, very decent odds usually and paid out a few times - cheers Brana
  15. Im looking forward to this one, ive got tickets and i hope we play a strong team and win convincingly If we get a good start Morata Hazard and Kante could be withdrawn. Cmon you Blues!