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  1. Huddersfield Town have as much affection for Leeds as we do for Spuds They, with Izzy and Kasey have done all they can to smash Leeds out of contention beating them home and away
  2. Another goal from Izzy and an important one too. 1-0 win for Huddersfield Town away to Wolves securing them a position in the playoffs
  3. Huddersfield Town they have booked a slot in the play offs! thanks to a goal from Izzy
  4. Newcastle had a massive budget, a wealth of quality players, Rafa the waiter at the helm. They huffed and puffed and stumbled across the line and enjoyed a media love-in throughout. yeah congratulations... Ive been much more impressed by Huddersfield Town, proper club, Izzy and Kasey helping out, already qualified for the Play offs
  5. .......from the championship trying to avoid the drop into League 1 The man is a Grade A buffoon. He is a parody of himself.
  6. they dominated possession and had lots of cornersas they say on pointless "very well done"
  7. danny murphy gutted
  8. Cmon Chelsea ! A win would be delightful a draw would be acceptable
  9. nice font as always
  10. RIP John Phillips Decent keeper, we were lucky to have someone of his calibre as a reserve goalkeeper, he played in some important games.
  11. those are dreadful shirts,really dreadful, poor children
  12. looking forward to the league programme restarting, hopefully 3 pts v an improving palace under big scam. we lost 3 hours yesterday - 1 for the clocks and 2 that we will never get back for England v Lithuania
  13. bin dippers win keeps the gap at a maximum draw hurts both citeh win also suits as i really detest the bin dippers happy days a red card or two would be nice
  14. jesus and we have to watch lallana playing for england...