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  1. I believe Liverpool have also been banned from signing junior players due to illegal activity /tapping up, this probably is similar and they are now running scared hence the apology tut tut typical scousers
  2. Tammy Abraham could play week in week out at Huddersfield Town in the Premier League- Izzy and Kasey did very well there Far better than sitting on the bench for that bumbling waiter up in Newcastle Huddersfield are crying out for a goal machine like Tammy, Newcastle would just chop and change they have several other options
  3. Izzy & Kasey played a significant part in Huddersfield's successful season theyve done themselves proud this year and are very popular with the Town fans
  4. did he not mention the number of corners tottenham get compared to us too
  5. Gawd does Jose ever stop complaining moan moan moan his press conferences are so painful why doesnt he retire and clear off back to Portugal and relax a little
  6. They didnt of course, however even before they failed to make the play offs some of their fans purchased rail tickets from Yorkshire to St Pancras for the play off final on May 29th .................. oh it gets better.... they are now trying to sell them to Huddersfield Town Fans on the Town Forum and are getting the p*ss ripped out of them for it
  7. I thought that too but i understand its only four max next year - tbh i would like manu to lose the europa league and finish out of the top 4 - then watch Joses press conference where he discusses the merits of focusing on europa league over premier league - oh and the cost of missing out
  8. I would like manu to win the europa league in conjunction with your comments above and deny liverpool the chance of even playing in the europa league - i think we could all just about get over missing a fabulous night of european football at Anfield - theres nothing quite like it ! fans in the world
  9. spare a thought also for Bradford City that fire took many lives, the people of Bradford have conducted themselves with dignity ever since.
  10. Jose used to speak ill of the Europa League when he was with us however it is now his bread and butter ...or should i say sh*t sandwich haha
  11. My hopes for our rivals are as follows Man utd to win the Europa league - and for Jose to attempt to convince their fans that it was a good season Liverpool to miss out on a champions League spot even though we all know "theres nothing quite like a european night at Anfield." citeh and Arsenal to do enough to push Liverpool down to fifth or even sixth place to facilitate this Tottenham to receive an award presented by Jermaine Jenas for most possession and corners in a season oh and Arsenal to receive runners up medals in a fortnight
  12. hargreaves is a real bore and still remembers and harps on about when man utd were a decent team theres a thought owen and hargreaves working together presenting games
  13. yes but apart from that...
  14. Jenas will be complimenting spuds on how many corners they had