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  1. Seriously's home. You got to be some pessimist to even worry slightly about that game.
  2. What a terrible second half by Palace - didn't do anything. John Moss is so useless...Spurs were allowed to do whatever they wanted and Palace were robbed of some clear free kicks. You just know on beforehand that Moss fellow is going to screw us over on Sunday.
  3. Pardew should be punished for what he did with this Palace squad.
  4. Obviously the most difficult game left. Would be really helpful if Palace snatches some points off Spurs tonight - then a draw is a good result.
  5. So if Spurs... tomorrow: We need 4 more wins. ...draw tomorrow: We need 3 more wins and 1 draw. ...loose tomorrow: We need 3 more wins.
  6. If Spurs somehow loose the next two and we win against Everton: Chelsea: 81 Spurs: 71 With four games to go, Spurs can get maximum 83 points. This means we just need 1 more win.
  7. Yes. Win all at home (against dross) and one out of Everton, WBA will do the job.
  8. We need to score a third one to win this game. Hope that happens before they equalize for a change.
  9. Liverpool - Crystal Palace 1-0. I suppose we want the scousers to win this one so Palace are really up for it against Spurs.
  10. So important. Would hate having to go to Goodison having to get a win. Good thing we play before Spurs this time who themselves have a difficult London derby against Palace on Wednesday.
  11. It's not a vital game by itself. We can still afford to loose one and still win the league regardless of what Spurs do. Since I think we will win our remaining home games, winning ONE out of Everton and WBA is vital.
  12. Win at home against Southampton, Watford, Sunderland and Middlesborough. Win one of the away games against United, Everton or West Bromwich. Nice path to the title and this is only needed if Spurs have a perfect run-in.
  13. Relax. We are still winning.