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  1. What? Looked very skillful, technical and promising.
  2. Zero

    The John Terry Appreciation Thread

    Offended by everything...
  3. Watford have been on the beach since they secured a spot in the Premier League for the next season. Suddenly, when they face us, they play like their lives depend on it? F**k off.
  4. This game clearly illuminates why we can't let Fabregas go. Out of the question.
  5. Are Tottenham still coming for us?
  6. “They won 13 games in a row. Not bad. Can you imagine how annoying it is when you win 13 games in a row and there is still one team only six points behind?” Nice mind games from Klopp. I think it was after that statement Liverpool started to fail miserably.
  7. To be fair, they also won "Most-possesion-at-the-Wembley"-cup and "Ended Chelsea's winning-streak"-trophy.
  8. Antonio Conte is so likeable it's unreal.
  9. Haha, do they even realize what they've regressed to? So small time...
  10. Have you seen ArsenalfanTV? Sometimes you need to be reminded what kind of mugs they are, celebrating like they've won like a cup or something when they've finally beaten a Mourinhou side in a league game. As if that's not enough, it was a heavily weakened United side and they're celebrating it like it was some kind of big accomplishment. Hope we beat this lot in the cup final.
  11. But Hull are in the relegation zone. Right now, 35 points is the bare minimum in order to escape the relegation zone because of Swansea's win tonight.
  12. Yes. They have 28 points right now. If we beat them they will still have 28 points with 2 games to go. Thus, the maximum points they can achieve under this assumption are 34 points. Swansea currently have 35 points...
  13. Definitely. As the table stands, they need at lest 7 points from the last 3 games to even have a shot. Since Swansea and Hull will get more points though, they need all 9 points in practice and even then it will probably not be enough.
  14. I wonder if he'll be as excited when we secure the double. If we wrap up the title soon, our team we'll get some nice rest and be fresh for the final.
  15. Would prefer if it's wrapped up at the Bridge, but I guess it's a luxury problem.