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  1. Yeah I wouldn't be selling him at all, he's something we just cant replace IMO. When Madrid want someone they usually get them if that player wants to go. I can't see him leaving though because we have CL next season and with Conte he looks to be enjoying his I have read Madrid are looking to bring in Mbappe which would be crazy money plus a keeper so I don't see them having the cash to spash over £100 million on Eden. He stays!
  2. IF he did go it would need to be a world record bid much more than Bale. Wouldn't be worth it to sell in any case because who else is there that can offer what he can? That being said it matters little if the player actually wants to go these days as we have seen Real lure Ronaldo from United who had a long contract and they still got him. Let's just hope Hazard himself wants to stay here
  3. He's not said he's not happy this season though has he? Actually he's said the exact opposite. We all knew last season he and most of the squad weren't happy but Conte came in and as Costa has said he's now happy to be here and unlikely to be going anywhere. He's been one of the leagues best strikers this season so not exactly like he's performing like he wants out. We look like we can win the title and will have the CL next season, why would he want to leave?
  4. Mbappe is reported to be going for over £80 odd million so that's not very likely sadly.
  5. He never had 'legs' in the first place. That's never been Cesc's game. He never signed him because he is a stubborn old fool.
  6. I'd bring in Mbappe for Michy and keep Costa ideally. If we lost Costa it would be Mbaooe and Lukaku no doubt but Lukaku won't come to a club where he has to fight for his place, he needs to be guaranteed first team football so not sure.
  7. Greizmann is going to United while Aubameyang has already said he will go to Madrid. The rest I don't think are Costa's level personally. I'd rather take a punt on the young Monaco striker who looks like he will be the best in Europe in a few seasons.
  8. We all knew he wanted to leave last season, he came out and said as much but Atletico didn't bring him back so he knuckled down and has done well for us since. It's good he knows we appreciate him and he is looking to fulfil his contract. Atletico is his team so there is always going to be that bond. That doesn't really bother me
  9. While Matic has been important he has never replicated or built on that first 6 months when he came back, he's been pretty average imo bar that spell.
  10. Frank Lampard - N'Golo Kante is the best midfielder in Europe. Joey Barton - Kante is overrated. Hmmmmm
  11. Pretty much sums it up. The guy just opens his mouth to be controversial.....we are talking about a guy who put on a French scouse accent to the media ffs. If folk want to take his 'professional' opinion then fair enough....or should that be fariz enougggh.
  12. We have already established he's unable to talk sense so him being a terrible footballer and person just add to how ridiculous and moronic he is. He can say whatever he will always be mince though because it's Joey Barton saying it. Guys a convicted criminal
  13. Barton who couldn't even hack playing in Glasgow before his arse collapsed. Mug
  14. It will be difficult but by all accounts he's one of the fittest players we have in the squad so maybe he could. The problem for me would be if he picks up in injury then who would come in to do his job? Of course we are never going to get a player like him in terms of what he brings but the likes of Matic and Cesc are nowhere near as efficient as Kante and I'd like us to add another central mid into the mix.
  15. So many empty seats.