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  1. Lolz
  2. Kante will be absolutely fine. He's been by far the best midfielder in England for 2 years on the trot with 2 EPL titles to his name so to say he doesn't have the technique is plain daft. You realise he was just back from an injury and only had 2 games back before yesterday's final? This isn't FIFA, players tend to take time after an injury and time out before getting back to their very best. Kante will be superb again next season because he's a terrific player who has shown time and time again why he's the best in our league in that position. The main problem is the player beside him because Matic is so poor on the ball and off it it hampers Kante. Cesc is a genius on the ball but his legs and off the ball let him down in our formation at times. Get a proper dynamic central mid beside Kante and I would put my house on us being a fantastic possession side in the midfield.
  3. If for 4 years he wins us trophies I don't care a bit about his value at 32....neither would Roman if we are successful
  4. Sadly Sanchez, Veratti and Aubameyang are well out our reach. Those are ideal players but not one of them I could see playing here next season. Id love nothing more than to be proven wrong on this
  5. He made a complete tit of himself today. The dive, the performance and the armband....a total lack of respect all round. Hopefully we get a player in who can lay his position so he knows he isn't a first pick and improves his attitude,
  6. I don't recall him being anything other than ok and the league games tbh. Kante made him look capable more often than not and when Kante was injured and his form dipped a bit we needed Cesc to come on because Matic was pony without an in form Kante beside him
  7. Today was the last straw with Matic. too many times he's hopeless as opposed to being capable. He's never looked like recapturing the firm we saw in his first 8 months of his return, he's been poor longer than he was good. I would only retain him if he was a bench option for rotation in certain games. You know as soon as he gets one or two touches how his game is going to pan out and it's utterly frustrating because managers seem to leave him on far too long despite the signs. we need to cash in and replace with someone who can improve and isn't powderpuff/scared on the ball. I don't know who but surely the work should have been done over this season to identify such a player.
  8. Yes they can....ronaldo has bailed Real out more times than I can count. He's a big game player I cant agree with that tbh, each to their own but Hazard has let us down on many occasions like this IMO. He's a special player but he will never truly be the best or one of them until he can show more consistency and win finals like this. Hes had a very good season but he can do so much more but you get the feeling he is holding back like so many other footballing people have pointed out.
  9. Better be done transfer news in the coming days to rid us of this feeling. It's gonna be a loooong summer
  10. Take note Roman and Antonio. This squad need rejuvenation we cannot stand still as we saw today that our small squad was mentally shattered. folk say Hazard can't do I t himself but how many times did Drogba dig us out of holes in these finals? That's a world class footballer for you, Eden just isn't that yet and I fear he never will be. He lacks leadership and balls IMO. moses should be fined for his dive that helped kill us, to cheat is bad enough but to cheat when on a yellow was a disgrace. He needs a rollicking . we won the title and that's huge, clearly bigger and more important than this cup but this is the game that will stick with me all summer and grate at me like no other. I'm just majorly pissed off. It's not like Arsenal were great it was us who played. It like a friendly.
  11. Yes and the concentration has gone. We need more players because too many feel undroppable like Costa, Moses and Matic. They have done well but on occasions like this we need them to run through walls. It's a FA cup final and we started like it was a community shield. That's just not good enough we done superb to win the league but we don't rest on that as the best teams strive to be better and continue to win, we stand back and stagnate like last time then it's a huge worry. We need better
  12. Genuinely embarrassed today. this was against a injury hit Arsenal with our so called strongest team. Conte has work to do because we need a few top top players.
  13. This is why Hazard will not be considered the best. Too many times he hides and doesn't show in huge games. Guys like Drogba won finals while Hazard chokes would never sell him and love his talent but he simply doesn't do enough to be the very best despite him having all the tools to do so
  14. We knew that before today. I wouldn't put Pedro in with those two either.