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  1. Think we all do with any big money strikers because of our past. in reality it's nothing like Shevchenko as unlike him Morata is proven in multiple leagues, is 24 and has his best years ahead of him.
  2. Tibo Azpi Cahill Luiz Moses Alonso Bakayoko Kante Pedro Morata Hazard I'd ideally be wanting Cesc in there though!!
  3. YouTube has been battered tonight. Hyped
  4. Not sure just read his knee problem was keeping him out, think he's a few weeks from training. That's not ideal as he will miss a fair chunk of pre season and that's why imo Matic is still kicking about in the background.
  5. Morata has all the tools to be a hit in England. He's fast, intelligent and has a good finish on him. At Real he played with clever creative players around him and with Eden, Pedo and Cesc we have a bit of that too so he should really fit into our style with minimum fuss. I think this is a better fit all round than Lukaku and at a cheaper price.
  6. FFP has been dead for a while now
  7. I hope so.
  8. Raiola is his new agent meaning huge speculation now he's United bound
  9. Yes. Rudiger, Hazard and Costa missing too. He's still recovering from his knee op
  10. I doubt we care much about his 6 month struggle. He's mugged us off so will need to either move and not play or play in the reserves
  11. That's garbage IMO. Torres has always spoke well of us when with us and when he left. He regularly tweets when we do well and such. i prefer not to be bitter I guess
  12. Bit much calling Torres a clown. he didn't live up to the fee but he did always represent us well.
  13. Not at all, looking back I looked like a fool! Luckily it was all the rage back then. Mohawk come Mullet! Horrendous!
  14. I think. It's done mate. we wouldn't publish that if we weren't 100% sure. We don't usually announce fee agreements like this so I'm inclined to think it's all agreed.