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  1. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    Who said he was bad, can you not read?
  2. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    Yeah he looked a lot like I remember tonight before the knock. This is maybe the issue with RLC, needs to find consistency at a high level before he will be able to command a place here.
  3. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    Off with knock after 30 mins
  4. We may have spent that but we have sold or loaned out twice as many and somehow made our squad smaller and not significantly upgraded it either. Only at Chelsea
  5. It's also games like this that will make our better players like Eden think twice with the big names linked with him every season. We continually fail to build on successful sides. That's two title winning seasons and twice we have went backwards, it's hardly a coincidence now, something is wrong here.
  6. I fear for our man Antonio tbh. I've seen this script before and more often than not it turns out bad. I'm not sure what's gone wrong but our main strength is now our major weakness and our star striker looks very low on confidence. It's going to be a huge game at the weekend and it's Jose so you can see the headlines already, lose that and I have a very bad feeling.
  7. I'm sorry but we are in trouble. Results are getting worrying now and it turns the weekend into a must win, don't see us winning though. The second season curse is in full flow
  8. Roma are not even a top drawer side either. We have been very poor this season
  9. Great result, another mediocre performance tbh
  10. Reminds me of that Arsenal signing a few years back. Kallstorm or something
  11. Anyone at the minute as our depth is utterly inept. Take out Kante and we turn into Buckie Thistle in the middle of the park. The board need to act when the window opens because if not we will be left behind
  12. The scary thing was that this was Roma. They are a decent side yes but by no means a top side like Bayern, Madrid, Atletico ECT. They totally out played us at our home ground and should have easily won tbh. This is the third woeful performance in a row with no sign whatsoever of a response from the team Conte is picking. That's a huge worry
  13. I wish the January window was tomorrow
  14. Lucky to get a point. Another poor display and the third in a row. Pressure is on Conte now