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  1. Diego "the guv'nor" Costa

    Matters little if we don't reinvest it. We make an absolute fortune yet seem to flounder in the market. That money needs RE invested into the squad in January
  2. This ref needs banned. He's a corrupt prick
  3. How many reds are we gonna get this season ffs Joke
  4. Because Pedro couldn't finish off his world class through ball? Finished because he's having a average game....ffs behave yourself Talk about a drama queen Also Tielmens just moved this summer......
  5. Corrupt f**king officials again. Get f**ked
  6. An hour gone and the only chance I can think of is the Pedro one after about 20 mins. Willian bloody cross it
  7. Hazard might not be match fit but would we miss what Willian has given us so far?
  8. Football f**ked if you get hooked for going for a volley. JT got a boot in the face every week but nothing was done or said. It's part of defending
  9. Agree. Willian was the worst player on the park in that half, he better get his act together now
  10. The worst half under Conte domestically since the start of last season.
  11. Getting dominated at home to a team missing their best 2 players. It's horrible so far, only saving grace is the score.
  12. Get William off he can't pass 2 yards, his heads not in this game
  13. Should be behind there. Tactics and selection completely wrong