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  1. We also signed the best midfielder in the EPL plus 30 million on Michy
  2. Could be but I don't see many linked to him tbh, does have a touch of SWP about it
  3. Pointless buying just now if we can't use him to the summer anyway.
  4. Yeah we have. Doesn't mean they will give us anyone. We gave United Mata...they didn't give us Rooney (not that it was a bad thing looking back now)
  5. Kane wouldn't happen because Levy hates us and it was proved with Modric who was refused a move and sold later for a reduced fee. Pure hatred Arsenal and Sanchez I'm not so sure, I don't think they would sell to us unless we gave them something. Last time it was Gallas plus a fee for Cole. Could you imagine the abuse Wenger and co would get if they sold their best player to us? I don't see why Suarez would leave Barca to come here, he's at one of the biggest clubs in the world playing with guys like Messi. It's unrealistic IMO.
  6. He at the ACON? Would be a bit of a nightmare if him and Moses were away at the same time in the future (if it's wingback he's being touted for)
  7. Not seen anything of him to really comment one way or another. Was a youth at Barca, moved to Villa then not long after moved to Boro. Only 20. Anyone else have more insight?
  8. Ivan went for the ball. Hazard tried to kick the ball from under a little gobsh*te Diego is a loose cannon but he's no vile biting prick like Suarez. Suarez is a unreal footballer but hes a scumbag
  9. None of those players would be easy to get, I'd imagine we would stuggle to get even one of them. It would also cost around £60 odd million for each
  10. Love seeing Pep struggle in an actual competitive league. Not so easy when there's a bit of competition for a change...he's not even making a fight of it that's the worrying thing. Wonder how much more £ he will blow on mediocre players?
  11. Think everyone can agree on the last bit. He's a shadow of that player he was, a few goals this season doesn't change that. He was the best striker in Europe at Atletico before he moved to he wouldn't be in the top 10
  12. Because the rules changed and they cant have another players as only 3 foreigners can play in 1 game.
  13. France is his level now, clearly not suited to English football as he looked like Franny Jeffers when at United and ourselves.
  14. Probably just his opinion. I've not seen anything about Hazard wanting a move or anyone ready to bid. He's on a long contract and we will (I hope) have CL footy next season so can't see a big rush to leave.
  15. Spot on. Folk talk about his passion and love for the club....come on! He's just a Brazilian/Spanish footballer who came here because we offered more than his previous club.....the exact same as what's happening now. My issue isn't that he wants to go...that's fine but don't throw a strop and destabilise a fantastic season so far half way through it! Where is the respect to the teammates and manager? We need to keep him until the end of the season but then we have the problem of his form going out the window like last season. Footballers (the vast majority) play for money...not for passion that much has been clear for a long time.