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  1. well pay back time is well in order !! we got united back for when they did us in the final, now time to put another nail in wengers coffin !!
  2. i think this final is tailor made for jose with all his experience, i just hope ajax surprise me and win it
  3. if i remember rightly, did they not beat us 2-0 last time we played them in the final?
  4. arsenal the under dogs, how times have changed !! as has already been said, complacency is the only enemy here, chelsea could\should proper smash them up if they play like champions, 3-0
  5. we will punish them
  6. will be gob smacked if we do not smash it
  7. There is no most special as every one has been the most special to me. Hope that makes sense
  8. can not see them losing the final, two trophies in his first season and most of the glory hunters still not happy , spoilt furckers
  9. any body else worried about chinese backed inter sniffing around?
  10. i thought he came across ok and seemed like a nice lad until this, what a twat !!
  11. fcuking smashing it !!
  12. i don't think they really bottled it as such, its easy to forget they are under pressure to win every game whilst still hoping that chelsea slip up, and as people have rightly pointed out they were not going to win all of their remaining games. Even so it should be obligatory to refer to them as bottlers
  13. no excuses now, can good as wrap this up against boro
  14. trying to ignore the game, so expecting to see spurs one up every time i look
  15. he was an ok spurs fan, so obviously he has disappeared back into the wood work as the rest have come out