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  1. dead mans shoes, one of many films that had passed me by, very good !!
  2. As has been said, forget the performance and lap up the 3 points !! when you do not play that great and still get them that is a proper result !! bring on the scouse, can you imagine the buzz if we turn them f**kers over in their own back yard !!
  3. he does get some good goals for us
  4. we should be tearing them apart !!
  5. we should be punishing them !!
  6. need another goal early on to finish these
  7. pushed him as he was about to control ffs
  8. wenger redded :)
  9. 3 points in todays game and we can basically knock the scouse and the goons out of the title race in our next two games
  10. because chelsea and city imploded, united were sh*te, spurs and liverpool bottled it and arsenal were even worse as they still couldn't take advantage and win it !!
  11. you would not of bet on swansea getting anything there today and it just goes to shows that there can not be any complacency against hull tomorrow
  12. how many minutes of stoppage ?????????
  13. ages to go can see liverpool hammering them now
  14. wouldn't 3 be hilarious !!