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  1. i think he is lacking in confidence, he was just really finding his feet when he got injured, question is will he get the game time
  2. and all the sweeter after watching joey barton go down with that forearm smash
  3. and would be worth his weight in gold in the dressing room
  4. we basically took the piss out of wolves, they upped their game big time, chelsea floundered about, yawned, woke up and then f ucked them off
  5. wasnt that little touch a pen
  6. its coming its in the wind !!
  7. they certainly make a noise !!
  8. crowd get pedro booked
  9. is this not on terrestrial tv? i thought with the 5.30 ko it might of been
  10. you bored with the jose thread now?
  11. Tottenham Hotspur will win the Premier League within the next four years, says former manager Harry Redknapp. Spurs made the Champions League for the first time during Redknapp's four-year tenure at the club, reaching the quarter-finals in 2011. The 69-year-old says he would not swap manager Mauricio Pochettino's starting XI for any other side in the division. "They have been fantastic under Pochettino," Redknapp told BBC Radio 5 live's Friday Football Social. "I have absolutely loved the way they have played - their football, the pace of the full-backs. "Tottenham will go on and win the Premier League in the next three or four years." would love to laugh at him but i keep thinking how right he was with his frank lampard prediction
  12. you forgot sending off two chelsea players in the space of 5 minutes at home because we dared to come back from 0-2 down against united !! cheating bent c untingberg
  13. i just finished the expanse, really enjoyed it. I found miller the cop character a bit annoying at first with his stupid hat but at the end he proper kicks arse