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  1. i dreamt that we hammered them 5-0 !! but the fact torres scored sort of ruined it
  2. just read questions marks over tibo, costa, hazard and moses ????
  3. hi there !!
  4. we would probably sign him for 180 million and then he will get banged up for tax evasion !!
  5. ha ha poor old jose is getting old
  6. all everybody does is hope that their teams players don't pick up an injury and that their rival teams players do
  7. conte needs experience at the back, can not see jt getting back in, so surely cahill is going to get another season at the helm ?
  8. man management tactics? that could go either way
  9. teeny little chelsea, thats what my gooner mates used to call us !! they gone a bit quite these last few years lol
  10. I just hope the board don't fcuk up and they give this guy what he wants because he is the new special one and all the big clubs will be drooling
  11. Gary Cahill will be wearing the Chelsea captains arm band next season
  12. my thoughts exactly and why i picked him, big goal from a player that never does a disappearing act
  13. will be quite significant if it is also the season arsene finally departs
  14. lol all of a sudden fellaini scores and his world class again
  15. just to win there will be enough, this will be 'THE' game this season that jose will not want to lose