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  1. why is it homophobic? i thought the rent boy chants were because he was rented out to blackburn
  2. he is coming across as a bit of a mercenary any way and would of probably come back with a big chip on his shoulder and if he does go to united its a bit ironic as jose never thought he was up to it
  3. how much did we sell lukaku for? any other oldies here remember when we sold le saux (rent boy ) for 5 mill and bought him back for 20 odd !! another great bit of business
  4. if them fukcers turn us over again i am going to live in a cave next season
  5. Diego has been good for us but the second half of last season after the china crisis his form was pretty woeful and i feel he cost the team. He nicked the odd goal but should of scored lots more, plus so much attacking play ended with him, and not by him scoring. I think with him we pretty much stumbled over the line, can you imagine if we had of had some body just half as prolific as Kane? we would of had it wrapped up weeks before the end. Sooner he is gone the better if he is going to carry on like that.
  6. Thankfully i never witnessed that. He was always one of my favourite players, always gave it the lot and never backed down how ever physical it got
  7. i was behind the goal for this beaut
  8. i think he had just come back from injury as well
  9. what chelsea pay will be an absurd amount, but he has to be a good signing, he is a goal scorer and surely will bang far more in playing for chelsea than everton
  10. expect lukaku to be announced very soon?
  11. i am quite sure that if it was united, spurs, liverpool, or arsenal that had triumphed , it would be all that we were reading about
  12. i am still not recovered from this, winning the title now seems like it never happened, i think the fact that it was arsenal is what makes this hard to swallow, they are a sh*te team and wenger is past it yet they managed to turn it on for the final and look like the team who were champions. I hope the team are as f**ked off with it as i am.
  13. its all about how great wenger and arsenal are now in the media, its like them winning the cup was a greater achievement than us winning the league !!
  14. very disappointed, fancy not turning up against that team of losers !! i am getting laughed at by gooner mates, how the fcuk does that work out? has taken the gloss off this season, hope i feel better about it tomorrow
  15. well pay back time is well in order !! we got united back for when they did us in the final, now time to put another nail in wengers coffin !!