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  1. No way RM would do that deal. Bale is the successor to Ronaldo.
  2. I think kante is trying to play to far up. He needs to sit further back to better protect the back four. If I was conte I would have had JT stand near the defensive end with a megaphone and yell out commands. Is that within the rules? Sounds like a joke but it couldn't get any worse.
  3. Hopefully fabregas takes the corners today...
  4. I think Luiz had a very good game considering the stiff he was paired with at CB. Would like to have see Luiz and Ivan paired with Dave and Alonso. More pace, better ball control, and not losing much in height. Willian has looked like sh*t imo. If he hits the first man one more time on a corner I am liable to smash my tv.
  5. Saw somewhere (can't remember who wrote it) that if he plays a certain number of games Juve has to buy him. Which has a very good chance of happening imo.
  6. If this happens, who is left in the cupboard, Miazga and Clark-Salter? Even if Ivan goes to CB full time, this makes no sense to me. Only if Shalke has the dude with the horse placenta treatments
  7. Meh. The team I love is for life. I can hate whatever team I want, and for me those teams change. Sorry you were soo disappointed in my post.
  8. Especially since they had to watch the Twins. They are poo poo this year (and most years).
  9. Anyone else going to this game? I am hoping there are some members in the area who are also going.
  10. I despise Pep, so it's Man City for me.
  11. YES. Finally. Whew.
  12. I dunno. Pep is good but he seems like a bell end as a person, at least according to Ibra. I personally am glad pep isn't coming here.
  13. Willian would be interesting. Not sure how well he speaks English. Prob Tibo or Cesc makes the most sense, like a lot of you have said. Sad there isn't a future, long-term England international ala JT or Frank in the wings.
  14. At least he's not taking long shots into the stands at every opportunity like he used to
  15. Meh, could end up being a bargain. I shall wait and see. I was hoping they would trigger Griezemann's clause. If we were supposedly going to lay out 72m for Pogba, why not 58m for the attacking Frenchman.