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  1. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Crowd surfing 1939 style. The man in flight, Chelsea wing half Sam Weaver who was known for his prodigiously long throw, several decades before the late great Ian Hutchinson.
  2. Broadcast Bias

    The media? f**k 'em. In fact: f**k 'em all, f**k 'em all Sky, Talksport, the BBC 'an all...
  3. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Matchday 1970 view from the Shed:
  4. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    August 1968, Bobby Tambling in action:
  5. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    1965 squad
  6. Victor Moses

    Exactly. No doubt I'll get over it by the start of next season, but the way I feel as of now, Victor Moses can f**k right off.
  7. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Another image from my Chelsea v Man City August 21st 1971 - my first Chelsea game:
  8. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Another Shot of The Day I don't remember seeing before. 22nd May 1971: Members of the victorious Chelsea team, who beat Real Madrid 2-1, riding on an open top bus to parade the European Cup Winner's Cup through crowds of fans in London
  9. Conte's judgement.

    Seriously, enough of this nonsense. Emanalo's past, particularly his previous appointment as coach of an 11 year old girls "soccer" team is all too relevant, in that makes him an easy target. Nothing to do with either his race or his nationality. Forgive me if I'm mistaken but it's you and you alone who raised the question of race. Well let me tell you now, the intermittent scapegoating of Michael Emanalo has nothing whatsoever to do with race. When things go wrong, he takes a bit of stick, but nothing remotely reproaching the level of hostility shown towards Benitez or Peter Kenyon. While Kenyon was a creepy looking bald Manc, Benitez was and still is, a Spaniard. Using your logic, the extreme antipathy towards him would have been based on his nationality, citing Chelsea fans as an inherently anti-Iberian fanbase. You could use the large amounts of disdain shown towards the massive failure that was Fernando Torres to back up your case, throwing in AVB for good measure. You would of course, be talking out of your arse, just as you in your persistent insistence in perceiving any level of racism towards Michael Emanolo. Do us a favour, give it a rest. All you're doing here is needlessly annoying people.
  10. Conte's judgement.

    Given the number of Africans who have played for the club over the years, it's absurd to think that any anti-Emenalo-ism has anything to do with either his nationality or his ethnicity. I don't th9nk it's Mourinho related either. No I'm sure it's because of his previous employment record, in particular his time as coach of the Tucson Soccer Academy Under 12's girls team. Seen as an Avram Grant appointment, who was himself regarded as having been given the job purely on the basis of his friendship with Abramovich, Whichever way you look at it, to go directly from coaching an uder 12's girls team to Technical Director of Chelsea FC is one hell of a jump.
  11. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Shot of the day: 29th April 1970: Chelsea players embrace and congratulate Peter Osgood after he scored the equalising goal during the FA Cup final replay against Leeds United at Old Trafford
  12. Chelsea v Middlesbioro 1988

    Nicked from the Daily Heil: Chelsea could relegate Middlesbrough almost 30 years after Boro inflicted the same fate on the Blues and sparked the 'Battle of Stamford Bridge' Middlesbrough could be relegated to the Championship on Monday night Victory for Chelsea would mean Boro drop into the second tier after one season In 1988, it was Middlesbrough who relegated Chelsea to the Second Division Boro's victory in a play-off led to a violent pitch invasion by some Blues fans. Middlesbrough could be relegated to the Championship on Monday night Victory for Chelsea would mean Boro drop into the second tier after one season. In 1988, it was Middlesbrough who relegated Chelsea to the Second Division Boro's victory in a play-off led to a violent pitch invasion by some Blues fans. A police officer tries to contain Chelsea fans in the Shed End at Stamford Bridge in 1988 A Chelsea fan is arrested during the incident which came after a game against Middlesbrough Gordon Durie scored Chelsea's only goal as the Blues lost 2-1 to Boro on aggregate Should Middlesbrough's torrid season be dealt its terminal blow, however, it's unlikely their fans will take the news with the same, savage vitriol shown by some Blues supporters three decades ago. The stage was a relegation play-off in 1988. The short-lived concept had been introduced the previous season to determine the final available place in the top tier for the next campaign. Having finished fourth from bottom, Chelsea were entered into a post-season mini-tournament along with the third, fourth and fifth-placed teams from the Second Division - Middlesbrough, Bradford and Blackburn. Boro and the Blues met in a two-legged final and the first match, at Ayresome Park, resulted in a comfortable 2-0 home win. Gordon Durie cut the deficit in half for Chelsea in the return fixture in the capital but the hosts could not find a second. Boro were up. Chelsea were down. Some fans reacted angrily, breaking through the fencing around the perimeter of the pitch at the Shed End, past the meagre police presence and charging towards the visitors at the other end of the stadium after the final whistle. A policeman is taken off the Stamford Bridge pitch on a stretcher during the trouble Chelsea fans invaded the pitch and charged towards Boro supporters before goading them They threw makeshift missiles at the away supporters before being herded up by police. One officer was injured in the fighting and was taken from the pitch on a stretcher. Late Middlesbrough MP Stuart Bell described the several hundred-strong pitch invasion as 'the hordes of Ghengis Khan' 'Chelsea fans in the tier above us had their faces contorted with hate,' Bell said at the time. 'They were pelting us with oranges and one youth threw a bottle of beer which sprayed everyone.' Middlesbrough mayor Bryan Lonsbrough, who was also at the game, like Bell criticised the reaction of police and stewards as he hit out at the 'animal' behaviour of those Chelsea supporters involved in the incident. The Blues were penalised by the Football Association for the disorder. The first five home games of the following season were all-ticket, none of the terracing was opened and away fans were banned. Chelsea won Division Two at a canter despite the sanctions. Boro dropped straight back out of the top tier.
  13. The John Terry Appreciation Thread

    From the man himself: JT Says Thanks Following Monday's announcement that John Terry will leave Chelsea Football Club at the end of the season, our captain has written a personal message of heartfelt thanks. His letter can be read below: It’s with overwhelming emotion that earlier this week the club and I announced this will be my last season as a Chelsea player. This has been the toughest decision of my life for me and my family, but I always envisaged leaving on the right terms, in the right way and at the right time - and that is now. I feel I still have regular football in me but understand that opportunities here at Chelsea will be limited, it is therefore time for a new challenge. My earliest ambition as a boy was to become a professional footballer and I’m eternally grateful to Chelsea FC, my mum, dad and brother for giving me the opportunity and their total support to fulfill that dream. From joining as a schoolboy at 14, to signing my first professional contract at 17 and then making my first-team debut in the same year, to then being part of the transformation and evolution of this great football club, has inspired me to keep striving to be the very best I can be. With the backing and support of Mr Abramovich, we as players have been given the opportunity to fulfill all our professional desires, as this club moved into a new era where it matched our ambitions and became one of the biggest and most successful clubs in the world. For this I’d like to thank Mr Abramovich personally, and the board who have worked tirelessly to ensure the club continues to develop both on and off the field. For 22 years this club has been my life, it has given me the platform to compete against the best, break record after record, win trophy after trophy, and as we won more it only increased my desire to work harder and demand more from myself and the team. With this obsession I’ve been able to become Chelsea’s most successful captain and I’m immensely proud to be mentioned in the same company as Ron Harris, Peter Bonetti, Frank Lampard, John Hollins and many other greats as one of the highest appearance-makers for the club. Thank you to all my team-mates and managers over the years. To have gone shoulder to shoulder in many a battle with you has been an honour. I would like to thank my beautiful family for the unconditional love and support they’ve shown me. To my wife Toni and kids Georgie and Summer, you have been my rocks throughout my career. I love you so much and thank you. You’ve celebrated with me when we’ve won and supported me when we've lost. You’ve given me the platform to continue to chase my dream over all these years at Stamford Bridge and pushed me to want to be the best throughout. We did it all together. Our family will always be Blue and proud. I’ll never be able to put into words the love I have for you fans. The support you have always given me, both personally and to the team, is phenomenal. You’ve been instrumental in my success and have inspired me and the team to win so many trophies. Wearing the armband and being your captain has been without doubt one of the proudest achievements of my life. I only hope I’ve been able to repay you with my commitment and loyalty throughout my career, and I look forward to returning to this great club in some capacity in the future. I want to stress that the journey is not yet over. There is a long way to go and we are committed to ending this campaign on a high. I am fully focused on helping the team and manager in every way I can from now until the end of the season. - JT
  14. What are you listening to?