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  1. I think we are in a fortunate position of having quite a competitive squad of players who offer us something different. Just by changing personnel we could potentially play the same system but within a completely different dynamic, for example just by bringing in Christensen & Emersen on the left we become a lot more compact defensively and it's a similar scenario in midfield. I think Sarri is in a position where he has identified his core 13/14 players who he will be using extensively, I reckon the challenge will be whether he will change personnel when we play against opposition who could potentially expose some of the more ill disciplined individuals in the team, will he play Luiz & Alonso against Liverpool/City? I don't believe that decision will have bearing on whether we make top 4 or not but moving forward that decision will show us whether Sarri will be winning the League or not. Personally for Newcastle I would keep Alonso and Luiz in the team and maybe integrate Hazard or Kovacic into the starting 11 depending on who is closer to 100% match fitness.
  2. Imran_CFC

    Antonio Rudiger

    I really hope Ampadu gets game time in the cup matches as I see him and Rudiger being our Long term CB pairing possibly from the start of next season.
  3. Imran_CFC

    Alvaro Morata

    Regardless If people like him or not he will be with us for the season, clearly Sarri has seen something in him to stick with him and send Bats out on loan. He is a confidence player and unfortunately it doesnt seem to be working out for him, there is definitely promise there as games such as against United at the bridge and Stoke away showcased. I just think mentally he is very weak and nowadays social media is very unforgiving if you are going through a bad phase, he just needs to keep his head down and hope he can get a few goals and kick start his tenure under Sarri.
  4. Imran_CFC

    Eden Hazard

    I reckon if Real struggle this season and finish trophyless it's pretty much guaranteed they will do everything in there power to make a few big name signings & if Hazard doesn't sign a new contract I am afraid he would top that list.
  5. I think it's clear from that half that the team is in a transitional phase, they are unsure about when to press and when to hold back. Clear example of when Jorginho went up to press and literally no one followed, it will take time for everyone to get on the same wavelength. More than happy with the scoreline though
  6. Imran_CFC

    Fantasy Football 2018/19

    League code seems to be showing an error?
  7. Imran_CFC

    Thibaut Courtois

    My Biggest concern now is that in consecutive seasons we've had players not return for the new season and have been successful in getting there preferred move, this sets a very dangerous precedent. Like it or not but this is a failure on the part of Chelsea in allowing such a situation to arise, the situations should've been anticipated and possibly resolved before the players took matters into there own hands.
  8. Imran_CFC


    Ampadu has been one of our best performers during pre-season.
  9. Imran_CFC

    Thibaut Courtois

    Can't help but think he has been more trouble than he's been worth, You get absolute gems such as Cudicini and Cech followed up with this absolute weasel who doesnt have an iota of respect for his employer who have aided him greatly within his career to put him in a position where is is being pursued by one of the biggest clubs in the world.
  10. Imran_CFC

    Random Rumours

    Kovacic, (Fekir) & Buttland looking somewhat likely alongside Jorginho, wouldnt be the worst transfer window imaginable although a major downgrade between the sticks. Would've preferred some more attacking additions to the squad as at the moment the squad seems to lack a significant goal threat. Only 3 goals in 4 games in pre-season is a serious worry especially considering 2 of those goals came from someone who is going to be a squad member rather than a starter.
  11. Imran_CFC

    Thibaut Courtois

    Completely understand that side of things just surprised to not hear any speculation in that regard considering literally all our first 11 has been linked with moves all across Europe.
  12. Imran_CFC

    Thibaut Courtois

    Iam surprised there hasn't been any news in reference to a swap with Oblak, think it wouldn't be such a bad deal offering tibo + 20 m for Oblak considering the prices of keepers currently & Tibo only having a year left on his contract.
  13. Imran_CFC


    I wonder if we could possibly go 4231 with Kante with Jorginho in the middle and Hudson Hazard & Pedro behind the striker. Possibly against lesser teams or even when chasing a game that team would offer us incredibly offensive outlets.
  14. Imran_CFC


    Who is this youngster Arsenal got in goal, looks promising