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  1. The point is if you don't wish to sell a player just let the individual & the interested party know that you do not wish to sell, don't drag both parties along and keep moving the goalposts on the fee. They are trying to show Lukaku that they are willing to sell yet digging in their heels and being difficult. It's a similar scenario with Barkley, 1 year left on his contract and they are demanding 50m, doesn't make sense but as the manager has publicly come out and stated he will be sold as he hasnt signed the contract they are trying to save face and go in with a overly inflated price in the hope he wont be sold and they could convince him to sign over the next few months.
  2. Absolutely hate the way Everton conduct business, almost like they live in cuckoo land, Pay peanutes yet demand a premium for some of there own.
  3. Just really surprised at how little we targeted a very weak back line, Pedro was the only one who actually caused them any problems.
  4. Pedro has been our best player.... why him
  5. You know It's a bad day when even Kante is messing up
  6. I don't understand why are we allowing them to build up play from there own half, we've got to press high.
  7. Wake the f**k up, should have been 2-0
  8. We've got to press them high and pressure their weak back line.
  9. So how many times have we suffered due to a handball this season.
  10. FFS Couldn't BBC get anyone other than Danny Murphy
  11. Really hope we sign VVD, we can argue as much as we like whether we should give Christensen a chance or sign VVD but the bottom line is he would improve each and every one of our competitors. Would hate the thought of him joining Liverpool or City as he is exactly the kind of player they need. If we get the opportunity to sign him we absolutely should and incorporate him into the team because we will have plenty of games next season to alternate between players.
  12. Everton have put price tags of £50m for Barkley & £80m for Lukaku, really hope teams take this into account when selling players to them If Barkley is worth £50m to Everton with only 1 year left on his contract then maybe Swansea should demand 60-70m for Sigurdsson