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  1. I think a lot of it comes down to expectations, the expectations of a club and manager are far greater at Chelsea then Monaco, Spurs, Southampton & in recent history Liverpool & Arsenal. Our squad is amongst the best in the Country therefore it's difficult for some of the younger lads to come through. Last season was a bit of a right of but over the last decade we have been the most successful club in England, if we were to tail off like a few of the other clubs and struggling for European football and not challenging on all fronts we could probably have a few games where we could give a few of the younger lads a run of games. Currently every single game seems incredibly crucial and the Match day threads are evidence of that, with Conte however it seems like he is willing to give some of the youngsters a little more of a look in then perhaps Mourinho. Yes it is disappointing not to have someone like Kane or Alli come through but if you look at the players that they replaced it's not difficult to see why they were given the opportunity to make a mark.
  2. Mourinho needs to change his tactics if he wants to win the league again, in the current era you can't sit on a 1 or 2 goal lead especially with a defense which includes Rojo, Smalling & Jones I was surprised at how defensive he got against Boro and it nearly cost them a win for the umpteenth time
  3. Is it just me or did Milner take Sterlings legs on that miss, they haven't showed the replay but from first glance it looked like a pen and a red for Milner
  4. A general question: If United were to win the Europa League & not make the top 4 do only the top 3 + United get Champions League similar to when we knocked Spurs out of the 12/13 Champions League before the tournament even kicked off?
  5. I still fear having a run of games similar to Liverpool at the start of the year Football is a cruel cruel game and losing just like winning is infectious
  6. Changing our whole team for one man, this is not Messi or Ronaldo it's bloody Andy Carroll. Let them worry about Hazard Costa & Pedro, we should be focussing on our strengths and hopefully Courtois can control the box well and help his defense out. Like someone mentioned earlier let's just protect the wide areas and not let the cross come into the box in the first place rather than making drastic changes to the back line.
  7. Really don't understand some of the negative comments surrounding Moses, him and Alonso are fulfiling arguably the most physically demanding role in football. They have to cover the most distance in the team by slotting into a back 5 whilst defending yet provide width and join up with the attack when on the offense. I don't believe any player in the world will be able to give you 8/10 performances week in week out. Due to the physical demands occasionally the end product will suffer and consistency will be an issue however Moses has done admirably and it's because of Moses Pedro and Hazard have been able to make more central and direct runs in order to hurt the opposition. It is a team game and understandably Moses at times has not been able to deliver in the final third but positionally he has helped the team due to opposition's being stretched leaving holes for Costa Hazard and co.
  8. 9 times out of 10 I would start Fabregas over Matic however there are a handful of teams who I would play Matic ahead of Fabregas. For Spurs, Liverpool & City I would start Matic & bring Fabregas on during the 2nd half when he is likely to get a little more time on the ball.
  9. People need to realise that Messi & Ronaldo are the exceptions and not the norm, taking those 2 out of the equation Hazard is easily as good as anyone else out there. Yes there are issues in his game but hardly anyone is perfect, he has games where he is quiet and sometimes just not selfish enough but take Hazard out of the Chelsea team it completely takes away our spark. If you were to ask any of our competitors which player would they like Chelsea to Sell on and 9 times out of 10 the answer would be Hazard, in todays market it is incredibly difficult getting a replacement for players such as Hazard.
  10. Mourinho can't afford to play a weakened team against us after the tonking we gave them earlier this season.
  11. It's not just the loss of Kante but the loss of there favored formation, they basically played 4-4-2 all of last season, Kante allowed them to do that without getting overrun in midfield. Now without Kante they have to change the way they play and hence they all look completely lost.
  12. Another tough away game out of the way and 10 points clear, not the worst position to be in.
  13. One pass too many each time
  14. Poch may need to make a change early in the game because Son & Davies seem lost out there.
  15. Conte has just worked his magic and even the word over-achievement seems a understatement, I was seriously concerned after last season and wondered if we will spend a long period out of Europe never mind actually challenging for a title. I could not in the wildest of dreams predicted us to be in the position we are in today and I am truly grateful the board went for Conte over someone like Guardiola (Although it does appear Guardiola was never really going to come to CFC). The only little thing which I believe could be altered is Fabregas starting ahead of Matic against teams outside the top 6.