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  1. Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

    I remember them doing the same last year after a similar number of games
  2. Arsenal are slow starters hence I can understand Fabregas starting
  3. No Ozil or Sanchez starting for Arsenal
  4. What are your expectations this season?

    The team which suffers the least number of injuries between us, United & City will win the PL All 3 can beat each other on their day and if we lose a couple of attacking players we will struggle and if City lose a couple of defenders they will be down to a defense which is being led by Stones. United maybe less so as they seem to have decent coverage across all areas.
  5. Broadcast Bias

    Well those were some sh*t highlights on MOTD
  6. Any update on how we are coping defensively?
  7. Your unpopular opinion about Chelsea

    Last season I preferred the Midfield partnership of Dembele & Wanayama to Matic & Kante.
  8. Deadline Day Drama

    Combination of different factors I assume; incredibly high expectations, Revolving door of managers causing instability & the financial equilibrium in the current market.
  9. Deadline Day Drama

    Deadline Day Drama more like Deadline Day Disaster so far
  10. Surprised with Christensen's omission
  11. Champions League Draw

    Costa is going to be ecstatic
  12. Jamie Vardy

    If Conte wants to go with a formation of 3-5-2 I thin Vardy would be the perfect foil for Morata, he thrived when he played with Tevez at Juventus & someone with a similar workrate would really benefit him. As well as having Vardy, Morata up top Hazard could play a Central role ahead of Bakayako & Kante which would probably be quite a formidable front line with the Wingbacks providing the width.
  13. Claudio Marchisio

    I reckon the whole perception around age needs to change in the current footballing world, fitness levels have improved alongside professionalism amongst players especially when it comes to maintaining a healthy body. We are seeing more and more players play well past their mid 30's. I don't see any issue with signing a 30 year old as long as they are an upgrade on what we have and can demonstrate they are in good health.
  14. César 'Dave' Azpilicueta

    Had a decent game against Spurs but rushed into midfield to press a few times and got beat which could've cost us another day Can't really blame him for that though as he very often wins the ball or presses the opposition into a mistake just needs to be careful when up against top quality opposition.
  15. The game had a feel of deja vu & it can't be pure luck that we've beaten the greatest spurs team in history 3 times out of 4 during one of our weaker transitional periods. Still don't understand the argument of "Spurs didnt deserve to lose" absolute BS.