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  1. We seem pretty clueless in the last third, no composure or confidence.
  2. Imran_CFC

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    I think we still see the affects of Mourinho/Conte especially when we are leading with 20 odd minutes to go, against Liverpool we started sitting deeper as the game progressed. You could see Sarri and Jorginho wanting to push the team out of the defensive third but our back line seemed very hesitant to advance too far up. I think we still lack a experienced head in midfield to come on in order to see games through, at the minute the Central 3 (Jorginho, Kante & Kovacic) pretty much pick themselves however whenever Sarri wants to freshen things up in the middle he has RLC or Barkley which is fine when you are chasing a win but to see a game through I dont believe either of them are a good enough option. Having someone like Yaya Toure (As an example) to replace Kovacic for the last few minutes wouldve been ideal to see games through, at the minute I think we lack that reliability & experience of the bench especially when it comes to the midfield.
  3. We are third after having played 7 & 2 points off the top and have already played 2 of the top 6, things could be worse.
  4. I think Kovacic will have to provide cover on the left, can't see rudiger switching.
  5. Players first touch in the last third has been appalling, Azpi has had a few opportunities to service Giroud but has struggled with his delivery.
  6. Imran_CFC

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    So far out of the 4 games we have gone in level at half time for 3 of them and Sarri has made certain tweaks and got the win, his half time talks and the changes at the 60 minute mark are doing wonders so far. Anyone coming on has had a point to prove and so far all the substitutes have actually made a positive impact on the team. (Thank God he hasnt got Bakayako on the bench to send on to see out the game)
  7. Imran_CFC

    David Luiz back at Chelsea

    I am on the fence when it comes to the debate of whether Christensen should be starting over Luiz and vice versa however the case in favour of Luiz is we look so much better playing out of the back this season than we ever did last & luiz is one of the main reasons for that. He has had his lapses defensively but so far it has not cost us points & the only way I can see Christensen making his way into the team is when he is given his opportunities in Europa or the League cup he needs to make the most of them, that will give Sarri something to think about however for the moment I can't see Sarri changing a winning formula. In an ideal world we should be rotating between Luiz and Christensen, against lesser team who are looking to park the bus and where we are likely to dominate possession have Luiz & against some of the more technical teams who will test us defensively maybe have Christensen ahead of Luiz. There is a reason for having a strong squad and the answer could be rotation between the both of them, luckily for us we've got strong competition for places all over the starting 11 Giroud/Morata, Willian/Pedro & RLC/Barkley/Kova so it looks like we are in for a very exciting season ahead.
  8. Imran_CFC

    Mateo Kovačić

    I think it's not really a surprise that the 2 games he has been involved in we have completely dominated the midfield, even against Arsenal the moment he came into the midfield Arsenal struggled to get out of there half. He seems like a really good foil to Alonso verging forward as he seems to cut off a number of channels for forward passes into the left defensive side, I don't think Barkley and RLC have that element in their locker. If anything he could probably improve in the final third however I think it'll come with time and experience & as long as he brings that control to midfield and allows Hazard & Co to flourish there is nothing to complain about.
  9. I love how on Talksport the pundits summarise our game by concluding Bournemouth deserved a point yet Liverpool deserved their win due to the first half performance. Mindboggling logic!
  10. Imran_CFC

    David Luiz back at Chelsea

    I think we are fortunate enough to be in a position where we've got competition for places with players offering us different skills depending on how expansive the Manager wants to be. I think rotation will be key, in games such as the weekend where we are likely to be on the front foot for majority of the time & have 2/3rd of possession I would prefer having Luiz whereas against better oppositions where there may be large spells where we have our backs against the wall I would prefer Christensen. I just think its vital we use our full squad well, Guardiola and Pochetino have done well over the last couple of seasons rotating the defense around (Especially the wing backs) which have kept things & players fresh for them. We need to get to a point where our squad has the match fitness to come in whenever required and perform at an elite level.
  11. Imran_CFC

    Welcome Ross Barkley

    At this point I am just grateful that we've got Barkley and Kovacic competing for a midfield spot and not just playing Bakayako as he is the default choice like last season. Both offer us something different & depending on the opposition both should be rotated, like someone mentioned previously against teams who park the bus Barkley may be a better option (maybe play both and rest Kante) but against better opposition who may look to press us Kovacic would certainly be the better choice.
  12. I think we are in a fortunate position of having quite a competitive squad of players who offer us something different. Just by changing personnel we could potentially play the same system but within a completely different dynamic, for example just by bringing in Christensen & Emersen on the left we become a lot more compact defensively and it's a similar scenario in midfield. I think Sarri is in a position where he has identified his core 13/14 players who he will be using extensively, I reckon the challenge will be whether he will change personnel when we play against opposition who could potentially expose some of the more ill disciplined individuals in the team, will he play Luiz & Alonso against Liverpool/City? I don't believe that decision will have bearing on whether we make top 4 or not but moving forward that decision will show us whether Sarri will be winning the League or not. Personally for Newcastle I would keep Alonso and Luiz in the team and maybe integrate Hazard or Kovacic into the starting 11 depending on who is closer to 100% match fitness.
  13. Imran_CFC

    Antonio Rudiger

    I really hope Ampadu gets game time in the cup matches as I see him and Rudiger being our Long term CB pairing possibly from the start of next season.
  14. Imran_CFC

    Alvaro Morata

    Regardless If people like him or not he will be with us for the season, clearly Sarri has seen something in him to stick with him and send Bats out on loan. He is a confidence player and unfortunately it doesnt seem to be working out for him, there is definitely promise there as games such as against United at the bridge and Stoke away showcased. I just think mentally he is very weak and nowadays social media is very unforgiving if you are going through a bad phase, he just needs to keep his head down and hope he can get a few goals and kick start his tenure under Sarri.
  15. Imran_CFC

    Eden Hazard

    I reckon if Real struggle this season and finish trophyless it's pretty much guaranteed they will do everything in there power to make a few big name signings & if Hazard doesn't sign a new contract I am afraid he would top that list.