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  1. Hazard is our only attacking outlet
  2. Well they've had the ball in the net now, how about a change?
  3. Is Conte waiting for an equaliser before he brings on Willian?
  4. I think we need William on for Fabregas.
  5. That Central role that Bakayoko plays is so integral to our team as the moment he has a half decent game we look like a completely different team.
  6. Unfortunately Fabregas has taken his place in the incompetence competition.
  7. Imran_CFC

    Alvaro Morata

    I think we still haven't filled the huge void left by Lampard, we lost 20 goals from Midfield with his departure and we desperately need a goal scoring midfielder
  8. I think the only reason Conte still has a job is due to the FA cup, he has simply given up on the league.
  9. I still haven't forgiven him for that game against Arsenal. A few more goals this season may do the job
  10. Lucky the one on one came at an angle for Morata, we know how crap he is running straight at a keeper.