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  1. Alvaro Morata

    I think we still haven't filled the huge void left by Lampard, we lost 20 goals from Midfield with his departure and we desperately need a goal scoring midfielder
  2. I think the only reason Conte still has a job is due to the FA cup, he has simply given up on the league.
  3. I still haven't forgiven him for that game against Arsenal. A few more goals this season may do the job
  4. Lucky the one on one came at an angle for Morata, we know how crap he is running straight at a keeper.
  5. Willy is so calm playing out from the back, would actually prefer him over Baka in midfield.
  6. I have never seen a player so good in terms of positioning and getting in behind defences yet so useless in the last third as Moses is.
  7. Love how players after a sh*t performance get supposedly injured. Baka and now Courtois, Conte probably kicks the sh*t out of em.
  8. The key to the game is gna be Moses, he has plenty of space out wide. We really need to get it out to him more often not sure why we didn't do it more often after the first 20 minz.
  9. Loving the high press
  10. I may be the only one but I seriously think we are the better team going into the game, we have the more balanced team & also completely outplayed them in the first leg.
  11. The biggest difference in that half and the way we played against Barca was Kante, the number of times he broke up play against Barca and drove us forward was unreal.
  12. The most annoying thing about that half was how easy it appears to get behind City's defense when we actually have the ball.
  13. The plan was to stretch the play with Alonso and Moses providing width, unfortunately Moses is a non entity in the opposition third and Alonso doesn't have the pace to get beyond a quick wingback in Valencia. As good as we were during that game United seemed far more likely in areas where it actually matters.
  14. Moses is so sh*t in the opposition third, the number of times he finds himself in promising positions is unbelievable.