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  1. There has got to be something brewing in relation to this transfer otherwise Sandro would have signed the new contract by now, either we are in negotiations with Juve over the sale or Sandro's team are negotiating a better deal at Juve.
  2. I understand the reservations some people may have regarding Cahill but the bottom line is he was part of a championship winning back 3 therefore deserves a starting place until his performances suggest otherwise.
  3. I think Cahill did reasonably well yesterday and deserves his spot in the starting 11 at the start of the season. If his performances drop or he starts making errors similar to the ones he made at the start of last season than drop him or alternatively if Christensen or Rudiger perform well in cup competitions and deserve a place on merit than by all means but otherwise the back 3 shouldn't be altered.
  4. Much rather take the Ox then Barkley if HG status is the purpose of the purchase
  5. But I thought we won't break our transfer fee record this window?
  6. I think you might be confusing the word competing with conquering
  7. I was certain of Bonucci not moving to Milan but since the development there I wouldn't write anything off
  8. I really dont understand the arguments against the purchase of Aubameyang, First argument being he wont suit our style of play, the last 2 seasons the Premier League has been won by teams playing on the counter with a incredibly quick front line- Aubameyang is the perfect striker required for counter attacking football. I would even argue of having him play on the right with Batshuayi up top whilst Hazard is out injured just to give us more of a goal threat. The second argument being his age, the lad is 28 not 38-Fitness levels have improved over the last decade and we are regularly getting footballers playing into there late 30's. Yes a lot of his game is about pace and once that desserts him he could struggle but at the same time he is a pocher and his positioning in the box is 2nd to none so I don't think once he loses his pace he will be a liability.
  9. I bet we get this secured before Bakayoko completes his Medical
  10. We already got Willian for that, need someone with a little more goal threat with Hazard to miss the start of the season.
  11. With Hazard set to miss the start of the season and Costa all but gone, we will definitely require a additional attacking Midfielder/Striker otherwise we are seriously going to struggle to score goals. Morata will most likely take some time to settle and our other attacking options are incredibly limited, maybe Aubameyang alongside Morata? I know it's a pipe dream but we need somebody in that mould who will offer us more of a goal threat then Willian.
  12. Morata would be a decent purchase however not sure how James could be incorporated into 3-4-3 or 3-5-2. With 3-4-3 he may be pushed out wide which makes him less of a threat and with 3-5-2 I can't see him being played behind the main striker instead of Hazard.
  13. Even if that is the case still doesn't stop clubs showing an interest and for the quality of player he is I am just surprised at the lack of traffic around his transfer
  14. He is being linked with a number of different clubs such as PSG, Milan, Liverpool & some Chinese club alongside this Dortmund have also stated they will consider offers north of €60m but none of the elite clubs have shown any significant interest.