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  1. Don't worry that'll come against us no doubt...
  2. He's a psychopath you can see it in his eyes...
  3. Well done Chelsea and the 3amigos all on the score sheet...
  4. Our defense is worse than arsenals..
  5. Eden would be having a field day out there if he was on...
  6. Seriously Eden on the bench!!! Either he's not match fit or there keeping him in cotton wool before a move to RM ffs!!!
  7. f**k me wet spam are sh*te!!!...
  8. Well done Chelsea difficult away game new system clean sheet and didn't really get out of 2nd gear...onwards and upwards
  9. ..." top of the league yr 'aving a larf...top of the league yr 'aving a larf...
  10. Winnie the Pooh would be a better choice I think...
  11. Has long has Baka ain't nowhere near the team iam a happy chappy....KTBFFH!!!