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  1. Womble

    Zlatan on Loan

    Don't want that overrated c**t nowhere near this club!!! f**king despise that tosser!!!
  2. Womble

    Eden Hazard

    I blame that twat Martinez every time Edens on international duty all this sh*t keeps coming out he's obviously brainwashing the poor lad ffs!!!
  3. Womble

    The John Terry Appreciation Thread

    Come home now john...
  4. Well done son finally ....
  5. Ffs that man couldn't score in a brothel...
  6. One assist and one goal "super super Ross..."
  7. Twice now willian ffs!!!
  8. Every time my stream lags I keep hoping that when it returns we're 1-0 up...
  9. How the f**k could he miss that ffs
  10. Seriously why do spurs even bother fighting for a CL place when there'r basically just f**king sh*te!!!
  11. It doesn't matter who manages Barca they still play exactly the same way has they've always done you could even put Tony Pulls in charge and there'd still play tiki f**king taki....
  12. Womble

    Jose Mourinho thread

    He's about has welcome there has The Sun newspaper...
  13. Fair result in the end could have finished 3-3 but we broke their winning streak so f**k em ..onwards and upwards KTBFFH!!!