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  1. Womble

    WC 2018

    Can't be the old colourful African kits Cameroon,Ghana,Ivory coast...to name but a few...
  2. Womble

    WC 2018

    Can't be he's not fat enough...
  3. Womble

    WC 2018

    I think neymars won the prize for the world cups worst hairdo....ever!!
  4. Womble

    Premier league winter break

    f**king ridiculous!!!!
  5. Womble


    Agreed big blue f**k him off on the first boat to China!!!!....silly willy!
  6. Womble

    Next Chelsea Manager

    How's Sarri's English btw anyone know?
  7. Oh sweet mary well done Chelsea and bye bye Conte...
  8. We'd still be dominated even if Jones had gotten a red card
  9. The sooner your gone Conte the f**king better!!!
  10. Oh ffs Conte really does hate us....
  11. Womble

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Mentioned him before we signed up Conte but I think Joachim low would do a good job here would be our first German manager to...
  12. Please don't f**k this up the more pressure we put on the spuds the more likely there're gonna bottle it and end up with Thursday night football...