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  1. Have a search on the Chelsea fan tv channels on you tube I think zeta might be right good luck anyway
  2. Congratulations citeh to both the league and the record and honestly speaking it wouldn't surprise me in the least if they get to the cl final (may even win it!!) They really are on another planet with the way they are playing and winning games...
  3. Lukaku responsible for both there goals
  4. Herrera really is a detestable cheating little c**t!!!
  5. Although I would settle for a humiliating 6-0 defeat for Mounure ...f**king hate United
  6. Haha f**k you dippers
  7. Can't see eversh*te getting anything from this game unless the rat munchers get 3players sent off including both goalies...
  8. Really hope eversh*te get a result against the dippers although my gut feeling tells me both our ex players salah and solanke are gonna grab a goal or 2
  9. We're not even playing like mid table team let alone title contenders f**king embarrassing to say the least!!!
  10. We're gonna need at least 3 goals to win this game because they've still got Carroll to come on and score his mandatory headed goal against us...
  11. f**king unbelievable really that players of this quality can play so bad...
  12. This is embarrassing for Conte losing to the tactical genius they call moyes...