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  1. f**king worse than Lee Mason ffs!!!
  2. Seriously all youve gotta do is touch a spurs player and they get a free-kick this has gone beyond a joke now...
  3. Benteke to get the winner in the 89th...
  4. I know I was thinking the same if you has much has fart on any of those 2 there'll get a free-kick....
  5. Kante motm for me he's been an absolute beast...
  6. Lee Mason has been an utter prick this evening
  7. Please Chelsea get a 4th so can calm down....
  8. This is doing my f**king head in ffs!!!
  9. So happy right now....hands up who wants le arse in the final...
  10. We really need to get control of the midfield if we're gonna get anything from this match I would love to see a 3 5 2 like... tibo Dave. Luis. Ake Moses. Kante. Nathan. Alonso Cesc Eden. Pedro KTBFFH.....
  11. Thanks for the memories John you will be missed...really hope to see you back at the club sometime in the future...our leader our legend our captain...