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  1. Jeez this feels like a bloody FA cup final win f**king love this club
  2. Oh for the love of God please hang on to this Chelsea
  3. Be grateful that it wasn't Willian
  4. The sh*t really is gonna hit the fan if the result stays the same...
  5. The whole team are running around like headless f**king chickens!!!
  6. Morata is really getting on my tits with his torresque falling over at the slightest f**king touch!!!!
  7. There's absolutely zero confidence in this Chelsea team...
  8. I know it really is embarrassing...
  9. Seems like I can only really relax when we're 4-0 up with 1 minute left on the clock...
  10. Crikey Pedro you really can pick em out
  11. Iam more worried about that fat little weeble Moss f**king us over rather than Contes team selection...
  12. Got a feeling Conte gets the sack Carlo returns we go back to 433 win the CL finish 4th and everyone's happy....