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  1. Would be such an injustice if these rednecks manage to scramble an equalizer...
  2. Absolutely abysmal from a £75mil striker...
  3. Wouldn't mind seeing Willian for Pedro and Barkley for Bakaf**kingjoko..
  4. Emerson does whip in a decent cross...
  5. f**king pathetic useless don't give a f**k manager,players board!!!!
  6. Naughty naughty Alonso...
  7. Don't even know why Conte bothers turning up on match days he just doesn't give a f**k anymore like someone else said awhile back might has well put a cardboard f**king cut of him on the sidelines ffs!!!
  8. And Conte just f**ks off down the tunnel...
  9. RIP Ray Wilkins

    Truely gutted my first Chelsea idol...RIP Butch...
  10. I think this could basically be Contes last game for us if we lose the odds are against us the players look totally drained of confidence this is the pikeys cup final and they can smell blood just can't see us winning this and losing at home to the pikeys is the final degradation for me...