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  1. 3 words....BEAT.THESE.c**tS!!!!
  2. Up to debate does anyone think luiz would have made such a pass..not picking out Christiansen by any means despite what happened so I think he had a great game...just curious has to your opinions...
  3. Well played Chelsea shame about their goal but we can do these c**ts at their place onwards and upwards...KTBFFH!!!
  4. Oh Christiansen you silly boy...
  5. Busques has got such a punchable face...
  6. Well played lads should have been 2-0 up by now KTBFFH!!!
  7. Congratulations Conte that little bit of hope I for had this match dissapeard has soon has I see that lineup...false f**king 9
  8. Sorry spelt his name wrong....don't get me wrong his stature has nothing to do with it it's just that our club don't give players like josh, scott etc etc the time and chances with the 1st team they need in order to develop...history repeating itself iam afraid....
  9. Cut the lifeline from iniester to messi,suarez and co and this shouldn't be a problem it all depends on Contes team selection and tactics unfortunately.....KTBFFH
  10. Seems like another Josh Machralan unfortunately...
  11. 2nd game in a row where Morata didn't "fall over" when someone farted on him...good sign he's improving...
  12. Put Eden in for Pedro and Christiansen in for Cahill and I wouldn't mind seeing this team up against Barca...
  13. 3pts and back in top 4 onwards and upwards KTBFFH!!!
  14. f**k me I didn't even know Gareth Barry was playing