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  1. This was my thoughts too.
  2. I think he has been very good this year. He was always good at the spectacular, but struggled with the routine stuff. This year it looks as though his routine stuff has got miles better, and that in turn should make the defenders very confident. One thing I would say is his kicking needs improvement. I do get a bit nervous everytime the ball is played back to his feet.
  3. 4-0. With or without Costa.
  4. Plokoon13 highscored this week with 7, getting 1 score and 4 results. MBH was next with 6 and got 1 score and 3 results. Coco was next, with 5 points from 5 results. Then me, Nibs, Scott Harris all got 4 points each. Carshalton Blue and Havelschayes both got 3 each. Beerqueen in her pissed up state got 2, so did Kev56. Adam's revolutionary tactic worked well enough to get him 1 point.
  5. Burnley 2-2 saints Hull 1-1 Bournemouth sunderland 0-2 Stoke swansea 1-4 arsenal Watford 1-1 boro West Ham 2-0 palace
  6. England still wont get out the group and Scotland still won't qualify. In all seriousness it's not a good thing. Makes the qualifier's pointless if 3-4 teams qualify from each group.
  7. Awful week all around. Carshalton Blue and Kev56 joint high scored with a whopping 2 points. Then came me and Coco getting a point each. Scott Harris, Barak81, Havelschayes unfortunately you all got 0. Magic of the cup.
  8. Everton 2-0 Leicester Sunderland 1-1 Burnley Hull 0-2 Swansea Norwich 1-3 Saints Millwall 1-2 Bournemouth Bolton 1-2 Palace
  9. Right here goes. I am just going to do a list of what points people scored as it will take me too long going into who got what for different games, so as follows: HavelsChayes: 19 points Bluerising: 14 points Me: 13 points Scott Harris: 13 Points Coco: 13 Points MBH: 11 points Kev56: 10 points Beerqueen: 9 points Barak81: 9 points Nibs: 8 points Carshalton Blue: 7 points Plokoon13: 3 points Adam: 2 points ... and breathe.
  10. I have just realised that Monday's i will be at the old office so i should be ok!
  11. Due to an office move - my new table Day will be Thursdays when I'm working from home. My desk is now in plain sight of everyone!
  12. Everton 2-0 saints city 4-1 Burnley Sunderland 0-3 Liverpool WBA 3-0 Hull blackburn 1-2 Newcastle Fulham 2-2 Brighton obviously I'm going to have 3 lots of results to go through tomorrow so bare with me and I'll try and have it done as quick as possible!
  13. Burnley 2-0 Sunderland Chelsea 4 -1 stoke leicester 1-1 West Ham united 3-1 boro Southampton 2-1 West Brom swansea 0-1 Bournemouth
  14. Arsenal 3-1 Wba Burnley 1-1 Boro Chelsea 3-0 Bournemouth Leicester 1-1 Everton United 2-0 Sunderland Swansea 1-2 West Ham