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  1. If we don't have a song for him next season to the tune of "Loco in Acapulco" i will be fuming.
  2. Is it just me or would anyone else like to see the club tweet something along the lines of "Our thoughts are with former manager Jose Mourinho after the passing of his father". Would be a nice gesture which i am sure Jose would appreciate.
  3. No real issues with foreign fans as such. Had a lovely chat with an American fella the other month after the City game in one of the bars. He seemed really knowledgeable and really passionate about the club. On the other hand; few years back we played Cardiff in the FA Cup and i had a little Chinese lady sitting next to me. She cheered when we went 1-0 up, fair enough. However she also cheered when Cardiff equalised...
  4. Can't your crystal ball predict our signings?
  5. And we finally have a winner. Scott Harris pips it with 4 points, getting the blackpool score correct and getting 1 other result. Nibs on the other hand only managed 2 results. So well done to @Scott Harris and thanks to you all for playing this season.
  6. I agree. If he is happy to be second choice then I would be all for it - just can't see it personally.
  7. He left to be a number 1, I personally couldn't see him coming back to be a number 2.
  8. Goosebumps reading this. Thanks mate.
  9. I forgot about the Europa league final which is tomorrow. If you both do it before that game starts you can include that one. @Nibs @Scott Harris
  10. Yeah there's an idea. Tie breaker will be decided on 4 games. Same rules apply as all season; The FA Cup Final; Chelsea V Arsenal Saturday 27 May 2017 League two play off; Blackpool V Exeter Sunday 28 May 2017 Championship play off; Reading V Huddersfield Monday 29 May 2017 CL Final; Juventus V Real Madrid Saturday 3 June 2017. @Scott Harris and @Nibs get your scores in boys!! By the way, if you predict a 3-1 win for Chelsea for example and we win 3-1 after extra time that still will count as a correct score. If after this round it is still a draw - then we will just have to accept a draw.
  11. Quite a few high scores this week. Nibs got 10 overall, getting 2 scores and 4 results. MBH got 9 with 2 scores and 3 results. Didierforever, Bluerising, Carshalton Blue and Kev56 all got 8 each. Scott Harris got 7, with 1 score and 4 results. I got 6, and last was Coco with 4 points. As you can see we now have an exact tie for first place, which i had not expected or accounted for. I am open to ideas as to how we can tiebreak it!
  12. Lech Poznan are pretty good. There is a video somewhere on YouTube of them taking flares and pyro to like an under 14 game.
  13. "He's done it, the greatest night in the history of Chelsea Football Club. European Champions"
  14. Arsenal 1-1 Everton Liverpool 3-0 Boro Hull 1-4 Tottenham Watford 1-2 City Swansea 1-1 WBA Chelsea 4-0 Sunderland
  15. Scott Harris noses back in front. He and MBH both got 9 points, getting 2 scores and 3 results each. Myself and Coco both got 8 points, with 2 scores and 2 results. Next was Nibs with 7. Bluerising got 7, and Beerqueen's hangover got 4.