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  1. Lukaku for me - i think if he comes back we have a striker for the next 8-10 years.
  2. I've just read that Matic hit his shot at 68 MPH. Unbelievable if true!
  3. It always makes me laugh when people question who wins PFA or says "That person should never have won" End of the day it is an award for professionals, voted by professionals. The majority of professional footballers in the premier league obviously agreed that Kante was the right choice, but you get mugs on twitter like "@Martialogy" moaning because his boy Zlatan didnt win.
  4. Same mate. Would love it if we had a proper go at it next year - miss the buzz of european nights at the bridge.
  5. Couldn't find the Barcelona thread, but it is 5 years ago today since THAT night in the Nou Camp. Can't believe it has been 5 years already.
  6. So over the last 2 weeks, I high scored with 11. Nibs was second with 10. Coco got 9 and Scott Harris got 8. Carshalton Blue got 7. Kev56 and MBH each got 6. Beerqueen got 5. Havelschayes got 4, Bluerising got 3 and Plokoon13 got 2.
  7. Bournemouth 2-0 boro hull 1-0 Watford swansea 1-2 Stoke West Ham 1-2 Everton brentford 1-1 qpr wolves 0-0 Blackburn i will do this week and last weeks table on Monday
  8. Palace 2-2 Leicester Everton 3-0 Burnley stoke 2-1 hull Sunderland 1-2 West Ham watford 2-1 Swansea Villa 2-0 reading
  9. West Ham at home and Boro away are both games he scored winners in as well.
  10. Havelschayes high scored with 7, with 2 scores and 1 result. Nibs was next with 6. Me and Kev56 both got 5, getting 1 score and 2 results each. Bluerising, Carshalton Blue, beerqueen and MBH all got 4, and finally Scott Harris got 3.
  11. city 4-1 Hull boro 0-0 Burnley stoke 2-1 Liverpool WBA 1-2 Saints West Ham 1-1 Swansea Forest 1-2 Huddersfield
  12. Decent scores across the board. Kev56 got 11 with 3 correct and 2 results. Beerqueen was just behind with 3 scores and 1 result getting 10. Havelschayes got 9 getting 3 correct scores. Me and bluerising each got 7 and Scott Harris and Nibs both got 5.
  13. burnley 1-0 Stoke Leicester 3-0 Sunderland Watford 1-0 WBA Villa 2-0 QPR Brentforfd 1-2 Leeds Rotheram 1-2 Sheff W
  14. Nibs high scored with 10, getting 3 scores and 1 result. Plokoon13 was next with 8 getting 2 of each. Beerqueen got 7 with 2 scores and 1 result. Scott Harris got 5, Coco and Carshalton Blue both got 4. Kev56 gand MBH each got 3. Me, havelschayes both got 2 and bluerising got 1. PS; @coco you jinxed Chelsea bigtime this week!