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  1. We have far more ads and far less content than the other fan's channels
  2. No half time update. Just 15 straight minutes of ads
  3. a side note but...... my god Chelsea TV is disappointing with all these ads.... what little i've seen of the other fan channels, they are no where near as bad. This is an embarrassment to our club
  4. Qaz

    Next Chelsea Manager

    LOL. Now i know you are taking the p*ss :P Good one :) You definitely had me there
  5. Qaz

    Next Chelsea Manager

    At the risk of spelling out the absolute bloody obvious, Tottenham and Chelsea are not operating on the same financial level/resources and such comparing the two directly is misleading. But surely you are smart enough to know that already and hence my keystrokes were pointless despite what you've written, right?
  6. Qaz

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Would you rather the trophy cabinet of Arsenal or Burnely? They are operating on different levels financially and should be judged on different standards
  7. If we continue to out work and out muscle liverpool, we will win If we let them over run us, then who knows....
  8. Half time thoughts: I'm happy. We started a bit too defensive (more of a back 5) and it invited pressure on us. But that said, i do kinda get it as Liverpool are all pace and no height/strength going forward so it kind of makes sense to play a bit deeper. But I did like the way we worked into the game as the half wore on. Alonso and Moses both had very good first halves. Alonso was surprisingly good defensively and Moses looked far more dangerous than he has for most of this season. The cross for the goal was great. Bakayoko was actually really good. Possibly his best game for us thus far. His tackling has been really good and his cross field ball for Moses before the goal was fantastic. Fabregas was too quiet. I must admit, i wanted to look to see if he was being particularly closely marked by the liverpool midfielders and that was maybe creating space for bakayoko and kante or if he's just having a down day. I will watch closely 2nd half. Kante was his usual solid self. Some really great stuff Hazard skillful but nothing has come off yet. Could break out any moment. Loving the workrate of Giroud. He's a proper trier. Chasing lost causes. Conte's got his tactics right thus far today. I wasn't sure about Alonso over Emerson but he's been very solid defensively. The 5-3-2 has worked. While the start was a bit slow, it looks as it that was deliberate to slow Liverpool down at the start and then start to squeeze as the half went on. 2nd half we will need to out work and out muscle liverpool again.
  9. Qaz

    Next Chelsea Manager

    There's so many ways you can judge a manager, most of them really subjective. Like does he motivate well? Is he good tactically? how does he handle the media? how does he do in the transfer market? All interesting but very subjective value based ideas of what may or may not be accurate. Or many or may not be relevant to our (or any other club's) specific situation. But.... If you try to take a empirical analysis of what a club's performance is in terms of league position/win-loss over an extended period of time relative to the team's total player budget relative to other teams. Then you can build a somewhat decent empirical justification for whether a club is over or under performing where it should be. The book soccernomics goes into long run analysis and finds that wages paid is the biggest and most consistent determinant of final league position across several leagues in several decades. This is never 100% but is far more solid for objective reasoning than "feely" subjective reasoning. Based on budget, Tottenham have been very much a relative outperformer relative to other teams. Maybe the biggest outperformer alongside Burnley and Bournemouth over the last few years. I can quote all sorts of stuff around bringing through youth, making (mostly) good decisions in the transfer market, making his team very fit and motivated, having good relations with his squad, reasonably attractive (high pressing) style, etc, etc, etc. But really, the most objective measure i can measure relative performance is wins/loss relative to player payments (wages/bonuses and to a lessor extent net transfer spend). It's always possible I lack your imaginative flair @yorkleyblue :) and that may make you a much better judge of manager than I. But in the absence of hard track records from either of us, i'd rather rely on empirical analysis where possible :)
  10. Players look tired and the weather probably isn't helping either
  11. https://www.google.com.au/search?q=setup+auto+refresh&spell=1&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiCz4igut3aAhVGfLwKHaJ_A7wQBQglKAA&biw=1920&bih=949 Easy enough to set up
  12. I know it's said every single week but........ damn Kante is a good player
  13. Last season showed there's an advantage in the league to not having Europe to worry about. But the more smaller European games the more likely the likes of Hudson-Odoi gets a run and I really want to see some youngster next year.
  14. Yes. I haven't checked but probably on the bench Emerson starts