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  1. I wasn't expecting us to get an equaliser. Happy to be wrong
  2. he's probably been the best player on the park today with Hazard having gone quiet 2nd half
  3. Fabregas for Drinkwater?.... disappointing sub
  4. It's a penalty in the box and a yellow/red outside the box. I'd be p*ssed if the decision had been against Chelsea
  5. Hope we take Hazard off at half time. Liverpool on the weekend is the priority now
  6. I don't like this. It cheapens our win if we do it on the back of decisions like that
  7. Dude.... Very harsh... Very unfair on Qarabag
  8. Emanalo The Problem

    Money isn't infinite, not even at Chelsea.... We can make all kinds of conspiratorial aspersions as to what Emanelo did or didn't do right and whatever strings people might think he pulled in whatever direction. But unless you have inside information (in which case go ahead and share), we can only really judge him by his transfer record given the resources available. I've made a long post in the past looking at every single one of our major (first team) purchases and sales. Look for it if you can be bothered. When I did this I found in general our transfer activity has been pretty good. Not excellent, not poor, but definitely above average. At the time of my post, some people disagreed with my assertion that Emanelo was doing an above job for all sorts of whacky, unjustified reasons. But hardly anyone disagreed with my ratings of our transfers that put together presented a picture of an above average job being done. Note: when I say above average, i mean compared to others at a similar level in his field.
  9. On the upside, no one here is this (see below) cringeworthy
  10. I'd be surprised if Cahill doesn't start having been rested against Bournemouth
  11. I was a bit annoyed with Michy again when he came on. For someone playing all of 10 minutes, you'd think they'd chase everything and be energetic.
  12. We've gotten conistently less from our wingbacks this season as opposed to last. Teams have figured out to not let them in behind
  13. Glad to be wrong Alway nice to get a result in the Caramel Cup* (the most delicious of the cups) * Yes I know it's Carabao. Caramel sounds tastier
  14. I think we'll lose this.... Sorry....