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  1. 3-4-3 Pedro as RWB and Azpi LWB
  2. I still believe we were (slightly) the better side in the first half But we based on the match in full, we don't deserve a to win this
  3. We were (slightly) the better team first half and had the better chances I don't know what happened at half time, but it's been a mess since then
  4. Ok this half (2nd) we've shambolic (thus far).... This is very weak...
  5. We've been the better side and have been a little unlucky thus far. Some of the reactions on here have been a little over the top.
  6. Cahill's probably been our only defender who hasn't been absolute pants
  7. A few thoughts.... 1. The whole team has been pants. Only Hazard and maybe Bakayoko come out with any credit. Bit uncomfortable with the piling on one or two players when everyone deserves the blame here. 2. It's all well and good to say we shouldn't have started Luiz, Willian, etc. But they are good players having horrible games. If you had some super secret foresight I don't, maybe you should be in football management not posting on a Chelsea forum. 3. I'm a little worried that in general teams are starting to figure us out tactically and things that worked last season aren't going to get the same results this season. I wish I knew the answer, but it looks as if last season was a bit of anomaly.
  8. Mourhinho's exit transfer blunders

    I'm confused by the logic that being upset by the departure of players whom we shouldn't have sold makes a fan a "plastic". But I understand this is one of those sore points, people just don't really want to think about.
  9. Ratings from ESPNfc.com (http://www.espnfc.com.au/club/chelsea/363/blog/post/3214737/morata-hazard-budding-partnership-pays-off-in-chelsea-late-win-at-atleti) More generous than my ratings but not unreasonable
  10. Guessing you're another Aussie as I got up 4:45am to watch the game too. Stupid me though left 2 minutes into extra time to get to work and missed the 94th minute winner haha. Courtois - 7, did he job on the few moments he was called upon Dave - 7.5, did his job well and with minimal fuss Luiz - 6.5, again like with Arsenal, was our best defender before doing something really stupid. His pass to Morata first half was fantastic. Thus far Christiansen has been very conservative with his passing from the back, so we haven't seen if he has the Luiz quality distribution. But that distribution is a really handy thing to have coming out from the back and something i noticed as opposed to the Stoke game. Cahill - 7.5, did his job well and with minimal fuss Alonso - 7.5, good. didn't get hurt defensively too often and was okay going forward. I missed the 94th minute winner which apparently he was key in so added an extra 0.5 to score based on that. Moses - 7, good defensively but didn't do much going forward. Unfortunately I haven't seen a great deal from Moses so far this season. He's definitely developed his defensive sense, but i'm waiting for him to show a bit more offensively like he did last season. But that said, as long as he continues to do his job defensively and he have other players creating, we'll be fine. Bakayoko - 7.5, I liked his game. He was solid, kept his shape, kept us in control in midfield for most of the game. But here's the issue, and it's not really his fault. I feel with Hazard dropping deep from a 2nd forward role, it lead to Kante and (to a lessor extent Bakayoko) being more obligated to get forward and into the opposition box as there was no one there in that role. They both did it (Kante more than Bakayoko), but neither really were suited to that role and I think it lead to attacks breaking down throughout the match. We kind of needed a Vidal or a Lampard as opposed to both Kante and Bakayoko. That is, someone who could do the defensive work rate but offered a little more going forward. Kanté - 8, Broke up the play really well but was a bit wasteful going forward. See above for more details. Cesc - 7, Next to Kante and Bakayoko it felt like he'd do well with the time and space he'd be afforded. But instead his slowness saw the game bypass him a little and he just didn't get forward enough which meant Kante and Bakayoko had to (of which neither are as suited as he is). Hazard - 9, Excellent. Brilliant. Absolute stand out. Tactically i'd kind of prefer him starting deeper as opposed to as a 2nd forward, but he came deep when the team had the ball anyway and was excellent. Motata - 8, Very good game. Looked strong, good in the air.
  11. Feels like this one is going to end a draw
  12. To be honest, I don't actually really like this 5-3-2 It pushes Hazard up too far when his best deeper on the ball. It means Kante has to get forward more when it's not really his specialty. It gives us less options on the counter attack as Pedro's strength is off the ball, up the pitch. I will go into more detail later, but I just don't think it strikes the right balance and that the performances of the players (Hazard in particular) have covered for a not ideal formational balance.