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  1. Are anyone worried about the squad size?

    Whenever a member/graduate of our youth setup is sold there's always a vocal group of posters who worry that the sale will come back to bite us. Yet outside of Matic and maybe Bertrand, over the entire Abramovich era, it's rarely ever happened. What did happen though, when we handed Mourinho the keys to Chelsea transfers he let go of Lukaku, De Bryne and Salah. All of whom have gone on to strengthen our direct title rivals. A serious f*ck up the club is still playing for. So more than most, I tend to sympathise with the likes of Emanalo and the Chelsea board, I think they have a bit of an impossible job. However....... It's difficult to look at this current mess as anything but their creation. I can't help but feel this is can only be due to overconfidence by those responsible for transfers at Chelsea. Not in themselves, but in the market. This isn't a disaster.....yet. But it could very very easily derail our season if we don't get ontop of this....fast.
  2. Are anyone worried about the squad size?

    Every time Salah, Lukaku or De Bryne scores (or assists) a goal this season, i'm going to be quietly cursing Mourinho who sold all of them for less than they were worth :( Imagine how much stronger we'd be if we'd held onto all of them.....
  3. Our New Stadium

    Excuse the stupid question but..... Where's are the executive boxes? I'd be more than shocked if the new stadium didn't have them
  4. Welcome Asmir Begovic

    Asmir Begovic has his own podcast (no I'm not kidding). It's called Asmir Begovich's Season of Sports https://audioboom.com/channel/asmir-begovic-s-season-of-sports It's a tiny bit awkward, but it's only his first episode and is promising.
  5. My god the referee's had a shocker today
  6. The Nathan Ake Thread

    Bournemouth this season..... Ake starting: 8 Played 4 Wins 1 Draw 3 Lost 13 Points 50% win ratio 38% loss ratio 1.63 Points per game Ake NOT starting: 18 Played 3 Won 4 Draw 11 Lost 13 Points 17% win ratio 61% loss ratio 0.72 points per game
  7. Ok so there's a bunch of new sources (Italian newspaper Tutosport) claiming that Antonio Conte has agreed to leave Chelsea for Inter Milan at the end of the season. see: http://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/article/2017/03/02/conte-reportedly-agrees-join-inter-milan Normally I'd be really worried about this, however in this case I'm not for 2 reasons. 1. My understanding is he's negotiating a new contract with Chelsea and as such, this is a negotiation ploy by Conte's agent to strengthen his bargaining position. 2. I believe (and tell me if I'm wrong), Conte signed a 3 year contract at the start of the year. Meaning his got 2 full seasons after this one and he's on wages that are far lower than what Mourinho was on previously. This suggests to me that both Conte and Chelsea are motivated to agree a new deal with increased wages and contract term. I really doubt he's actually going to leave us for Inter Milan, but hopefully this gets put behind us soon as I can breathe again (WHEW!)
  8. Why we'll win the title (video) https://mobile.twitter.com/ItsMrBlueGuy/status/835031963157176320
  9. If we perform 2nd half like we did 1st half, we'll win.
  10. Football, bloody hell
  11. Antonio Conte rumoured to be interested in signing Andrea Conti in the summer. Conte, Conti, Kante...... I've got a headache http://www.tribalfootball.com/articles/chelsea-boss-conte-steps-up-interest-for-atalanta-fullback-andrea-conti-4169545
  12. Sad with what I'm reading on this thread today. Such hubris before the game and now all this negativity towards the heros that have us clear top of the table. We are playing away against a team with the 3rd best home record in the league and would be winning but for a brilliant free kick. Have a little faith in our players, we are clear top for a reason.
  13. So much negativity on here all of a sudden, like winning the game was our birth right or something