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  1. Rewind 2 years when we in the bottom half of the table.... If you'd told me then (in 2 years time) we will be 4th and in the knock-out stages of the champions league (after winning the league the previous year).... Short memories....
  2. Conte In? Or Conte Out?

    I've been told he told the club during the off-season he wanted to leave, only to then change his mind after the club cancelled a bunch of potential transfers he wanted in preparation for a new manager. It's probably no surprise that the Chelsea board didn't want to spend big money backing a manager whose said they want to leave. I too would prefer the money is spent with his replacement when he joins instead. We have this difficult loop here where Chelsea don't want to back an uncommitted manager who therefore becomes less committed and therefore is even less likely to be backed by the board. It's pretty obvious where this all ends, despite the fact he is clearly an excellent manager. If we can finish top 4 and either win the FA cup or have a decent run in the champions league (semis maybe?) i would call that a success.
  3. Let's remember we finished 10th the season before Conte took over. We then went on to win a league against substantial odds. We can't compete with the budgets of the Manchester clubs. Ok, we aren't in great form, but 3rd/5th with run in a cup is realistically about our level.
  4. 3 nil win and very dominant performance
  5. The kids have been excellent so far tonight
  6. Apologies if there's already a thread for this (if so delete). But we need a match day thread for youth team games like the checkatrade trophy game on now. Who else is watching?
  7. holy crap. i went to the bathroom and missed 2 goals (no i'm not complaining)
  8. VAR is always occurring. Unless I'm mistaken (and please correct me with a reference if possible if I am), there is no "refer to VAR". If the referee makes a "clear mistake" in one of the four (stated above) cases, then the VAR ref will bring it up to the field ref. To say refer to VAR is misunderstanding that VAR is happening all game regardless of whether play is stopped for it.
  9. I personally hate it when people suggest it's either a dive or a penalty. It can be neither. The referee today would have been wise to consider that
  10. There are plenty of f**king stupid rules in football. Yellow card for lifting your shirt after scoring a goal for example...
  11. While i was also upset at the refereeing at the risk of upsetting everyone here... VAR can only be used for 1. Goals 2. Penalties 3. Red (not yellow) cards 4. Mistaken identity In the case of Willian and Morata going down. It's the penalty call being reviewed, not whether Willian or Morata should have received yellow cards for diving. That was outside the remit of VAR and was the referees call. Is that a flaw in the system? Quite possibly. But that's the system in its current form.
  12. We've been completely and utterly out-thought tactically
  13. no way that is a free kick against willian