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  1. On paper that team looks a million miles away from the big boys
  2. Better not be barkley, hes terrible
  3. Its not really knee jerk when there has been previos
  4. How many said the same after mourinho came in??morata links were weeks ago,all seems to be about lukaku now, hope im totally wrong but dont think we are gona have a good window
  5. No but its obvious,we seem to be putting all our eggs in one basket(lukaku) who is a downgrade on what we have, completely lost faith in our board tbh,
  6. Milan in talks with tolisso, we are looking a shambles here tbh, all season the media spout this 200m warchest bla bla bla, this could be the start of tension between conte and the board
  7. Gutted and worried about all this, city are showing intent, psg showing intent, we are f**kin up
  8. If costa gets another yellow wil he miss next week??
  9. Great energy n desire from chalo
  10. Although conte did hand players a chance at juve such as pogba,i just cant see him playing youth regularly for us,
  11. YyyyyAaaaaasssssssssss
  12. Well if spurs needed any bit of hope.....
  13. Should have been fast out the traps, played the whole game like a training session
  14. Wtf is goin on, all over the shop