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  1. Playing both cahill and christensen was always gona end in disaster
  2. Thought conte was gona be the man we were longing for but he needs to go,something is seriously wrong, would honestly get jody morris in
  3. Honestly ,except kante i would get rid of every player, no desire, no nothing, worst squad in decades
  4. Ok then, you just stay in ur bubble then, while we keep falling, this board has continually try to make it impossible for the manager, the last time they made any sort of intent was the quick purchase of costa/cesc, its just been a complete sabotage ever since, 1 step forward 5 steps backs
  5. Careful, you will be slaughtered on here for saying anything bad about it, hes peaked already at 27 ffs,
  6. Its true, since winning the CL he has lost interest, handed the power over to a woman who has single handedly ruined a decade of work, we have no plan, no system, no transition, no leaders, no “chelsea men”
  7. Hes been rotten for months, doesnt deserve to be called a chelsea legend, hes an absolute bottle merchant
  8. Not only should conte f off, roman should f**k off too, hes letting us rot back to mediocrity
  9. Hazard is everything wrong with this club, doesnt give a sh*t and plays like it, has a good game once a month
  10. Very off?? Hes f**kin sh*te
  11. Wonder if he will bring hazard on...
  12. He plays the same tactics and same players every week, its outdated and sh*te,
  13. End the season already ffs and sack conte asap
  14. Jamjar1986


    Well maybe i worded it wrong, i think abraham should be playing every week for a team not ours, playing second or third striker would do him no good,where as odoi i believe could easily play 25 games in rotation with our wingers
  15. Jamjar1986


    Its not though, he wants out, he is 27 so his value from now on will only go down plus the fact his contract is running down