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  1. Also aaron ramsey wudnt make any difference to this team hes mediocre
  2. Yep, i in no way wil try and trash talk sarri after 1 game, think he is a great coach, just so angry at our board for tieing our managers hand behind their back,squad had needed an over haul for years and yet they keep making it worse
  3. And drinkwater was 35, makes no difference when 80% of our signings wouldnt get into a mid table team, even guardiola couldnt get us out this sh*te
  4. We dont spend 60million on star players, we spent 5 x 30million on sh*t players which has accumulated into a terrible squad, we dont deserve kante or hazard tbh
  5. City bringing on jesus for mahrez,we have brought on drinkwater and abraham ffs, hiw did roman let it get like this
  6. Bakayoko > cesc and drinkwater, our squad is a shambles,and its not gona get better unless the board is replaced, slowly being turned into mid table
  7. Players should already know how to press though, should already know how to pass, sarri could be the best manager in history but half the team is sh*te,
  8. Kante hazard jorginho, replace the rest
  9. No not at all, before the season in my mind i had an opinion on players who i thought arent good enough, and they dont look like changing my mind, barkley so much out of his depth, pedro a headless chicken
  10. Alonso, barkley fabregas pedro all not good enough to start for chelsea, and we wil be lucky for 1 more transfer signing, gona be a long season
  11. Playing both cahill and christensen was always gona end in disaster
  12. Thought conte was gona be the man we were longing for but he needs to go,something is seriously wrong, would honestly get jody morris in
  13. Honestly ,except kante i would get rid of every player, no desire, no nothing, worst squad in decades
  14. Ok then, you just stay in ur bubble then, while we keep falling, this board has continually try to make it impossible for the manager, the last time they made any sort of intent was the quick purchase of costa/cesc, its just been a complete sabotage ever since, 1 step forward 5 steps backs
  15. Careful, you will be slaughtered on here for saying anything bad about it, hes peaked already at 27 ffs,