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  1. If costa gets another yellow wil he miss next week??
  2. Great energy n desire from chalo
  3. Although conte did hand players a chance at juve such as pogba,i just cant see him playing youth regularly for us,
  4. YyyyyAaaaaasssssssssss
  5. Well if spurs needed any bit of hope.....
  6. Should have been fast out the traps, played the whole game like a training session
  7. Wtf is goin on, all over the shop
  8. Hand ball?? What a joke
  9. Would get willian on for pedro
  10. Neville completely ignoring the challenge in the box there wtf
  11. Pulis has turned wba into dirty f**kers
  12. Strange terry zouma ake all make the bench, no chalo or rlc
  13. Cescs passing is just incredible
  14. 60m for lukaku? Na your alright