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  1. This debate about giroud or morata, lets be honest, they are both sh*te, barkley is sh*te, willian is sh*te, we have no goals in this team
  2. I agree, but... whats the point when we done create any chances, just no purpose wen going forward, pass to hazard and hope for the best ?
  3. Sarri got the XI wrong, and the subs wrong, no plan b, no purpose, awful
  4. Giroud has done nothing second game in a row,willian just never does anything, hazard and jorginho apart, there is nothing exciting
  5. Barkley like a fish out water in this team, nowhere near good enough
  6. Hes going about it all the wrong way, play sh*te every week and you wil be captain like willian
  7. Im not even meaning that he has to play them because they are youth, i think ampadu and CHO actually offer us something different and maybe something more than some players playing just now
  8. Neither should change the fact that we should be breezing through this group, teams have used the europa for so many positives ie picking up form, youth getting experience,we are getting nothing out these games
  9. Honestly have no doubt in my mind that if we just put the u17s in this game we probly would be winning,
  10. Pedro fair enough but willian is just a headless chicken with no end product
  11. We are a shambles here front to back, ruben and cesc only ones playing with a bit confidence, willian is just so bad
  12. This should be a 6-0 game, its alarming that no hazard means no goals, no creativity at all
  13. This scoreline is embarrassing,same thing happened with conte, play the same XI for so long that when anyone else comes in they are so rusty,
  14. We will never have “one of our own” as they will never get a chance
  15. We could still take it serious and play half the u15s ffs, this team are farmers and postman, sarri may be a great coach but why cant he coach young kids?? It makes no sense at all, ampadu played toe to toe against eriksen flr wales but isnt trusted to play a team on a thursday night who are league 1 standard