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  1. Charly already looks better than Michy.
  2. First signs of life the past couple of minutes at least. Come on you Chelsea!!
  3. Can we get Pedro and Charly in the lineup? Why not. Willian and Batshuayi off please.
  4. We will find out if there is any fight in this group and if they really care. Even if we make NO subs second half, this squad should still be enough to come back and win against Palace "if" they care and come to play. We shall see. Come on you Chelsea!!
  5. I think the players have lost interest. The loss to City took them out of it mentally evidently. This could finish 4-1 Palace.
  6. Might as well go with Charly or Pedro for Willian at the half. Nothing to lose now. We look lost. Draw about the best one can hope for at this point. Are we really going to lose two straight to Palace? Come on you Chelsea!!
  7. This one looks quite dire now. 2-1 Palace.
  8. Hazard-Batshuayi-Willian all poor thus far. Get in gear lads!
  9. Agree. After a difference maker last year, he has reverted back this year.
  10. Nice corner to Bakayoko though.
  11. Now we get to watch Palace park the bus for 70 minutes while we pass it around trying to breakdown their defensive line.
  12. Someone has to get mentally in this game and create offensively. Or this one becomes ugly.
  13. Did not miss it by much. Said first five minutes. First 11.
  14. Well, Palace all over us early. But it is early.