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  1. PSG again. No need to watch the draw Monday. I have already seen this movie many times before. Yippee!
  2. Enjoy the junk streams.
  3. I do not have to add much as you have nailed my thoughts spot on. Considering all the travel, we came through OK. Really wanted the win, but good result nonetheless. Come on you Chelsea!!
  4. Big one today mates. Really need all three points but would take a draw if we must (like last year at Anfield - though we should have won except for Diego's pitiful missed PEN late). I expect the same XI and tactics as against Man United, though I think a clean sheet will be much more difficult with Liverpool's attacking ability. But we should be able to score as well. Off to bed now as the match kicks off in about 9 1/2 hours. Come on you Chelsea!!
  5. Looks like the Chels is back in London. Plane landed 03:45 GMT at Gatwick, almost an hour ago. Glad to have the lads back safe after such a long journey and fabulous 4-0 result. Get some rest mates. Hopefully you got some on the 6 hour flight back. Need to re-energize for Saturday. Come on you Chelsea!!
  6. Laser from Willian! 4-0! Would love to see Roma lose at Atleti tonight. Is there a book on Morata like Costa that even if it is foul the ref does not blow the whistle. He flops sometimes but sometimes he is fouled. No call regardless. Come on you Chelsea!!
  7. Willian, get in!! Hazard with the nice assist. Come on you Chelsea!!
  8. Sluggish start. I will take the penalty. If that was Morata and a PL match instead of Willian, he would have received a yellow for diving. Come on you Chelsea!!
  9. Hmmmm, no reply yet? So how do we split the squad for this one? Surely we do not send Morata, Hazard, Courtois, etc for this. Need Batshuayi healthy for the trip I suppose. Ideas? Come on you Chelsea!!
  10. We have though WBA has been awful. Rough play on Hazard early flipped our switch and we got laser focused from that point onward. Come on you Chelsea!!
  11. Before I forget, love hearing nothing but Chelsea fans chanting throughout this one. Great match to all of you there! Come on you Chelsea!!
  12. Solid game from Cesc. Drinkwater on. Come on you Chelsea!!
  13. Another nice goal by Hazard. Get in!! 4-0 Come on you Chelsea!!
  14. All our goals and celebrations
  15. Alonsooooooo!! Getting my request today. 3-0. Nice touch from Cesc. Come on you Chelsea!!