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  1. Wow, hello 2017-18. It started with a rubbish XI (I realize Conte had few options other than Morata over Batshuayi) and then compounded quickly with the 14' RC for Cahill. Probably the worst bench for a PL match for Chelsea in 25 years. Thought for playing half the "B" team, we controlled the play well until the red and then everything fell apart. Absolutely lost composure. Down a man and no Hazard, Pedro, Morata or Moses, you would expect a struggle. Batshuayi really looked poor. Never threatened, could not control any passes, no hold up ability at all. Thought Boga was ok given the situation until he had to be subbed. Thought Willian, Kante, Cesc, Alonso, Azpilicueta and Morata really gave a lot of effort in the second half. Morata showed he has top class skills and once Hazard and Pedro are back in, should be fun to watch. I know many have compared this to 2015-16. It is not the same for me. We were only about 55% of our full strength and the players did not give up. The worst part is Tottenham is next on the fixture list. Just not good timing for that one. Need to buy 2 or 3 players, get healthy, get past the suspensions and regroup. Lots of football left. Sort it out and get after you Blues!! Come on you Chelsea!!
  2. Luiz with Kante I guess. Has experience there. But then who at the back??????
  3. Absolutely. Rest of the season too.
  4. We are only playing with 9 men in the 1st half. Batshauyi looked beyond bad. Never controlled a pass. I do not care if Morata has put on 50 pounds eating cake all day the past two weeks, put him in and Bats off at the half!!
  5. Wow, look at that XI mates. Oh, my. No Morata, Hazard, Pedro, Bakayoko or Moses. Five starters missing. Slim bench strength. Guess we will get to see what these youngsters can do, even against Burnley. Certainly not going far in the Champions League with lineup such as this and bench. I realize when everyone is healthy and back in the lineup, and add a few late signings, we will be ok but whew this looks thin. But let's put the lineup aside for the next 2 hours and win the match, after all it is PL opening day!! Come on you Chelsea!!
  6. It's Arsenal, so it is important. Come on you Chelsea!!
  7. Fernando Llorente

    I was curious to see the thoughts on Llorente and it appears to be a mixed bag. Lots of good points. I agree that should we sign him, it cannot be at the expense of Batshuayi. With the extra European games, we need depth, especially adding in EFL Cup and FA Cup games. If Morata pans out, I could see him being used for matches vs top 6 PL and the CL, with Batshuayi and Llorente, if signed, playing in all of the others. Add in injuries and I think Llorente would be a good pick up, especially under 20 million. Llorente did score 15 Premier League goals for Swansea last year in 33 games. It included goals against us and Liverpool. I like his height and headers from corners. We need depth and he can give us that along with experience.
  8. Yes! Conte has mastered cloning. Azpilicueta starts at LB and his evil twin at RWB. Brilliant!
  9. Officiating was amatuerish at best. The calls were beyond ridiculous. This has been true for the ICC in North America and Asia. I am sure it would be the same if played on the moon. Do not get me wrong, we were poor first half. Morata on the wing was laughable. Hope he is the lone striker next Sunday. We missed Hazard, Pedro and Matic badly, though I realize it will not be Matic when the year starts. Alonso was wretched. Slow and lazy. I did feel David Luiz played well. Need some midfield help and LWB and RWB depth. Arsenal next up! 3 out of last 5 vs Arsenal!
  10. Shocked how poor Alonso has looked this pre-season. As others have said, Morata has to be up top. Let's get back to London and ready for the season. Come on you Chelsea!!
  11. Hope we look good in this one. I know it has been a seemingly short pre-season, including the closed door tussle with Fulham, but want to see some chemistry coming together with those on the pitch. Would like to see Morata get 60+ minutes. I will be watching on ESPN2. Should be interesting, as interesting as these things go I suppose. But I will say I have seen a fair amount of Man United and Man City in the States on TV this pre-season and they seem fairly into their games so far. I will be glad to have the lads back home after the game. Come on you Chelsea!!
  12. In the States I believe it is streaming live on ESPN3 (Watch ESPN app as well perhaps). I think it is on ESPN due to being a part of the International Champions Cup. I have to figure out how to watch it on my phone at 7:40 AM during my commute to work I joke, I joke. But when at a stop light, I could take a peak, no? Seriously. I will just put the audio through to my blue tooth in the car and listen while I drive, unless Neil Barnett gives some play by play while doing his 7 AM - 9 AM football show on XM Radio here in the States. Come on you Chelsea!!
  13. Alvaro Morata

    Oh, you mean you don't fly first class when traveling to US or Asia? I have at least three trips to Europe from the US in 2018, after 4 the past 4 years, and have never been able to afford those super nice first class recliners/sleepers. Only time I have flown first class to Europe was back in the '90s when first class just meant a bigger cushy seat.
  14. Alvaro Morata

    No, not at all. More than well compensated. Just thinking how physically and mentally fresh can you be after all of that travel? Those are some long haul trips.