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  1. Chelsea Buzz

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    Welcome Maurizio Sarri! May your time at the Chels be successful with many trophies, may your players love your style and play hard every match, may the board buy you talent, may you become a media darling! Good luck to you my friend! Benvenuto! Vinci alla grande! Come on you Chelsea!!
  2. Chelsea Buzz

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    Good question. Rumor is that he does not, but I thought it was a job requirement, so who knows.
  3. Did not get to watch the match live, but have seen it in its entirety now. I thought the lads played with great effort and clearly wanted to win this one. It was a very strange season. Just a couple of strange no-show losses to Watford and Bournemouth in late January is what cost us top 4. Mix in a few other poor performances and well, it was disappointing in the end. But there were some high moments, beating Spurs at Wembley, Man United and Liverpool at home and of course, beating Man United yesterday. Always nice to finish the last match lifting silverware. 2018 FA Cup Champions. Come on you Chelsea!!
  4. Well, I am little late to post, but real disappointment tonight. What was up with the XI? Really disappointed with Giroud not starting. Oddly, with Spurs win and us picking up one point, still have the same scenario pretty much. Have to win at Newcastle and have Liverpool lose. Spurs draw or win Sunday, we would not have been able to over take them anyway. Our result removes a "draw for Liverpool and our win Sunday" scenario. Very simple, must win and LFC must lose, not likely. Come on you Chelsea!!
  5. I know. We just played worse after the change.
  6. Who on the planet care what Stevie G has to say. He is a chump.
  7. I know. I was being cynical based on our performance after the "defensive" change.
  8. Clearly not today, we were a bit shambolic at the back after we scored the first one. If that is defensive, I hate to see attack minded.
  9. Completely forgot about the friendly over at Emirates today. Gooners beat the Hammer reportedly.
  10. Yes. 2-1. Giroud and Hazard with the winner. Come on you Chelsea!!
  11. I think you may see our best effort in the FA Cup Final since probably the early second match of the season 2-1 victory over Spurs, also at Wembley. Come on you Chelsea!!
  12. Emerson has been very composed and played well today, which may get lost in all of this. Come on you Chelsea!!
  13. Another Morata miss with his feet, number two. He has a lot of bad luck, no doubt. Pretty darn good with his headers though Would love to see Morata and Giroud up top vs Man United in May!! Yeah, I went ahead and put us in the final before this one ends. Come on you Chelsea!!
  14. Always said that Morata guy was a winner. 2-0. Come on you Chelsea!!
  15. Well, we now have the trifecta on the pitch, Bakayoko, Pedro and Morata. Ugh! Better not go extra time. Come on you Chelsea!!