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  1. Count me in the "not sold" on Lukaku camp, but with Costa out and Morata not likely, I guess he is our target. Hey, maybe we are putting together the Belgium national team, Courtois, Hazard, Batshuayi and Lukaku. Who else can we sign? Come on you Chelsea!!
  2. Ok, have not posted for about 18 hours since it ended. First 30 or so minutes were quite easily explained. We looked like a squad that had been celebrating each and every day for the past three weeks without a competitive game. And the celebratory games were against the bottom of the league, so sleep walking still got a result. We looked hungover. Not totally surprised. Arsenal wanted this game really badly. It showed. They played very well. Not going to say anymore about those clowns. Once we were down 1-0 early, Arsenal started playing tactically like Jose. The box was loaded. It took everything we had to penetrate and get good opportunities. Even more so when Moses was sent off. We were spent energy wise when Diego scored. It showed when we conceded just minutes later. For anyone down on Eden. Please. Does not show up in big matches? Did anyone watch our PL games vs Man City, Arsenal, Man United, Tottenham, etc this year, not to mention FA Cup semifinal vs Tottenham? He draws the best defender, gets hounded, kicked all over the pitch, etc and still delivers. We need more around him, not less of him. The season was a huge success. Think of where we were 9 months ago expectation wise. My hope was top 4. Maybe. We lead the PL from November 20th onwards! Won 13 in a row at one point. Won a record 30 PL matches. Not that long ago we were looking at Ivanovic, Oscar and even Mikel and Ramires on a regular basis. As much as we hate to see JT go, he was in the lineup regularly too. My Arsenal fans all said they would have traded the FA Cup for the PL title. Duh! It was a great season. Sure, would have loved the double, but I am over it now. Most important is to add 3-4 top flight players so we can compete in the CL next season. Need one or two CBs, another DM, a quality Mid/wing and a striker. That is all Come on you Chelsea!!
  3. Match day. Kickoff just under 2 hours away. Cannot wait. Come on you Chelsea!!
  4. Did anyone else notice just after Terry and Cahill lifted the trophy, Hazard and Batshuayi took the trophy as to pose with it and then tried to sneak away from everyone as if to take it and hide, until a club official directed them back for the team photo? They actually got a good distance with it. Eden had a big laugh and smile. He is a bit of the class clown, which is so refreshing after the misery of early last year. Just shows how much the guys can be themselves and have enjoyed the season!!
  5. I can understand your thoughts. We were there two years ago and the players and coaches made a lap or two all the way around. I can still vividly remember Jose going first waving at all the fans as he went around showing his medal while the players were still posing with the trophy down at the other end. Then the players came around with the trophy while the stands were full. I remember Drogba jumping into the stands with the trophy for a minute and photos with fans. Could tell early on it was set up different this year watching it live on TV. Great and glorious day nonetheless. Wish I was there!!
  6. Winning the Premier League title is like ordering the most fantastic strudel, but wait, ah ah ah......... ............wait for the crème - beating Arsenal in the FA Cup for the double!! Come on lads, pound those Gunners!! Come on you Chelsea!!
  7. Champions!! Great speech from JT. Gonna miss that guy!! Champions!! Thanks to all of you Shed End mates for making this an even more enjoyable season. Champions!! On to the double!! Champions!! Come on you Chelsea!!
  8. Let's take control mates and get the party rocking. Nice goal from Willian. Come on you Chelsea!!
  9. In case you have not noticed, the press and media loves Liverpool. Heaven help us if they ever win a PL title!!
  10. Let the three match post game celebrations climax tomorrow with the lifting our fifth PL Trophy! It has been a week of well earned celebration for the players and fans. I hope JT gets the start and is then carried off much like Drogba two years ago in the same setting vs Sunderland. JT is the last of the Big Four from our titles - Lampard, Drogba, Cech and Terry. Of the past 20 years, and the numerous trophis since 1997, those four plus four more - Zola, Cole, Hazard and Fabregas - are my favourite Eight from the past 20 years. It will be emotional tomorrow, but equally exciting as we look to next year with Conte and not just being happy in the Champions League but adding summer transfers and competing for the CL title! Could be Diego's last game at the Bridge as well. I know he brings out mixed emotions in everyone, but he has been a beast during our title runs two of the past three years. If it is in fact his farewell, then I say thank you Diego for your years here. You will always be a Blue! Conte has stated 30 wins is an important goal at this juncture so a lot of regulars in the XI tomorrow I am sure. Again JT deserves the start even if subbed out early. I will go with 5-0 Chelsea on coronation day tomorrow vs Sunderland for the King's of England - Chelsea FC! Come on you Chelsea!!
  11. Obviously we have several needs to continue the push to compete at the highest level in the Champions league and actually contend. Other than an additional WB and CB or two, the primary focus is at Striker I suppose with Costa's inevitable departure. What is the consensus in the Shed End on Lukaku? I am not a fan. I feel he completely disappears in many games, especially the big matches, but will put three past Hull or Watford. I would not buy at 50 million pounds much less 100 million. I feel like he is the forward equivalent of John Stones. I was soooo glad we did not get him. Other targets? Morata?
  12. I understand and agree with your thoughts, though really torn between 2004-05 and 2016-17, especially if we go on and win the double. It has been a great year for me as a supporter. I am a lifelong Cubs fan (many tough years as we all know) and I noticed your Avatar. 2016-17 has been my best year as a fan ever with Cubs and Chelsea taking titles. I have been fortunate that I have taken my girls (ages 11 and 9) to Wrigley Field last year for a game and this year to the Bridge. Truly great memories for me and them. It has really been interesting being called a fair weather or plastic fan wearing Cubs or Chelsea gear. If they could only understand all the long years I have been through. It has just all come together this year.
  13. Hello Chelsea mates! Was not able to watch live unfortunately, but have watched it all. Sure the game lacked intensity at times, until the last 20 minutes when we made a push to win. You could see it mattered and Conte confirmed post match our target now is the record 30 wins in one PL season. Great to see so many new faces in the XI. Worked in the end with all three points. You could see we were struggling at the back plus Begovic. Looked kind of like last year at times. Really happy for all the scorers tonight. JT for obvious reasons, Azpilicueta for his unsung play all year, Batshuayi finally getting in there and Cesc for all his assists and great attitude when not playing early in the year. The Bridge was vibrant from the beginning. Grest to hear and see. Let's get number 30 Sunday and celebrate like never before. Oh, and let's smash Arsenal the following Saturday Come on you Chelsea!! Edit - Batsuayi getting in there meaning starting XI. He certainly got in there vs West Brom
  14. Was able to watch it all and first part of the post match before hitting the road. Finally getting to post. Most everyone has covered it all. Just will hit the high points. Buzzing. Absolutely buzzing. For the win, the entire year, the clean sheets last three matches and for Batshauyi getting a meaningful goal! Conte Kante Conte Kante! Best celebration by the lads when winning the title isince 2004-05 in my opinion. What a great scene. Beautiful! Will kick back and enjoy the last two PL matches to see some youngsters and JT sent off properly. Then the cherry on top, winning the FA Cup on the 27th! Enjoy the weekend everyone! Have a pint and paint London blue! Come on you Chelsea!!