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  1. Heart of Champions! Champions find ways in brawls like this. Stoke started showing they were out of gas about the 70 minute mark. Just look at that one spell where the had the ball in the 18 yard box scrambling around and shots were going everywhere except anywhere near the goal. We outlasted them and had more heart! Gary Cahill! We all knew this would be a tough match. Games at Stoke always are. Give some credit to Diego as he knew the situation and toned it down in the second half. He may have been a large part of the reason Stoke wore down as he took so much of their energy. 10 to play, lads! 13 points clear! Worst case is 10 points clear heading to the break. Great feeling for all of you in BLUE today! For those of you in London, drink a pint for me at the pub this evening. I am looking forward to seeing the next two in person at the Bridge (Palace and City)! Come on you Chelsea!!
  2. I know everyone, it seems, wants Diego off, and I understand the rationale, but this is the kind of match he gets the late winner. If Hazard was on the pitch, you might, but I think he has to stay on given the situation and go for it. We are going to have to get Cesc in there too soon, if we cannot get the lead early second half. I think we need Stoke to continue to focus on Costa and free some of the unlikely scorers (like Kante, Matic, Azpilicueta, etc) to get a few good looks at goal. This is going to be a fight. This is where Conte can show he has answers for the these type clubs and has the second half tactics to win it. Come on you Chelsea!!
  3. I agree. I think Taylor was convinced the call was incorrect on the apparent goal and was looking for anything to give a call to Stoke. Total make up call in his mind. Rubbish!
  4. Well, it has turned in to the type of game we all expected. Need to find our cooler heads and show these are the type of games Champions prove why they are Champions and get all 3 points.
  5. Just like I said, Willian needs to step up. Goal Willian! LOL
  6. Agreed. It is early, but need some magic. Hazard is so good at getting possession in traffic, quick turn and then creating space to open things up. We do not have that same skill on the pitch at the moment. We are lacking some chemistry at the moment. Need Willian or someone to step up. Come on you Chelsea!!
  7. I am sure Conte will not underestimate the importance of this game or the Potters. A win, and is a minimum 10 points clear with 10 matches remaining. That is HUGE! We all expect a tough, physical approach from Stoke. Wish we had Cesc in the XI. Time to kick it off. Come on you Chelsea!!
  8. I am already buzzing for this one. Man U may pose a bigger challenge without Zlatan as many have suggested due to the mystery tactics from Jose. Wait, no way. It will not be a mystery. We know it will be the Ba game vs Liverpool tactics. Poor mouth, starting the second team, blah, blah. It will be a challenge and am glad it is at the Bridge! With each passing day we seem to get a tighter and tighter grip on the Premier League Trophy. Adding the FA Cup double would make for a fabulous season, especially after whatever happened to last year. Some may say the FA Cup just does not matter. I am sorry. It does. It is a tradition laden Cup and is the perfect compliment to the round robin season in the Premier League by being a knockout format. If you do not believe it matters, check in on Wembley the third weekend in April if we are lined up vs either Arsenal or Tottenham (likely we would get one of those two). It will absolutely matter in the stands and on the pitch. Would love a chance at Spurs again. The semis could have three out of four being London clubs. Has that happened previously? Surely it has. Do you go full strength XI for this one? I think so since it is not a weeknight game. Would love to see JT get another FA start, but not sure he does in this one. We have had some memorable wins vs United in the FA Cup at the Bridge. Let's do it again! Come on you Chelsea!!
  9. Thought this would be a fight. It was for the first 30 minutes or so. Really, really good win. This one goes a long way to winning the title. London is Blue! Come on you Chelsea!!
  10. First two of this group sets the tone. Win those two and we are flying. Do not forget the Watford home game will be rescheduled somewhere, likely in this 6 game stretch.
  11. Let's kick it off. Love the XI. Cesc gets his start. Come on you Chelsea!!
  12. Sunday evening at 6.30. It is live on BT Sports and FATV Channel on YouTube. I predict we get Middlesbrough at the Bridge.
  13. Much better second half. Wore them down. On to the sixth round. Come on you Chelsea!!
  14. Lucky not down 1-0. Wolves have had a couple of good looks at goal. This second string back line really struggles at times. Kante's absence is glaring, but one could expect that. Wolves have been very disciplined in their penalty area. It is going to be a difficult one. Need to nick one somewhere. Better take advantage if we get one or two good looks at goal. I would bring on Kante for Chalobah and Batshuayi for Hazard by 65 minutes if still 0-0. Come on you Chelsea!!
  15. I like this XI. Good mix. Come on you Chelsea!!