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  1. Hello Chelsea mates! I have been watching every match, but have not had an opportunity to jump on here. Many have already commented on Palace's effectiveness against us in recent years. We need to take all 6 points from these guys this year, and it starts today. Starting to see a little depth developing as we begin the run into the festive season and all the matches to come the next 60 days. Barkley and RLC give us midfield options. It is interesting Maurizio has effectively ended the PL match starting days for Zappa, Cahill, Christensen, Moses and Bakayoko is gone. Those are five of our typical starting eleven last season under Conte. Throw in Courtois' exit and we only are playing five of last season's starting eleven. So, is it a change in coaching, players or a mix of players/coaching. Have to think both, but it is interesting how much has changed. Combine that with the continued lack of goals from our center forward and it is truly amazing we are still undefeated. Put Diego Costa on this squad and we might be perfect at this juncture. Not saying we want him back, just highlighting lack of goals from the position and yet we keep on winning. Barkley, Jorginho and RLC have been great surprises. Don't forget Kouvacic either. Barkley has impressed with his fitness and desire. Really thought he was a waste of cash last year, but is really impressing so far. Let's take care of these guys at the Bridge today. For those going, be in full voice. Come on you Chelsea!!
  2. You are spot on. I was at the Bridge for the April 2017 loss 1-2 to Palace. Fortunately, we rebounded a few days later to take City 2-1 and on our way to the title. Got to see both matches that trip over from the States. But the Palace loss should not have happened. So, hopefully Maurizio continues to keep the lads focused and we take care of business later today. Come on you Chelsea!!
  3. Hmm, well, uh, you pretty much nailed it spot on. If I try to add anything, it will just take away from your thoughts. Five stalks of celery post mate! Come on you Chelsea!!
  4. Did not get a chance to post after taking care of business against Cardiff. Well pleased with that result so let's see more of the same here. I do think we need to rotate 3/4 players certainly. I just cannot see starting Hazard, Giroud, Jorginho or Kante. I would also let Willy play here. Pedro and Willian are somewhat interchangeable so who ever starts here, does not start Sunday vs. West Ham, which I believe will be tough fight at their place. We certainly should be able to take this group and it should start with a solid win here. Outside of the PL, this has to be the most important competition for us, so let's make a statement and go for it. But again, in these early group matches, we should be able to win with not a full strength XI in my opinion. I will note that I have added the Spanish bonus channels (10 extra Spanish language channels, mostly sports, for minimal extra cost) on DirecTV here in the States just so I can get three Europa matches per week. There are ZERO English speaking network telecasts in the US for Europa matches this year, except for the final, now that the contract has moved from Fox Sports to TBS/BR Live. You can stream all the games for a fee on BR Live, but its not large screen HD. Our game tomorrow will be on UniMasTV in Spanish, so I will be learning some Spanish while watching Chelsea. Come on you Chelsea!!
  5. Though the penalty was 50/50 (maybe), I felt it was a penalty as after the defender nudged the ball, Alonso could have easily played the ball, but the defender took him down. Mark Clattenburg commented on the post game he supported the ref's decision. I concur. Plus, if it had been a Liverpool player instead of Alonso, they would have sent the Newcastle player off with a red. Liverpool gets such soft penalties. They must lead the league over the past 3 - 4 years with penalties won. Come on you Chelsea!!
  6. Mark Clattenburg said on NBC Sports studio post game show that elbow to Giroud was a definite foul and that the assistant ref on the side hesitated with his flag as if expecting the refs whistle or due to his own indecision. But he felt it was certainly a foul. He added the pen on Alonso was 50/50 but fully understood why the ref called it and he could support the call. He felt it was the scissor action by the defender on Alonso's legs after the defender briefly touched the ball, plus the defender did not move the ball away from Alonso's feet before bringing him down. I thought penalty was correct call and the no call on Giroud's chin was incorrect call. 81% possession! 913 passes to 200! 15 shots to 6! 2 goals to 1! We deserved the win. Anytime you play a team that parks 111 guys in the penalty area from the opening kickoff, and you win, its a good day. We have lost so many of these type games in years past. Winning at Newcastle is always a superb result regardless how frustrating the game can become. This was a very nice win today. Enjoy the day mates!! Come on you Chelsea!!
  7. Looked like a statue or that he needed some popcorn to watch the movie unfolding in front of him. TBF, he may have been expecting the whistle, but you have to keep playing there.
  8. Hmmm, well, Newcastle has been trying to kill this one off since the opening kick. We are getting more creative in the second half with some open looks, just have to finish. I feel one coming from us soon. Come on you Chelsea!!
  9. You are correct. The forecast for kickoff is 90% rain and for the whole match. Could be an ugly one. Hopefully, the rain does not equalize the talent level. Come on you Chelsea!!
  10. Chelsea Buzz

    Chelsea V Arsenal (PL) Sat 18th Aug 17:30 UK

    Thought the exact same thing. Kovacic moves really well. Quite the player. Hope he stays for several years. Did we determine if we have a formal buy option at the end of the year?
  11. Chelsea Buzz

    Chelsea V Arsenal (PL) Sat 18th Aug 17:30 UK

    Wow, exciting, nervy, exhilarating, anxious, orgasmic, just a few words to describe this Sarri-Ball. As others have stated, we controlled that match fully except for the final 15 minutes of the first half. Let's start with the weaknesses, so we can finish strong. Obviously as open and forward playing as we are, we are just as open at the back far too often. Opponents driving hard to the end line then centering to an open player in the middle of the box will be a recurring nightmare for the coaching staff the next few nights. Midfielders have to drop back and help out here, which seemed they did in the second half. I have to ask where Christensen is as well in our back line instead of Luiz. Though I will add that Luiz has not killed us. Rudiger was steady. The defending will get better I think and soon. Saw a huge improvement in the second half. Arsenal hardly threatened. Kepa is still getting adjusted certainly. Probably should have stopped at least one of their goals. He has only been here for 10 days. He will tune up I am sure. Finally got to see the Sarri style of forward football and at full speed. The triangle, short & quick passing in your own half to get the ball out and up the pitch quickly really looked sharp most of the match, especially the first 20 minutes. Is this not refreshing? Watching Gooners play chase while we maintained 60%-65% possession was wonderful!! Let's start with Morata. Looks better. Still struggles with hold up play a bit, but really looks invigorated and excited about the year. Nice goal most certainly. Really pleased with midfield. Jorginho showed some nice passing touches and is a leader out there with this new style of play. Kante has handled the new role well and nearly scored. I thought Barkley looked great out there. I was very pleased. But then Kovacic came on and, just wow! Really shut down his side of the pitch and kept possession numerous times. He looks like a special one. Did anyone determine if we have a buy option at the end of the year? He looks like a keeper. Willian and Pedro appear to have adapted well to the new forward pressing and attacking football. Though I think Pedro's runs and speed into the box is more suited to our new style. Willian did cost us on their first goal. Hazard is Hazard. What a game changer. Should certainly start now, with Willlian on the bench. Giroud remains a nice option up top. Shame he could not get in late with those two shots. Arsenal is not winning the league this year or even going to sniff it. Plus they are in transition, so not a win for the ages. But we saw a lot of great things for the future. We will continue to get better. Plus, we need to keep Arsenal behind us in the Top 4 race. Go enjoy the London evening all of my Chelsea mates in the UK!! It's a good night to fly the Blue flag!! Always fun to beat the Arsenal. KTBFFH Exciting days ahead my friends!! Come on you Chelsea!!
  12. Watched all of it. First 30 minutes was less than inspiring, but can be more than expected. It looked like half of the guys were trying to play Sarri-ball and the other half were still stuck with Conte-ball mentality. Too much side to side slooooowwww pace football in the final half of the pitch was killing any Sarri-ball. We all know it will take some time. It did slowly start to improve and the second half was much better, but still not where Sarri wants or needs it. This style's success will be based on quickness and pressing high up the pitch, which is new to our guys. It will come. This was the best opponent we could have gotten to open the season. Now, we need to continue to progress and be ready for the upgrade in the opposition next week. Nice 3-0 result to start the season. I think everyone is tuned back in now and excited for the year. Come on you Chelsea!!
  13. More than ready for the season to kick off. Have to admit, I have no idea what to expect, probably more than any season opener in a looonnnng time. I still would prefer a 4-2-3-1 tomorrow with Kante-Jorginho midfield with Willian-Hazard-Hudson Odi just behind Morata. I see us struggling to find goals and a three man midfield hampers us even more in my opinion. Come on you Chelsea!!
  14. Ok, after trying very hard not to post, what the heck, its the flipping Community Shield, so why miss out on the fun and not post? Here goes. It is beyond early, but as someone posted earlier, it is not the results per se, its what your eye balls are seeing and not seeing. You want to see some effects of Sarri on the pitch. Other than picking the formation and XI, I have not really seen anything. This is the third match I have watched. They all look very similarly: (1) back line opens up like a cheap can, (2) midfield play is no existent and (3) very little, if any, true chances at goal. Sadly, among those three issues, I am not sure which is worst, which is really concerning. The opposition was much better today certainly. We never looked like we would make a game of it. Basically, it will take time for Sarri to get his system working. Without it, such as the last three matches, you have to rely on talent and we are lacking. With Hazard and Kante out and Morata in, it makes for an even longer day. Sarri wants to play attacking football, well we need some players with that ability, if we want to compete at the highest level and challenge for top four. Let's walk through what most everyone on here is seeing: Defensive line is poor. Luiz at CB? The guy has had some memorable moments for CFC, but seriously? He can lose focus in a heart beat. He cannot be the answer a CB all year, can he? I am assuming Christensen is injured or resting from WC? Alonso excelled as winger. He seems lost at LB. If we are playing 4 at the back, which seems the right choice, need some help. Midfield. Everyone looks better when Kante plays. He cannot return fast enough. If Sarri is going to play a 4-3-3 all year, I guess it will be Kante-Jouringho-(Barkley/Fabresgas). I think we all agree Cesc has been a huge part of our last two titles, but he just cannot start week in and week out. Great sub at 65-70 minute mark. Not sure Barkley is the answer either for the third MID role. Loftus-Cheek? I am not so sure. Forwards. Gosh, I want to see Morata succeed. I just think he continues to regress. He is not even at the Torres level. Giroud or Bashauyi has to be the answer until we sign someone. If Morata was not a 60 million signing, he would not even be on the roster. Something has to happen here. Hazard and Willian are a must. CHO needs opportunity as appropriate. Pedro can fill in here and there. Where does Moses fit in a 4-3-3? Cannot see him in there. With our scoring woes, why not go 4-2-3-1 anyway? Put Giroud up top, with Willian-Hazard-CHO? Just a thought. From reading Sarri's comments after today's match, there is much work to be done and he knows it. Pre-season is not supposed to mean much, but I can say the past 5-6 years, we seem to play in the PL as our pre-season has gone. 2015-16 and 2017-18 were poor pre-seasons and two of the worst PL years under Roman, Roman does not give folks long. We will know if Sarri ball will make it by November, 90 days or so. We shall see. Come on you Chelsea!!
  15. No. Regular PL matches remain with NBCSports and affiliates on regular TV (NBC and CNBC) as in prior years with a few matches on the NBC Sports Gold app ($49 annually). The FA Community Shield is through the FA rights agreement and so far, there has not been a U.S. taker since the agreement with Fox Sports expired at the end of last season. The FA sold the Community Shield as a one off to ESPN+ while negotiations continue for the FA Cup contract. It appears the FA Cup will likely be with either ESPN+ or B/R Live (Bleacher Report - TBS' new streaming partner). Both are pay subscriptions. B/R Live will have the Champions and Europa League for several years so they may have the FA Cup too. It is $79 annually for all football matches. It is looking doubtful you will see many if any FA Cup matches on regular TV in the U.S. for the next few years. I would not be surprised to see the PL go this same direction in the U.S. in a few years, too. Hope this helps. Come on you Chelsea!!