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  1. We're not signing Morata because its simple, hes a HUGE gamble compared to Lukaku whos been banging in goals in England for the best part of 5 years now. Would anyone really want to spend 70m + on Morata because hes played a few CL games? Lukaku is used to the league and how physical it is and will score 20+ goals next season, it will be with us or Everton, or Utd but he'll score 20+ goals.
  2. Foreign fan here, from Ireland. Father was working in London for a few years, (hes a 'Ammers fan BTW) One of my English Uncles is a Chelsea fan and took me to games with him so thats where the Chelsea love affair started way back in 1992. I've a decent amount of Aunts and Uncles in London still and betweem them there is 2 Arsenal fans, 3 Spurs fans and 1 Chelsea fan. I go over at least once a year to games, I try get over to more but its difficult with work and time off.
  3. I reckon Costas best chance of leaving in the summer is to AC Milan, thats if they dont get Morata, Real aparently want £76m or €90m, which is weirdly around the same money as Costa. We cant, IMO, keep Lukaku and Costa and right now, it does look likely that Lukaku has one foot back in the Stamford Bridge door. Its down to the club to get the deal done ASAP. I want Lukaku and I'd love if he came back and fired 20+ goals for us in his first season, I think he'd be huge success because hes hungry to improve himself and hes a Chelsea fan, for him, getting the chance to help his boyhood club to trophies would be huge and I think his attitude to learn and improve himself would be limitless. If we get him in early and Conte gets a full pre-season under Lukakus belt, you'll see a leaner, fitter Lukaku for Chelsea, I think while hes an absolute beast of a man, he could tighten up and drop some weight and make himself more mobile. You only have to look at the current squad and how fit and trim they are compared to what they were under Jose.
  4. I'd love Sanchez but I'd be shocked if hes sold to a PL side. If theres even a slight chance of it though we should be kicking the door down to sign him, theres not many players in the league that can score 20 goals a season, if we had him, Hazard and Costa or Lukaku we'd have potentially 60 goals alone between 3 players, not that theyed all get 20 goals each but it would give us an insane attacking line up, the best in England by far and one of the top 5 in world football.
  5. It depends, does Conte want him? I think hes the perfect Conte player and has everything to work in this 3-4-3 but I dont know can he be as effective from the RW, he plays LW for Arsenal to allow him to cut in and shoot, hes a much better finisher than Hazard but I wouldnt want to push Hazard wide right either so there could be a problem there too. However, that being said, I'd love to have the problem of trying to work out which of the two to play on which wing on a matchday. If we want to compete next year for the title and push on in Europe we have to be in for Sanchez and at the very least, make sure City dont get him.
  6. I cant see him coming back to sit on the bench personally. I think we'll go after a HG keeper to be understudy to Courtois, right now we dont need a brilliant number 2, unless something crazy happens in the summer and Courtois goes to Madrid, then we're going to need to replace him too which would be very daunting.
  7. If we are in for Lukaku, the player has to push for this deal hard. I think we will get Lukaku anyway, the fact he pulled out of signing an extension some weeks back, Drogba has spoken about Lukaku and so too has Hazard and Costa, makes me think there is far too much smoke without fire at this stage. I just hope we're not bent over a barrel by Everton for the fee. Give them 50m and see how it grabs them, fact is, Koeman has Everton going nowhere fast, theyre 7th, which is about the height of their powers and any of their "star" players have any ambition, they have to leave, Everton arent a club that will break the top 6 let alone the top 4, any time soon.
  8. It is a pain in the ass though. I'm not a fan of Nike gear, much prefer Adidas but I like seeing the new kit early and playing in it for the last game of the season, will miss that this year but we've other things to celebrate.
  9. I just want to debunk this myth of Spurs being the best side in England since Ocotber bo**ocks thats being doing the rounds by a few journo's lately. I've crunched the numbers and come up with the below. Since the 1st weekend of October, both sides have played 31 PL games. Chelsea won 26 - 78 Pts Spurs won 21 - 69 Pts Chelsea drew 2 - 80 pts Spurs drew 6 - 75 pts Chelsea lost 3 - 80 pts Spurs lost 4 - 75 pts Chelsea have scored 70 goals Spurs have scored 67 Chelsea have left in 23 goals Spurs have left in 22 goals So since October, Chelsea have won more, drawn less, lost less games than Spurs, outscored them and have left in 1 more goal giving Chelsea a superior GD of +2 over Spurs. All in all, I can safely say, Chelsea have been the best side in the league by some distance and f**k Spurs :D
  10. The Adidas deal runs until June 30th, so we wont see any new Chelsea kit until July 1st as per this article.
  11. Thanks to Ben Chillwell scoring last night, Courtois is still 1 clean sheet ahead of Lloris, 16 vs 15 (I think). At the very least, Courtois will be sharing it with Lloris, if Spurs can keep a clean sheet on Sunday and Courtois does not feature or leaves in a goal. I'd start a strong enough side anyway but rest vital players.
  12. We're lucky here in Ireland actually, Sky are showing the game over here, theyve showed a few "ireland only" games at 3pm kick off on Sky, which doesnt happen in the UK, so I'll be finding a pub for, hopefully be back over in August for my birthday for the new season and title defence. :)
  13. I think this will be a seriously bad loss for Sunderland. I'm thinking 5 goals +, Pickford kept the score down vs Arsenal but those type of performances dont happen every week. I also think he'll start a very strong Chelsea side, I want Courtois to get the golden glove so I'd play him. Tbo Azp JT Ake Moses Kante Cesc Kenedy Willian Batshauyi Pedro
  14. After 05/06, 09/10 and 14/15, the board never really added to the depth of the squad to push us on for title, we have to back Conte to the last and invest in the squad, surely it will happen this summer as we have really special manager at the club. Also, just to put a downer on everything, no manager since Fergie back in 07/08 & 08/09 has retained the league, its very difficult to win this title but an even harder task to retain it, if Conte is backed by the board, we'll come close next year.
  15. I'm not one bit worried about tonight. The players know whats at stake and Conte has them well drilled and focus. I'm hoping for a win and a clean sheet but I'd talea 95th min offside, handball winner right now if offered. I cant wait to see Conte celebrating like a mad man when we're confirmed champions. Get this game out of the way and we can wrap players in cotton wool for the cup final, our 2nd string is still better than about 14 sides in the league. What I'd play for Watford and Sunderland, if we get tonight out of the way. Begovic Zouma JT Ake Aina Cesc Chalobah Kenedy Willian Batsahuyi RLC