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  1. I think we'll be o, im just more annoyed we spent 12 hours in Greece we could have used being home working on the game plan for this game. They already lost to Pool 4-0 (a), Bournemouth 2-1 (h), Arsenal 3-1 (a), Wolves 1-0 (h). They manage to take the lead in the Arsenal and Bournemouth games too, they've not really leaked goals in their losses but the old fella is fairly confident they'll roll over if Chelsea score early, I hope thats exactly what happens TBH. :o
  2. The old fella is a Hammers fan so will head out for the game, not looking forward to it as we've a mixed bag of results and performances when we play their lot away. Factor in the delayed flight and I'm nervous as hell, the only saving grace is they beat Everton to finally claim points last weekend, that should lift some pressure on them and they wont be as desperate for points against us. I predict another 2-0 win anyway with us having 65/70% of the ball and being frustrated for 70+ mins as West Ham park the bus, heading into the Pool game with 6 wins is a must as they'll likely tonk Southampton at Anfield by 3 or 4.
  3. Delnino

    How should we treat the Europa league?

    I reckon for the next game against Vidi we could rack up a 5+ score line, even if we play some youths. I do hope that Ampadu and Odoi play that game as its at the Bridge and the "hostile" Greek atmosphere cant be used as an excuse as to why Sarri didnt even bring either to the bench.
  4. Delnino

    How should we treat the Europa league?

    I think we should treat this as if it was the CL and go out to win it but rotate until we get to the KOs. If we finish 2nd, 3rd or 4th in the PL we'll end up, more likely than not in Pot 2, I cant see us going into Pot 3 but its possible as we're ranked 20th in UEFAs club rankings. The CL and EL winners go into Pot 1 along with the the Top 6 Leagues winners, if a league winner is also a winner of the CL/EL, another country will get a Pot 1 spot so we could be pushed out to Pot 3. Thats why I'd be looking to win the EL as it guarantees us a Pot 1 draw which we wont get unless we win the PL.
  5. It shows how much good will and anticipation that Sarri has built up around Chelsea that the fans are looking forward to a Thursday night trip to the back arse of Greece with potentially half a dozen changes. Hopefully its not too taxing and the players and the fans get out of this with a win and an easy trip home. Would love to see Ampadu and Odoi start, I reckon Ampadu will but Moses and Willian will start over Odoi but I'd be in favour of playing Moses and Odoi, keep Pedro and Willian for the bench in case it goes t*ts up.
  6. I love Luiz, I really do but hes the weakest link in the XI right now, a case can be made for Alonso too but the positives he brings to the team, far out weight the negatives at the moment. Playing the long game is all well and good but its only a matter of time before a Luiz mistakes costs us points in a game. We got away with it against Arsenal, just about and similarly against Newcastle, although that goal shouldnt have stood anyway if the linesman done his job. He gave away a pointless free kick that Cardiff scored form too at the weekend and at 2-1, just before the penalty, he allowed Reid inside on to his right foot who narrowly missed at the far post. Of course you can nit pick at any player but theres a catalogue of errors from Luiz that will eventually cost us points down the line and I fear it will be in the Pool game. A defenders first job is to defend and I'd rather have Christensen in there than Luiz on that basis alone. That being said, if Luiz played CB all year and we won the PL, I wouldnt complain. :D
  7. Delnino

    How should we treat the Europa league?

    I'd rotate until the KO rounds, we should easily win 4 group games and that would see us through, more than likely top of the group. Its only when we see what teams drop in from the CL should we re-align our goals, get a favourable draw and we could easily win it, right now, we're by far the best side in the competition, if a Atletico Madrid or another European power house drops in though, its a different kettle fish but I'd be pi**ed off if we dont at least make the semi final at this point.
  8. All of the top 6 have played another top 6 team so far thi sseason, our first 5 games are tougher than Pools too IMO and the fact the media have been fawning over this "great" Liverpool side is sickening, it helps that nearly every ex pro or pundit is a fan or ex Pool player but the bias shown towards them is horrible. This, if we had Costa/Drogba and Terry or play Christensen, I think we'd walk this league. The key to this team is the CF, Morata and Giroud are chalk and cheese but neither will get 20 PL goals a year, Giroud probably suits the formation better as against 90% of sides we'll have 60%+ of the ball and his build up and football brain is more use than Moratas pace and movement. Throw Costa into this team and I reckon we win 30 games a season.
  9. Bo**ocks :o Would have been a handy game to play Drinkwater. As others have said, Odoi doesnt have to be registered and can be included if Sarri wants to. We could make 7+ changes but I expect Sarri to make 4, max.
  10. Wait until we play Watford, they're going to try and exploit that all game, they arguably deserved a point against Utd on Saturday afternoon too by just being physical from set pieces.
  11. 5 from 5. I'm still in the "we'll win the PL" camp. West Ham have finally woke up and playing against the pi*eys is always a tough game away so hopefully we can win that game. Its very likely that ourselves and Pool will go into the game at the Bridge with 100% records. Its the first time in some 100 years that two teams have won their first 5 league games, something has to give. The fact the media are wan*ing about Pool being the best side in the land makes it sweeter that Chelsea arent being talked about and are still top. I cant wait for the Pool game as I suspect we'll beat them and make it 7 from 7.
  12. I'd love if we made XI changes but its our hardest away game so a win would put us in the right frame of mind to go on and win 4 or 5 group games to easily top the group. I reckon we'll see Willy Zappa Ruidger Christensen Alonso Drinkwater Ampadu Barkley Moses Morata Willian
  13. Games after the international break is the best time to catch a big side as we've usually had 75% of the squad away travelling. I dont think RLC will be featured, hes meant to be injured. Willian traveled to Brazil for friendlies so I cant see him starting and I'd start Pedro anyway even if both were 100%. Should go with Kepa Azp Luiz Rudiger Alonso Kante Jorginho Barkley Pedro Morata Hazard I'd seriously consider playing Giroud, Christensen and Kovacic too.
  14. I can see Christensen coming in for Luiz and Ampadu being the go to guy to replace Jorginho for EL and Carbao cup games. Ampadu is so cool under pressure and can keep things ticking over nicely, not to Joringhos levels but of all the potential CMs to play in there, I'd prefer him to over all of them really, even Cesc, Ampadu has the legs to cover and make a tackle all the while being good on the ball.
  15. Kovacic and Co. were battered around the pitch last night to Spain, losing 6-0. Now, its only a friendly but I'd be staring with Barkley on Saturday as hes had more rest and should be raring to go, if he gets back into the Chelsea squad, hes still got an England future IMO. I really hate international football and its nothing to do with the fact I'm Irish and our team is dog s**t, its that it takes away the fun of watching Chelsea (this year). Jon Moss as ref for Saturday worries me though, hes probably the worst ref in the league I just hope we dont have to rely on him for a call because he rarely gives Chelsea anything and is usually a thorn in our side and cant wait to book Chelsea players.