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  1. Luiz Alonso Cesc Hazard Courtois In that order
  2. A win here goes a very long way to winning the title. Also this weekend, Man City v Liverpool, so thats at least one rival dropping points, most likely Liverpool but City have an awful home record. Spurs v Southampton without Kane but should win still. WBA v Arsenal, will be a tricky trip for Arsenal, WBA have a better home record than Utd (25 points) and equally as good as City (26 points). M'boro v Man Utd, should be a stroll for Utd but M'boro are capable of causing an upset on their day but I wouldnt be holding out for a result there.
  3. The dream signings would be Lukaku, Sanchez, Veratti. Possible players going out, JT (retire), Willian or Pedro, Costa, Begovic, Ake or Christensen.
  4. The biggest draw of these new stadiums are the guys who 3 and 4 figures per game to sit in the corporate and hosptality seating. I had a mate from Ireland who for 6 years had a corporate seating in one of the suites for himself and his father costing about £2,500 each a year. The new stadium will increase the amount of "fat cats" in the stadium and a lot of these seats costs 10 times what a regular seat is. The new Bridge will have serious corporate seating on all 4 sides between boxes, suites and hosptality, we'll rake in the money and because of those increases, I dont think we'll see a situation like Arsenal where their tickets sky rocketed in price, as its been said already, Arsenal were burdened with a debt for their stadium, we wont have to repay anyone as the money will come from Roman and Chelsea in 20/30 years should be safe too as his son seems to be just as passionate about Chelsea.
  5. Remember when Jose set us up ultra, ultra defensive against Atletico Madrid at the Bridge in the 2nd leg of the Semi-Final of the UCL? I'm fully expecting Jose to do something similar for this game, he'll desperately not want to lose this game, not after the 4-0. We could play Ake, hes good enough for the level, however, we should go full strentgth, we've got nearly a full weeks rest for this game where as Utd are off to the arse end of Russia for a Thursday night game agaisnt a tough Rostov side. I can us winning 3-1, Utd simply arent good enough, theyve been 6th for the best part of 3 months.
  6. Great news, hopefully it pushes on a bit now and gathers more traction. Would love if last year was the last year at the Bridge, mainly to the start the ground ASAP.
  7. This game is a great chance to tack on another 3 points before we go through a very difficult period of playing Everton, City and Utd. I'd go with Tbo Zouma Luiz Cahill Azp Kante Matic Alonso Cesc Pedro Costa Is Hazard is fit and able to play then he'll come in for Cesc and go back to a 3-4-3
  8. We shouldnt fear west Ham at all, we've more than enough to see them off. Their home record is one of the worst in the league, its their away record thats much more impressive and has yielded more points for them. The only issue I have with this game is its on Monday night, all our rivals will have played and the pressure will be on but Pool v Arsenal and Spurs v Everton will see some of our vials hopefully drop points, Utd have Bournemouth at home and City go to Sunderland. I'm hoping that tramp Carroll misses the game, he always seems to score against Chelsea so I'd consider dropping Moses, playing Azp RWB and throwing in Zouma as the RCB and have a giant back 3.
  9. I reckon we'll have too much for Swansea. I hope they stop up with their Chelsea connections but this is one game those sentiments go right out the window. It was good to have Costa finding the net again against Wolves but hazard form is worrying, hes been very hot and cold recently, when hes on it, he does what he does agsinst Arsenal, when hes bad you forget hes playing, like the Wolves game. We need to pick up the win in the 3pm kick off and set down a marker but Utd, City and Arsenal all have a week off over the League Cup final so we could have at least a 10 point gap from Spurs, if they win.
  10. Im still optimistic but theres no way we'll win the title at old trafford, we'd need to win every game between now and then and hope we're 16 points clear going into that game, given theres 21 points to play for between now and then and we're 8 clear, you'd need the rest of the chasing pack to have a shambolic collapse for us to be even in with a chance of the title at OT. I think we'll win the title against Boro, with 2 games to spare but its going to be very close in the next 3 months.
  11. I'm very worried about the summer, if Costa is to go back to Atletico its probably because they'll have sold Griezmann to Utd and have money to spend, no way in hell will Ateltico find the cash to buy back Costa outherwise and he wont go anywhere else. Its also worht nothing that apparently Lukaku is signing a new 5 year deal worth 100k very soon, so I think Everton are resigned to losing him eith this summer coming or 2018 but will only do so on their terms and ensure they get a record fee, probably £60-70m. Hes not really comparable to Costa, theyre very different CFs, Lukaku cant hold up or link play like Costa and hes nowhere near as technical in small sapces but his speed in behind and ball carrying is on a different level to Costa but Chelsea dont really play that kind of game, usually because we dont get the space in behind that Everton or ABA do, largely teams park the bus against Chelsea and that means playing through sides and right now, Lukaku isnt up to it just yet.
  12. The back 5 needed to be rested and wrapped in cotton wool, especailly Luiz whos been playing through some serious pain since that jumped up Argie midget try to force him into an early retirement. Team should be: Begovic Zouma JT Ake Aina Chalobah Cesc Pedro Willian Batshauyi RLC This is probably going to be the last round that you can take a liberty with your starting XI, after this, I;m assuming Conte will mix starters and the more senior subs and rest whoever needs it.
  13. Disgusted with that yesterday but mainly the performance. Burnley might have the 3rd best home record in the league but our performance yesterday was, IMO, our worst of the season. Burnley had the 2 best chances when it was`1-1 we created nothing of note after they scored apart from a few fluffed effort. It was far too comfortable for Burnley. Luiz and Courtois the only Chelea players to perform to a decent level. You cant do much about Bradys free kick but I'm sure Conte would have told them dont give away stupid free kicks in dangerous areas with Brady and Barton in the side. Costa has been brutal now for a few games, and today, it was close between him, Matic and Hazard for who was our worst performer, Pedro ran them close too but at least he scored early. At the start of this 3 game run, Pool, Arsenal and Burnely I would have taken 5 points but its so disappointed that we under performed against a bunch of thugs like Burnely, they played to the conditions, the howling wind and sleet and the pitch that was so bad you wouldnt see it in Sunday league. I'd love if they went down from Dyche down Barnes and Barton, its a team full of c**ts.
  14. I'm more scared of this game than I was for the Pool and Arsenal games, taking 5 points from those 3 games is very acceptable but theres certainly a great chance to take 7. Burnely are going to be missing a few CM's for this game, Hendrick suspended, Defour and Marney injured and Bartonm is facing an FA suspension for gambling. I do think that the same team the vanquished Arsenal should start, Pedro is just a much better footballer than Willian and for these tricky and tight away games, you need his creativity and movement to open up stubborn teams. I'm going to say Chelsea 2- 0 winners, hopefully Costa to start scoring again and push towards 22-25 league goals.
  15. Short answer, I dont want him at all. Abraham is younger and as talented and in Dembeles 40 odd Championship games last year he got 15 goals, Abraham already has 15 goals for a terrible Bristol side. Makes no sense that the club would piss away 40m on Dembele, its madness.