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  1. Delnino

    Gary Cahill - PL CL FAC LC EL champion

    Cahill played one game, how was that fantastic? The sooner hes gone the better, hes nowhere near good enough to play for Chelsea week in week out, a decent servant to the club but nostalgia counts for nothing in this game.
  2. Delnino

    Our New Stadium

    I think the only way to expand the current stadium would be to dig down, thats what the new stadium was going to do, so I dont think we can expand what we have at all on the current site. We cant go up, over the "right to light" issue. Also, you cant just start adding on tiers either as you need more exits and the planning was approved partly as we were covering the train tracks and adding more exits to be able to deal with the extra fans and get them in and out much quicker if needs be. At the moment, the plan is dead in the water and we're going to be financially left behind by all of the current top 6 and another half a dozen PL sides with bigger stadiums.
  3. Delnino

    Our New Stadium

    The pitch is pretty much the same size as any other pitch in the league. Wembley is 105m x 68 m, that is the recommended size for pitches and they tried to standardize that pitch size back in the late 2000's. The Bridge is 103m x 67m. The Camp Nou, which people think is massive because of the TV camera position is, 105m x 68, same as Wembley and slightly bigger than the Bridge.
  4. Delnino

    Our New Stadium

    I'd imagine a chunk of the build would have been off set by selling naming rights. Also, just because the stadium isnt going ahead, doesnt mean there is more money for players. Roman cant give us a cash injection of say 200m for transfers, we can only spend what we make under FFP, even PSGs cunning state sponsorship and inflated figures is under investigation from UEFA.
  5. Delnino

    Thibaut Courtois

    Well it is a team game. But any GK keeping a better than 1 in 3 clean sheet record with that donkey Cahill in front of him has to be good.
  6. Delnino

    Thibaut Courtois

    I dont know why people dont rate Courtois, since his debut for Atletico in 2011, no GK in the top 5 leagues has kept more clean sheets than him. 103 in total. 48 in 126 for Chelsea 55 in 111 for Ateltico If that ratio isnt elite, I dont know what is. As it stands, Buffon STILL holds the record for the most amount of money paid for a GK, that was in what, 2000 or 2001? This summer if any of the top 10 GKs in the world move, they'll smash that record, for some reason, GKs never command huge fees and the top 20 GK transfers have GKs in it that cost about 10m.
  7. Delnino

    Our New Stadium

    I find it astonishing that the UK are willing to turn away Romans money. While in the UK, hes created thousands of tax paying jobs, directly or indirectly linked to Chelsea FC. Its a shambles that hes basically being annexed from the UK over an alleged Russian attack on a double agent.
  8. Delnino

    Our New Stadium

    If roman calls in the loan we're f**ked. I think this is just Roman posturing over the Visa issue but for next season, you can write off any challenge right now. The players want stability and we cant even build a stadium lol
  9. Delnino

    Is this the end of Roman era at CFC?

    Thats not going to happen at all
  10. Delnino

    Gareth Bale

    Hes 29 in 2 months and always picking up niggling injuries, its the absolute last player Chelsea will consider buying. If the price was right, I'd take him, he'd be an instant upgrade on what we have on the right as it stands but Madrid will want mad money for him, I'd prefer Asensio or Isco if I was cherry picking Real Madrid talent but players that Madrid or any top tier club sell are usually done when theyve reached the end of their cycle and can be replaced/upgraded. Paying anything over 60m for Bale would be criminal and his wages are insane, Chelsea should avoid like the plague.
  11. I dont buy any Nike gear, I think theyre stuff is awful. As long as theyre paying top dollar to make kits for Chelsea then f**k it, I can get on board with the jersey, I still wont buy it mind you. :)
  12. Delnino

    Leon Bailey

    I suppose we wont know until he is played somewhat regularly. Its true, the step from underage football to senior level is too much for some players but I think in a team like Chelsea he'd be better served getting 10/15 mins a game given the players he'd play and train with, than say going to a relegation side and playing with 35/40% of the ball for nearly 90mins. Hes one of, if not the best youth player I've seen us produce in sometime, IMO.
  13. Delnino

    Next Chelsea Manager

    We've all read that Roman wants to play beautiful football but hes only really hired AVB as a manager that was known for attacking, progressive football, granted, football has evolved and the counter attacking sitting deep in a block is all but gone and made way for a forward thinking hard, relentless and high press but we've always hired winners..........to win things. I'd love good attacking based football AND to win things but attacking football thats easy on the eye isnt the be all to end all. If the scousers lose at the weekend and I hope they get destroyed, we'll have finished the season with more trophies than any team in the PL thats name isnt Man City.
  14. Delnino

    Robert Lewandowski

    I think what Chelsea should be looking for is the guy that Bayern are prepared to replace Lewandowski with, that with their real potential is.
  15. Delnino

    Leon Bailey

    I was hoping we'd sign him before a super club comes in for him. If we can do a deal to get him this summer we'll have a superstar on our hands for the next 5-7 years. I'd also promote Odoi to the 1st team full time and get rid of Willian and Pedro to do it. Yes you need experience but in Hazard, Bailey and Odoi, you'd have 3 seriously attacking wide men with end product and goals.