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  1. Ampadu and Hudson-Odoi

    You can probably count on one hand the amount of mistakes AMpadu has made in his senior games and Checktrade trophy games. The lad is a serious talent. I do think he'll get a year or two on loan though before coming back to us but hes practically ready now. If Conte, or whoevers in charge next year has the balls to sell Cahill and Luiz, in Zouma and Ampadu, we've got two, young CBs that could easily step into the void left by both. CHO, excellent prospect, but like Musonda, I think he has to go on loan before hes played, hes got serious competition on the wings in the summer but theres no doubting his ability.
  2. I'd be making some serious changes for this game. Big willy Cahill Luiz Ampadu Zappa Drinkwater Bakayoko Emerson Barkley Giroud Odoi
  3. Our New Stadium

    The design seems to divide opinion but I would honestly prefer our design, a design that is forged into the very limited space we have, than a copy and paste metal bowl that you see the world over now a days.
  4. Olivier Giroud to Chelsea

    Hew won 100% of his aerial duels and 80% of his duels on the floor. I think hes going to be a vital option for us in the next 18 months and it looks like Conte finally got a target man he can use. When the understanding between Giroud and the others improve, he'll get more invovled in scoring and setting up goals. Hes slower than an oil tanker but hes a very technical and intelligent player, hes aware of the space and runners around him. I was quielty impressed with him, had he scored it would have been a dream home debut.
  5. Our New Stadium

    If Chelsea want to be considered a big team, we're going to have to expand the Bridge. 42k every week is pathetic, from a money generating P.O.V. If your stadium can make you nearly 1.5/2m a more from each home game, we shold be going down that route. We can write the stadium build off under FFP and on the flipside, any extra money we generate from the expanded stadium is counted under FFP, allowing us to spend more on players. Theres a cause and affect in spending on a the new Bridge, for the 3 years we'll lose some money in matchday revenue to renting Wembley for 3/4 years but in the following 3/4 years at the new Bridge we'll be raking in serious money, some 40/50m more a year than we were in the old Bridge. I think it has to happen and the sooner the better or else we'll be left behind by the tinpot sides like Liverpool, City and maybe Everton, if they get their new build done in the next 5-7 years.
  6. We should ahve beem losing 4-1 the last time we played them before we equalised and went on to win. They missed some serious sitters at the Bridge a few months ago. I wouldnt write them off anyway at all but its one of the most win games for me, a bit of confidence going into the most difficult period of playing Barca and Utd away would be ideal.
  7. With Spuds and LOLerpool dropping points, this game has become one of the most imoprtant of the season. We've a chance to gain points on two teams, we've not won enough points when teams around us have dropped them, hence why we're clinging on 4th at the moment, I've no doubt in my mind that we've the 2nd best squad in the league but we've seriously under performed in key games. Hoepfully tonight is a return to winning ways, the sooner we forget about Bournemouth the better. I'd go with : Tbo Azp Luiz Rudiger Zappa Kante Cesc Alonso Willian Giroud Hazard Cahill is beyond useless and was at fault for 3 of the goals last week, Bakayoko also falls into that category and hes had fair more poor games for us than good ones.
  8. Welcome Ross Barkley

    Ya Barkley has had decent cameos so far but wouldnt be expecting much from the lad after his injury issue. Its a cliche but he'll be like a new signing for next sesaon with a full pre-season behind him.
  9. Our New Stadium

    Its already been answered but with the plans being signed off at 60k, theres no way we can just shoe horn an extra few thousand seats in just because we could have stumbled upon a bit more space on the site. It would be ideal if we could just do that and add another few thousand seats, more revenue and all that jazz but its not happening. Anyway, at this stage, I just want work to commence on the project and to see some progress.
  10. Our New Stadium

    I dont know if the club can just tack on an extra 5K seats to the capacity just because we have new land to play around with. Its likely it will be used as a wider open space for the increased footfall of fans.
  11. Who would you take over Andy Carroll?

    Charlie Austin would be my alternative. I despise the idea of signing that useless lump Carroll
  12. Our New Stadium

    Heres the figures. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2017/jan/11/chelsea-given-permission-500m-60000-capacity-stamford-bridge-stadium The new ground would have more than 13,000 extra seats for general admission, while corporate seating would double to 9,200. There would also be expanded provision for disabled supporters, but the seats afforded to visiting fans would remain the same, at 3,000.
  13. Alexis Sanchez

    I honestly cant see this dealing happening for Chelsea, would mean Hazard would want Sanchez type money and Courtois would probably command 200-250k also. We should be after him but Id ont think we can afford him, the money in the game is insane at the moment and I dont think a 29 year old Sanchez is worth 350k a week, if we signed him from Barca at 25/26, then maybe but I cant see Chelsea blowing their load on him at his age.
  14. Leon Bailey

    We wanted him before he ended up at Ajax, he was practically smuggled into Europe and couldnt sign for Ajax even though they rated him as one of the brightest talents they ever seen. He ended up at Genk and flourished and hes gone from strength to strength. I think the move to Leverkusen was a very smart one, he didnt join a "top" team straight off the bat so could learn his trade and its likely, either now or more than likely, in Janaury he'll get a move to a bigger, elite level club. I seen him play for Genk vs Cork City in the Europa League qualifiers and he was only 18 at the time and he was by far the best player on the park, two footed with electric pace, great control and touch also. I think hes very similar to Musonda the only difference is hes getting game time while Musonda is rotting in the reserves for us.
  15. Time to start worrying???

    I think at this stage we should be well passed the stage of being worried, we're ion a crisis. We've lost or drawn games that last year, with a similar squad, we strolled. Burnley at home, Palace away, West Ham away, Arsenal home and away, Everton away, Leicester at home. Thats 21 points we should have won, instead we took 4 points from those 7 games. 4 f**king points out of 21 that was on offer. I hate doom and gloom posts but that stat is disgraceful consdiering none of those games were, on paper, all that difficult, Burnley, Palace and West Ham should have been gimmes, we were unlucky against Arsenal and Everton away. We were poor against Arsenal at home and we deserevd to lose agaisnt Leicester.