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  1. Danny Drinkwater

    If Drinkwater is the height of our ambitions for CM, we're f**ked. Kante leaving Leicester exposed Drinkwater for all he is, a bang average footballer who happened to be paired with an exceptional partner. I'd prefer one of our own players be 4th choice CM, rather than spending 30m on Drinkwater.
  2. Thomas Müller

    Muller was good in our pre season game the other day. I'd love him but have to echo the sentiment of the group. I cant see him leaving anytime soon which is a shame, hes a brilliant footballer but had a poor season just gone.
  3. Barkley

    I agree on Ox-Chamberlain, hes a better winger and wants to play CM and has played limited amounts of footbal as a WB. If we were after either, I'd prefer him. In the old 4-2-3-1/4-3-3, Barkley as a #8 or #10 would have been ideal but ina 3-4-3, hes got no business starting in any of the available roles. The main issue is both will want to play every game and neither are better than any of the players we have in our best,fully fit starting XI and in a WC year , I cant see Ox-Cham swapping Arsenals bench for ours and I cant see Barkley sitting on the bench either.
  4. Barkley

    Barkley isnt good enough for us. Hes no better than any of our CMs because hes not played there neough by Everton. Hes no better than ay winger we have because hes not a winger but has played wide for Everton. He'd be our 3rd best #10, which is his natural position I feel but we dont play with a #10 anymore. He cant play WB at all. So in short, theres nowhere currently for Barkley to play in our system, I also think hes worth about 25m with only 12months n his contract left.
  5. Alexis Sanchez

    Sanchez is still on holiday, he wont be back at Arsenal until their pre-season tour of Asia is done. Then we'll see movement, whether he stays or leaves though is down to him and I reckon he'll do all he can to force a move. I'm going to bet to PSG. Arsenal wont sell him to us or City.
  6. Alvaro Morata

    I wanted Lukaku over Morata but now that we have our main CF for next year and its Morata, I'm 100% behind him and I reckon he'll be a huge hit for us. I think he'll be Spains starting CF at the WC too, as long as hes not injured, I loved Diego but his antics this summer and 2 summers ago, as well as always wanting out of Chelsea and back to Madrid, has made me just think "meh" when he does finally leave. I'd thank him for his 50+ goals and 2 league titles but dont leave the door hit ya on the way out.
  7. Thomas Müller

    Just going to kick this back up, with Bayern now signing James, they have James, Vidal, Renato Sanchez, Robben, Ribery, Tolisso, Kimmich, Coman, Rudy, Gnarby. All of the above can play in midfield and thats before I include Muller. I think as an option from the right of a 3 man attack he'd be exceptional, he got 32 goals 2 years ago and since hes being in the first team, hes managed to score on average 20 goals (well, 19.58) a year since he was 19 years of age. Last year he was used a lot less but I dont think that should take away from how good a footballer he is, hes won it all in Germany and played in the biggest games, I think if we want to spend our money this summer on a star that might be available, we should go for Muller.
  8. Alvaro Morata

    I cant see Real leaving Morata go at all, he scored more goals than Benzema last year in less games and much less game time. Benzema is nearly 30, Mortata is about 5 years younger, if Zidane and Real sell Morata to keep Benzema I'd be shocked. I do think Utd not selling them De Gea and refusing to do busines again this year regarding De Gea, has soured their relationship, its also meant Utd have turned to Mino Raiola as their main source of players, when before it was Jorges Mendes, who has his hooks into Real very deep. I can see this saga of chasing Morata lasting all summer anyway, no way we get this over the line before the end of August and at that, I dont think we'll get him at all.
  9. Romelu Lukaku

    I agree with this, Chelsea have been trying to drive negoations in our favours so much that it could cost the club players and sour relations with other clubs. If a player is available and Lukaku is, pay the price and get it done with. Theres nearly 0 risk in signing Lukaku IMO.
  10. Romelu Lukaku

    The issue we now have is if Lukaku goes to Utd, we're left with either going after Morata who will cost close to what Lukaku is because Real know the market and how desperate we are or we try and appease Costa and hope Conte and himself put aside their differences. I cant see the latter happening and Costa coming out weeks ago saying he wasnt needed/wanted by Chelsea has killed us in terms of finding a replacement. I've serious love for Costa but hes wanted out for sometime now and that stunt didnt help anyone but himself, it confirmed basically that we were looking for a replacement, meaning a higher price to pay and that himself and Conte werent eexactly on the best of terms. One things for sure, if we dont start bringing in players soon, the fan base will start to get really worried about what we can do next season. I'm sick of not defending the title and nobody has done since 2008/09 but this squad and Manager could do it if we get in the right additions, next years league will be crazy tight, right now, Utd, City and Arsenal have stolen a march on ourselves, Pool and Spurs. I dont want to be playing catch up in September, OCtober after a bad start and remember, Hazard is out too.
  11. Romelu Lukaku

    This is a shambles from the club that a player who looked nailed on for a return is beiong left go to a rival after what seems like 10mins of organising the deal. Drogba and Hazard both name checked Lukaku in a possible return to Chelsea, its now the 6th of July and hes Utd bound for less than what was reported, 65m with add ons. The fact we're left with an unhappy and want away Costa and a questionnable Batshauyi is embarassing. I'm not one for hyperbole but if the club doesnt get its finger out soon we'll be left behind by our rivals. Lukaku made perfect sense, the only other PL CF better than him right now is Kane. Morata is a risky gamble and Beoltti has had 1 good season, Giroud isnt good enough for Arsenal and Llorente is a joke shop signing. I real fear for this season and we're only in the first week of July.
  12. Romelu Lukaku

    FWIW, I think a deal is done for Lukaku. Everton have new owners and theyre splashing big money on players but I've a feeling theyre only doing that too on the back of a big enough sale, or two, if you include Barkley. If Everton have signed half a dozen players before they sell Lukaku, to their fans, all they see is 70-80m for Lukaku and forget about spending nearly half of that on a secind rate GK, in Pickford and a few half decent Belgian and Dutch league players. To me, its just Everton saving face and we'll have Lukaku, sooner, rather than later. Which leaves us with an angry, 6 foot Brazilian/Spanish problem called Diego and where he might go.
  13. Romelu Lukaku

    We're not signing Morata because its simple, hes a HUGE gamble compared to Lukaku whos been banging in goals in England for the best part of 5 years now. Would anyone really want to spend 70m + on Morata because hes played a few CL games? Lukaku is used to the league and how physical it is and will score 20+ goals next season, it will be with us or Everton, or Utd but he'll score 20+ goals.
  14. Foreign Chelsea Fans

    Foreign fan here, from Ireland. Father was working in London for a few years, (hes a 'Ammers fan BTW) One of my English Uncles is a Chelsea fan and took me to games with him so thats where the Chelsea love affair started way back in 1992. I've a decent amount of Aunts and Uncles in London still and betweem them there is 2 Arsenal fans, 3 Spurs fans and 1 Chelsea fan. I go over at least once a year to games, I try get over to more but its difficult with work and time off.
  15. Romelu Lukaku

    I reckon Costas best chance of leaving in the summer is to AC Milan, thats if they dont get Morata, Real aparently want £76m or €90m, which is weirdly around the same money as Costa. We cant, IMO, keep Lukaku and Costa and right now, it does look likely that Lukaku has one foot back in the Stamford Bridge door. Its down to the club to get the deal done ASAP. I want Lukaku and I'd love if he came back and fired 20+ goals for us in his first season, I think he'd be huge success because hes hungry to improve himself and hes a Chelsea fan, for him, getting the chance to help his boyhood club to trophies would be huge and I think his attitude to learn and improve himself would be limitless. If we get him in early and Conte gets a full pre-season under Lukakus belt, you'll see a leaner, fitter Lukaku for Chelsea, I think while hes an absolute beast of a man, he could tighten up and drop some weight and make himself more mobile. You only have to look at the current squad and how fit and trim they are compared to what they were under Jose.