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  1. This game is tailor made for Chelsea. Atleti have to win so they will play one way, allowing us to pick them off on the counter. If we win we can face : Basel or CSKA from Group A Bayern Munich from Group B Juventus or Sporting from Group D Sevilla or Spartak from Group E Shaktar or Napoli from Group F Porto or RedBull Lepizig from Group G Ream Madrid from Group H If we come second in the group by not winning, we face : Barcelona, Besiktas or PSG. I'd much rather take my chances in topping the group and avoiding PSG or Barca so I cant see much rotation tonight , we can do that against West Ham. I'd go with Tbo Azp Chrsitensen Cahill Moses Kante Baka Cesc Alonso Morata Hazard We can keep Willian, Pedro, Drinkwater, Michy for later in the game and to play on Saturday, I do think we'll win tonight too, 2-1.
  2. This, Morata has to start doing more, hes only scoring in patches at the moment, I'd prefer a guy to score 1 goal for 4 or 5 games in a row, then a CF who scores 3 in 1 game and doesnt score then for another month. I love Morata and in time I think he'll be a beast for us but hes started well, faded away and hes only been decent since his injury against Man City. Theres a top quality CF in there, we just need to bring it out in him more reguarly. A goal or two against Newcastle would be a great start to December.
  3. Newcastle are only slightly better than Swansea but I'd be going near full strength here. Tbo Azp Luiz Rudiger Moses Drinkwater Bakayoko Alonso Pedro Morata Hazard I'd keep Christensen, Cesc, Kante fresh for Ateltico. We could spring Willian from the bench for a bit of pace late on.
  4. Luke Shaw

    News doing the rounds today that he may be available for 20m, I cant se Jose and or Utd selling him to a rival anyway and if I was Shaw, id go somewhere where I would be first choice ASAP, if he wants to be on the plane to Russia in the summer, he has to have a big end to the season.
  5. I'm going with 4-1 Chelsea anyway, Morata hat trick incoming.
  6. This game wont be easy, I'd love if it was but it wont be. Swansea have only left in 15 goals this year, which is less than Arsenal and Pool but they cant score to save their lives. I think it will be a 2-0 or 3-1 game to us and I'd like to see players rested as Newcastle should be a trickier game. I'd go with Tbo Azp Christensen Rudiger Zappa Kante Drinkwater Kenedy Willian Morata Pedro If we're winning with 20mins to go, take off Morata for Saturday.
  7. Having seen how s**t Liverpool were against Sevilla, I'm very confident that we'll score goals, if we can keep them quiet we'll stroll this game. I cant see their back line keeping out Morata and Hazard all game.
  8. I'm hoping Sevilla kick the absolute s**t out of Liverpool in Spain tonight. A few injuries to Mane, Couthino, Salah would be also very welcome. One of my favourite Chelsea moments ever was Demba Ba running through to stop Liverpool winning the league, I celebrated that result like Munich 2012. I hate the Scouse c**ts.
  9. I reckon we'll win this game and Conte will go very stroing for this, try and get the win and then rest players. We had a very easy second half against WBA so another demolition job here and hopefully a 2 goal lead at HT and we can think about resting players from 60-65mins. I reckon we'll go with: Tbo Rudiger Luiz Cahill Azp Baka Kante Cesc Alonso Hazard Morata Pedro, Willian and Drinkwater to feature from the bench, Chelsea win 3-0.
  10. Danny Drinkwater

    If Drinkwater is the height of our ambitions for CM, we're f**ked. Kante leaving Leicester exposed Drinkwater for all he is, a bang average footballer who happened to be paired with an exceptional partner. I'd prefer one of our own players be 4th choice CM, rather than spending 30m on Drinkwater.
  11. Thomas Müller

    Muller was good in our pre season game the other day. I'd love him but have to echo the sentiment of the group. I cant see him leaving anytime soon which is a shame, hes a brilliant footballer but had a poor season just gone.
  12. Barkley

    I agree on Ox-Chamberlain, hes a better winger and wants to play CM and has played limited amounts of footbal as a WB. If we were after either, I'd prefer him. In the old 4-2-3-1/4-3-3, Barkley as a #8 or #10 would have been ideal but ina 3-4-3, hes got no business starting in any of the available roles. The main issue is both will want to play every game and neither are better than any of the players we have in our best,fully fit starting XI and in a WC year , I cant see Ox-Cham swapping Arsenals bench for ours and I cant see Barkley sitting on the bench either.
  13. Barkley

    Barkley isnt good enough for us. Hes no better than any of our CMs because hes not played there neough by Everton. Hes no better than ay winger we have because hes not a winger but has played wide for Everton. He'd be our 3rd best #10, which is his natural position I feel but we dont play with a #10 anymore. He cant play WB at all. So in short, theres nowhere currently for Barkley to play in our system, I also think hes worth about 25m with only 12months n his contract left.
  14. Alexis Sanchez

    Sanchez is still on holiday, he wont be back at Arsenal until their pre-season tour of Asia is done. Then we'll see movement, whether he stays or leaves though is down to him and I reckon he'll do all he can to force a move. I'm going to bet to PSG. Arsenal wont sell him to us or City.
  15. Alvaro Morata

    I wanted Lukaku over Morata but now that we have our main CF for next year and its Morata, I'm 100% behind him and I reckon he'll be a huge hit for us. I think he'll be Spains starting CF at the WC too, as long as hes not injured, I loved Diego but his antics this summer and 2 summers ago, as well as always wanting out of Chelsea and back to Madrid, has made me just think "meh" when he does finally leave. I'd thank him for his 50+ goals and 2 league titles but dont leave the door hit ya on the way out.