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  1. Hopefully they do the same to the guardian which is just as much of a rag.
  2. Plus he is terribly inconsistent, his dry run at the end of last season.
  4. Michael Ballack's Girlfriend interviewing Cesc
  6. He is a lot better than Nat, don't be silly.
  7. He is making certain pundits look stupid.
  8. Kojima is going to be interviewed at the RTX Sydney in early Feb
  9. Not in the photo but there
  10. Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho asks fans to give '25 per cent of the emotion Anfield gives Liverpool' in order to reach final   (Tweet) Jose Mourinho urges Chelsea supporters to live up to brilliant Liverpool fans Jose Mourinho mocks 'sleeping Chelsea fans' as he praises Crystal Palace supporters
  11. Don't forget it was confirmed that Chelsea bid 58 mil for at Napoli CB.
  12. I guess people here forgot when he insulted Chelsea fans and praised his beloved Liverpool fans. I do recall a lot of anger from a lot of Chelsea fans at that time.
  13. What utter rubbish, the only acceptable consoles are from Nintendo. Far better than those kids toys from Sony and Microsoft.
  14. He said squib not Squid.