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  1. What utter rubbish, the only acceptable consoles are from Nintendo. Far better than those kids toys from Sony and Microsoft.
  2. He said squib not Squid.
  3. That doesn't make up for the fact that he is a bad pundit.
  4. He did flirt with Man City
  5. Yea, but don't forget all the injuries aguero has had over the years.
  6. I would say at least some is true but the media made it look a lot worse than it is.
  7. Hart is overrated like all English players.
  8. That's unfair, he has done very well, up to joining city.
  9. In 2012 City hired Txiki Begiristain as their director of football, to bring in pep type players. They have been preparing for him since then.
  10. He has only played 624 mins in the league compared to Costa's 1681. With 5 league goals to Costa's 12
  12. Possibly at Coverciano
  13. Premier league is the most watched but is far from the best.
  14. He is very talented, but there are many talented midfielders, that can be purchased a lot cheaper.
  15. I don't know what Cruyff's barca has to do with this conversation?