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  1. A little old but good
  2. Salah was utter sh*t here.
  3. Rubbish, he is 22, and he has yet to show anything significant. He is massively overrated because he is from the academy.
  4. What utter rubbish, Cavani has at least 25 goals every season since 2010-2011 Plus it has been demonstrated repeatably that Morata is superior to Lukaku
  5. The story behind the strange hospitality pictures of Spurs' new stadium
  6. Thomas Heatherwick's design:
  7. You could say that about everyone from that awful rag the guardian.
  8. In modern football class fullbacks are very important
  9. Tax is theft no matter how much you earn.
  10. Stop repeating the lies your boy trump tells you. Iran does support some terrorism but Saudi Arabia is number one. Wahhabism to ISIS: how Saudi Arabia exported the main source of global terrorism
  11. Don't forget Saudi Arabia is the worlds number one supporter of terrorism.
  12. If Chelsea ends up signing that donkey it will demonstrate a real lack of ambition. Morata is a proven champions league striker, Lukaku is so poor technically, he will surly be found out against continental opposition.
  13. Um, considering Roman has effectively written off the BILLION POUNDS he has already put into the club, why do you think he will suddenly change how he has run the club. He has shown no desire to profit from the club, in all his years of owning the club.