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  1. While Ronaldo is still very good, he is clearly slowing. Last season he scored 51 goals in 48 games, this season he has scored 26 in 34.
  2. The Belgium FA haven't got a lot of money and Martinez is cheap.
  3. Manchester City break three anti-doping rules in the five months after Pep Guardiola's appointment as boss
  4. The Ethan Must Die DLC looks hard
  5. Wait wait, there are people who actually like sleeping dogs? I remember hating the game so much, i just stopped after a few hours and never came back.
  6. Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho left seething as team's scheduled Heathrow flight failed to show on time after defeat by Chelsea
  7. Manchester United forward Marcus Rashford HAS travelled for FA Cup clash with Chelsea
  8. Manchester City earning millions from image rights after telling Uefa FFP investigators they had sold them
  9. Well the design is inspired by Westminster Abbey
  10. New image from Eckersley O’Callaghan site.