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  1. Looks good so far today. Really liked how hard he worked to win Chelsea's first corner. Also had a really nice headed pass to spring Willian forward.
  2. Seconded
  3. Didn't mean for it to be a "who's the better striker" conversation lead. Morata is better at dribbling and creating off the dribble. That was essentially my point.
  4. This one is my favorite adidas kit
  5. Sure, here and there he did, but like @RMCM says below, he did have a habit of running straight into defenders, and is not known for his dribbling ability. When I think of something out of nothing for Diego, it would be goals like against West Brom at the Bridge this past season. Power to muscle the defender off the ball and a clinical finish, not necessarily good dribbling ability. Yes exactly, thank you
  6. Love the fact that he can make something out of nothing with his dribbling, something Diego lacked. Fun to watch!
  7. I wouldn't say that Cesc is getting old. With his style of play, he's got at least 3 more seasons at the top level.
  8. Probably because Matic wants to leave, if I had to hazard a guess. Pun intended :)
  9. Agree with this, I think it has to be under £20m for it to be good value.
  10. Michy is still 23, 24 in October
  11. Off topic a touch, but where is Nathan at now? Still on loan at Vitesse?
  12. Would be a good signing. Can cover DM too, if needed.
  13. Both goals were very nice, but that second one, my goodness...
  14. This shade of blue looked great on the pitch today. Appears a lot darker than Adidas' kits, I really like the look even more now that we've seen it in a couple matches.
  15. I think this was Conte's plan before the injury, to give him another chance.