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  1. mwblue10

    Mauro Icardi

    Maybe if Kovacic stays permanently, it would help with bringing Icardi in? They played together when Mateo was at Inter, but no idea if they are mates.
  2. mwblue10

    A new striker in January.

    Never heard of him, but looks like he has already scored 8 goals in Serie A this season
  3. mwblue10

    Alvaro Morata

    If we were able to get a team to take Bakayoko (albeit on loan), then we can certainly get a team to buy Morata for a good price
  4. mwblue10

    Aleksandar Mitrović

    Since I think we all agree that it literally cannot get any worse than what Morata is bringing to the side right now, I think we just need to bring in someone young who we can buy for good value. Whether that’s Mitrovic or not, I’m not sure. Sounds like he would be quite expensive.
  5. I think we destroy them with this lineup. 3-1 to Chels. Would have liked to se CHO on the bench rather than Moses, I’m sure others agree, but looks like we will be banging that drum all season - not sure he’ll be picked as much as we would like.
  6. Genuinely curious what players you are referring to? I think the striker market is quite thin at the moment.
  7. mwblue10

    Welcome Emerson Palmieri!

    But him coming out and saying that he is fine and not injured, tells me he was fit to play today. It just seems fishy that he didn’t even travel.
  8. mwblue10

    Welcome Emerson Palmieri!

    Turns out he wasn’t injured, just not included. Confirmed himself on Twitter.
  9. mwblue10

    Welcome Emerson Palmieri!

    From all the games he’s played? Could be training I suppose
  10. mwblue10

    Welcome Emerson Palmieri!

    Absent from the traveling squad for tomorrow’s match. Surprising. Wonder if he’ll ever play? Was looking forward to seeing him in Sarri’s system.
  11. mwblue10

    Mauro Icardi

    It’s too bad Germany were awful at the World Cup - was hoping to see what Werner could do, but they struggled so much as a team that it was hard to tell who is good and who isn’t. There’s really not a lot of options for strikers out there. Other than Icardi, I’m really struggling to find anyone. Who should we be targeting?
  12. mwblue10

    How should we treat the Europa league?

    Agreed, I would start Kepa and let Willy have the domestic cup matches. Also really want to see Emerson get some time, as well.
  13. mwblue10

    Olivier Giroud to Chelsea

    Though I wouldn’t be opposed to that, I think loaning Batshuayi essentially ended his Chelsea career. I think Icardi is the one striker who will be “gettable”, but it would be surprising if we sign him.
  14. mwblue10

    Marcos Alonso

    It was a good attempt
  15. mwblue10

    Marcos Alonso

    Ball hit the defender first, so technically not an assist. And it looked like he was passing to Barkley anyways. Good run by him anyways though.