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  1. Random Rumours

    Absolutely unbelievable that we are not going after him, i will be so f**king sad if he goes to city
  2. Welcome Emerson Palmieri!

    Meunier is a f**king beast and is available, but knowing our board, we won´t even look at him
  3. Sarri

    This guy is amazing. The only question mark for me, is his complete unwillingness to rotate his squad, that´s a big problem IMO
  4. Welcome Emerson Palmieri!

    There is a reason Juve were going to replace Alex Sandro with him. We basically signed a younger version of him, absolutely fantástic piece of business by the club
  5. Welcome Emerson Palmieri!

    Do you guys think he will start tomorrow?
  6. Welcome Emerson Palmieri!

    wait, you guys are telling me he is not a donkey??????????????? WHAT A SHOCK
  7. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    My dream midfield for next season is RLC-Jorginho-Kanté. Hopefully we can lure Jorginho here if Sarri comes
  8. Sarri

  9. Sarri

    True, but he did went into some very deep details, like which formation we are trying to use next season, even the extent of our talks with him. Its probably BS though, so i´m not holding my breath.
  10. Sarri

    I think Sarri is a good choice, as i think he is a great coach whose teams play a great brand of football, but i´ve heard a lot of people claiming that his rotation policy is very poor, and honestly, i think we need a manager who likes to use youth and rotates a lot, so we can use our squad to the fullest( and that includes players like Hudson Odoi and Loftus Cheek), and from what i´ve seen, Sarri does neither of these things
  11. Welcome Emerson Palmieri!

    Time to give him a chance
  12. Ampadu and Hudson-Odoi

    Had less than five minutes on the pitch but him and Emerson still managed to create a chance. I love how he Always looks for the ball and everytime he has it he runs with it to try and make something happen
  13. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Please god let Conte use him. Him running at Trippier in the second half can be a very good weapon for us to use from the bench
  14. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    What? I am actually being pro Willian here, if you've seen most of my comments here in the past, you know that i was a very Strong advocate of getting a new winger in, but with Willian's ridiculous improvements over the last few months, i have actually dropped those claims. Hudson Odoi needs to be developed here, we cannot risk him not becoming the player he needs and can be, and with Willies terrific form lately, as well as his considerable age, i think he is the perfect bridge to allow us to develop Callum. Its just that i believe he will be already good enough to take over from Willian mid way through next season, especially if we appoint Tuchel, a manager known to give many chances to youth players
  15. César 'Dave' Azpilicueta

    Because while he is good on the ball for a defender, they would press the sh*t out of him in midfield, and his technique and close control are not good enough for the role that he would be asked to play and nor is his passing. Lets leave him where he is, because he is absolutely amazing there