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  1. Random Rumours

    Have you guys seen this??
  2. Palmieri

    i am brazilian smartass, i´ve been watching him ever since he was at Santos, jog on.
  3. Palmieri

    The way people are writing him off is really pissing me off. 99% of these people never even watched him kick a ball, and yet all i hear is bitching non stop. The dude is a freaking excelent player, certainly better than Alex Sandro was when he was 23, but the mere fact that he is no the latter, is enough for people to sh*t on him. Everyone in this thread guilty of it is going to look extremely stupid in a few months
  4. Palmieri

    Well, that´s pretty normal for a player returning from a ACL, he just needs some action
  5. Dzeko the Gecko

    Certainly doesn´t seem like a definitive no to me
  6. Dzeko the Gecko

    Its ok to be cautious but man, dont be a party pooper lol
  7. Dzeko the Gecko

    Dzeko would be an absolutely amazing signing, him and Emerson would really make this transfer window a resounding success IMO
  8. Palmieri

    Just ignore him, he doesnt know what he is talking about( as he himself admitted)
  9. Palmieri

    all right, so you dont know anything about him, good, now i can safely ignore your opinions
  10. Palmieri

    So basically you dont even know who Emerson is, but you are already complaining and claiming that Marina is not doing anything when you dont even know anything about the guy FYI Emerson was the second best left back in Serie A last season, ahead of players like Ghoulam, and was arguably on par with Alex Sandro last season. Plus he is only 23 years old and would not be cup tied, so he would be an excelent signing
  11. Palmieri

    http://sportwitness.co.uk/agent-reveals-talks-ongoing-chelsea-signing-player-dreams-play-conte/ Ok, at least we can be sure that we are actually interested and the player is aswell, but from what i understood, the negotiations are not really close to being complete
  12. Palmieri

    Lads, take a look at this article https://chanceanalytics.com/2017/03/17/the-best-full-back-in-the-world-emerson-palmieri/
  13. Palmieri

    This is a negotiation dude, you don´t just offer whatever the other club is asking straight away. Anyway, i am pretty confident that this will happen
  14. Palmieri

    Another video of him, this time focusing more on his dribbling skills, looks extremely good technically for a Fullback IMO( also, try to mute the video lol)
  15. Palmieri

    I have a good feeling about this one