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  1. Bertrand Traore

    Arguably Ajax's best player en route to a Europa League final (save for maybe Ziyech) and now a key player of their Eredivisie title run? To top that off a very high level of performance since February. Baker, Miazga, Hector, Christensen, Pasalic have all done well, but their achievements with the club are not on the same level, while playing regularly and being a key player makes for a world of difference. And since February Traore has been just that.
  2. Bertrand Traore

  3. Bertrand Traore

    Also to be fair that is what tends to happen when a player has to function in a loan system. You don't always find form straight off the bat. For case in point Victor Moses - has always looked great in a Chelsea t-shirt, but struggled with consistency on loans. Now likely to make EPL team of the year.
  4. Bertrand Traore

    Traore with his second and Ziyech with his third assist. Traore also almost scored from distance - the Lyon keeper parries at full stretch.
  5. Bertrand Traore

    On a side note: Hakim Ziyech looks like the next best thing to a Kevin de Bruyne I've seen in Europe this season. Now on 19 assists for the season.
  6. Bertrand Traore

    Bertrand Traore tearing it up today vs Lyon with a superb goal and a self-aware assist. Amusingly both with his head: Based on post African Cup of Nations performances I would say only Tammy Abraham is having a more successful loan.
  7. Bertrand Traore

    Forgive the broken Google English but decide for yourself: "Extremely important in the attack game, in this form, the best player of the Eredivisie is a pity that we have to wait a long time." "Best football player of the selection, the rest can only dream of his technique and dribbles." "It's almost too easy for him. The ball treatment is just pure art." "When he still played at Vitesse, Traoré is a graceful breed soccer player. He is quite tall and harder, making him quite big and quick to run. Finishing remains a problem, but as long as he plays this way you have to compose him. Never put on the right wing again." "His ball treatment and dribbles are of absolute world class. That's why it's moderate to bad finishes so sharply. " "Traoré currently gives a kind of Afrikaans rhythm to Ajax's game. Delicious, that's steaming when he's coming to the ball. A kind of forcing wave that splashes opponent lines, defeats defenders as empty dirt containers at a tsunami. He has the vibe at the moment and you should not break that. " "I've been annoyed at Traore for a long time, but the last few games in the spit makes it very good. Too bad that the season is almost over, he seems to finally find his turn." "But from the first minute I'm already enjoying this male in an Ajax shirt. As everything looks slow, he's faster than 2 players at the same time. As if those opponents are freaked out by a fake time frame, they saw the slow-motion, just like me, but in reality, Traore is three steps further. Very early in the season, I suggested that Traore seems to be a footballer from a different time. Traore has time for his actions, as if he were in the 70s football. Very crazy, but something like that. In addition, he is also good at the combination. In between, he is caught on intelligent passes. " "In addition, I hope for Traore instead of Dolberg at the point against Schalke, but I expect Dolberg and Traore on the right."
  8. Bertrand Traore

    Check out the forum. Those things are there on the last pages. Apparently he's been playing much better since the African Cup of Nations. And unless I am undone by Google Translate at least two forumers hoped Traore would start as a striker over Dolberg in the upcoming game. Other things are subjective, but Traore being a non-starter is false: He's played 2635 minutes in the Eredivisie and the Europa League. He's started 9 out of 10 Europa League games and 21 out of 23 games in the Eredivisie. Out of 33 games he could have started he has started 30 (he has missed an additional 9 games through injuries or African Cup of Nations).
  9. Bertrand Traore

    Read it on the official Ajax forum (mind you with Google Translate on). A lot of praise like the best dribbler in the league and the best technician. Issues with finishing and making right decisions, but his technique stands out. http://ajax.netwerk.to/forums/index.php? BTW Nice collection of dribbles and skills. Some are really staggering:
  10. Bertrand Traore

    I did look up the Ajax forum though and they are seeming to have really warmed to him, preferring him over Dolberg and calling him a 'phenom'.
  11. Bertrand Traore

    Bertrand Traore is a bit lacksaidasical. Reminds me of Mikel in that regard. He's not explosive, just more low key. I think fans failed to notice his strengths, while focused on his laid back manner (which can even be seen in the way he scores goals or dribbles - he doesn't do it at pace). The Ajax coach must rate him, because he's a starter. And he must be doing something right because Whoscored have him as the 9th best player in the league and 10th best player in the Europa League. That said he's key pass rate is way beyond what Hakim Ziyech's is and he has yet to assist in the Eredivisie. That is surprising, because Traore's main attribute always seemed to be passing... All in all I think its a mixed bag - not as critical to his team as he was during his last loan to the Eredivisie. But you always need to take into account the context of a loan - you are always easier to drop if you don't perform and given how often Traore starts the coach obviously thinks he is performing.
  12. Franck Kessié

    People really need to let go of past prejudice. Kessie played U17 football in the MRI era. At best he can be 1-2 years older than his official DOB. Any claim he is much older than officially is scientifically impossible unless he's a freak of nature.
  13. Bertrand Traore

    Don't know if anyone saw this game but he was absolutely mindblowingly brilliant minus a touch of bad luck that preventing a great goal (post), bad finishing of his teammates. He got two assists on both goals as well, albeit one of those assists is well... hardly worth the word 'assist'. His dribbling was brilliant as was his passing. Insert other media Best game I've seen from him for some time.
  14. Baba Rahman - The heir to Ash?

    There is almost nothing literally between these two players. And if anything Gueye has the better stats. So yeah... it all adds up. Chances are that had Gueye chosen Leicester and Kante Villa, their teams would have the exact same positions and stats.
  15. Ricardo Rodriguez

    Not sure what happened but massive drop of form this season for Wolfsburg. Really poor by his standards. Obviously can do better, but based on this season he's a bit of a risk and not an upgrade on Alonso.