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  1. Knowing Chelsea we win all three :p Then get beat 8-2 by Huddersfield
  2. Spot on mate, away support was amazing tonight good showing lads and lady's!!!!!!!!
  3. f**king bunch of mugs, baring a few players I'd make the pricks walk back to London....
  4. Just seen the lineup on LiveScore, geez conte I love you man but your not making this easy! If we lose this playing that false 9 bullsh*t and with the way tot and liv are playing it could spell the end for the don! COME ON CHELSEA! Can't believe we're playing without a striker again :( how is morata still out feels like he got banned months ago and if giroud is injured why the f**k did we buy him knowing he would be needed instantly as rata is out argggh stressful night of footy ahead!!!
  5. Olivier Giroud to Chelsea

    Not a knock on conte but I wish he'd have made the batman feel wanted...
  6. Not going to lie before the game I'd rather us focus on the league and UCL and use fringe players in the two domestic cups but after that bullsh*t I hope we go on to win the f**king thing, even though we have won I'm fuming and that VAR needs scrapping asap knew they were always going to f**k us over with it but that was laughable!!! As for the players they need to buck their ideas up can't give these bent officials any chance to do us over!!!
  7. This ref/VAR are an actual joke, all I can do is laugh, of course VAR benefits everyone bar ourselves lol [emoji37][emoji379]
  8. Alexis Sanchez

    "I end this" You ended it when you couldn't back up your crazy post but yet I'm the one that lacks logic, I even wished you a good day as I couldn't put up with your broken 'engrish' and lack of substance any longer! Just shhh now my man [emoji13]
  9. Alexis Sanchez

    Andy f**king Carroll, I swear I've slipped into a parallel universe! Has to be up there with one of the most uninspiring transfers ever [emoji31] but alas if he does come wish him all the best (until he injures himself reading the team sheet before his first game)
  10. Alexis Sanchez

    The joker strikes again [emoji12]like I said before nothing of substance! that's about 6/7 replies across two threads where you've said nothing lol go back to telling your friends how intelligent you are....
  11. Alexis Sanchez

    It's obvious English isn't your first language so I think I'm wasting my time trying to debate someone who clearly can't structure a response across various threads, have a good day my man [emoji16]
  12. January Window 17/18

    Kante wasn't bought during the inflated market lol the markets been inflated for years [emoji848] and again your have nothing of substance to reply with... Would have expected more from someone that posses your intellect...
  13. Alexis Sanchez

    See what your saying but in all fairness would we be in any worse a position if we had Tammy in place of batman and rlc in place of Baka or ddw, preferably Baka at the moment as I feel ddw has done ok but we could even be using baker (a stretch I know) instead of ddw there we have saved close to £100mil to spend on a truly world class player then the whole team benefits and these youth players get to actually prove their worth or lack thereof and the club can act accordingly next window.
  14. January Window 17/18

    Morata hasn't proved his worth... Hahaha the joker strikes again [emoji12] for someone as 'intelligent' as yourself you don't half come out with some dumb sh*t, he's won us numerous points this season, even if he is struggling for form at the mo I'm sure you'll be singing his praises when he turns it around... And as for kante doesn't matter when he was signed you just used the price tag of £30mil to show that's a mediocre signing to which I asked you if kante constitutes a weak player as he only costs £30mil guessing you'd have wanted us to forget kante and sign pogba for £90mil as the higher the price the better the player in your book...
  15. Alexis Sanchez

    The resident joker strikes again [emoji12]