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  1. Hahahahahaha!
  2. How many goals would Kane or Suarez have scored over those 3 years he's an ok goal scorer when he can be arsed but he's way to hot/cold and with conte we seem to have a genuine gent who has Chelsea in his heart so will back his decisions but I must say I've been praying for costa to be sold since January
  3. Spot on!!
  4. Must disagree with you about him being good striker has a piss poor attitude, slow, bad touch, rarely in the right place, doesn't know when to walk away from a situation always trying to act the 'hard' man admittedly he has that killer instinct needed but his all round game is bad in my opinion
  5. I've said it numerous times before but anyone who downs tools halfway through a season when we're in 1st and look like we have a good chance to win it can f**k off I'll always respect his contribution but someone like azpi for me has been a far superior signing to costa so won't lose any sleep when he leaves just hope we can get a 20+ goal a season striker and hopefully give one/two of the young guns in the fa cup etc
  6. Never thought of that, great move if true.
  7. Not sure if link will work, but interesting theory mastermind conte? Lol
  8. To be fair f**k him stood beside him through all other issues but downing tools in Jan when we are first in the league is criminal, would genuinely of had drogba back from Jan as he would have at least gave it his all for the team. Bet contes thinking "thank f**k we managed to pull it off with this c**t trying to disrupt us every step of the way" after contes performance this season I can say I wholeheartedly trust his decisions! Can't say I fully believe he would do it by text but even if he did so what He deserved a post-it written in crayon stuck on his locker :) thanks for the service but please f**k off Diego no ones bigger than Chelsea or the manager
  9. Never ceases to crack me the f**k up! Fair play to the guy for maintaining composure so long!!
  10. Not saying I approve or disapprove of the teams actions but surely they are entitled in a democratic country to do as they please as long as they aren't laughing/joking or something?
  11. Haha human trafficking, you couldn't make this sh*t up :p
  12. Got a feeling he's trying hard to get the boot lol realisation has set in that the epl is not some tin pot league
  13. Hahahahahahahahahaha this made me crack the f**k up!
  14. Awesome player and only getting better it seems We need to bring someone in to help him with his goal celebrations though
  15. Always vote for azpi mr consistent! Kante has to win really though he has given numerous players the freedom to express themselves further up the pitch