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  1. Fair enough, yeah was only an initial assement based on his performances in the EPL can't say I've watched much Brazilian football in the last few years, but based on what I've seen I'd say he's going to be the next big think along with mbape (spelling?) of Monaco. Hopefully our own Tammy or bertie can get some game time as I see no reason they cannot reach such levels!
  2. Didn't you see him before the injury?
  3. For all of city's chances that was one of the most boring games of football I've ever watched! On a side note that Gabriel Jesus looks phenomenal, going to be a scary striker in a few years
  4. Witcher is something special to be fair love the gwent card game, have you played the others? Nothing will top ssx tricky for me :p
  5. Can't say I've played any of the ones you've mentioned bar baldur's gate bloody awesome game takes me back years, thanks for the recommendations!
  6. For anyone interested in rpg's dark souls 1,2,3 bloodborne nioh Star Wars kotor 1,2 Fallout 3 Witcher 3 Some of the best games I've played!
  7. Chill out big man!