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  1. Oh yeah. Happy days.
  2. Seems you can't say anything positive either or the haters attack too. This thread is weird.
  3. The first season is slow, but builds the platform for the show. Its awesome now.Theres a fair few BB characters in it now and the family tension is great. Give it another crack.
  4. I guess we'll find out soon enough
  5. Conte wanted Llorente in January.
  6. Because I dont think it will. £60m+ for Lukaku and £5-10m for Llorente. Do you honestly see us buying two £50m+ strikers when playing a 1 striker system?
  7. I think there's zero chance myself. Just cant see us spend that much on a singular position like a striker. We will buy a starter and a guy whos happy enough to be 2nd fiddle.
  8. Well it wont be 2 of the 3 i named. No way we spend 100-120m on strikers.
  9. We aren't buying two £50m+ strikers to replace Costa. It'll be one of Lukaku/Belottii/Morata and someone cheap like a Llorente who'll be happy to be 2nd fiddle.
  10. Cmon Chels 2 more to go and its party time.
  11. For UEFA competitions? I didn't think he'd been with us long enough. He's only been a 'Chelsea Player' for 18 months.
  12. Is he counted as home grown?
  13. Better Call Saul is back and the first 2 eps have been great. Hello Gus.
  14. Where'd you hear this?