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  1. Agree to disagree on that then the only time I saw Mou actually choose to play Rashford ahead of other options was against Chelsea when he was more interested in the europa league. If Ibrahimovic hadn't got injured I doubt he would have had over 1300 BPL minutes says it all to me really, still only managed 1700 minutes (5 goals 1 assist).
  2. Rashford if picked on Merit wouldn't be making the Man U team. He is an extremely average footballer who is just very quick see Adama Traore. Lingard as bad as he is is a better footballer than Rashford. The only reason he is being picked is pressure from the board as part of the United way is developing youth and after his few goals a year ago is being massively hyped. I do not believe that if Mou had the choice he would be starting Rashford and can see him following a similar route to obscurity as someone like Januzaj or a little bit better off and be the next Sterling and turn into a average footballer.
  3. Only £170m+ of players being confirmed on 1 day how boring
  4. Lol not a single player that can defend and knowing pep I doubt the goalie would be any good either
  5. I would hope a year with Conte would change that but doubt he will be given that chance.
  6. Could be true haven't seen much of Castillo and other than that youtube clip posted in which he looked like a decent striker especially for someone who's 16 I haven't seen much of Redan either. Man U were also interested and I think I remember other teams being interested in Castillo too, so it isn't just us looking to poach but you think if they really were that good they would be sniffing around Ajax's first team and wanting to play there for a few years before moving but who knows.
  7. Played reasonably well without standing out as with most of the England team
  8. I think Ward Prowse suffers from a similar problem and whilst technically very good isn't as quick with his decision making as Baker is and therefore misses a lot of passing options. I also think both would play much better if there were a dynamic midfielder who likes to burst forward either with or without the ball playing along with them in the team and therefore seem to be really missing RLC playing ahead of them. Chalobah playing behind Baker and Ward Prowse with two wingers or Swift in front doesn't quite have the same balance as when RLC was there and its a shame there isn't really anyone in the squad who can replicate that.
  9. I imagine he will take a similar route to Castillo and stay with our youth for a few years, then once counting as home grown it will be off to Vitesse
  10. Thought Baker played well certainly looked better than the majority out there but didn't impose himself enough for me. He is easily the best passer on that team and he either needs to make himself more available or command the ball more
  11. This screams buy loan to Germany or Italy and sell for profit
  12. Yeah I don't think anyone can deny it was a fiasco, On another note I don't really rate Alderweireld think he is solid but nothing special, as with most of the Tottenham squad I think Poch makes the most out of him and covers a lot of his flaws, I think Conte would do the same but don't see him as much if at all better than Cahill.
  13. Tbf he wold turn that Liverpool team into contenders, would still need 2 CBs a LB and a GK but still wold be Scary in Klopps Liverpool
  14. Hopefully but I don't think £60m for Sandro is over spending he's mustard. I also don't think the board does either the first bid was apparently £55m.
  15. On the plus side his Distribution and Rigour are better than VVD and he is the 2nd coming of the mesiah so he can't be that bad. Just looked at the information on the stats and Recovery is proficiency to stop attacks through interceptions and Rigour for which he scores 80 is the ability to minimise goal opportunities by robust duelling so surely that discredits your point.