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  1. PedroMendez

    Eden Hazard

    We will probably had a budget of somewhere in the region of £80m-100m available for transfers, without having to spend, if we need anything above that budget then we may need to sell players sales, but there are a lot of other players that need to be sold, before we even consider raising funds by selling our best player. Willian for instance at £60m, Courtois at £35m, (Morata if Higuain comes in) Then there is the surplus; Cahill, Drinkwater, Zappacosta, Bakayoko, Giroud, Loan army; Zouma, Omerou, Kalas, Piazon, etc That's minimum £100m worth of players that are surplus to requirements that can be used to fund transfers. The sale of Hazard really isn't needed.
  2. PedroMendez

    Alisson Becker

    But Klopp and Liverpool do things differently they can't have broken another transfer record
  3. PedroMendez

    Hazard - The inevitable bids and who to replace him with?

    He has said many times he is happy here and that his family is settled here, and in interviews on the same day as the one people are moaning about he said he is going to try and win the league with Chelsea this season, people in particular news outlets cherry pick parts of interviews in order to create a story that fits their narative and generates clicks nothing is therefore clear
  4. PedroMendez

    Random Rumours

    That instantly gives us the best midfield on the planet, Jorginho Kante and Savic would be insane. It's not happening though.
  5. PedroMendez

    Eden Hazard

    The thing is we really don't need the money from the transfer, and an extra £50-60m or whatever this summer compared to next doesn't really have any impact on the finances of the club. Our squad is overflowing with players surplus to requirements which can be used fund any transfers we make (i.e. Drinkwater £20m, Zouma £20m, Pasalic £15m, MVG £10m, Luiz £10m etc etc) although given Sarri isn't a cheque book manager and prefers to coach his players rather than buying new ones I can't imagine we will be splashing a lot of cash. Also losing Hazard is a huge blow to our marketability as a club and will cost the club in sponsorship deals, shirt sales, growth of supporters etc so losing out on £50-60m worth of transfer fee for a year of Hazard at his best is not nearly as costly as it looks. The only reason to let Hazard go this summer is because he really doesn't want to play for us this season, which he has giving no indication of.
  6. PedroMendez

    Eden Hazard

    Ohh I know I do find he can be funny sometimes though
  7. PedroMendez

    Eden Hazard

  8. PedroMendez

    Thibaut Courtois

    London is Blue
  9. PedroMendez


    Mine's better
  10. PedroMendez

    Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    He was definitely our best player today but that means absolutely nothing when your second best player is Dier. For me it was only him and Lingard that showed anything positive, but as with the last time we played belgium its extremely hard to judge a player in a team so stale.
  11. PedroMendez

    Eden Hazard

    Stop talking sense it's not allowed we are supposed to all through are hands up in the air and except fate as some newspapers vying for clicks and attention have said real madrid are interested. Edit: Especially with Mertens telling Hazard how poorly his career went with Sarri taking over.
  12. PedroMendez

    Jorginho is a Blue

    Given both players recent fitness records, it doesn't matter who is ahead as they will need regular rotation
  13. PedroMendez

    2018/19 squad

    This post has been a month in waiting and finally following Sarri's announcement I can hit submit, and personally I am very exciting for what the season can bring. When we were initially linked with Sarri there was a lot of talk about whether our squad was suited to his style of play and the amount of our players that would not be suited to his style. So given at the time I was on holiday and had some time to kill I decided to see how true that held and decided to assess each member of the squad and how well they would slot into Sarri's Napoli side of the 2017-18 season. I know this post won't be a lot of peoples cup of tea and it will likely be way too long for anyone to consider reading but I personally find it useful and enjoyable and it helps me gauge my expectations, decide on what I think the club needs and build excitement for the season ahead. How Napoli Lined up The 2017-18 Napoli side played a high intensity and offensive 4-3-3; Defensively they deployed a high line with a strong counter press, and in attack they focused on shifting the oppositions defensive structure with lots of quick 1-2 touch short passes, whilst exploiting any space and blind spots with constant off the ball movement. This meant that all players needed to proficient on the ball and be able to play at a high intensity whilst being very positionally aware both offensively and defensively. Goalkeeper: Sarri had Reina play as a sweeper keeper, comfortable receiving the ball even under pressure, with the confidence to thread a pass through an onrushing press. Centre Backs: Koulibaly and Albiol are the building blocks for Napoli's attack, inviting the opposing team to press them to produce more space in midfield, both players are suitable composed and technically able on the ball to enable this to work. Defensively they play with a high line and therefore communication and either acceleration or outstanding positional awareness are needed. It should be noted that prior to Sarri Koulibaly was especially raw and was too capable technically but under his tutor-ledge he has become one of the highest rated defenders in the world, sp technical ability isn't necessarily a pre-requisite and he will likely want at least one powerhouse in defence. Right Back: Hysaj performed a very functional role, pressing in defence and working hard off the ball to make him self available for a pass, the possession based style meant he needed good ball control and passing ability, with a strong defensive positional awareness and ability needed for the position. Left Back: Ghoulam was a lot more involved in Napoli's attack and therefore required more ability going forward than Hysaj but perhaps less defensive responsibility. Centre Defensive Mid: Jorginho was the ticking heart of the team in a similar role to that of a mature Pirlo he picks the ball up from the defence and works it with other midfielders to the final third he has an assurance on the ball, great vision and is brilliant at finding space to pick up the ball along with good defensive positioning and work rate. Right Centre Midfield - Allan provided the steel in an extremely hardworking midfield, constantly moving without the ball both in defence and attack either to find a pocket of space or press a manin the process getting through a lot of the midfield dirty work. (sound like anyone) Left Centre Midfield: Hamsik played as a roaming playmaker as with most of the team constantly moving off the ball but playing with a bounty of technique and flair along with some high energy pressing Right Wing: Callejon provided width, pace and plenty of runs in behind, he didn't need to be as technically gifted as Insigne as isn't needed or used in the majority of the build up play. Left Wing: Insigne was the main creative force in the side and played a very similar role as Hazard did in the 3-4-3 of 2016-17 Striker - Mertens played a very mobile false nice getting into pockets between the lines and linking play whilst also pulling the defence around by making countless runs in behind. Although I do think that Sarri will adopt a more conventional striker similar to when Higuain was Napoli's main man How do our players fit The ratings provided are all relative to ability, the order each position shows indicates my current ranking of their ability GK: Courtois - 6.5/10 - He undoubtedly is a great keeper but for me he but he currently lacks the ball distribution to perform this role to an elite level (although this is improving) - First XI if we have to sell he will be hard to replace Cabellero - 5/10 - good shot stopper but that's about it - Bench Blackman - 5/10 - Homegrown had a decent season last year - 3rd choice keeper Potential Signings - Alison (7.5/10) for Courtois - downgrade but still a very capable replacement CB: Rudiger - 8/10 - decent enough on the ball, strong quick and suitable for a high line, his composure sometimes could be better - First XI Christensen - 9/10 - good on the ball and extremely composed, could do with bulking out a little but if it wasn't for a poor month we would all be signing his praises - First XI or rotation Luiz - 8/10 - good on the ball, brilliant passing range although after his 'injury' issues is he still physically able to play a high line - Rotation or Sold Cahill - 5/10 - ok in pretty much all departments although he is a good leader and presence to have around the club - Backup Zouma - 4/10 - love the man and think he is/was an extremely exciting defender although he is technically below par and would need a Koulibaly type transformation to fit into this side - Sold(with a buy back or sell on clause) Hector and Miazga - 7/10 - both wildcards for a squad place imo as they are both good on the ball and physically, Sarri might just see something workable there - Backup or Sold Ampadu - 8/10 - very promising and seems good in all areas - Backup Kalas and Omerou - 5/10 - ok defenders but not up to scratch - Sold JCS, Chalobah and Tomori - 8/10 - already or to be loaned Potential Signings: Rugani (9/10) RB: Azpi - 10/10 - Azpi is simply fantastic enough said - First XI Moses - 5/10 - Has the work rate and stamina to perform the role but his passing and defensive awareness are below par - Bench or sold Zappacosta - 6/10 - more suited to the role than Moses but has struggled to adapt to the BPL and doesn't look up to scratch - Sold Aina - 4/10 - lots of pace and energy bit like Moses in that he is technically and defensively not perfect for the role - Loan or Backup (James 8/10 Sterling 4/10 both already on loan) Dabo - 6/10 - versatile had a decent season in the Eredivise - Loan, sell or backup LB: Alonso - 6/10 - technically brilliant but lacks the physical and defensive attributes to really make this role his own - Rotation or Sold Emerson - 7/10 - saw glimpses of his dynamism last season, looked good going forward although unsure about him defensively - Rotation Baba - 5/10 - had the athleticism before his injury but looks out at see defensively would need a lot of coaching to be up to standard - Sold Dasilva - 8/10 - has had a good loan experience at Charlton technically very good with a good engine only down side is his height - Backup CDM: Jorginho - 10/10 - was an outstanding and vital cog in the Sarri system pulling all the strings as a deep lying playmaker - First XI Fabregas - 6/10 - a lot might argue that if he should be utilised further forward, however, for me this position suits his strengths and hides his weaknesses, - Rotation/Bench also a 6/10 at LCM MVG - 7/10 - out for season so irrelevant Scott - 8/10 - similar style of play to Jorginho and could be a great understudy for him, however it does currently seem a step to far a strong preseason with Sarri though and you never know - Backup or loan Colkett - 6.5/10 - similar style to Jorginho although defensively a bit weak not up to standard though - Reserves or loan RCM: Kante - 10/10 - as with Azpi the man is mustard - First XI Bakayoko - 6/10 - technically would need to improve but I like his drive and physicality - Bench Drinkwater - 7/10 - decent hardworking midfielder although doesn't add anything special and seemingly wants to leave - Sold Pasalic - 7/10 - decent all rounder would be nice for him to get a shot - Backup or sold also a 7/10 at CDM LCM: RLC - 6.5/10 - Technically and physically able but may lack the stamina to match the intensity needed and would need to improve his production in the final third - Rotation Barkley - 7.5/10 - Would be a decent option but needs to prove his fitness - Rotation or Loan Mount - 9/10 - has everything you could want for a player in this position currently lacking a little physically but that will only get better with age - Backup Palmer - 6/10 - can produce brilliance in the final third but needs to learn how to take control of games more often - Loan Potential Signing - Golovin (8/10) RW: Willian - 8/10 - would need to work on his movement off the ball but he is a much better player than Callejon so I'm sure he would be able to perform will in this position, it does seem as if he is off though and at 29 approaching 3 its hard to say no to £60m odd - Sold Pedro - 8.5/10 - great off the ball movement and has enough pace to cause the defences problems with it, the role looks suited for him but an upgrade would be preferable - Bench Boga - 7.5/10 - bags off pace and dribbling ability, I think Sarri could really improve him if he were to stay - Backup/Bench LW: Hazard - 10/10 - I expect him to have his best season in a Chelsea the formation and role suit him down to a tee - First XI Musonda - 6/10 - he has not improved over the last few season a player who showed a lot of potentially has failed to make the cut in the adults game so far - Loan Hudson-Odoi - 7/10 - he like to get involved with play where he can but doesn't quite have the ability to spot or sometime even look where the space is likely to develop - Backup ST: Morata - 7/10 - I like his movement and link up play but his finishing last season lacked a lot of confidence and he doesn't seem to have the minerals to want to play in this league - First XI or Sold dependant on Morata's willingness to fight Bats - 6.5/10 - he is a finisher and a character, he has the pace and movement in around the box to make me think he can do it further out but he needs to improve his ability on the ball - Bench or Sold Giroud - 4/10 - Giroud isn't mobile enough to play this role a good striker and a very good plan B and will be difficult to sell - Back up or Sold Abraham- 7/10 - still a work in progress but has a brilliant work ethic, energy around the pitch and is decent in all areas - Back up Summary: I think the above shows that our squad already has players that can fit into place if Sarri were to adopt the same formation as he had in his Last season with Napoli and that with Jorginho now in the side we have strengthened the position that we were weakest Napoli's formation and that we really shouldn't need to much to become a force again, with Right Wing and Striker the areas that look the most likely for movement. GK: Courtois/? , Cabellero RB: Azpi, Moses LCB: Rudger, Cahill, Ampadu RCB: Christensen, Luiz/Rugani, Ampadu LB: Emerson, Alonso CDM: Jorginho, Fabregas, Pasalic RCM: Kante, Bakayoko, Pasalic LCM: RLC, Barkley, Mount RW: Willian/(?), Pedro LW: Hazard, Hudson-Odoi ST: Morata/(?), Bats/Giroud, Abraham
  14. PedroMendez

    Expectations, Hopes and Fears for the New Season.

    My expectations for the season are for both the players and manager to give a sh*t and put their all into the majority of fixtures, we have a squad of players very capable of top 4, so at least competing for top 4 is a minimum in the league. I would hope that we play some exciting football and have a decent top 3 league campaign with a decent performance in atleast one of the many cups we are in. I also would hope that we use the Europa league and other cup competitions to make sure a few of our academy players gets some game time. Hazard, Kante and Azpi are all tied down to new long term contracts. My fear is that Sarri's style of play takes a while to implement and that we as a fan base or the board turn on him and therefore do not allow him the patience he may well need to turn the club into one of the most exciting teams in the prem, along with Hazard deciding he wants to leave either in January or next summer.