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  1. Not sure I agree with that, whilst the ref sent off Herrera there were countess bookable offences against him and I am also pretty sure Rojo got a stamp on him will need to see that again though. On another note I thought he was almost unplayable tonight whilst he didn't make a goalscoring impact the only way the MU players could get near to him was by hacking him down
  2. Time for Jose's excuses
  3. Hes been watching Suarez
  4. They asked him about defending
  5. get in Stoke
  6. Yes PSG, f*ing hate Barcelona
  7. What has Fellaini elbowed someone already is my stream sightly behind
  8. rashford is so average
  9. 5 minutes ago, IliyaKrostin said: I'm not sure that Mings wanted to make that step on Ibrahimovic, they had a little battle between them, but I don't think Mings tried to hit Ibrahimovic. On another side, Ibrahimovic did his elbow by his own and it had to be the second yellow. On first watch I thought the same as you as he pretty much missed the head and it was basically resulted in just a scratch on the neck but on second viewing it does look very intentional. I have been on the receiving end of a few of those whilst playing rugby and tbf to Zlatan it usually pumps me right up I also imagine its much harder to get your own back legally in football.
  10. My first and probably only Chelsea game of this season, it was very hard to pick a stand out player, Fabregas was probably the most influential and Matic certainly looked good when he came on but for me the major factor in the result was the formation credit really had to go to Conte there is always a man free and we seem to always be in the right place to regain possesion when it comes back out. Dominate despite not being fluid today.
  11. Imagine Walcott but even worse
  12. And the Brighton squad isn't even that bad had something like an 8 game unbeaten streak before that game. It just shows how good coaching and management at youth levels really makes a huge difference.
  13. I imagine Pedro is Lwb again will be nice to see ake at lcb
  14. Just a gentle reminder for when you're reading certain headlines today/in general... Thought I'd share this here It's from the Chelsea Youth Twitter account which also posts a story from nov 2015 about how RLC won't sign a new contract with us, I believe he went on to sign a contract not too long after. Think where the press and Chelsea youngsters are concerned we need to take it with a pinch of salt it might well be true.But leaving for Liverpool really doesn't make sense a team like west ham or Southampton would make a lot more sense for a potential move still at the prem don't have to move up to Liverpool and he'd have much more chance of game time.
  15. Is Palmer fit to return from injury thought he had another couple of weeks. Izzy has been brilliant for Huddersfield so far so I hope he can continue it today great exposure and opportunity for the lad, especially as we all no City have trouble defensively.