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  1. Peps brand of football is just yawn inspiring for all their possession there was only 1 worry moment which came from our corner.
  2. I'd argue that in a purely defensive ability sense they are weaker than last season, but that said given they are better offensively are likely to be tested less defensively. On another day Palace could have score 3 against them at the weekend. We will be given chances and its up to us to take them and we will have to if we are to get anything from the game as I really can't see us keeping a clean sheet.
  3. Yeah I know its definitely a very simplistic observation especially as the formation also switched at that point too and it is also way too soon to truly judge Bakayoko's passing ability as he should definitely be given time to settle and he still has plenty of development left in him just look at how much Kante's passing game has improved since he joined us. But it was just the feeling I had watching the game yesterday we just seemed to lack a little composure and vision in the midfield, which Cesc holds in abundance.
  4. I agree Christensen still has a long way to go before his distribution is as good as Luiz, his passing game is currently far more simple, but he does keep it accurate and tidy and has enough ability on the ball to make sure he doesn't put other players into trouble, Cahill is sometimes guilty of making such passes. I also think we noticed that without Luiz and Cesc, the passing ability of the team as a whole isn't nearly at the same level and I think that's why we looked so disjointed in the game up until Fabregas came on. It's why I still have reservations over the Kante - Bakayoko partnership whilst a lot more solid and athletic whilst also being able to drive through the midfield with Bakayoko and to an extent Kante's dribbling ability, both have a 'weak' passing game and naturally sit a bit deeper. This in turn makes it much harder for the Wide forwards, making them far more isolated from the midfield and forcing them into positions where they have to do a hell of a lot to manufacture dangerous positions or sometimes even just to retain the ball. Not that this gives either an excuse for what was below par performances but it was in my eyes a large contributor. I think we are in a good position and its a nice problem to have the competition and ability to change our style depending on our needs but I do think we need to have at least 1 of Luiz, Fabregas and Hazard in the side if we are to play well and still believe our best team includes all three. (Courtois, Rudiger, Christensen, Luiz, Azpi, Fabregas, Kante, Alonso, Willian, Hazard, Morata)
  5. Very flattering scoreline at the moment but Stoke are giving acres of space at the back
  6. Contact was outside Chopo Moting fell inside, also a very dubious free kick aswell I get people want to hate on Cahill but it was't a pen
  7. Can anyone work out Stoke's formation I am struggling
  8. Bored, but when he decided to turn it on he looked dangerous, turn of speed, strength and ball control all looked close to his top level
  9. I'm pretty sure it is where he has been playing for the youth teams
  10. He's primarily a CB isn't he, so it is unsurprising that he looked a little bit uncomfortable at CM
  11. Lol in other news West Brom score from a corner against City where I don't think I saw a City defender even attempt to move, classic Pep
  12. Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

    Bale is one I never saw coming, On the other spectrum I still can't believe that Danny Rose managed to make it as a premier league player let alone an England international, although tbf I still think he can't defend and is one of the most overrated left backs out there.