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  1. PedroMendez

    David Luiz back at Chelsea

    Do I make out that he is a Pirlo in defence no. I am making out he is the best passer of the ball. no. Using moronic language like 'positional sense of a goldfish' for a player better than 99% of defenders could ever wish to be to make a point just pisses me off. I'm not even an advocate of Luiz and would have Christensen in my Chelsea XI as I think he is the future of the club but Christ the sh*t he has been given over the past 5 games which we have won by the way, is just ridiculous. He has played well not brilliant no, but if you put 95% of the defenders in the place of Luiz even say Joe Gomez of Liverpool and we would have been worse off. That surely says something for the quality he adds.
  2. PedroMendez

    David Luiz back at Chelsea

    It is this over the top disregard to a players ability, a player who has won a hell of a lot, that just pisses me off. Position sense of gold fish yeah you get to that level by being tard grow up and deliver actual contribution to this forum. Is Luiz the best defensively in the league no is he sh*t no
  3. PedroMendez

    David Luiz back at Chelsea

    grow up and calm down
  4. Swap Barkley and Ampadu and I'd agree
  5. PedroMendez

    Match of the day 2018/19

    Chelsea look good end of analysis
  6. PedroMendez

    Mateo Kovačić

    He should have scored at least one today his all round play however was very good, hopefully he finishes those chances when it matters
  7. Bold statement and deserves to be called up as it is beyond the extreme. How? What mistakes has he made that should have cost us points? how many mistakes have gone unpunished? as far as i can tell his mistakes bar maybe one (which was covered by Kante) we were punished for and didn't lose points. Also is it fair to disregard the positives and the fact that his ability on the ball will add to our attacking phase and may therefore be responsible for winning us points. Is Luiz in our defence any more error prone than say Liverpool's or City's or even Madrid's or Barca's I'd say no. Sometimes to play attacking football you have to sometimes leave space. Try and enjoy the attacking football.
  8. The manager has also mentioned this, we will be working on this in training and given we are still learning his methods and will only get more settled as the season goes on. So why can't we just enjoy that we are 5 from 5 and top of the table, despite being in the process of a bedding in period, following a world cup disrupted pre-season in a season where we weren't expected to challenge. Other news we already 6 points ahead of Tottenham and Arsenal.
  9. PedroMendez

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2018/2019

    Is Winks even on the pitch? was he substituted?
  10. PedroMendez

    Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    Well he has strength and dribbling ability and he isn't exactly slow but he i certainly lacking a bit of polish atm. Currently for me he is a good squad player similar to Chalobah or Mikel in that they are useful to have as back up and rotation but aren't good enough to be a starter at a top side. That said I do think he has enough potential to be able to make it at a top six side and I definitely don't see him being any worse than say Lingard, but I do think he will need to start playing regularly if he is going to achieve that. I think we will have a much better picture come January as there are at least 7 games for him to show us what he can do in a Sarri side.
  11. PedroMendez

    Man of the Match Chelsea vs Bournemouth

    My thoughts exactly
  12. PedroMendez

    Marcos Alonso

    If that was given it would have been a farce he you see that sort of thing all the time in football he literally just got up and started jogging back on to the pitch. No look at the player no additional force, I'm not saying it was accidental but you would be hard pressed to make a case that it was a deliberate and cynical act
  13. PedroMendez

    Izzy Brown

    Well it won't be that cheap for Leeds and to be honest a season under Bielsa could be great for their careers it is also very similar to Sarriball so can't be bad for them in a Chelsea perspective either
  14. PedroMendez

    Marcos Alonso

    It worked for many seasons before that Mourinho meltdown year though
  15. PedroMendez

    Marcos Alonso

    Well that just isn't true a perfect example of him doing this is the first goal against Arsenal. He seems to have understood what space to run into more than any other player so far his off the ball movement has made us at least 3 goals so far (2 penalties and the one above) If the winger is occupying the full back he has very intelligent exposed either the space between the FB and CB or the space out wide. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/45317675 The pitch map in the above is not one of a player not offering width. The issue highlighted is more his lack of physicality 'Alonso is more like a midfielder - very elegant on the ball, clever with how he uses space and angles - but he does not have the pace to unsettle a defence.' Which if he carries on with his intelligent movement isn't an issue offensively. The punditry piece seemed to be more aimed at Dave who was in the first half at least hesitant to burst into the space Alonso doesn't have this issue.