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  1. Considering this was posted in the match thread before the game surely betting shops were stupid to put the bets on in the first place.
  2. really to me he looks lazy and that wont sit well with Conte
  3. Nice to see Roman joining in the chant for antonio
  4. Amazing how there was only 6 points between 8th place and 17th
  5. Who do people want to make top 4 I'm hoping for Arsenal and a last minute Bamford equaliser to really sink Liverpool
  6. Yeah I am not saying that Ake is as good or that he would contribute more to the team. VVD is on another level to Ake, you just mentioned VVD's goal return being a reason why wehe would be better than Ake and his goal return isn't something I would consider a strong point of his, 4 goals in 55 games isn't anything special and clearly isn't something he is stronger at than Ake.
  7. You do realise Ake has more premier league goals this season than VVD in less minutes, and the same amount of BPL goals in total again in far less mintes...
  8. This is if we don't sign a RWB, which I hope we do. I think Moses while performing very well this season is quite limited and isn't actually that much better than Azpi when it comes to end product going forward and therefore Azpi being so good defensively will add to that position, although it may well upset the balance Alonso and Moses have provided to the team so whether this will actually improve the team is uncertain. Hopefully we don't have to be put into this position though by signing a more complete RWB.
  9. 5th best CB in the squad, since we don't know who the top CB we would be signing is, I thought this would be the easiest representation. I also think that since both RCB and LCB are very similar roles and whilst being left footed helps the LCB role I don't think it essential, as Cahill has shown, that Christensen would be ahead of both Ake a Zouma for each position. As much as i like Zouma I unfortunately don't think he suits either of the roles in this Conte back 3. If VVD were signed I would say Christensen would be better in the Luiz role and VVD better at RCB and LCB roles, to begin with anyway eventually Christensen will be better in all three positions as he has a much higher ceiling imo and I can see this be as soon as the end of next season hence not being overly keen on getting VVD in. I then think that Ake makes a very dependable 2nd string defender who can cover all 3 CB positions therefore I believe if we were to have another top class CB or VVD ahead of him allowing Christensen to further his development with 40+ appearances at a team like Everton or Southampton (might make a useful make weight for VVD), rather than the 15 to 20 or so appearances he would get here starting as the 5th best CB in the squad and demoting Ake to even less appearances, would be a better option for both.
  10. This is the team I am expect to see today. Begovic Cahill - Terry - Ake Azpi - Kante - Matic - Alonso Willian - Pedro Costa However I would quite like to see Fabregas and Loftus-Cheek in the starting line up but i think match sharpness for next Saturday will be too important. Expect a truly buoyant atmosphere which hopefully the team can recreate on the pitch. 6-0 Chelsea, Costa for a hat trick (which is hopefully not as a fair well) Azpi, Terry and Alonso for the other goals.
  11. Firstly I don't believe there is much differece between a 'mediocre' season at Gladbach compared with a 'mediocre' season at Southampton. Secondly Christensen himself hasn't had a individually mediocre season he has been largely praised as one of the best defenders in the Bundesliga, there is a reason gladbach want to keep him for a club record fee and why he has been linked with Barca during the year. Now on to the point of whether he can start for Chelsea and obviously this depends on who we sign as if we were to sign a top CB it would be a lot more unlikely, (I wouldn't call VVD a top CB though although he would likely start the season ahead of Christensen in the pecking order if he were to be signed), in which case it would probably make more sense to loan him to a team like Everton or Southampton then keep him as 5th choice. I also don't believe CB should be our top priority, (we are likely to have to loan one of Ake, Zouma and Christensen next season all of which a very decent rotation options let alone back up), we also have more pressing positions that need much more strengthening than CB, we should be looking for a striker, a midfielder, a couple of wing backs and a Sanchez calibre forward before we even consider upgrading the CB position. But for now just considering the current composition of the Squad, as the rest is purely speculation. If we were to bring back Christensen he would be 4th choice CB and I already believe he is as capable as VVD (VVD's slightly better in the air, Christensen slightly more composed and less likely to switch off/make a bad tackle) and only slightly behind Cahill, (both VVD and Christensen are better on the ball, but Cahill has been a real goal scoring threat and shown resilience and leadership throughout the year which puts him ahead of both). During the season Christensen will get the opportunity to show what he can do in training and in the cups as well as continue to develop under Conte (which could do wonders), and I believe by the end of the season Christensen will be a better all round CB than Cahill and will have taken his place through merit. I also think, if we don't pick up a top RWB we will see Azpi played there more often especially against the top sides or physically dominant sides and this will open up a starting spot for Christensen. I think we would eventually see Azpi as our starting RWB (something Conte has recently been looking at) and Christensen starting in the vacant CB spot. Again this is all subject to who we sign as if we sign a top CB I don't see him getting much game time but whilst we haven't I believe such a bold statement warrants a little bit of light hearted fun.
  12. Better start saving
  13. Whilst no where near the level of the others, I think Milinkovic-Savic would make a great partner for Kante in the years to come, playing well in Serie A only 22 and seems decent in the air, and on the ball.
  14. And before that we won the title, what of it. I was making the point that Cahill will have less defensive work to do than VVD. Having had a look at the stats on Squawka, Azpi is apparently by far the best passer out of all of them, does that mean he is?
  15. He is in a predominantly 4 man defence in a team that will have to do a lot more defending of course his stats will look better. HE also doesn't have Kante in front of him stealing all of his work.