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  1. That bench though...
  2. I could be wrong and someone will have to confirm but I believe it was the Chels supporters who got tix in the WBA home end. TO be fair, I'd struggle to contain myself watching my team score the EPL winning goal in the dying minutes too haha
  3. 5am here, f**k SLEEP!!!!
  4. Been really impressed with Ake, he's been patient with his limited playing time but has taken those chances very well. Just read that unless he features (even as a substitute) in our remaining fixtures he won't be up for a Premier League medal... "According to league rules, a player must have played at least five matches in the Premier League for that club to get a medal, and with Chelsea on course to seal the title he is one who won't want to miss out."
  5. I was bricking it before Pedro's goal, he's seemed to have popped up for us when in need a few times this season! Over to you Arsenal!!!
  6. Dieeeegggggoooooaaaallllllll!!!!
  7. This ref is an actual joke
  8. Lacazette has publicly admitted that he wants to leave Lyon in the summer and has revealed his admiration for the Premier League... Thoughts?
  9. The King to return?...
  10. hugs all round
  11. Feck I hate when the camera switches to the coaches, just show the fecking game!!