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  1. Agreed, I can't remember if I had mentioned this in an earlier post after the match had finished (because I was too angry haha) but Luiz and Cahill NEED to have a spell on the sidelines, we have 2 MUCH better options in Christensen and Rudiger. Would like to see: Dave - Christensen - Rudiger in the next few weeks. Hopefully Conte starts with that back 3 against Roma.
  2. Thanks! @Sexyfootball I get that we need to rotate the squad with Champions League on Wednesday but we also need to start our best 11 (evidently) when we can. Hopefully Christensen and Rudiger both start against Roma. We need to start to form a partnership between the 3 center halves of Dave, Christensen and Rudiger and the only way to do that is to have them playing together week in week out.
  3. Stupid question lads and lasses, but have we ever started a match with - Dave - Christensen - Rudiger... ? I just feel we have one of the best young CB's in the League who isn't getting the game time he deserves and Rudiger who really hasn't put a foot wrong since his arrival and has looked solid. Luiz and Cahill have both been fantastic servants to the club but it's about time we made the changes.
  4. We better be f**king busy in January...
  5. 12am here and have to TRY and go to sleep after watching that sh*te... we were lucky Palace didn't put 4 or 5 past us
  6. Reflecting on the game after calming down, we never really got out of 1st gear. To be fair to City, they outplayed us in every department but it's not surprising after the amount of effort the lads put in against Atletico. Losing Morata early on definitely didn't help but I felt Pedro would have been a better option than Willian. I said to a few mates before the game that we're going to struggle after playing Champs League on the Wed night against one of the toughest teams in Europe, travel back to London then play against an extremely good team in City. Pep knew that we'd be rattled and took advantage of it by pressing us and the high line pressure ensured that we had no time on the ball. I felt we could have started with a few different faces (ie Moses, Pedro who could have offered a bit more energy than say Cesc and Baka). Hazard looked spent by half-time as did a few other key players which as I said before isn't surprising due to the amount of effort put in on Wednesday night especially with Haz coming back from injury. In regards to the current table, we're 7 games in and we've played the Spuds, Arsenal and now City whereas United's toughest fixture has arguably been Southampton. City trounced Liverpool and other than that have played against mid to lower opposition. Give it a month or so and we'll see what the Manchester clubs are actually made of...
  7. Danny Drinkwater

    Unfortunately, the price of players seems to have gone out the window since the Pogba, Neymar deals. He's also English so we were always going to have to pay top dollar for him and as you mentioned we left it very late so Leicester were only going to accept a pretty audacious bid knowing that we would have to budge. I don't expect him to light up the midfield but I feel much better having him in the squad, everyone was complaining about our lack of depth (myself included) and whilst he might not be on the same level as Nainggolan, Vidal etc. he does bring EPL + Champions League experience, he also had a title winning season with in the center of the park with Kante which I feel may have been a big incentive for Chelsea to go after him knowing how good he and Kante played together, having said that... Kante made Matic look amazing. Anyway, first game back from the International break is against his now old club, will be interesting to see if Conte puts his trust in him straight away or if there is a change in formation.. I'd say that I'm relatively happy with the signings we have made and excited to see how the season pans out. I'm feeling much better than what I did 2 - 3 weeks ago.
  8. Serge Aurier

    Gone to the Spuds... http://www.bbc.com/sport/football/41081740
  9. I agree mate! Unreal, very few in the world that can flick a ball on like that. *EDIT* with their head..
  10. Agreed. Surely the board have/had a 2nd option... regardless, we're a week out from the start of the season and we look flat and a have lack of depth in the squad. Very worrying
  11. Hopefully the f**king board finally wake the f**k up and bid 100m for Sandro
  12. Alex Sandro

    Dybalatti, Higuaino, Sandrotti, Douglas Costalano, Pjanicenni?
  13. Are you worried about the squad size?

    I agree 100% with this! Whilst we have made some good signings we haven't really addressed our "problem areas". Looking at the window so far, we have signed: Big Willy - Good signing to replace Bego, great 2nd choice goalkeeper brought in on a free. Rudiger - Not a bad signing, I agree with didier that it feels a little pointless considering the cover we already have/had but he does look good so far. Bakayoko - A signing we needed to make with Matic on his way out, haven't watched enough Ligue 1 to comment on his ability and I can't base a player on YouTube highlights. With Chalo going to Watford we seem to have gone a little backwards (transfer market wise) and we our now looking to add another player here... Morata - Great signing imo and replacing a very good striker in Costa. Despite his poor attitude, recent events etc. you can't deny his ability. He's done with Chelsea (evidently awhile ago) and it seems Conte is done with him. Morata is still young and hasn't really been given the opportunity to be a club's leading forward. Conte has put his faith in him and hopefully that will pay dividends this season. As dider mentioned above and imo our first 2 major signings should have been a LWB and a RWB. Alonso suprised me this season and I think that can be said for a lot of Chelsea fans. I think he's very good going forward and isn't as bad definitively as some ppl claim he is albeit he's not the best and he does get caught out for his lack of pace at times. Sandro would have been an amazing signing and whilst it's harsh on Alonso he would have been in the starting line-up without a doubt, second best LB in the world behind Marcelo imo. Moses looked a different beast after we changed to a back 3 and it seemed Conte got the best out of him as a RM turned RWB. Looked good going forward and equally adept tracking back defensively. Whether it was the amount of games Moses played that took their toll or what but on the back end of the season he started to look a little suspect and his decision making in the back line is a little worrying at times, something I feel he can improve on this season hopefully. Other than Sandro at LWB we haven't really been in for any RWB's that I can think of?... With what's left of the window our main focus will hopefully be on both these 2 areas. No chance of signing Sandro unfortunately so hopefully Conte and the board have a back up in mind!
  14. Danilo

    He won't start ahead of Mendy or Walker imo...