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  1. It looks like it will be available on the ESPN app and online. Thanks for the heads up!
  2. Balls everywhere
  3. lol he looks like he belongs in a wax museum
  4. Lulz at this whole situation
  5. It's a weird situation. I'm not overly excited about signing him but I'm also no overly excited about keeping Costa around. Yes Costa has been great for us, at times. There's no saying next season won't be like 15/16 or the second half of this past season. If Conte wants Lukaku, I'll get behind him and hope he has the motivation to make an impact for the team.
  6. At least is won't cost as much
  7. Tibo is one up on Lloris
  8. Dave for captain!!
  9. I'd like for Conte to start who he'd start from our current group that would be starters next season.
  10. Team to face Watford: Begovic, Zouma, Terry (c), Ake, Azpilicueta, Kante, Chalobah, Kenedy, Willian, Batshuayi, Hazard. #CHEWAT Tonight’s subs: Eduardo, Aina, Alonso, Cahill, Fabregas, Pedro, Diego Costa. #CHEWAT Love the rotation but also that Dave is starting. I'm guessing he'll play every minute of the season
  11. Leaving work early this afternoon to get the match in. All decked out in my Blues gear sipping coffee out of my Chelsea mug this morning! It can only mean good things!! 2-0 Chelsea with Diego and Hazard scoring
  12. Lol Wasn't he on the bench a few matches back? I hope he'll get some time if we wrap up the league on Friday. I think he would be a good wingback option, especially in some earlier cup matches.
  13. I'm so upset I'm going to be missing the match. I think this is just the second this season. I'll be checking updates as frequently as I can. Come on you blues!!!