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  1. Matt Miazga

    Played the full 90 in a friendly against Portugal, 1-1, today. I didn’t watch much of the match but played well.
  2. He prefers playing two men down from the start.
  3. Tammy Abraham

    He could have scored early in the match but it went through his legs.
  4. Alvaro Morata

    A toe nail issue is an injury?
  5. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    I wonder if we’ll keep him next season. Looks like the same type of player as Baka
  6. I smiled so big that this.
  7. Cesc Fabregas

    You guys forgot one of the most important things about Fab, he had the best tackle in the game and didn’t foul anyone in the process
  8. I like it. I’d rather not see Cahill, which is what everyone is thinking, and Pedro in for Fab.
  9. Very nervous for today, but I feel a narrow win for us. I’d love another thrashing last last year at the bridge. COYB!!
  10. Matt Miazga

    Made a defensive header out of the box that fell for who ever we were playing and they scored, not like it couldn't have happened to anyone in the back. I doubt he'll get another look from Chelsea now.
  11. I think DL will be playing a CM role in the game. Nevermind just saw no other WB besides Alonso
  12. Matt Miazga

    That's what he's referring to. Granted Bruce made a bunch of wrong decisions with the US team.
  13. Random Rumours

    I just figured that's what we'd be after, not that we'll necessarily get those three and if they do we'll most likely end up with our umpteenth choice deadline day transfers nobody.
  14. Drinky getting in there!!
  15. Thanks for the heads up! I might miss some of the match but at least I know where to find it.