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  1. Hoping for a good win. Unfortunately I'm gonna miss this and the next two games while I'm traveling in Thailand.
  2. I only saw a little blurb this morning but glad he seems to be doing well. I wish him the best
  3. Hope to see him play the whole match this weekend.
  4. Not that he's playing bad but I honestly forget that Cahill is on the pitch.
  5. Hopefully Liverpool keep it up and don't let Spuds come back.
  6. I went with Hazard because of his stunning solo run. If it wasn't for that, it'd be a hard choice for MOTM. So many players put in an amazing shift in that game. One of the most complete performances by the team.
  7. Mine did too. So pissed off
  8. Goal. Of. The. Season.
  9. I'm hoping I can make it back to my hotel room in time on Tuesday to catch the start. I don't get good cell reception where I'm working so I may miss part of this huge game.
  10. Kenedy gonna stay I guess.
  11. You could have said the same for Oscar and Mikel about a nice send off. I just cringe every time I see him of the touch line getting ready to be subbed in.
  12. This. Not sure why he's not getting more chance. Maybe this will show Conte that he needs more PL time. Really pleased with RLC. His first touch is a bit rough and can be a bit flat at times but he's big and strong and isn't afraid to go forward with the ball. Gotta like that.