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  1. seanlu13913

    César 'Dave' Azpilicueta

    I love Dave, like total man love
  2. seanlu13913

    Diego "the guv'nor" Costa

    I want him back
  3. seanlu13913


    I fully agree. I think Willian is a player that we need to keep. At times he can be frustrating even a bit wasteful at times, especially when him and Hazard get going on their blind flicks . But his pace when he explodes out of the back is perfect for our counter attack.
  4. Sucks I'm going to miss the first half, got a calculus exam today. I'll be turning it on my phone as soon as I get out of class.
  5. seanlu13913

    Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    I just read he rolled his ankle injuring the ligaments. Hopefully it’s iust that but still could be a difficult recovery. I whisk him the best
  6. Still gonna wear my Morata kit today, I’ve gotta get some use out of it lol
  7. A agree, start Palmeiri with Alonso on the bench, he deserves a rest since he worked is ass last night. Willy Dave Andreas Rudiger Zappa Kante Drinky Palmeiri Willian Giroud Hazard
  8. IMO it should have been 1-0 Barca. Easily could have been 1-1 if Alonso nails that free kick. I'm not disappointed in the least with the team as a whole. Tibo blew it in goal and at points our passing was abysmal but we created, we put them on their heals at times. They blocked a hand full of great shots and chances.
  9. We'll hit the post 4 times tonight
  10. Really like today’s lineup. I’m hoping Rudiger is just being rested.
  11. seanlu13913

    Andreas Christensen

    It looked like he said something to AC and pointed at him but still I also fault DD for not sticking with Lingard. IMO if you have the opportunity to let your center back not have to mark someone the better so they can pick up anything else coming into the box. DD really had no reason to pass off Lingard. go to 9:40 in the video
  12. Maybe I’m glad I won’t be watching the first half. Too bad I have a Barca fan in my class
  13. I’m biting my nails for this one guys. I’m going to completely miss the first half because I’ll be in class, and a quiz . I’ll be tuning right in for the second half as soon as class is over
  14. seanlu13913

    Kenedy officially signs for Chelsea

    Like a boss