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  1. Chelsea Kits for the 2017/18 season

    That's what sucks, just put out the same kit for a dozen teams. Come on. While I like our home and away kits, they're still the same as the supds kit.
  2. Chelsea Vs FK Qarabag (CL) Tue 12 Sep 2017 KO 19:45 BST

    I love it when I get a Chelsea game in the middle of my afternoon at work! COYB!!
  3. lol can't but help laugh at that one
  4. lol or after he puts Bats in over Costa
  5. 3-1 Chelsea Morata brace and a Baka "Matic style" screamer.
  6. Zappacosta

    He's a skinny dude 154lbs at 6'1"
  7. Zappacosta

  8. Deadline Day Drama

    This all can only mean one thing, we are going to kill it in the January window.
  9. Riyad Mahrez

    I don't think Willian is going anywhere. Marhez would be a nice addition to the squad. That would be a saving grace to deadline day getting him onboard.
  10. Deadline Day Drama

    And Costa staying lol
  11. Random Rumours

    Who really knows. Some say we did others say we didn't.
  12. Random Rumours

    Too bad we couldn't keep Thorgan as well. We could have had the Hazard trifecta.
  13. Willian is such a frustrating player. I didn't see the first half but all I saw in the second was him slow it down, take someone on then loose possession. To me, he's more frustrating than Bats who you expect to do nothing on the ball.
  14. COYB!!! Unfortunately I'm going to miss most of the first half and can't watch the whole match. 3-1 Chelsea!!