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  1. I'm really sorry for this... It's a wall of text and you'll say "tldr fu!" Perhaps it's an old one you've already read, was new to me though. But trust me, it's hilarious and you'll enjoy every single word. Found it in the new rawk-thread on redcafe... Let's not forget perhaps the greatest passage in the book of Kopites lads. 26, 1-401] THEN the twenty years of plenty came to an end, and twenty years of famine set in. 21 The land was barren, and nothing flourished, and no gloty came upon the Kopites. 3] And the Kopites saw the glory of their neighbours to the east, the Devil-Worshippers, and they saw the wealth of the Philistines in the south, who were Muscovites from the house of Chav. 4] Then the Kopites suffered bitterly, and grievously did they pity themselves. 5] And the people came unto the Lord, wailing and rending their garments, which were made from shells. 6] And the Lott said, "Why are you come before me, ctying and wailing? Wherefore do you rend your garments that are made from shells?" 7] And the people cried, "Behold, 0 Lott, we suffer bitterly, like. 8] For Thou hast brought wealth upon the Philistines, and glory to the Devil-Worshippers up the mad; but in Thy anger Thou hast forsaken us Kopites, what were once blessed in Thy sight and that." 9] But the Lord replied, "IIow is it that have I have forsaken you, when I have pouted such bounty upon your heads?" 10] But the people looked about them and saw no riches, nor the shining trophies of battle. And they protested unto the Lord, "Where is this bounty then, 0 Lord, of which Thou fuchen speakest?" 11] And the Lord replied, "Yea, the bounty of the Lord is as the rain, that is drained into the sands of the desert. For it is all gone on the likes of Bruno Cheyrou." 12] But the people wept, and they no longer had faith in the Lord, and banished him from their sight. 13] And the Lord went from that place, and two new Lords came from far away in the West. 14] And the new Lords said that They would lead the people to salvation. 15] Then the people bent over before them, and were overjoyed, and they raised their voices in praise, saying, "We're proper sorted now, la. We're gonna win the league." 16] Now it had come to pass in this time that they greatly exalted the prophet Raphael, who was their leader. 17] For under his rule they fought a battle of many nations, and in the land of Lud they strove against the Berlusconians. 18] And lo, though they were almost destroyed, they fought back and vanquished the enemy, thanks to Stevie G. 19] Then the Kopites made an idol of Raphael, and cried out that he was the saviour, and by his mighty sword they would come forth from the land. 20] But in the end they came fifth. 21] When they saw that the might of the Kopites was nigh restored, all the tribes trembled. 22] But the King of the Devil-Worshippers did not tremble: he was crafty, and in his wisdom he sent a madness upon Raphael. 23] Then Raphael became as a man who dreams, speaking in tongues and seeing visions. 24] And he squandered the wealth of the people on lame and useless servants. 25] For he brought to their camp men such as El Zhar and Ngog, Degen and Bar-Ragan. And he brought Yossi the Israelite, who had settled west of the land of Ham; and Babel, in whose name men built a tower. 26] And he brought many, many more. 27] And soon Raphael feared to venture forth, lest he be vanquished, but exhorted his servants only to defend the camp. 28] Then all the tribes came to loathe the Kopites, because they were so boring. 291 So the people came before the two Lords and said, "Why don't Ye giz some ackers to Raphael, that he may bring further glory to the people?' 301 And the Lords replied, "Behold, we have given him millions and millions of shekels. But in his madness, he spent it on Glen the son of John, and Aquilani the Roman. And lo, he squandered it on Josetni. Now the bounty of the Lords is gone, for he hath spunked it on absolute garbage." 311 But the people were not satisfied, and they wrote screeds of righteous indignation, and kept saying things about 'net spend'. 32] So the Lords cast out Raphael, and sent for the prophet Roy, renowned for his steady hand and his outstretched arm and his good relations with the press. 33] But the people were in mourning for Raphael: they loved him greatly and pitied him. And they did pity also themselves. 34] For they were blind to his madness, seeing only his triumph against the 13erlusconians years before. 35] And Roy was an old man, and the Kopites lost countless battles. 36] And the people went berserk, and threatened to come into the house of the Lords and do Them harm. 371 And it came to pass that They were skint, and soon the moneylenders drove Them from the temple. 38] And so yet another Lord came among the Kopites, and he sacrificed Roy and sent for the old King who had lead the Kopites a full score years before. 39] Then the people rejoiced, and cried, "Right, this time we are pure fuchen sorted, la. We're gonna win the league." 40] And them was laughter across the land.s/o to plech
  2. Been reading that both you and us are interested in Perisic... I barely watch italian football so I can't say much, but redcafe are fuming and especially for the amount of money being mentioned. Do you guys rate him? We've also been linked with Moura and Douglas Costa... I know it's all just rumours. But I'd choose Costa every day of the week if I had to go for one of those three
  3. Hopefully... If we get some of the names being thrown around. Yeah, we've been ridiculed about our 6th. But just as you say, rather that and two trophies than 2nd-4th and nothing.
  4. Acceptable... We won the LC and the EL we didn't concede many goals but scored way less than I had hoped for. Saw glimpses every now and then of some hopes for the future. The most frustrating thing was our major inability to kill off games which resulted in all those draws. But in all honesty our squad wasn't good enough to challenge on all fronts. Hopefully we'll be able to strengthen now that we can offer CL
  5. History... Any of you guys ever heard "5 times la"?
  6. I don't count the CS as a trophy... I don't rate the LC and the EL that high. This season was ok with those wins though and it got us back in the CL. I was at the game last night and when the ref blew the whistle I felt some sort of a relief... Mostly that we're back in the CL which will help us strengthen the squad which imo isn't good enough. Even without European games and all those cup games we wouldn't have been able to challenge you... When reflecting over my feelings I felt somewhat annoyed at myself for feeling a relief over "easier" transfer dealings and CL next season rather than celebrating winning the EL. We haven't really won that much post SAF, but I still feel like I did during his reign. Wonder how them gooners feel now?
  7. I actually agree with you... we've been average at best the entire season. First couple of games looked promising, then it all went downhill. The only good game we've played lately was when we met you. The game today was awful and our inability to kill games just isn't there... I've got a ticket for the final and I thought I'd have to go see Celta vs Ajax... luckily for me I don't have to see that bald f*ck Guidetti run around thinking he is something special.
  8. What an awesome day this could turn out to be Edit: Turned out to be!!!
  9. Arsenal winning and Benteke scoring vs Poop... this day is awesome so far. This day would be complete if CP somehow won this game. 0 trophies for Fraudioula... wonder how much they'll spend in the summer. Come to think of it... we'll have to spend a sh*tload as well
  10. He plays tough but falls over just like anyone else when he "has to"... perhaps the dislike comes from that. I rate Costa (perhaps not yesterday when he was rubbish), but honestly he's much dirtier. Pinches and small fouls when he knows the ref aint watching. Can't say I've seen Herrera do those things. Players who play on the edge but falls over from time to time seems to get that hate, so yeah I totally understand the hate he gets. Was just curious about the opinions on his footballing skills :) And the handball yesterday and his comments about it... those kinds of handballs have been asked about for ages when it happens and perhaps one out of a thousand have admitted to it. It's laughable, but that's the way it seems to work.
  11. Everywhere I look I see a lot of hatred for Herrera... but honestly, do you rate him as a player? If I think of one player I truly hate... McBitesalot aka Suarez. I hate him so much, but as a footballer I can't deny he's one helluva player
  12. Well they should look on the bright side... no chance of getting buttraped by Bayern again next season
  13. What a dive... but I'm not complaining that much
  14. I don't like watching this game... wanting a city win makes me feel ill