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  1. Bye bye Sunderland... Hated them with all my heart since they did the poznan
  2. Seeing those bastards lift the trophy by beating us would've been such a horrible feeling. Luckily we didn't have to
  3. So awesome to shut the cookie holes of the poop-supporters. The joy I'd feel of you and spurs managed to get above them when the season ends. It'll match the joy I felt when Sevilla beat them in the EL-final... You can do it!
  4. Kom igen Östersund!
  5. If that wasn't a penalty, they can just remove that from the game... the ref was just a couple of meters behind and saw the whole thing. Incompetent bastard...
  6. For me it actually doesn't matter who gets it. As long as it ain't Liverpool... Watching them fail is almost as good as watching United win. The joy when you beat them and Crystanbul... I'll always remember that
  7. For me the answer is quite obvious... But if it's us two and city for the top three, would you rather have pool or spurs for fourth?
  8. I'm heading for rawk but I forgot the popcorn... Suggestions for a substitute?
  9. Defensively Darmian was ok... but going forward he lacks pace and creativity. Valencia does the occasional shin-shot instead of crossing... but he offers so much more and isn't any worse than Darmian in the defense. Blind has also been ok. But he's like John O'shea, not perfectly suited for a specific position but can play in lots of positions. But as you know Mourinho doesn't change his starting players as much as our previous managers and he rarely gets any time on the pitch. I'm not against keeping Blind, but I don't want us to keep Darmian
  10. Valencia, Shaw and Young have been allowed to go further up the pitch from what I can tell. Darmian who is the most defensive of those four haven't played that much and I hope he leaves, preferably yesterday. Shaw has been quite good in his last outings and I hope he keeps performing. But yeah, we need new players on those positions since both Valencia and Young are 30+. Time will tell... He'll (Sanchez) be getting a really good wage, no doubt about it. But then he is one of the best players in the league and with how this transfer went down he had a strong advantage in negotiating...
  11. I've had my fair share of angry quotes since joining... but it is a Chelsea forum so I hope so... I didn't really understand why Citeh would be in for him in the first place with all their attacking options. Swapping Micky for him is one of Woodwards best jobs so far. Regarding the salary... I don't know where media gets the figures from? One day it's 350k, the next it's close to 600k and a couple of days later it's close to a gazillion since we have to take vet bills, gas bills, parking bills, heating for his house and shoe laces for the next 100 years into those figures Spot on...
  12. Hence the word "We're" when commenting on his wages... https://twitter.com/FutboIChris/status/955403476904890369
  13. Depay... one of the most inconsistent players I've seen. Lacked pace and gave the ball back to the opposition on a regular basis. Might've tried to hard or the PL just didn't suit him, scored the occasional screamer or some spectacular goal. But overall quite disappointing... Have you seen that we're paying Sanchez 750k a week now... the media forgot to include vet bills for the coming years.
  14. I loved all the hype about Kane being injured... 50% of the focus prior to the game was his absence. Didn't hear anyone asking about Zlatan or Pogba being unavailable for the game...
  15. Spurs win, City win, United win, Chelsea win... Liverpool... https://twitter.com/SportsJOE_UK/status/913142202993451009 Dunno how to embed it... My bad