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  1. I don't like watching this game... wanting a city win makes me feel ill
  2. Southampton robbed of a penalty... the referees of this season continues to be sh*t
  3. Wow... sure we've got players injured and suspended and this congested schedule. But damn, that was truly uninspiring... But we haven't been in sixth for over a day now
  4. 3-1 and Sanchez off... Arse TV is going to get so many views today
  5. Not saying Herrera is better than Kante, Kante has been close to perfect every time I've seen him. Herrera have been really good this season, only shocker he's had this season was when we met Chelsea. Not sure if they're easy to compare, do they even play the same roles on the field? Not saying he's better, but he's had a good season and is one of the names I prefer to see on the pitch... Come on Burnley!
  6. Never seen so many headers in a game... ever Would be fun if anyone counted how many minutes of the game the ball was in the air
  7. Why rant about Tottenham, City and us? If we were to beat Rostov away now with 5-0 I wouldn't be thinking about Liverpool, City and you guys and how I want to f**k you all and that we're somehow back... EDIT: But with the score now being 1-1 that would become somewhat difficult... but you should see the state of the pitch plus the fact that it must be frozen. I understand why they beat Bayern.
  8. Those are actually the more filled sections... much worse on many other places
  9. Their fans is probably at home watching their other two favourite teams battle it out...
  10. Mr.Chews-a-lot just made the worst filming ever... if Young was dead he would be turning in his grave
  11. Förvånad? (Surprised)
  12. I'd like to think of myself as the bigger man here...