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  1. I doubt there's many of us who was expecting him to come to us though... From what I could tell on redcafe, most people seemed kind of fed up with the saga and doing a documentary where he said he'll be staying is just cringeworthy
  2. They still have Bobo, Chuckles and so on in the back. They've soon added three names in the midfield with a cost of ~150 million do far... Wonder what they're thinking about the clowns in the back. It'll be a new season with the same issues
  3. Classic! Gracie hunter :D 2:24
  4. Seems like le arse are interested in Signing Mr. Elbows... they truly are the gift that keeps on giving
  5. Have to give Liverpoo thumbs up for the Fabinho deal. Not a word out there until 1-2 hours ahead of it being official, they're gonna look solid from the midfield and up next season... But they still have Bingo, Bobo, Chuckles, Coco and Binky in the defense. I honestly kind of feel the same about us (bar DDG), but from the rumours at least we're looking at those positions. By looking at the reactions from the Porto fans, we seem to be doing a nice job getting their young RB...
  6. No, just no... Stop it! I hope Real tear them a new one
  7. I'm an atheist... but I still find myself praying to some higher power that you guys win your remaining four games and that Brighton manages to nick a point of the bin dippers. What an awesome gift that would be :D
  8. Awesome result today... Still furious over Roma though...arent they allowed to watch previous games that Liverpoop have played? Naive twats thinking they can play their defensive line so far up the pitch. And what's the deal with Alison? I saw the chip for 2-0 coming the second he started rushing out... Hope the bin dippers buy him
  9. Bye bye Sunderland... Hated them with all my heart since they did the poznan
  10. Seeing those bastards lift the trophy by beating us would've been such a horrible feeling. Luckily we didn't have to
  11. So awesome to shut the cookie holes of the poop-supporters. The joy I'd feel of you and spurs managed to get above them when the season ends. It'll match the joy I felt when Sevilla beat them in the EL-final... You can do it!
  12. Kom igen Östersund!
  13. If that wasn't a penalty, they can just remove that from the game... the ref was just a couple of meters behind and saw the whole thing. Incompetent bastard...
  14. For me it actually doesn't matter who gets it. As long as it ain't Liverpool... Watching them fail is almost as good as watching United win. The joy when you beat them and Crystanbul... I'll always remember that
  15. For me the answer is quite obvious... But if it's us two and city for the top three, would you rather have pool or spurs for fourth?