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  1. Willian to Chelsea

    Willian is one of those players when you don't realise what you've got until they're gone.
  2. Random Rumours

    I'd take whatever they have offered for Coutinho. Splash even just half of that on Sanchez.
  3. Chelsea's UCL credentials

    Thinking back to when English clubs were up there with Europe's best, they had English players at heart of the team - Gerrard + Carragher, Lampard + Terry, Rooney + Carrick + Ferdinand.
  4. Your unpopular opinion about Chelsea

    Mourinho is a better coach than Conte.
  5. Chelsea's UCL credentials

    Yeah my expectations are quarter finals. We really aren't that good, the premier league top teams have fallen behind the Europe's best.
  6. Media trying to destabilise Chelsea?

    Like in Conte thread there's rumours on Tuchel replacing Conte, apparently he has fallen out with the board so is being sacked. Why does the media keep trying? Are they desperate to see us fail or what?
  7. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Why do they keep trying?
  8. Cédric Soares

    Spotted in London. I wonder how he could be in London after last fixture?!
  9. Random Rumours

    How is Llorente any better than Baker? Llorente seems raw and inexperienced. He'd need time to break into first team, exactly same situation as RLC and Baker. I don't get why we'd sign a wonderkid when we already have a few. Makes sense to sign an established midfielder for cover and if Baker and RLC impresses then we know we'll have them for next season.
  10. 2 weeks left in the window

    I really doubt we'd sign Mahrez and Sanchez in one window. We already have Pedro, Willian and Musonda. I'm hoping it'll be Sanchez rather than Mahrez!
  11. Claudio Marchisio

    No chance this will happen. Italian players are like wine, they get better with age.
  12. Random Rumours

    No way. Give me an experienced, premier league winner, no fuss midfielder over some fancy Spanish youth midfielder. We have to remember it's for the 4th spot in midfield, and I'd definitely take an experienced player over a prospect. If we sign Llorente then why didn't we persuade Chalobah to stay or even ask Baker to stay?
  13. Don't worry lads. I've just placed a bet on corners so it should die out now.
  14. Shame Fabregas isn't on the bench.
  15. 2 weeks left in the window

    No chance we're going to sign Southampton's 3 first team defenders in the space of a week and half. I'd say Drinkwater, Ox and Cedric.