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  1. dansubrosa

    Andreas Christensen

    If Pep wants Christensen then surely that shows he has faith in him to play the ball out from the back? I’m not very confident in him but surely it won’t be long till he get more chances. David Luiz is on the wrong side of 30, Cahill on his way out.
  2. dansubrosa

    We've got a new Kepa

    I remember a few saying give Bulka a shot Kepa talking like he’s going to be here for majority of his career. A nice change from Tibo!
  3. dansubrosa

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    I’m only looking at the picture, but Sarri is in the same bracket as Ancelotti, Mourinho 11, Di Matteo. All club legends, how is that a bad thing?
  4. dansubrosa

    The John Terry Appreciation Thread

    I’m gutted he didn’t take up a coaching role here but Aston Villa is probably a better option if he really wants to become a manager. Now the question, if the day ever came and we had to choose between Terry or Lampard as a manager, who would you pick?
  5. dansubrosa

    We've got a new Kepa

    Not as good as big Pete.
  6. dansubrosa

    Man of the Match - Chelsea Vs MOL Vidi (EL 2018)

    I don’t think he’s going back to Real Madrid. The fans have already conceded losing him for good. I think Kovacic is quality and is one of my favourite players so far this season. RLC looked good last night though but let’s not forget it was against Videoton, how would he fare against a premier league side? I definitely would like to see him get more chances. But at the expense of Kovacic or Barkley? I’m not so sure
  7. I can understand Pedro starting, but Willian? Anyways let’s hope Morata scores a few to get his confidence back.
  8. What does Hudson Odoi have to do to get a game FFS! He looked one of our most lively players in pre season and I had high hopes for him. I really thought he had done enough to impress Sarri. I really don’t understand it.
  9. dansubrosa

    Jose Mourinho thread

    He certainly does look burnt out, but I think it’s more his tactics are out of touch with football at the moment. We don’t get many Ballacks, Drogbas, Terry’s, etc. It’s all about playing the ball out from the back now and Mourinho is completely the opposite.
  10. dansubrosa

    Jose Mourinho thread

    3 losses, 3 wins and 1 draw so far in Premier league. If that was Sarri at Chelsea the newspapers will be calling for him to be sacked.
  11. dansubrosa

    Jorginho is a Blue

    Such a cool player. No matter how hard you press him, he’ll always find a pass out of trouble.
  12. dansubrosa

    David Luiz back at Chelsea

    It was the best centre half performance I have seen since John Terry days.
  13. dansubrosa

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    Sarri is doing a fantastic job. He has already instilled no fear mentality in the team, this is pretty much the same team apart from 2/3 players who looked sh*t scared of Liverpool at Stamford bridge a year or two ago. The game where Costa scored an equaliser, but they went on to win. Whole game we looked petrified, and I have no doubt some players will have been fearing Liverpool yesterday. Sarri has given the players so much self belief and confidence, and we took the game to them and even dominated in spells. I’m absolutely loving what I’m seeing at the moment, and it will be very interesting to see what tactics Sarri will use against City.
  14. On a neutral football forum, so many Liverpool fans are really impressed with our midfield and are saying our midfield is right up there with City.
  15. dansubrosa

    David Luiz back at Chelsea

    What a MONSTER performance by Luis. Looked like one of the world’s best defenders yesterday, even though I know he’s not.