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  1. Race for Top 4

    All we can do is keep nibbling at them, keep them under pressure. Abit like what they have done to us a few years ago!! Come on Chelsea please please win the rest of the games!
  2. Race for Top 4

    It would be so nice to have them thinking, they’re only 2 points behind us... F*ck!!!
  3. Race for Top 4

    5 points gained on Spurs in 2 matches.
  4. Morata and Giroud up front, I like it so far. Would like to see more of it this season.
  5. A.Madrid lost 3 - 0 today.
  6. That would be ideal but we are really short in midfield. Can’t see Fabregas staying another year
  7. This summer break will do Baka the world of good. Hopefully.
  8. I can’t stand the flicks. Such a waste.
  9. Baka needs help. He’s clearly shot of confidence
  10. You’d have to be a schlong to score an own goal like that...
  11. I don’t think it’d take as long to google it
  12. it didn’t take long for a goal.
  13. What a strange line up. I like it! Would be better if Hazard played instead of Pedro but I get why he hasn’t started. Come on!!
  14. Next Chelsea Manager

    I don’t know if I want another season with Conte. We could be in for another sh*t season with him if our signings don’t work out. You can’t hold it against Chelsea board for signing Morata and Bakayoko, these two were the most highly rated players in Europe and yet they didn’t really work out. I think Conte will moan again even if we have a fantastic window. There’s no guarantee the signings will work. Look at Sanchez at United.
  15. Race for Top 4

    Well, Spurs drew... Spurs to have a Spursy end to the season, while we go on a winning run and clinch 4th spot. Im being too optimistic aren’t I.