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  1. So hard to choose. Moses has been brilliant as well! I'd have to say the regular starting 11 has been fantastic all season, apart from Costa and Matic after January. But they played a huge part to get us where we are now. I reckon I'll vote for... Luiz or Azpilicueta. Unsung heroes.
  2. Drops two biggest players in Hazard and Costa in a semi final against Tottenham, title rivals. Win the game 4 - 2. Returns Costa to the team tonight and he gets two goals and an assist.
  3. Not really seen any rumours or anything recently but I'm praying he stays on for next season. Its crazy how this time last year a lot of us were calling for him to be sold! Exceptional footballer and without him at Chelsea it won't be the same. I dream of Hazard staying here for the rest of his best years but I fear that day will come... if not this summer then definitely next year.
  4. imo Hazard doesn't need to change his ways, he's already bloody amazing. I can see what Fabregas is trying to say but Hazard isn't that sort of player.
  5. We smash them 4 - 0, with Sanchez confirming he's joining Chelsea in an interview after the match would be glorious...
  6. I would be really happy to see Bats and Ake start again, with Hazard coming in for Pedro. Willian had a great performance and I'm hoping he will get another start since he's been substituted early! I hate saying this but this game is certainly a must win, come on lads we got to do this! Let's see the season out on a massive high!
  7. Tbf the majority of Spurs fans on that forum seem to be alright. We always will have a dickheadish minority, every club has them sadly. What a win!!! So clinical.
  8. So glad we didn't get Guardiola. Imagine how awful our defence would have been!
  9. Adequate covers for Moses and Alonso, and a striker to replace Costa if he goes will be fine with me.
  10. I'm perfectly happy with him as a back up CB, he proved he was good enough yesterday.
  11. Should have scored that header though, was pretty much a free header. Same with Costa too. Hope to see more of him this season, I feel sorry for him he hasn't done any wrong in games he played so far.
  12. Don't forget Lampard's free kick! I thought the criticism Matic got was harsh, he did a good job covering for defenders, especially Ake who got caught out a few times. Without him our defence would have fallen apart.
  13. What if Batsuayi is actually so good but Conte wanted to save the surprise for a big occasion... Stupid I know, but got to hope for the best.
  14. Unreal player. He's world class in 2 or 3 positions. One of a kind! Definitely will go down as one of the Chelsea greats.
  15. Replace Lukaku with Costa and that's even better. If he stays, I'm 100% confident he will be back to his best for next season. After January if his form drops again we can simply drop him and rely on Sanchez and Hazard to get the goals. Even just having Costa at his best for half season is still great, he fired us to the top. There's no guarantee Lukaku will be as good as Costa.