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  1. We played crap, is 32 points good enough to keep us in this league, hopefully we dont get relegated.
  2. Ampadu isnt experienced in the PL, the lineup wont be any different from the last pl games we are beginning to find consistency
  3. Deadline Day Drama

    Mbappe done deal to PSG.
  4. Poll on the Ox

    I think with the right training he will improve much more, Wenger/Arsenal f**ked up his potential
  5. Moses need to come back into Rwb asap, Azpi attacking wise isnt very good, I think we missed him being in the Cb position today
  6. Feel Willian will sit a bit more deep and play as a CAM while Morata and Pedro will be strikers
  7. Whos gonna play next to kante???
  8. We got any chance of a comeback?
  9. We have spurs and then man city next.
  10. the board need to take their fingers out of there ass and start making signings asap!
  11. i live with a man city fan and a man utd fan.. i feel more sorry for myself.
  12. Play 4 at the back, switch to 2 at the front, go all out now its ONLY f**kING BURNLEY
  13. Bats hold up play is fking sh*t
  14. Fabregas yellow card what the fk
  15. When we go down to 10, we always look sh*t, the whole system will change now come on chelsea just grind this match out!