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  1. I am expecting a 2015/16 season repeat again

    I am back again boys!
  2. I am expecting a 2015/16 season repeat again

    Hey guys, I am back!
  3. Deadline Day Drama

    Nothing make sense anymore. This makes as much of a sense as Barkley.
  4. Deadline Day Drama

    Reports circulating - Drinkwater to Chelsea may not happen. His replacement, Silva, has apparently failed his medical. Not confirmed yet.
  5. Danny Drinkwater

    So what's going to happen now?
  6. Deadline Day Drama

    It's because Barkley rejected again.
  7. Deadline Day Drama

    Good news finally. Mahrez and Drinkwater set to join Chelsea perhaps in the next hour.
  8. Deadline Day Drama

    Marina should only handle selling of players and we need to hire someone that is good at buying f**king players.
  9. Deadline Day Drama

    Drinkwater set to stay at Leicester after Chelsea failed to increase the bid.
  10. Deadline Day Drama

    We are competing with the 2015/16 deadline here.
  11. Deadline Day Drama

    Would be the best transfer!
  12. Deadline Day Drama

    Conte to be sacked at February and the bitchass Marina f**kface will still have her job.
  13. Deadline Day Drama

    Gazummed by Tottenham now. That makes it now Liverpool, Man City, Man Utd and Tottenham so far.
  14. Deadline Day Drama

    $100 bet that Chelsea will sign no one apart from Zappcosta.
  15. Deadline Day Drama

    Literally absolutely nothing going on. We ain't signing no one.