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  1. wallosh

    Victor Moses

    By the time he comes back the door will be closed to him. He will struggle to get back into the national team.
  2. I hope he stick to the same team that started against City. That team is good, but having two lazy players in Aubameyang and Ozil made things easier for City. We also have ours in Morata, but if Hazard starts he will give us the edge.
  3. wallosh

    Tiémoué Bakayoko

    From what I have seen of Morata since we signed him, I think the problem Morata has is overconfidence. He thinks he is actually better than he is just because he played for the Madrid team at a tender age. It gets into his head, so coming to the EPL here, he wants the officials and opposing player to treat him the same way they will treat a Lionel Messi or a Cristiano Ronaldo. I think that explains the reason why he likes getting on the ground with the most minimal contact. I guess he had no idea how much work Messi and Ronaldo did to be where they are today! Besides, I can't remember from memory any striker we have signed that is as weak has Morata but end up leaving here as a hero. Even Torres wasn't as lazy as Morata, I think the transfer fee affected him, but later he toughen up and left as a hero to me. Pertaining to Bakayoko, when he came, even when he wasn't yet fit, showed potential in his first few months before he started under performing, but even when things weren't going his way, each time we have a game against a top team and we need to be more defensive in the game, we do start him and he doesn't really dissapoint until when you expect him to move the ball forward. He was even played an important part for us in our last match of the season where we won our last trophy just to show you he isn't as bad as people make him out to be. But trust me, since February I didn't see anything positive about Morata that shows he is willing to prove his doubters wrong. Every chance he has been giving to start for us as a striker since February till this moment I still see the same Morata that I prefer Giroud playing over him.
  4. Seriously Kante needs a rest this season, we already know we probably won't win the league this season since we have to adapt to a new style of play, so I think both Kante and Azpilicueta should be rested in the FA cup, League cup and the Europa league. Good thing is we have players that can play in there position this season. The EPL should be our priority next season and if we are to achieve that we will need both players with Kepa and Hazard at there best.
  5. Lacazette or Giroud over Morata and Aubameyang. It's obvious Morata and Aubameyang are more talented than Lacazette and Giroud but I easily get pissed each time I see them fall down easily for a minor contact. What's most painful is that both Morata and Aubameyang's team have invested a lot of money in them, now they are not leaving up to the expectations, instead of them to manup and try to make it work, they feel relax because some fans are still rating them based on past performances they had in there former team and their managers still keep on waiting in vain for them to suddenly turn things around because age is still on there side. Giroud and Lacazette are the type of strikers that can succeed in this league, because just like Diego Costa who left, they are willing to FIGHT for there team to win each and every game unlike Aubameyang and Morata who just want to get the FAME and MONEY.
  6. I really hope Auba plays instead of Lacazette. Am still trying to find out who is the laziest and worst player between Auba and Morata!I hope Giroud start this game for us. The team is still learning to play according to the new manager's tactics and we are really struggling. The scoreline in our last match doesn't tell the real story of that game. It will take some time before the team starts playing the way Sarri wants. So I don't feel good about us playing any team in the top 6 from now till October. But fixture has been made, it's Arsenal next, if we start the game the same way we did in our last match, we will be easily beaten. Sarri needs to make some important changes to the starting line up like Giroud and Hazard coming in for Morata and Willian respectively, though I don't like changing a winning 11, but it seems we don't have a choice this time. A strong start to the season is the only thing that I feel can help us make the top 4 this year considering the fact that we are playing in the Europa league this season.
  7. wallosh

    Tiémoué Bakayoko

    With time, he will become a better player. He is only struggling with confidence.
  8. Having a player that can play more than one position on the bench can be the difference in some games where you have one of your players sent off. Yes, I will have a versatile Moses on the bench than a youth player.
  9. wallosh

    Mateo Kovačić

    I don't rate him highly, but am happy for the first time since we sold Chalobah, we have an alternative option if we chose to rest Kante. Don't expect him to play alongside Kante except Sarri unusually wants to be defensive in a game.
  10. wallosh

    Thibaut Courtois

    I think most people know I have never been a fan of Courtois. He is just an average overrated player.
  11. wallosh

    Thibaut Courtois

    Wow! And who the f**k is Courtois to deserve all that?
  12. wallosh

    Thibaut Courtois

    He will fancy playing with the ladies
  13. wallosh

    Thibaut Courtois

    Well, Courtois will struggle to be in my top 5
  14. wallosh

    Next Chelsea Goalkeeper

    I can't remember the last time we had a world class keeper since Cech left.
  15. My point exactly@Dan, just a matter of time before most people will realise it.