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  1. Mitchy is a very young guy, obviously he want to spend his career here. He doesn't have the ego of Zlatan! What is he doing wrong in training? Do you believe Mitchy is that type of player Conte will tell him the right thing to do yet Mitchy will completely ignore him? I don't believe any of that, Mitchy was signed by Emenalo due to his potential and the success we have had with some Belgian players. But when Conte came he wanted to sign his own type of striker and he might not get the money to do that if Costa and Mitchy are on top of there game. Costa has proved himself, Mitchy was doing fine in the beginning of the season when he usually come in about 15 minutes to the end of games. But he lost the confidence completely when Conte started giving him 5 minutes game time in two or three games. It writing was on the wall when he couldn't start as a striker when Costa wasn't available. I love Mitchy, I want him to stay but it will kill his career because Conte will bring a striker with champions league experience next season.
  2. He doesn't have the legs.
  3. Dele Alli can't fit in our formation and am no longer a fan of Auba. Remember Cuadrado never had his chance as a wing back, he might be world class.
  4. Cuadrado, Bale, Veratti, Nainggolan or Dembele, Sanchez and Icardi. Lol, that will cost almost 300m
  5. Starting with a different formation might distract the players and affect us in our next EPL match.
  6. Chalobah for Captain! Luiz and Cesar would think Conte is drunk, Lol
  7. Well, I respect your opinion. Am a big fan of Willian, Pedro not really. But I think Pedro has outperformed Willian this season so I see Pedro to be more important for us this season. But that might change next season though!
  8. Let's come to reality bro. Take note: This is Burnley we are talking about not Barcelona or Real Madrid. We have better players than them. Even a lot of players on our bench and some of our players out on loan will walk straight into that Burnley team starting line up. Prior to be match am certain Burnley fans and there players weren't certain they will get anything from the game. But when they saw our starting line up which include a Matic who we usually start in matches that we want to be defensively solid, they saw the fear in us. They realized we were even more scared of them than they were of us. So that gave them the confidence to come out and play there usual game. Even after we scored, they weren't scared of attacking us. To make matters worse our front 3 weren't at their best which meant they have to depend on any of our midfielders or defenders to create the perfect chance for them to score but unfortunately Matic wasn't up for it. I saw Luiz make about 2 or 3 attempts to create a chance by playing a grounder pass from his defensive position to the front 3 yet they didn't make any good use of it. Moses even after providing the assist tried to make some crosses into the box, same with Alonso. But the Burnley defence probably have studied our games so they were up for all that. Don't you think if Cesc had started ahead of Matic, even after conceding the first goal they will be worried about trying to not concede more goals as a result they will have the tough task of man marking Cesc so he won't be able give that final ball to any of our front 3? And when the focus is on Cesc don't you think unlike on Saturday, Hazard, Costa and Pedro will have more freedom to attack when all the focus is not on them alone?
  9. If that's it then I can't see him staying here for long before we start looking for another manager again.
  10. Am not sure Conte would like an upgrade on Matic. He already is a big fan of Matic.
  11. Well, wait till next season and you will see us struggle with the Matic/Kante combo. We are getting away with it this season because we are on top of the table and most of the players are on top of there game to keep us on top. So just be patient, next season is just some months away.
  12. Pedro again? I can't remember the last game we played without him. I won't even risk him in this match. He will only come in as a sub.
  13. Starting Matic make us predictable.