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  1. Why can't we swap Costa for Gameirro?
  2. Icardi
  3. Second best to Suarez for me. Top quality!
  4. Well he is welcome to Chelsea! After Moses must have kept him on the bench for 2 seasons we will loan him back to Porto. I just want us to sign players better than what we already have. I don't think Walker is better than Moses but if we had signed him, I will be more impress than this.
  5. He will be available
  6. I will be f**king excited if it happen
  7. I agree with everything except the Danilo stuff. I doubt you have watched him play for Madrid, he is simply sh*t! And mind you, don't ever compare him with Moses. Moses is miles ahead of him in everything. Talk about quality, exposure or what? Moses has played at the world cup, won continental cup for his country, won the league with us and he was instrumental in all those success and you are talking about Daniwhat? Who is he?
  8. Sure. Cesar will play RWB while Rudiger takes Cesar's position
  9. He was exploited toward end of the season? Please which of the games was that?
  10. You know most people think Moses is sh*t just because he was sent off in the FA cup final so they disregard all his impressive performance for us throughout the season. Lol, it's ludicrous! The good thing is I, Conte and most teams have observed throughout last season that we are more solid defensively from our RWB position because of the defensive ability of Moses and Cesar than the other side where we have Alonso and Cahill hence the reason why Conte is willing to break the bank for Sandro. Make no mistake, I want us to get a player that will be an upgrade on Moses and Alonso in this transfer window, but am yet to see a right footer apart from Valencia that can give us the same or something better than what Moses is given us defensively and offensively which means currently he is one of the best RWB in the world. So if you think he will be dropped soon from the starting lineup or Danilo will displace him, just keep on dreaming!
  11. Same here. I really rate him.
  12. Our weakest position? Which position?
  13. Messi coming here will make it easier for us to sign top players and he can win us the champions league consecutively. But we might not win anything even with Kane scoring 30 goals a season.
  14. Well, the most of us will take Messi
  15. You have no idea how sh*t Salah was! Even on current form I won't sign him back