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  1. Well, we always beat them easily at the Bridge.
  2. Let's hope we don't get a player sent off then.
  3. That's probably the strongest bench in the league
  4. It will be embarrassing for us to play a defensive game against Arsenal at the Bridge. Lots of neutrals will be amazed.
  5. Thibaut Courtois

    When did I ever said Victor Moses is world class? And am I a big fan of Fabregas, Cahill or Terry because they have African roots or are you just confused because I don't rate Courtois?
  6. Lol. How old is Schurrle right now?
  7. Sell him? I won't accept that!
  8. Victor Moses

    Moses was incredibly good on the wings. Before the 2 match I thought playing as a WB all this while will affect his game and he won't be very good as an attacking winger but he proved everyone wrong. He has even improve his free kicks skill. Alonso, beware!
  9. Victor Moses

    Mikel is still the captain
  10. The John Obi Mikel Goal Scoring Thread

    I watched him and Moses in the world cup qualifying matches against Cameroon playing as a number 10 and he look class. We should have sold him for at least 30m to China. Tianjin Teda actually can't believe how lucky they are to have him for far less.
  11. The John Obi Mikel Goal Scoring Thread

    Conte actually treated him badly because he wanted to represent his country at the Olympic which was it was even worse when he wasnt given the chance to play one last match and say good bye to the fans that have become a daily part of his life. I have never seen a player treated as bad especially for a player that has been here for a decade. Conte did something similar with Costa too, but unlike Costa Mikel took his fate humbly as a result very few people new the reason why he left for China. I really love him.
  12. Danny Drinkwater

    I totally agree with this
  13. Random Rumours

    Chill, you are about to find out how wrong you are this evening. If the board had got the last minute deal of Alonso and Luiz wrong last season, they won't have waited this long to make signing. Continue to panic at your own peril. The board are already negotiating with players right behind the scene and I keep on saying NEVER RULE OUT THE SIGNING OF SANDRO though I don't really rate him because I watch few of his games in the champions league last season. The board wherever they are right now are confident of signing new players today.