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  1. Lol, typical Chelsea fans. Just give them till next season, they will come back here talking about the need for us to get an upgrade on Alonso. Just chill till then!
  2. Will you prefer it if we sign an inferior player as an alternative to Alonso when we all know we will be competing in the Champions league and with lots of matches to be played anyone can get injured?
  3. The best in the EPL right now!
  4. Am so relaxed and so optimistic about this. If we play badly, we will still score 2 in this match. I never thought we could get 3 points in our last against Leicester though.
  5. That's the player I will like to replace Costa. Top player.
  6. Seriously. Am sure Emenalo won't sign him. We already have better players who have not been given a chance yet.
  7. Perfect description!
  8. I will like Costa to start from the bench but I hate seeing no natural striker in our front three.
  9. Am very surprised you omit Pedro and Cahill!
  10. Love that defence of Ake, Terry and Zouma
  11. Sunderland are in a mess this season, yet Pickford when in goal always try to prove a point even there defence is bad.
  12. He isn't overrated, he is pure world class
  13. Agreed, he made some top class saves this season. But unfortunately I can count them all.
  14. Oblak for Navas and it will be perfect.
  15. Well, even Bravo was world class in Spain.