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  1. Regardless of any negativity during the season. I'm so proud of the club tonight from top to bottom. 2/3 years champions. Not perfect but they've shown great desire and togetherness throughout the season and fully deserve to get there medals. Literally makes me smile so broadly when I see the celebrations and makes me realise how much I love this club. Conte is a top guy too. Lovely to have a manager who every other clubs fans actually likes. Celebrated how it should be done. Wish I was there tonight! Coyb!!
  2. Disagree regarding the two complimenting each other. Both are big guys with similar strengths. Be suprised if we sign both (would be well over £100m)
  3. Will be Morata or Lukaku. Bellotti been reported but he doesnt strike me as a PL player although not seen too much.
  4. Now getting outplayed by Southampton. Games is going past fabregas. Why on earth are we sitting so deep at home? Id look good with the amount of time Romeo has. Please press higher and pin them in rather than the there way around. Tactically its all wrong.
  5. Nice Post. Agreed that there side lacks depth for sure. Our bench was far stronger.
  6. Yep hopefully next year with more of Conte's players and work in pre-season we will see another step up.
  7. Think Eriksen is Overrated to be honest but yes would take Alli. Though not sure where he fits in 343.
  8. Fair points, nicely made. I don't mean to say they are all better. But on the balance its very close. Hopefully next year there will be no question. Have to disagree with Alonso over rose though. Think there is a few levels between them to be honest. Agree with Hazard...didnt add him as hes way above any of there players. I would take Both Fbs, Dembele, Alderweirald, Kane.
  9. I will break you all down eventually. Thanks Coco.
  10. Palace could of had 4 against us. We were still by far the better team and didnt deserve to lose.
  11. Oh so your logic only works for certain teams haha?!
  12. Why because they have better players? You dont choose who you support.
  13. We have played 2, Lost 1 drawn 1 v Liverpool. Does that make them better?
  14. This is not a Spurs Loving from me. I hate seeing them do well. This is my point it pains me to a Chelsea team have to play like an inferior side to grind a win against them. This year, down to Conte mainly, we have shown very good mental strength. Dont forget last year though and the lack of it there. As a CFC fan I would prefer my teams best qualities to be technical rather mental.
  15. Man for man they are better in general not just yesterday. Certainly closer than in previous years. Yes they were superior and unlucky not to lose. Tibo/Lloris - Nothing in it Walker better than Moses Rose better than alonso Vertongen, Alderwiereld, Dier is as good if not better than Luiz, Azpi, Ake. Wanyama and Demeble battered Kante and Matic (although I love Kante and felt sorry for him) Eriksen and Willian very similar level. Alli and Pedo, youd take Alli. Kane over Costa.