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  1. Good second half?! Come on now. Good last 15 mins to each half. Otherwise was Men v Boys.
  2. I actually think we look relatively sharp from a physical point of view. As I said im more worried technically and tactically.
  3. Its not the score that is worrying. Its the gulf both technically and tactically between the two sides. I dont think this is a fitness issue.
  4. should never equate to this much difference though
  5. gulf here is incredible. Not all these bayern layers were back 10 bays before us either.
  6. hard to wqatch this. 7 mins gone in second half. Dont think we have made 3 passes.
  7. Watch the difference when they press the ball to how we do. They are going as a teamand making it very hard. We are going as individuals and getting picked apart.
  8. Pre season fair enough. I have always maintaind that conceding a man in midfield to the better teams is suicide. We drop into a back 5 (up against 2/3 players) and good teams have players pulling off our two CMs to control the game. We are always half a yard behind because we dont know who to pick up.
  9. Good. Money better spent elsewhere and like most are saying, bit of a luxury player we cant afford in our system.
  10. My guess (and its a pure guess) is that the plan all along this season, well since the bust up, was to sell Costa this summer and bring in Lukaku/Morata. He wasnt the same player in the second half. I then think Costa had a change of heart and decided he wouldn't mind staying bar a return to Atletico. This has obviously irked the board/Conte because they were probably weighing in a big sum from China and possibly agreed fees with the replacement. In this instance Conte has probably stood firm and doesn't want a drawn out Saga and told Costa exactly where he stands. Fair play to him. Strikes me as aman that one minute wants to Go, next minute wants to stay and its hassle we dont need.
  11. I think everyone can accept losing as part and parcel of the game. The disappointing thing for me is complete lack of desire/motivation in a Cup Final. Thats inexcusable. Notice Matic getting a lot of stick but he wasnt the only one. The WHOLE team were off. Setup to be defensive from the start and couldnt snap out of that mindset.
  12. Regardless of any negativity during the season. I'm so proud of the club tonight from top to bottom. 2/3 years champions. Not perfect but they've shown great desire and togetherness throughout the season and fully deserve to get there medals. Literally makes me smile so broadly when I see the celebrations and makes me realise how much I love this club. Conte is a top guy too. Lovely to have a manager who every other clubs fans actually likes. Celebrated how it should be done. Wish I was there tonight! Coyb!!
  13. Disagree regarding the two complimenting each other. Both are big guys with similar strengths. Be suprised if we sign both (would be well over £100m)
  14. Will be Morata or Lukaku. Bellotti been reported but he doesnt strike me as a PL player although not seen too much.
  15. Now getting outplayed by Southampton. Games is going past fabregas. Why on earth are we sitting so deep at home? Id look good with the amount of time Romeo has. Please press higher and pin them in rather than the there way around. Tactically its all wrong.