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  1. Normally I am all for a bit of realism in regards to our performance. But I am cheesed off this evening. We dominated the game. Won the ball back quickly, played with intent and limited them to what I can recall 0 chances. Costa wasn't great but that aside it was one of our better recent performances. Can't believe I'm hearing it was a hard test/we didn't play great. This was a far more assuring performance than Bournemouth at home, hull at home, stoke at home. All of which we seem to have got more credit for. 64% possession, with hardly any chances conceded and plenty created. What more can we do?
  2. dont disagree but today showed there is a clear gulf between him and courtois, and that if we can get some ££ for him, there are better options.
  3. Begovic was indecisive on crosses, allowing far too many to float into the box. And was sloppy with his distribution. Cant really blame him there hes played in teams that smash it long every time hes had it so its not in his culture to find a pass.
  4. Didnt think we played that badly. First half an hour marred by individual errors on the ball. After that thought we dominated the game, and tried to play in the right manner. Plus Points: Ake, think he is ideal for the left CB role. Similar to Azpi in size and stature. Fabregas very good and hopefully thatll push him into PL 1st team. Thought moses worked very hard too, just needs to add an end product. Negatives: Chalobah needs to speed up. Ability is there but not doing enough at the moment. Hazard. Love him but one of the worst halfs ive seen him play that first 45. Begovic, get rid. Not good enough with feet or crosses. Zouma, looks a nervous wreck out there. IN that wide CB role he sees far more of the ball, and technically he isnt that great. Needs to play a central role.
  5. If certain players fatigued change the team? Thats the last excuse we have this season, sorry.
  6. Think some guys on here have it so black and white. Everyone knows a point (especially in them conditions) isnt a bad end result. There are some fans on here being critical because they are disappointed with individual or team performances. This doesnt mean they want Conte sacked, or are not happy with the season so far as others who argue back sarcastically use. This is the match thread, and therefore people are going to comment on this match soley. If that means Costa (who has been great) has a poor game, then people have the right to say so. Again this doesnt mean they are playing down his performances this season or want him out the team in the next game. Some fans dont see everything through CFC rose tinted glasses and reflect on what they see from a more neutral position. It doesnt make them any less supportive of the team.
  7. chalobah poor against Brentford, it has to be said.
  8. Lacked the incisive play up top to really penetrate. Costa really poor. Hazard went hiding after a bright 20 mins. Dissappointing Thought kante was excellent. Matic waste of space in a game like that. Could argue should have played a more attacking team from the start knowing we are going to dominate the ball, but even when the subs came on...there was no real change. Have to take the point and move on.
  9. Only on the wind up, don't nibble!!
  10. Thought we were average. 42% possession. Come on
  11. Yeah more than makes up for it. Its not even his passing. Its more the ability to get out of tight situations and retain the ball for us. A player next to him who can do that will compliment him nicely.
  12. your missing a few there. He wouldnt be good enough
  13. Who says we didnt have to win? So we played for a draw? Im not happy with that. A win would of all but wrapped it up. Its far from that now. Im not comparing us to liverpool, or saying they played well. Im talking about us. We didnt create many (if any) real chances. And in possession we were useless. Bigger and better teams in europe would have beaten us tonight, which is where we are looking long term.
  14. performances don't always reflect results.