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  1. jamie#8

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Praying for Sarri. OK so he may not be a proven winner but the idea that he will implement an identity of attacking front foot football really does appeal to me and probably most fans. Having watched his training methods on YouTube there is no doubt you would see a different style playing on the front football playing 1-2 touch football. Even the way he drills the defence is exciting as it seems unless we are in an ultra low block, we have no idea most of the time. I'm fed up with watching Chelsea and being so disappointed at the lack of attacking intent. Was unbearable against united and got to the point where was literally giving it back to them so we can set up defensively again. Its not as if we have been successful under a pragmatist this year so surely its time for a new approach. No doubt he won't stay long term but hopefully he can implement a philosophy and style that can be continued.
  2. jamie#8

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    I actually really like Conte and probably up until Newcastle I actually wanted him to stay. I thought given some support in a window you will see a different team next year. What I cannot handle is the style of football. I was happy that we won yesterday but jesus I did not enjoy the game at all. Back foot defending, far too passive and not even offering a threat on the counter. They should/could have equalised in the second half and I cannot bare another season of that. I can understand playing that way against Barca etc but against a Jose Mourinho united? No. 30% of the ball with no interest in keeping possession or building attacks ourselves. It was the same against Liverpool. I want to see Chelsea playing attacking football, on the front foot. Also Conte is very slow to see a shift in the game to make a substitution. How Fabregas stayed on that pitch is beyond me. And when counter attacks were available int he second half he persisted with Giroud who cannot run over Morata/Willian.
  3. I know plenty will see this as irrelevance but on stats we are hugely outperforming where we should be this season. When looking into football statistically the buzz term now is 'xpg' (expected goals.) Calculated through high powered models/robots it suggests how many goals we should of actually scored based on many number of things (where chances were scored/missed, % chance of them chances being converted historically, possesion, shots on/off target etc). Off memory this data suggests we should of only had half the amount of goals now (actually 15th in the exg league) and also far less points. Many of you will say stats are pointless etc, and to an extent I agree. But this model/statistic is used by most if not all bookmakers to correctly price football matches. Its not the whole truth but its interesting that according to these numbers we aren't actually performing very well. I will try and find the exact data and post later.
  4. If you can pin the whole game down that battle then I think you need to take another look. We were literally outplayed all over the pitch.
  5. Yet I'd love to see that 'one way' at Chelsea.
  6. I'm not really arguing the selection. I'm arguing that he was happy for his side to show zero attacking intent and sit off the best team in the league as if we were scared. And your point is guesswork. At least with Pedro and Zappa we would of had more energy.
  7. Instead we will just lose 1-0 and not even give it a go. There is something called BALANCE
  8. Why buy zappacosta if you don't use him? Why keep bats if you don't trust him. Stop making excuses. Pedro/Willian didn't play in the week and decided against using fresh legs
  9. Agreed. Seeing a lot about morata going. Off. We were getting ouplayed/ letting them come on to us from minute 1. After his comments mideeek about winning in the right manner. He has shown a big contradticiton here. Happy to get points playing ultra defensively.
  10. We showed them too much respect in general. Lack of pressing etc. Im just saying what Ferdinand said in regards to 3 cbs. I personally don't mind the formation of you don't allow your wing backs to be pinned back which we did.
  11. The fact that we setup so defensively. Showed so much respect and don't once try and press them high up the field. As Ferdinand just said playing 3 at the back is a mistake (up against Jesus) because your a man down everywhere else already. So many errors. Don't defend the indefensible. If we have it a good go and still got beaten by the better team you'd have a point. But conte set the precedent from minute one and didn't make the right substitutions/tactical changes to make any sort of difference
  12. All of a sudden we look a little bit dangerous because we've started pressing? Who would of thought.
  13. It's not the result or the lack of quality that really gets me. Its the attitude of mindset from minute 1. We was filing back into our half from kick off. I just cannot understand that. Letting them control the game. Tactically we had no answer. Baffling approach. Thought that was over after Jose. This is Jose and more defensively. Unreal. Roman will not be happy
  14. We was struggling in every department from minute 1. If this kicked in after an hour, you may have a point. After 5 mins? No. Tactically and technically outplayed