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  1. smashing lad and what a player...if you're picking the team now he's 3rd on it
  2. would you not hope we have the league done with a couple of games to go and then rotate? keep the players fresh if we're still going for a double
  3. I hope 343 wins us the title. Can we improve? yes...Do I think he will go back to 4231, probably not. But I think his decision to move to 343 was as much to do with the players available as the system. I think we are still a couple of players short if we're looking to challenge domestically and in europe next year.
  4. If his attitude is right on paper adding him and a top left back would put us up there with anything in europe, assuming luiz is still as good in a back 4 courtois azpilecuetta luiz cahill (left back) kante fabregas hazard sanchez pedro costa and a squad with moses, alonso, mitchy, matic, zouma, willian
  5. the lesser known proverb...where there's no will there's no way I'm buying
  6. it's not an old one but the first time I was down the was easier to get tickets then
  7. just flicked over and he scored for ajax. good goal too
  8. 18m bid from Bournemouth ssn...hope we don't sell
  9. I was gonna say how good he is but I think the guy up there called coral snake said it
  10. erland Johnsen was a pen and still feel sick about guppy...but come on leicester
  11. What minute are arsenal protesting until? Didnt bayern come in after 5 or 10 mins?