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  1. One game? Cahill has alot more weaknesses than Dave.
  2. Personally I wouldn't spend 60m on a left back. I would rather be spending the money on attacking players like Sanchez, Rodriguez etc. That's the point though I would spend 30m upgrading a position were it is more needed. Alonso had a good season, has a cracking left foot and puts in good crosses.
  3. If your going to spend stupid money on a fullback I would rather spend it on the right side. Alonso looked alot better than Moses.
  4. I would rather have Bertrand.
  5. Chelsea went through a period with a group of players at their peak and they could win trophies some years without a manager really. That's probably why the board thinks sacking managers by the year works. The year Mourinho win the league on his comeback Chelsea did their business early and Mourinho got the players he wanted. We all know what happened the summer after. Conte did a great job which a bunch of players IMO out finished their final point's finish by quite alot. Looks like Conte wants the relevant players to improve and push the squad to the next level.
  6. I doubt Bayern would have paid 30m for Alonso. Those 3 titles were won whatever.
  7. Opta stats say otherwise.
  8. Don't you know it's all about the opta stats lol
  9. Why should Conte bother learning English then?
  10. I replied because trying to back Costa for not speaking English and words getting lost in translation is petty. His been in England for 3 years and has he made any effort to learn the language? Like you I did French at school but learning this while with your mates which tbh most kids never really cared about compared to an adult who can get private tuition daily are very different circumstances. I don't think anyone gave a dam about learning French at my school. Like I said not learning English still hasn't stopped him talking a lot about other clubs.
  11. To me this just shows him up more. Hardly learnt the language and look at Conte who has been here just a season, he has put in the effort to learn the language. For someone who can't be arsed to learn English he still talks alot.
  12. I would take a forward who scores 15 goals but is a better all round player. The amount of times Costa loses the ball or ruins the build up specially on important counter attacks which would lead to more goals anyway. There are better players out there who can score goals but be involved all round.
  13. It's your opinion that Lukaku is an inferior player. Another way to look at it is he scored more goals than Costa in an inferior team. He is PL proven and I would expect him to score more goals in a Chelsea shirt as long as if they have some creativity on the pitch. No Fabregas and Hazard would be a worry. I also expect Lukaku to be a better player at the age of 28 than Costa. I personally think Chelsea fans overate Costa. European clubs could get Costa at a reduced price now but I doubt there will be much interest. Milan signed Silva. Does a club really want the baggage Costa brings and you don't even know he will back that up over a full season. Also there is no sell on fee now for a club. Regarding Conte the problems starting in pre season last year and Madrid didnt sign Costa so we was stuck with him, Costa managed to get half as season out of him and now he should just f**k off.
  14. His just winding you up, he loves it.