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  1. Hazard was off to protect the lead but Conte didn't make any Mikel for Hazard type of subs. Same thing isn't it?
  2. Never, the players was perfect.
  3. "However, Chelsea rebuffed the offer and Costa has continued his impressive form in the Premier League" Not quite impressive.
  4. A better manager would be doing more with that Arsenal squad. They cant even do the simple things like set pieces and be organised and compact. Wenger has no plan B. Everyone knows how they will set up, players love it there because they get it easy. So many players also havent improved under Wenger. That all comes back to the manager. I think he has lost the players as they say if football.
  5. Utd played with a back 3 apparently. I would still say Young and Valencia are more wingers than defenders but they played wingback. Then look at the bench and there was only Martial and Mkhitaryan attacking wise on the bench. Darmian came on in the 94th min to time waste. Rojo came on for Mata with 20mins left to play after playing 90mins midweek and including all the games they have played recently. Mkhitaryan played 90mins midweek. They also had quite a few injuries and Herrera suspended.
  6. Like I said San Marino vs Moldova. It's a classic!
  7. Yeah he hasn't really been himself this season. Could of had a hattrick today. I'm not really defending him but there might be things going on in the background no one knows about. Most pundits are convinced Pep doesn't want him.
  8. Think his world class myself. Had a season interrupted by injury and suspensions. I don't think he will be at City next year.
  9. Yes I'll watch the end of Moldova vs San Marino friendly when this has finished.
  10. What great play and what a miss.
  11. Can we save him for the fa cup?
  12. fully agree, I was thinking the same thing. I saw a game not long ago where he was whipping great balls in all game. Silva is the main man in the middle for me.
  13. That was a great cross.
  14. Toure's like a bus turning
  15. It's brilliant. One or two of the fans do talk some sense though. That Mo takes about 10 minutes just to make one point.