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  1. Aguero went down like a sack of spuds.
  2. His not playing in a midfield 2 where I think his more effective. To me he seems 2 minded whether he should be. Sit back and let him dictate the play but Matic won't ever be dropped.
  3. Problem is once they started getting on the ball they looked like scoring.
  4. I know but I mean in an attacking player sense. You cant rely on sweeper every game to that.
  5. Only fabregas can ping a pass like that
  6. I think Hazard will be at Chelsea next year. One more year to try and crack it in the Champions league. The only doubts I have are Bale seems to be always injured and Ronaldo is being pushed into the forward role. Does that mean Benzema will leave or not be number 1 anymore? If so then that makes room for Hazard. Be an interesting summer.
  7. Regarding the last point i think its more keeping faith with players from the beginning of the season than how players like Matic and Costa are playing at the moment and thats fair enough. Costa won't get dropped when he isnt just scoring but is playing awful. I'm not joking but Costa is that bad Terry would do more up front by holding up the ball and putting his body on the line.
  8. Southampton have had a nice rest for this game, VVD still being out is good news. I think Fabregas has got to play.
  9. Yay it's my best forum mate
  10. Hope so, I remember when they started putting it in the weekend before the end of the season which was another terrible idea.
  11. I really hope Arsenal play the back 5, imagine Hazard and Alonso on the left against the Ox.
  12. Yeah, It was the worse decision out of the 3, put in Sane or even take the shot was better.
  13. Yeah I agree and they have a very talented squad. What Pep did to Hart and brings in Bravo, doesn't like Aguero, plays Kolorov at CB, they can't defend for sh*t, keeps changing team selections more than Ranieri, Toure didn't get a look in at the start, makes keepers play out at the back. For me the list is endless of his errors and you can't get away with that many.
  14. That Palace team is very nice. Sakho back for Spurs aswell