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  1. When you have alot of the possession and the oppostition team is sitting back then Pedro is a good player to have in the team. He makes intelligent runs for players like Jorginho, can go either way and shoot with either foot. Willian is too predictable and static in the final third.
  2. Utd have more goalscorers on the pitch.
  3. Can't defend for sh*t
  4. What a sh*t free kick, got to hit the target.
  5. So many set pieces was awful.
  6. While everyone else is playing brilliantly
  7. I generally defend Morata but wow has he been awful.
  8. Ernie_blue

    How should we treat the Europa league?

    Tbh the same could be said of the champions league, they have just made the competitions too big now.
  9. Ernie_blue

    David Luiz back at Chelsea

    Two seasons back he was in a back 3 though, he is probably the best in the middle of a back 3 in the prem, the best I can think of anyway. All Chelsea fans know Luiz isn't great in a back 4, Luiz will make one big mistake every game, probably more against the big teams. So similar to Leboeuf who's passing was breathless and in a back 3 was superb, wasn't great in a back 4.
  10. Ernie_blue

    David Luiz back at Chelsea

    Plenty of game's with the league cup and Europa so hopefully Christensen can get some games and cement a place next to Rudiger.
  11. You expect Luiz to take any notice
  12. It's obvious they have been dirty, thag can't be disputed. Then you start going on about how the ref has clearly been informed, then because Newcastle have been dirty the penalty is ok even thought he challenge was perfectly ok.
  13. Fabregas will be back soon, he can share the workload.