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  1. Ernie_blue

    Another defender or two in January?

    Simone has been at Athletico for 7 years, so not sure what your point is. Godin is a top defender but is 32 and just signed a new contract anyway. Alderwiereld left Atheltico in 2015, he is world class, at 25m next summer he is an absolute bargain and will be wanted by a host of clubs.
  2. Ernie_blue

    Alvaro Morata

    That will always be the problem with Giroud, doesn't score enough. If Morata missed both those chances he would have taken some stick.
  3. Hazard has to come on at half time.
  4. They should have had 4.
  5. Ernie_blue


    When you play on your natural side you can try and beat the fullback or whip in crosses, I know what your saying but that's a bit of a lame excuse. Hazard can go either way past players.
  6. Ernie_blue

    Olivier Giroud to Chelsea

    Athletico won't be playing all 3 at once. They want him as a plan b.
  7. Ernie_blue


    55m is excellent money, the club will probably get more. Chelsea need to refresh the right side of the attack, or save the money and move Moses further forward
  8. Ernie_blue

    Eden Hazard

    Surely Mbappe is Reals number 1 target, they need a goalscorer to take over from Ronaldo, his the next big thing. If Neymar cost 220m then surely the cost of Mbappe could be more. I think Real will look at Hazard if Bale leaves, i would take a fit Bale and money if Hazard wants to leave. Haven't Real also spent 80m on a couple of young players? The only club I can see Hazard going to is Real, I don't think Barca want him and I always think PSG is a step backwards, the league is rubbish.
  9. Ernie_blue

    Next Chelsea Manager

    So Conte would leave without getting the few extra quid? I would be shocked if he did but fair play to him.
  10. Ernie_blue

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Good old Conte, saying the right things to get his compo
  11. Ernie_blue

    WC 2018

    I would expect any top keeper to make them saves, Sweden are sh*t but you can only beat what's in front of you. There forward hasn't scored in 11 international games.
  12. Ernie_blue


    I thought James is on loan at Bayern for another year?
  13. Ernie_blue


    Barca would have to be mad to pay that for him.
  14. Ernie_blue

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Conte takes most of the blame for not getting Chelsea into the champions league, board are certainly not blameless but the way Conte managed those 3 months in 2018 was a joke.