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  1. Champions League Draw

    Where's Arsenal? Oh wait....
  2. Andrea Belotti

    Its more because he plays Sane as a WB and trying to fit attacking players that hurt them.
  3. Are anyone worried about the squad size?

    We have 16 senior outfield players (Morata, Bats; Hazard, Willian, Pedro, Musonda; Cesc, Kante, Baka; Moses, Alonso; Luiz, Azpi, GC, Rudi, Andreas) for 10 positions. With players like Scott, Tomori, Kenedy making up the numbers. So I would say even with the versatility within the squad we are atleast 2/3 players short.
  4. Game of Thrones

    Enter Brandon Sanderson, to complete Martin's series. He did it once with the Wheel of Time, can/will have to do it again if I am honest. Also, I am a massive fan of Sanderson.
  5. Andrea Belotti

    In a 3-5-2, i feel none would be anywhere good enough to actual be useful to us. That role requires someone of Hazard's quality. Anyways, have to say we have massively different opinions regarding Draxler. The lad is so underwhelming, and seems to be mega overrated. His end product is as good as willian and everytime I see him play, I think of just one word SELFISH, trying to do everything himself. As for Mahrez, he is a good player, but like i said above, we have quality players in our squad already. Dont forget Cesc is more an AM then a CM. Add to it Musonda who is mega talented. Just dont feel AM (unless World class) should be a priority.
  6. Andrea Belotti

    2 seasons is a lifetime in the current world. Mahrez has had one good season EVER. and Draxler looks more and more like the german barkley every passing year. We are still building up a squad and AMs should be the least of our concerns currently.
  7. Andrea Belotti

    In which parallel universe? Certainly not this one.
  8. Andrea Belotti

    Why would we want Mahrez or Draxler for 40mil when we already have Hazard, Willian, Pedro and Musonda? Dont understand this.
  9. 2 weeks left in the window

    Drinkwater is not a young anderson though, is he? He is a well settled proven PL player, last time i checked. Also, instead of solving the actual problem, we want square peg in round holes. You want us to remove our best defender and play him as a DM. Quality wise Drinkwater is a better DM getting Barkley is an AM (a bang average 23 year old player who makes Ben arfa look consistent). Also add to it the fact that we already have a young and mega talented AM within our ranks (Musonda). I agree Nzonzi would be a decent buy too. But to say lets buy Barkley instead of a player we actually need is a bit weird considering how much we need a CM rather than an overrated AM, who by the way is injured and hardly solves our issue of "depth".
  10. Claudio Marchisio

    Fair enough. 29 year old for 30mil. But still No resale value.
  11. 2 weeks left in the window

    We already have ONLY Hazard, Willian, Pedro, Musonda and Cesc (who is far better suited for the attacking mid role than a DM role). So we basically have ONLY Kante and Bakayoko, yet people want Barkley instead of drinkwater. Exactly, playing cesc along with Kante has shown our weakness. So basically if even one of Kante/Baka gets a long term injury or are unavailable, we are down to Cesc and no one else. So again, what sense does it make to buy Barkley who is a bang average 23 years old rather than a PL winner (dont forget Kante's partner in crime and Kante must have a great understanding with him).
  12. Barkley

    Worth a big 0, and will go out for a big 0.
  13. Claudio Marchisio

    If this was the case, we would not have bought a 30 year old Luiz for 30mil.
  14. @coco : I dont normally tag people, but an obvious troll is obvious.
  15. 2 weeks left in the window

    When was the last time Barkley played as a DM?