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  1. 10mil euros. So half of what we expected. Add to that the fact that French FA does not even allow for buy-backs, I feel we just got ripped off. Dont rate him that highly and never thought he would be a part of the squad. Happy for him to finally get a team where he would get stability.
  3. So you think Baker/RLC/Chalobah/Aina (who has barely ever played top tier football) is better than Ake who has impressed MASSIVELY for watford and Bournemouth and looked very good even against the likes of Spurs.
  4. Aina wont be in the squad as we need an upgrade on RWB or atleast a decent back up. How do you think RLC/Baker/Chalobah all are going to be in the squad next season.
  5. "Keep him" as in let our best striker in the roster rot on the bench rather than make him our focal point and give him the perfect experience and exposure, that too in a world cup year. Lukaku "requested" a move, as did KDB, Mata, Bertrand, Luis because Jose literally had his favourites (like Oscar and over the mountains Etoo and DD). Sorry, but Lukaku requested for a move because of the cirsumstances and cant say I blame him.
  6. Apparently we are going to sell him for 20mil to Bournemouth. Great business by the Club. Btw, how much are we going to be buying him back for? I would say about 50mil in 2 season's time with Cahill and Luiz aging up and the club looking for a couple of new CB. Great business if this happens!!! Great.. just flipping great.
  7. Putting in 11 youngsters in a dead rubber is not "giving a shot". Giving youth a shot would be actually trusting a player and playing him in games that matter (be it as a replacement/squad role or as a first team role). I dont agree that we should not be buying bakayoko, believe me. But I would also love for a couple of Youth players namely Ake and Andreas been given important roles in the coming 55-60 game season.
  8. One goal coming off the bench through a set piece compared to Lukaku's 20 goal season. Sorry mate, but I actually cant agree with how etoo was anywhere as good as Lukaku when he has more goals, assists and literally had etoo sitting on the bench. Strikers not scoring enough was a general problem in 13/14. Those 3 games were just off the top of my head. I love DD, but both these transfers (DD and etoo) were as useless as they come. And it seems a trend with Jose (now Zlatan). I would rather he have given lukaku/rashford/martial that gave time and atleast TRIED to develop players who could have been great for their respective clubs instead of wasting them out of loan/wings. Signing etoo might end up costing us 70mil pounds.
  9. Yup. For some the grass is always greener on the other side.
  10. So basically you are basing your opinion on one performance against Chelsea that etoo was better than lukaku in 13-14 and some random quote. Instead of the fact that lukaku had 36 goals and 15 assists to etoo's 20 goals and 11 assists. That seems perfectly fair to me. Against big teams, in a jose team. Which basically means, etoo scored a lot of goals when we were playing on the counter. Even in 13-14 that was lukaku's strength. Etoo was as bad as Lukaku against packed defences which infact ended up costing the league. "His experience made Hazard and a better player (he said so himself)." How is this valid for who was better player? If this was the case, then we should have had etoo as a coach/some manager. Not as a player.
  11. The bolded part is based on which fact exactly? The fact that we lost the league because of sh*t strikers and not being able to score against villa, norwich in the last 5 games? Lukaku was much better than grandpa etoo in 13/14 Lets say he was not.I remember Jose using that "egg" analogy or the "pony" analogy. How exactly was he helping the egg/pony to develop by sending them on useless loans instead of using them for 35+ have beens.
  12. A very weird one, this. I mean does this mean Chalobah and Baker will be trusted in the mid? I have not seen us being linked to any other CM other than Bakayoko. This just seems weird and so wrong. We are strengthening our rivals and giving them exactly what they want.
  13. If I was Conte, I would love to play that team. Infact I would wish I could play them every week.
  14. Sky Italia get a lot of their rumors wrong. For eg Cavani.
  15. LOL. SKY ITALIA!!!