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  1. Would be an absolute blunder!!!
  2. Seems like the focus has shifted from Hazard/Matic/Cesc/GC/Costa/Alonso to Moses now. The new scapegoat of the forum
  3. "At times" a defensive liability and "biggest liability" is way too different. Moses has been one of our most consistent player this season! He is no where near our "biggest liability", infact i would say thats a stupid statement. We dont have a partner for Kante in center mid, as well as lack of world class quality on the right wing and a half decent striker on the bench in case costa gets injured or has a dip in form. These issues are much much more pressing than the player who has been integral in the change of fortunes of this club and has barely put a foot wrong. Blaming Spurs' goals on Moses solely is atrocious to say the least. And if that one match is all, people can think of, I would gladly go into the next season with him as our no.1 RWB.
  4. I honestly dont feel the need. Also I hope we dont buy any. Alonso has been GREAT. We have a 21mil Baba and 7mil Kenedy. On the right, we have Moses as well Azpi. So i will be content if we dont buy an fullbacks. What we surely need is a 2nd striker as good as the first one so that costa is forced to focus solely on football and not street fighting. As well as a CM (verrati) who can company Kante.
  5. I feel city will buy 3 Monaco players: Bakayoko, Sidibe and Fabinho. They need a B2B CM, and 2 attacking fullbacks.
  6. Just googled it after reading your post. Their is a whole interview dedicated to that. Like you said, gotta feel for the guy!!!
  7. Probably the only person worth listening to on there. The rest seem like Mugs or assholes just trying to up their stock. That "blud and fam" guy is just atrocious and only an act.
  8. Really? A CAM/CM runner is not the responsibility of one of the 3 CBs but of the WB? Thats some screwed up system. Luiz almost cost us a goal against united by his mistake and letting rashford through on goal, should we sell/replace him?
  9. DL, Azpi, GC, Ake, Andreas and Zouma. Why would we even be thinking about Kompany.
  10. Totally agree. I think Monaco would have been the best team for them to face.
  11. And who exactly was azpi marking in the first goal: AIR? I would say matic/cesc or in simpler terms a midfield partner for Kante. GC is rock solid in defence but when under pressure, he can be sh*te. a 2nd striker who can make costa up his game a notch. As for your last question: because Moses is one of the most low profile players in the team, and its a DREAM window, so you are allowed to name XYZ player even though we are already stacked in RWB position (moses and azpi). Moses is one of our most consistent performers this season. calling him a liability is just LOL, because I honestly dont have any words to say. He has been quite solid at the back as well very good in attack. He needs to do better in the final 3rd, but no way should and would he be dropped from the team next season
  12. Fair enough mate.
  13. A city fan's wishlist off bluemoon: Huge summer too, if we want to get to the latter stages of this competition next year. At worst we need:- minimum of 1 goalkeeper. (Willy is getting old and bravo isnt even a number 2): £20m- 3 fullbacks. £20m each average: £60m- minimum of 1, likely 2 centre backs (Vinny injury prone and a reliable partner for Stones): £80-90m- 2 central midfielders (Silva getting older, ditto yaya): £80-100m- 2 strikers of Jesus/Aguero class: 2x£40/50m = £80-100mTotal spend of circa £320-370m Brilliant!!!
  14. I am sorry but do you think Chinese and Indians fans dont have that problem? When we came 10th last season, we did not get any leg pulling from fellow rival club's fans? What a ridiculous statement.
  15. It was a combination of azpi and moses. Should we be replacing azpi because of that 1 game too? Moses has been one of our best performers. One of the most consistently good performers. To say he is the biggest liability is a joke.