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  1. *Official* Pedro to Chelsea

    Well said brother!!! Honestly everything I and others have wanted to say. Brilliantly put.
  2. Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    Your points are that no decision being made is personal. I am giving you examples of decisions being made which were totally personal. Conte with Costa, Pep with Yaya just from the last year or so are massive examples of such a thing. How is that avoiding your points? I honestly cant even understand how someone feels that personal feelings towards a person dont impact decisions. Forget a multi-million job of Conte, hell, CEOs/Managers of multi billion companies are made through personal feelings rather than meritous behaviour.
  3. Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    So are you telling me that Conte thought that Morata was a better striker for chelsea than Costa, because that sure as hell was "PERSONAL". It was a personal decision from Conte to sell off Costa and buy morata, I honestly cant think any other way about it. And that sure as hell looks like a poor decision at least for his near future at the club. As for Jose, "run out of ideas and enthusiasm", "loyalty to a player", etc etc... I see them as mere excuses. Fact is he simply did not drop him when he should clearly have done so, dozens of games ago, that too. We had a lot of players who performed poorly that season, but Ivanovic was the worst of the lot. He got skinned week in and week out, even against bang average wingers. Well, just out of the top of my head are the watford and bournemouth defeats in which we played the false 9 and looked utterly toothless. So well...
  4. Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    My god... did i read it right? That there is no personal preference!!!??? What a load of bull!!! Give me one field in the world where personal feelings and preferences dont affect the decision making. There is always people you prefer. You can end up calling it "loyalty" but there was absolutely no reason to continue playing Ivanovic 20 games into the season. Personal bias is an obvious and a very prevalent thing. Not playing michy, rather playing a false 9 with hazard who clearly is not comfortable with the position is a result of personal bias. It hardly makes our team better but conte continued to do so.
  5. *Official* Pedro to Chelsea

    In the same way "hindsight" is the go-to excuse for people somehow trying to lie to themselves that we did not screw up and jose did the right job.
  6. *Official* Pedro to Chelsea

    LOL at KDB being pants. Was probably our best player against Hull, then unfairly thrown out of the team. Anyways, thats the difference between Jose and pep, to be honest. He did not need Busquets to be an international, to replace Yaya, he just bloody did it depending on the player's calibre. Same with Messi. He made a gamble with Oscar. Sold both Mata and KDB after freezing them out.
  7. What the hell happened in that mid part.
  8. 5th at best??? Seriously? Even currently we are 4th. Have gone through our rough patch and we are still 4th and if we win at united, we will be at equal points. We finished 6th in the season we won the CL, FYI. And talking about downing tools, what happened in the 2011/12 season when AVB was here? Or scholari? Yes, we have been inconsistent this season, but I am optimistic about the barca games. Come on Chelsea!!!
  9. Thats just not true. The "weak in character" and "untalented" have won 2 PLs in the last 3 years. This team is definitely talented. Yes, we do have some average players but the system and formation gets the best out of them (moses and alonso). That 2012 team was a squad full of veterans and battle hardended leaders (cech, cole, lamps, JT, DD, Iva). Any team would look "weak in character" in front of them, but I still believe in this team. Hell, I am overly optimistic about us against barca. Dont why, I just am.
  10. I dont think people are "confident", but surely a bit optimistic. No one doubts which is the better team or which team is likelier to go through. BUT, its football and a lot of things can go down. I feel a lot can depend on the team sheet. Hazard can announce himself as one of the best with these games, so i am sure he will be up for it. Messi's record against us, Barca's previous games against us, the fact that barca themselves have not been THAT special. We surely can pull one off the bag. I just hope not to see baka/cesc starting.
  11. *Official* Pedro to Chelsea

    I would take that given that we lost to burnley, palace, watford, bournemouth this season. I would definitely take that over "whatever" pedro brings to the table.
  12. Tibo Dave Christensen Cahill Moses Kante Luiz DD Alonso Giroud Hazard
  13. David Luiz back at Chelsea

    Would be the best solution. But honestly do you think any permutation (including a 3 man mid) of kante - cesc/baka/dd would be good against barca? Moses and alonso will have their hands full trying to double up on messi/suarez/dembele (if fit). We simply cant be outmanned in the mid against barca and I for one have no confidence in either of cesc/baka.
  14. David Luiz back at Chelsea

    Not really mate. We need to NOT concede at home, whatever happens. Playing kante-luiz-DD in the mid can be a good step in the right direction and then we can hope for a hazard miracle at the other end of the pitch. Luiz in the mid looks to be one of the best solutions to me for the barca games. Baka is not ready. And would be ripped apart by the barca pressing. He anyways looks short on confidence, so I simply dont want to see him starting.
  15. *Official* Pedro to Chelsea

    Perfectly put and explained.