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  1. Given the title of thread... I would say "WE HAVE A WINNER"
  2. Yup, Absolutely Loved it. I hope we have. Here's a walk down the memory lane.
  3. By the way any KID heroics this time around, like Stefan Ivanovic?
  4. Oh come on mate. How many goals have you seen costa score through Crosses? Alonso/Moses put in plenty of 50/50 balls in the box, with simply no one gambling. Thats a Fact. Costa getting 20 goals is more on the service he gets from Hazard and specially cesc. But lets not act like he is a chicharito level poacher. COsta has his strengths, getting at the end of crosses, simply is not one. Anyways, we digress, its not about costa or even Azpi, who still did not make the PFA team of the year or any team of the year, and if you ask most chelsea fans, they would say he is criminally underrated. As for his attacking game, there is just so much missing from it. And its no where near Moses' directness, speed and how much of a danger he is from the opposition winger/FB. Azpi simply wont be able to give the same danger that moses poses.
  5. Would have been good in the current System. Nonetheless, goodbye. Hope he gets a CL medal. Cant see RM winning back to back.
  6. You will find someone similar to this.
  7. Tibo Azpi Luiz GC Moses Cesc Kante Alonso WIllian Costa Hazard I want a costa hat-trick and then he can leave. Cesc would be better than matic on the big wembley pitch.
  8. This would be a statement of intent, but the probability of this happening is simply 0.
  9. Ya, I know. But cant blame them. I see their point now. The guy is just a pathetic troll and I kept taking the bait everytime. To be fair, I had no prior knowledge of social media and trolls. This place is much calmer, but I think the general quality of posts and posters (removing the obvious troll) is much better.
  10. Meh, dont give him a second thought. He is like those people... what do you call them... IDIOTS... Just put him on ignore and enjoy being Champions. He will shove off anyways as soon as Lukaku is bought. So thats another incentive that we really really do get LUKAKU (our SAVIOUR).
  11. Nope. I "was". Got banned majorly because of the clown, hence just wanna stay away from him. Simply not worth the time. Did not have much experience dealing with trolls and lunatics at that time. Now I see him for what he truly is. Dont know about @STATS though. Hope you were not banned.
  12. I am good. Quite good actually. But the clown is actually denying ridiculing Kane. Man, he needs a psychiatrist. no 2 ways about it. He is just all wrong up there.
  13. Just saw the whole thread. Gold!!! Well, Pedro has really surprised me and made me eat my words. Hope that continues, but hopefully we get sanchez.
  14. Mate, I always wondered if you were the same "STATS" from TalkChelsea. Happy to see you here. How have you been?
  15. sh*t just got real!!!