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  1. Torn between Luiz and Alonso so I voted Kante. When in doubt - Kante.
  2. N.G

    What a nice post to read early in the morning! IMO N'Golo is one of the best (if not the best) defensive midfielder around today. He's amazing and gives our defenders the protection they need sometimes. An absolute steal for 32m pounds imo.
  3. Hazard for me.. might've not scored or assisted but I was so happy with his game and movement.. Absolute joy to watch.
  4. I always buy him on Fifa with Batshuayi and develop them to 90+ player, which means they must be good! () Anyway, he's 19 years old, don't reckon he'll get much game time and will probably be sent on loan.
  5. Jazz fusion ftw
  6. Ahh this hour of game is so random for me.. Sunday isn't a day off where I live so I'll be at work and probably miss the game. Not going the change the fact I'll be wearing blue on sunday! COME ON CHELSEA!
  7. no. screw that douche.
  8. Welcome mate! I love Sidney, spent some of the best time of my life there and in aus in general :)
  9. IT'S GAME DAY TURN THE CAPS LOCK ON!! and in a more serious note; I'm having such a bad week and a win at WHL would do wonders to my happiness levels..
  10. Draxler instead of Oscar would be a pretty good swap I guess. I really liked oscar but his inconsistenty has hurt his game too much. You just can't rely on the guy to show up and have a good game when he's needed. Draxler could well end up as a world class player like Hazard under the guidance of Don Conte, and when paired with Hazard on the other side... My goodness.
  11. The performance he gave last night was brilliant! Thought he and Willian was our best players until the costa goal, and really happy to see him prove his worth to the club.
  12. Well he was decent this game, but Hull isn't really the most threatening side to play against (3 consecutive loses, having conceded 11 goals in these games) so I hope he'll perform against the top sides as well. Good luck for him, and I'm all for ivanovic on the bench... or in a different team.
  13. Well he's obviously pissed off since he must have thought he'd have a chance this season, but that's no reason to do these kind of stuff.. Very childish imo
  14. You just got to love the personality of this player! Hopefully he can grow here and become a legend like the previous guy from marseille ( )