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  1. Watched the highlights. Great game by Fabregas, he was very motivated and there was a lot of praise going his way. He did enough to earn another start in our next game, didn't he? But still, how was that not a 5-1?
  2. It's fantastic that City vs United got postponed, by the way. The later it gets set the more pressure on them because City are also playing Liverpool later in March. We want them to be exhausted and feeling that they are too far behind when they come to the Bridge in the beginning of April.
  3. I couldn't watch the game today, but from what I've heard Kante was again in seriously good form. I am really glad for him, he is a contender for POTY, terrific player. value him at £34m now which puts him level with Verratti. I think that's accurate, but having one such player is not an excuse to not go for another one
  4. Enjoy the game! I was refreshing the Ticket Exchange for days looking for a ticket. It was impossible.
  5. Abramovich summoned him to his yacht to have a word. In the presence of his two tigers, he made it clear that fun at training is "weak" and will not be tolerated.
  6. @Ernie_blue 02/20/2017: "[Hazard] doesn't have the drive to push himself to the top". He has won the POTY in two countries, has been named Young Player of the Year several times, has won the Ligue 1 as well as the Premier League. He is on track to win it again while any consider him the best player in the Premier League. He earns 200k a week, is very popular and does not attract bad press or unwanted attention. What else does the poor man have to do to prove himself?
  7. Does anyone know if it will be realistic to get a ticket with virtually no loyalty points (like 10 maybe)?
  8. The next five league games are all very important. For City they are the games that will determine if they will still be 8 points behind us when they come to the Bridge on April 5th. If we manage to win all five, it will be 8 points at least
  9. Guys, one question. If you went to an Arsenal forum and they were arguing among each other if Sanchez is even a very good player, you'd come back and make jokes about it, wouldn't you? Also, I love how stats don't matter at all for certain people here (*cough* @Ernie_blue), it's like Trump calling everything he doesn't like 'fake', like it doesn't exist. It's strange how this works for some people.
  10. In the end it was 5-3 for City in what was a ridiculous game. A good result as @Adamrb says. City were on the verge of defeat for long periods, but then Monaco ran out of energy. Watch the highlights everyone, you won't regret it.
  11. After Arsenal, City are now 1-2 behind. At home. To Monaco. EDIT: Excuse my disrespectful comment above. Monaco are actually battering them and it's surprising they only lead 3-2. Falcao scored a wondergoal, by the way.
  12. You can restrict the term world-class to the best five players, our man Hazard would still be world class.
  13. It makes me wanna puke looking at the draws of the other 'top teams' (i.e. teams that are not at the top, but are still called that for some reason). We really didn't need the pressure of another United game in what will be a nervous spring run in. Everyone wants us to fail. Now comes the hardest part. EDIT: Yes, I do think that an FA Cup game can have an influence on the Premier League. If United beat us at home that would be demoralising for our players.
  14. I am curious to see what Conte thinks about this draw. Mourinho is already thinking it's a conspiracy. Chelsea away, that's the worst he could have gotten.
  15. Edit: Only Liverpool ... and Barca. For the latter he scored something like 110 goals in 120 appearances? He is a bit of a lunatic, you're right, but I'd have taken him even after his time at Liverpool. Goals do matter.