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  1. PythonLu

    MOTM vs Pikeys (A) (PL)

    Kante is getting a lot of votes, which is surprising because he was quite average yesterday. For example, click here and select Kante and Hazard to compare them and you'll see Eden scored on average four times better than Kante yesterday. I like Kante, don't get me wrong, but yesterday Eden had one of those magical 10/10 performances that no one else in the league can achieve
  2. Why are some people so upset? We're winning the game, it's all good.
  3. We did that in the last game against Swansea
  4. West Ham are throwing everything at us early. High energy pressing. Just wait 30 minutes until they run out of steam.
  5. Glad that Fabregas gets his shot at becoming a starter. It comes late, but it’s well deserved and the crucial part is yet to come. So I hope he will do well! It’s a weird new stadium West Ham moved into, by the way. There is this huge gap between the pitch and the ranks. It’s like playing somewhere in Italy and not in east London. And they can’t even fill it.
  6. PythonLu

    Alexis Sanchez

    The poll is saying that 86% expect him to leave. I know we're predominantly after defenders and midfielders right now, but it's these orthogonal priorities on our part that allowed him to join Arsenal in the first place. With all the money made in the Oscar deal and the new Nike contract kicking in soon, we might be able to pull this one off despite the money that we'll pay for Koulibaly and whatever midfielder we'll go for.
  7. Well said! City will play against Liverpool, Arsenal and (hopefully) United between now and when they play us in a months time. There is also a difficult away fixture in Monaco coming up for them. If they will still be 8 points behind us by the time we play them, I'll cry.
  8. PythonLu

    Chelsea Kits for the 2017/18 season

    I am very excited for the new kits to be unveiled. Nike have a very talented team of designers and so it's safe to say that we will be spared with another disappointment like last summer.
  9. PythonLu

    Eden Hazard

    Just watched that incredible move again, it was the classical Hazard, he ran past the Swansea guy like he wasn't there. Costa showed a lot of appreciation after he scored the goal
  10. PythonLu

    Radja Nainggolan

    His scoring record is very impressive for a centre midfielder, isn't it? His nine goals are a feat. Nainggolan and Kante in one team does sound very intriguing.
  11. PythonLu

    antonio conte does it better

    This is a fantastic comment! I wonder if the same people are behind the Bonucci to Chelsea rumours, which would make a lot of sense with Conte leaving.
  12. PythonLu

    Victor Moses

    An extension is fine as long as it does not come with an increased salary. He was solid this season, but maybe not quite good enough to start regularly in the long term. I'd still like this position filled with someone else in the summer, to be honest. But again, Moses is a nice one to have in the squad, no doubt. He is probably among the best 10-15 players this season.
  13. PythonLu

    Welcome N’Golo Kante

    It's also important to note that Makelele won two league titles and an FA Cup with Chelsea. There were many very good games by Kante, but right now Makelele's legacy is still a bit bigger.
  14. PythonLu

    Eden Hazard

    His last performance against Swansea was a very impressive one, but since pretty much every Chelsea player had that and because Hazard didn't score, some people will say it was rubbish. Everyone is entitled to voice an opinion.
  15. PythonLu

    Chelsea Vs Swansea (PL) Sat 25/02 2017 KO 15:00 GMT

    Watched the highlights. Great game by Fabregas, he was very motivated and there was a lot of praise going his way. He did enough to earn another start in our next game, didn't he? But still, how was that not a 5-1?