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  1. Guys its not possible to retain the league...we have to support conte and the players...am sure conte will learn from this...he needs the board's support with the players he needs...now we all know why he wanted sandro and candreva...but guess what..he will be sacked like it was his fault...foolish from our board just foolish
  2. Did Kante had this much influence in our team damn
  3. Is it possible that the players dont want to play for Conte?
  4. Anyone fearing for Conte? I have a feeling he will be sacked...am sick of this
  5. How are we going to recover from this sh*t...f**king hell..omg did u see man city...hily sh*t...i mean it's like the difference between heaven and earth....pep got a management that gave him all he needed...did out management gave anything to conte...noooooooo...then they will sack him like its his mistake...and we will keep going backwards
  6. f**king idiots selling matic to a rival f**king idiots selling kdb f**king idiots selling schurlle f**king idiots selling lukaku f**king idiots selling mikel Our biggest issue us depth...the quality if the bench is no where near the line-up Bats vs morata Why play cesc in the middle Why drop christensin he was far better than luiz Why don't play luiz and baka in the middle Why drop rudeger Am so f**king pissed off
  7. f**k that..even last season we had bad record against the big boys I saw this coming
  8. Thomas lemar

    Guys what do you think of lemar? He is an incredible talent with lots of pace and skill ... I really hope that we will go hard for him..i knw we lack ambition now stays but i really hope we sign him
  9. Riyad Mahrez

    All reports suggests that mehrez wont come because we haven't made any bid...this transfer window is the strangest of all
  10. Riyad Mahrez

    http://www.talkchelsea.net/transfers/riyad-mahrez-leicester-city-have-not-received-a-bid-from-chelsea/ Check this out guys.. we are just unbelievable
  11. Riyad Mahrez

    Which we don't have time for...our board are just the best..they are not planning conte anything he wants..no they are selling...i won't take it if conte leaves...we finally found someone who is passionate and can get the best out of our player
  12. Deadline Day Drama

    I just fed up with being disappointed with this transfer window
  13. Deadline Day Drama

    Mehrez is going to Barca...we will be disappointed again lads
  14. Riyad Mahrez

    Guys we will all be disappointed again.. mehrez is going to barca
  15. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

    I couldn't agree more