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  1. Ahmed_bluehearted


    Am afraid it's just another rumour like what we used to...where is sarri Btw? Hahahaha
  2. Ahmed_bluehearted

    Random Rumours

    City are soooo good for epl and they are signing jorginho..damn I am afraid that won't happen given our board history with other world class managers
  3. Ahmed_bluehearted

    Laurent Blanc - Because Why Change The Status Quo?

    Am really fed up at how our board run the transfer business ...shame...
  4. Ahmed_bluehearted


    Holy sh*t...some reports are suggestingthat sarri isn't our number one target anymore blanc is
  5. Ahmed_bluehearted


  6. I hate being so negative but I don't think this will be a good window...i hope the board will come to thier senses and keep conte and f**king sign world class players..we r in a critical moment where we can lose stars which will take us looong tim3 b4 challenging again..i would say to the board..stop wasting time and sign lemar..mehrez..sandro..savic ...pusilic..a good defender.. in the summer they need to show the fans ambition....ship out William.. pedro..bat..cahill in the summer..this window is gone...lets focus on top 4 that's it Am really depresses with what's going on with our club
  7. Ahmed_bluehearted

    January Window 17/18

    Why conte isn't playing Luiz in place of bakayoko for got sake?
  8. Ahmed_bluehearted

    January Window 17/18

    Couldn't agree more mate.. we lost our hunger and am sure conte will leave with sacked or otherwise...how a manager demands cannot be met..this season is on the board and we as Chelsea fans should start banners at the bridge to support conte and demand the board to respectthe club and the fans..because whats happening is unacceptable for a club like Chelsea..how a big club can have only 1 striker...why are we depending on hazard..we need to secure singings like lemar and pusilic and lazio'o savic..we should act like a big club..am really pissed off to see what Liverpool and city are doing
  9. Ahmed_bluehearted

    January Window 17/18

    I saw many reports suggesting that some newspaper in Italy reported that allegri agreed to take over Chelsea next season..wtf...i will stick with conte...the issue is that our club is not ambitious at all
  10. Ahmed_bluehearted

    Thomas lemar

    Apparently he chose Liverpool over us to replace coutinho...we need young hungry player to fill William and pedro places as well as fabregas..i hate transfer windows now
  11. The quality of thier subs to ours are light years ahead....thr board need to show ambition and respect for the fans and do high level signing...pusilic...lamar... are still available we need to go for them
  12. I agree with u 100%...this is what we predicted..lack of quality squad depth will cost us dearly..look at man city's front line...aguero..sane..sterling..kdp...silva...bernando Silva...jesus.......compare that to our front line....hazard..morata...pedro..willian......
  13. Changing conte wont change anything..we need to sign the players conte wants and then we can account him..but with the current situation.. he didn't get the players he wanted.
  14. Ahmed_bluehearted

    Chelsea Vs Man Utd (PL) Sun Nov 5th 2017 16:30 UK

    I fear for conte...these players are not playing for him...i really want to be positive but .. I can't see us winning while we concede goals and struggle to score ... god help us
  15. Apparently the players are texting Steve Holland complaining abt conte.. what on earth is going on .. I can't stand another sacking