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  1. I think we are winning today. I see a 3-0 coming and a great performance from the team. if Giroud is not yet fit to start then no point risking it! Would go with the following Courtois Azpi Rudiger Cahill Alonso Ngolo Ampadu Fabregas Willian Hazard Pedro If Willian is not yet ready - i would sub him out for Odoi. This would be my preferred team, but then again - Conte will not switch to back 4 - we are likely to have Cahill as CB and Moses/Zappacosta!
  2. Looks like Bats is having medical at Dortmund and we are getting Giroud. That leaves us with no CF for tonight's game since Alvaro is out injured! it's a shame Willian is also out injured and we are out of attacking options. Willie Azpi Christensen Rudiger Zapacosta Ngolo Bakayoko Alonso Pedro Eden Barkley I am happy for Musonda that he left for Celtic on loan. I think that's a good club for him to develop under Rogers and hopefully we will see more of him in the near future.
  3. Can't believe anyone actually seriously suggesting we play a weakened side rotating. I think this whole rotating thing is over hyped and abused. I'd go with the strongest line up we have. Let the players earn their rest by winning 3-0 in the first half. I've always been for the idea of starting with your best and do the job then rest them, instead of starting with weak side and then still putting on your best to chase the game when the plan guys belly up. Courtois Apzi Christensen Rudiger Zapa Kante Baka Alonso Pedro Morata Hazard I'd prefer Willian for Pedro if fit but we need to start strong and win early
  4. Don't know how true this is, but we seem to smash teams when we play false 9. Could be wrong but I think we always score at least 2 per game using this system
  5. I wont be surprised if Conte plays 3-5-2 with Hazard and Basthuayi up front and we have a terrible game. He tends to cower against strong sides and flood the midfield to try and just congest the game. Hopefully I am wrong and we do see a 3-4-3 offensive side with both Willian and Hazard on. COME ON CHELSEA - Lets beat this lot today!
  6. If we cannot try something new and positive against Norwich at home then I have no idea when we can try? I am hoping for a refreshed side - key word "hoping"! Willy Zapacosta Rudiger Luiz Kennedy Ampadu Drinkwater Barkley Musonda Pedro Willian I dont mind Bats starting as well. Just hope to see Musonda and Barkley!
  7. hmmm - I think we had enough to beat this lot. Don't think the mood week affected this but rather manager tactics and choices. Could have started with Pedro Willian Zapacosta and we could have done better. The problem is Bakayoko who is missing in mid and we have no threat going forward. We will only improve once we start playing with Pedro Willian and Hazard on the pitch - a thing I doubt will ever happen under Conte
  8. Does Conte want to leave? Cause his team selection, subs are aweful. If he wants to leave he should take Bakayoko with him
  9. I think taking out Hazard whole not in the lead is always going to be a wrong move
  10. Lol, I thought we would easily win after the red but I guess I am wrong
  11. The red card will save us and hide the fact that we were really poor! I think Conte is not doing enough to give us the opportunity to win the matches and play our best. I like the manager and hope he sorts it out cause am hoping we stay with him for long and that the rumors that leaves in the summer are fake
  12. Frustrating how we are struggling like this with Pedro and Willian benched. I don't know what Conte is thinking but yeah - this is painful.
  13. This is really poor from Chelsea, and at home as well. Leicester ripping us apart
  14. Leicester started well. Going to be a long afternoon