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  1. the f**k is cesc doing there
  2. I have a feeling we are playing with an unfit Bakayoko and Luiz. This may back fire on us. But i like that Rudiger is in the back 3 and that Azpi is at right wing back. At least he wont be exposed as much there. But Zappacosta - what does this make of him, why did we even sign him then? When we are short of players at right wing back - he still can't make the starting 11??
  3. Oh no . I think i would be happy seeing us adopt a more offensive set up. 4 and not 6 defenders on the pitch please. Then play the other good offensive players that we have to attack the teams. Having 6 defenders automatically means we sit deep and give space to Watford. I just want to see a positive set up that shows we are Chelsea and we think attack, and it is Watford that should sit deep and defend
  4. I think we need to be brave and just attack these teams. Man for Man we have more quality (even with Bakayoko and Luiz injured and out). What we have is good players who should find a way to beat Watford if we play big like who we are. We are unnecessarily negative and showing too much respect to opponents and this f**king sucks! Azpiluceuta has been off the pace defensively and I think he should be benched. Alonso as well is looking tired and I think we need to freshen the squad up with people who want to fight and prove something. Having said all this - if we just go out and attack, Watford will surely park it into submission! If it means putting a kid in mid then so be it, put him there. He will have seniors around him and will adapt and grow. This may not even be necessary if we really just go on with an all out attack. Of course well concede but i think we will outscore these guys. My thinking is this, Rudiger looked sure when he had the ball last night and his release of the ball was on point. He managed to release the ball successfully from defence and link up with Pedro. We lacked this all night till he came on. Our mid is not good right now so we should not try to keep the ball too long in the mid but get the ball to our forwards in the most direct route. If we get Hazard on the ball as much as possible then we will be fine. To achieve this, I will go with 4-4-2 and get the opponents worry about defence and not us. Basthuayi is bad in a 1 man CF team but has actually played well as a supporting striker and i think this is what we have and it would be better to play both our strikers and give the defenders from opposition a headache than add more to the mid and still be run over. Courtois Rudiger Xsen Cahill Kenedy Fabregas Pedro Musonda Hazard Basthuayi Morata Watford wont see this coming and we will play direct fooball. Win possession and ball distributed quickly to hazard / musonda or morata or pedro. Don't keep the ball too much in mid cause right now we are not good at it! This will definitely peg the watford guys back and win us the game. I really hope we win this weekend and get a week to plan for the next match while our players recover. I left Willian out and chose Musonda intentionally cause Willian is slowing down the game and not keeping possession as well. Pedro in the center cause he has a good work ethic and will be able to beat the high pressure and distribute the ball to our wide players. Fabregas in there cause we have no one better than him there who is fit. Azpiluceuta out cause he has been so bad recently. Kenedy or Alonso at left back.
  5. We need to try something different and more solid. I would be happy to see 4 at the back 3 mid and 3 forwards. I hate seeing us getting run over like Palace did us. Tibo Azpi Rudiger Xsensen Alonso Baka Luiz fabregas Musonda Pedro Hazard I think this line up will cause lots of problems for anyone.
  6. Just annoyed by Luiz - that was so unnecessary. And Cesc is off the pace. Pay Willian there for f**ks sake. Willian can play central or wide. We need pace and aggression.
  7. OMG, I don't know what to say. f**king hell!!!! f**k yeahhhhhhhhhh.... Christensen! Way to go man!! Rudiger - beast, And when Hazard came on - Morata suddenly had a lot of space. Bakayoko + Ngolo - the best! Bring it. We are Chelsea and we will kick ye arses! f**k Yeahhhhhhhhhh
  8. The moment Hazard came things just changed. I love it!!! The attention Hazard draws from defenders, classic! I love it
  9. Cahill has no place in the starting 11 for must win games
  10. Well said. It doesn't have to only against the big teams that we play Baka and kante, we need them even against the small side so that we have guaranteed control of the mid. This way - teams will never outdo us in the middle. Cesc does not work with two in the middle - Cesc is an option for when we are battering a team, and the team is parking and camping in their goals and we badly need to unlock them, then we add cesc to press their box so that their defence is suffocated! Should they try to break out, the two mids [Baka and Ngolo] either win the ball or perform tactical fouls to stop the break and regain our shape. But we cannot have ngolo and Cesc as the two cause Cesc does not have the legs to cope with courageous teams that can put like 4 in the center of the pitch and have a go at us.
  11. I would like for Bakayoko, Rudiger and Zappa to start. Lets hope we get the 3 points cause they are really important right now. We badly need them! Hazard also should start - I understand the caution required (esp against Stoke) but i think if he plays 90 mins this game and manages to take the kicks and physicality from Stoke, this will be very huge for his mental confidence cause each time I watch him now he is too careful and understandably afraid to get into challenges and pulling out of 50-50 challenges. If he aint fit yet then i support this 100% but if it's a mental thing then he badly needs this game for his mental confidence and get rolling. This will be another valuable learning experience for Morata. i think it's good for him to get to play these teams at the start of the season and learn the battle of the premier league early enough. After the West Brom game then he will graduate! Lets hope we get the 3 points, get hazard confident, Morata as well
  12. I was so annoyed by Fabregas last weekend and each time i see you guys suggesting him I am frowning! I know it's wrong and maybe he should just actually play this game so that he needs rest for the EPL game away to stoke next weekend. Hope to see new faces on the pitch and these new faces to actually play 90 mins!
  13. We all try to be positive and say - well it's a draw against a big side in Arsenal. But you can't honestly say that wasn't a bad performance from us when we wasted 35 mins of the 1st half. Completely wasted them minutes with a wrong and weak formation. Cesc fabregas looked lost and so this made our performance bad. This ended up making Morata look lost as well cause he was isolated! Then on the changes - at least we needed to show we wanted it more by taking out Cesc for Hazard instead of Willian. The Arsenal defence was never really bothered as a result. Cesc was aweful, Cahill did nothing to transition from defence to attack and also never really assisted Alonso against Bellerin. We were aweful and hence we didn't win! I also love Victor Moses and his energy, but I think he offers nothing extra than what Zappacosta can give. We were poor on set pieces, throw ins, crosses. Zappy is way better at crosses and I think would have pegged back Kolasinac. We just needed to be ambitious and we would have beaten these f**kers!!! Please oh Please - Start Bakayoko from now on!!!!! He's tried and tested - he's done it in the champions league for f**ks sake!!
  14. Things we did wrong: 1. Not starting with Bakayoko - this was the main issue. This gave Arsenal confidence in the first half and made them believe they can beat us. They initially gave us respect in the first 15 minutes but realised just overun them in mid and they get the upper hand! 2. Eden Hazard. I know there's the fear that he's not yet 100% , but an 80% Hazard is still one of the best EPL players. He looked great when he came on and naturally opponents back off when Hazard is on the pitch 3. Gary Cahill - looked out of his depth. wrong decisions and didnt support Alonso in the battles against Bellerin, whilst in contrast - Monreal and Kolasinac double teamed Morata/Pedro effeectively 4. Cesc fabregas at 70 mins. Taking out Willian for Eden was wrong - Cesc had the worst day in my opinion. He added nothing at all to our team and I am afraid other teams are seeing this. Cesc Fabregas is good for us when we play teams that are parking the bus and need to be unlocked. Wehn we play pressing and physical teams - we need to start our strong, pacey and physical mids. I feel I need to mention Michael Oliver, he did so well for Arsenal. He gave us absolutely nothing!! Each time we got the ball in good positions, he stopped the play. Arsenal players took turns to foul Morata and he gave nothing. This is one thing I really hate about the EPL, the officials really f**k sh*t up. This doesn't do even the English players any good (they are used to officials assisting them or acceptong this barbaric sh*t) and when they play in European /world cups - they are sh*t cause this behaviour is not accepted. The ref was so inconsistent and this even gave Arsenal more advantage. What we did well: Second half we improved and added Bakayoko in. Arsenal had no shot on target as a result: What we should do going forward: Start Hazard and Bakayoko! Impose ourselves frpom kick off, prepare for physicality and inconsistent refs - Attack all out and get early goals to prevent refs influencing games and to not give opponents confidence. We are waway to Stoke next and ween to play physical and strong!