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  1. Kepa Zappa Ampadu Christensen Emerson Cesc Drinkwater Loftus Cheek Moses Morata Barkley Bench: Hazard, Giroud, CHO, Willian, Caballero, Cahill, Azpiluceuta We still need some experience in the squad and some balance too. But we still need to have our lethal players on the bench for when things go wrong.
  2. Chelsea 4-1 Bournemouth. Eden Hazard of course with a brace!
  3. I get the guys saying we were slow etc, but I think for this game its a bit harsh. Rise Newcastle players were well drilled. They are strong and fast. They are so hard to break down and they were at home. I'm actually very proud of the way we played and would take that performance any day any time
  4. I like the fact teams are beginning to get scared of Chelsea, the way Newcastle parked it, they didn't even want to play today!
  5. Boy oh Boy, are we in for a Hazard treat today!!
  6. The best Chelsea can do right now
  7. Both Kovacic and Hazard should start!! We need to beat these guys well
  8. I think Odoi played u23s yesterday? If I'm right then no chance he will play this Sunday.
  9. We are bound to be weak somewhere as we transition to this beautiful style of play. I think with time we will be really stable and balanced - for now we just need to keep on outscoring the opposition! Nothing beats the feeling of dorminating possession and bullying the gooners! Come on Chelsea!!!
  10. Is it just me or does anyone else think that Hazard is going to smash Arsenal tomorrow! I can see it!! 3-1 Chelsea hazard brace
  11. I don't think Bellerin will overlap much this game. Believe me, the sight of Eden Hazard gives every defender nightmares - they would rather stay close to Eden than overlap and get caught!
  12. I think we are miles off our best but improving each week as we play games. I also think our defense will be tested but this time, we play with Hazard and Ngolo unlike when they came to Aviva Stadium and we still beat them - only for them to equalise after we made 11 changes. I think we are going to win this fixture 3-1. I'm excited and think Chelsea will have way too much for Arsenal. Hoping for Kovacic to get some minutes in the second half.