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  1. As long as we don't start Pedro and Willian, we will continue to be sh*t. We will win one or two but always suck in big games. It's painful but it's reality! Pep takes out Kompany and puts Gundogan to chase a goal. He played with two defenders and he got the goal. We play West Ham and are afraid to go all out attack. Pathetic! Really frustrating!
  2. I just wish one day we start all out offensive and chasing the game at kick off when its still 0-0. It really annoys me how (against Liverpool and Athletico) we went a goal down, then started chasing the game and put Willian Pedro on and played 3-4-3. In this case we outplayed opponents and got equalizers. So why the hell do we not start with such a line up and blitz teams from kick off. I honestly just don't get it! I would go with the following line up but i know this wont happen, we will craw back to our 3-5-2 without both Willian and Pedro, really annoys! Tibo Azpi Christensen Rudiger Moses Kante Drinkwater Pedro Willian Morata Hazard I hope we win comfortably
  3. Eden will finish them even when they are fresh. Good line up IMO. Would have preferred Drinkwater but let's hope for a huge performance from Baka
  4. Interesting game this is gona be and i am confident of 3 points, as long as Hazard starts and i think he will. I would go with Courtois Azpi Christensen Rudiger Moses Kante Drinkwater Alonso Willian Morata Hazard 2-0, could have been 5 but Morata wasted 2 chances and their keeper had a hell of a game!
  5. The point i tried to make yesterday, half time 0-0. No clear cut chances! We rested our best player and our performance is not as aggressive. I expect the same second half unless we bring Eden on to chase it now! We have to chase a win and it's more pressure now!!!!
  6. Game day!! lets go lads....
  7. I hope Hazard is not rested. I really hope that we don't rest too many players before kick off cause this is the EPL and things go Belly up in flash! No point resting Hazard Morata etc then still bring them on at 60 mins when we are a goal down and trying to chase it! I would rather we start with our strongest and most offensive team, score 2 goals and then take the players out at half time! Crystal Palace, Burnley - lest we forget. 6 points we thought we would definitely get and came out with 0!
  8. Really want to see a very offensive line up! I would like for Willian to get a chance as a started - the guys has earned in in my opinion. I would like to go 3-4-3 and really be offensive! Caballero Rudiger Luiz Cahill Pedro Ngolo Drinkwater Alonso Willian Morata Hazard Would like the rotation but still keep a scary attacking line on. This is a weak side and we should approach it with 100% aggression. 4-0 Chelsea
  9. So much on show today! I have mixed feelings but here goes. I really like Bakayoko and think he will get better - but at this phase of the league - he certainly is not good enough to be a starter. I think he should be making the 15 mins sub appearances cause honestly he has a lot to learn. Drinkwater looked so much better and made good runs and will definitely improve with time. The second thing is that we show too much respect to opponents. This is a mentality problem that needs to go away! This introduces my next point - I absolutely loved it when Willian Cesc Hazard Morata and Pedro were on the pitch. I don't think any team can live with our attack when we have these guys on. We should throw caution to the wind and just outscore teams with our best players. I hope we do this please cause we have excellent offensive players that indeed will force opponents into parking! We had 90% possession with these guys on the pitch! I really wanted the 3 points and am quite disappointed!
  10. I like Salah offensively - he's fast and is beginning to score a lot of goals. But to me he is part of the reason Liverpool ship in a lot of goals. i dont see his contribution defensively and i think we can really capitalise on this. Offensively Liverpool are good but I see a huge imbalance if they play Mane Salah Firminho Coutinho and Henderson. Henderson is not that good and we cannot compare him to the likes of Kante. I think this leads to a good offense but weak Central midfield! We already know their defence is sh*t and I think we have at least 2 goals tomorrow. If we just manage to defend them when they attack, I dont see anything else but a Chelsea win! I expect us to dorminat the mid with Bakayoko Ngolo and Cesc. Hazard and Alvaro should definitely get a few chances
  11. I'm not really worried about Liverpool. I like the way Chelsea are playing offensively. We seem to be having big team mentality these days and I think if we go and attack we will outscore these guys since our defence will likely concede less than theirs. These guys ship in lots of goals. Sevilla wasted chances in the first half and I think Hazard won't waste like that. I see us beating them 3-1
  12. I am not looking forward to this game at all - we have been disappointing and it's hard to be positive right now. I just hope we put up a huge performance and come out winning. I am going to give my preferred line up though I know we wont likely get such a line up. Courtois Azpi Xsensen Rudiger Zapa Kante Bakayoko Kennedy Pedro Morata Hazard I have take out Alonso cause I just think the guy has accumulated so many mins and its begining to tell. Him and Azpiluceuta have played almost every game and their performances are down - but Alonso for me looks off the pace! I know Alonso will start of course but I would have preffered for Kennedy to get the nod. David Luiz looks to me like he's injured, He is playing well below fitness and is being found out. If he isn't fit then just rest him and play Xsen who is very able. If Kante is not fit then play DrinkH20 please. I just dont think Cesc has a place in this game. He is a luxury player and Mou will hammer us if we have him on. Please Please oh Please - do not play Azpiluceutra at Right wing back! The guy is knackered already - please just play the dude we signed there!!! That's what we signed him for anyways!
  13. Kodi is okay but the add ons seem to be going down! I suggest downloading mobdro - find it reliable for streams on tablets etc. I will also try the link as well today from coco.