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  1. I hope so too, I just hope we have the best performance ever, win the game and buy us a week off from the negative journalists!
  2. Thibaut Courtois

    Courtois, I think he is an average and unchallenged goal keeper. It's like teams know to try and go for dodgey shots and Courtois wont be there to save us. He is not a top class goal keeper as most people and Jounos make him to be. Very rarely does he keep us in games this dude and I wish chelsea could get another keeper to challenge him and improve the level. He just f**king concedes and people rip into our defense all the time and spare him. Courtois is average and this annoys me cause the impression is that we are perfect on this position and yet we are not. I really wanted Chelsea to get Pickford!!!
  3. I watched Spuds play and I honestly think we have a shot. I just fecking hate the headlines the daily mail is posting. Fecks sake!!! Chelsea crisis, Players revolt, Conte under Pressure. Just f**king annoys me!!! I think we need to think outside the box and I am sure Conte is doing the same right now. We have enough I think to do well in this. Spuds did us last season with the cross and header and took advantage of our back 3 shape. We do not need to stick to this but rather we need to adapt and play to our strengths. I hope to see something like this. Courtois Azpi Luiz Chritensen/Rudiger Alonso [back four and not back 3] Kante Moses [Physical moses and tones of energy and defensively is good] Willian [Give Willian free role just behind attack should solidify defense as well] Pedro/Boga Morata Basthuayi [Basthuayi looked okay n preseason when he played wide.] If the Basthuayi role doesnt work swap him with Musonda. Musonda can interchange with Willian and try to attack in that way. The back four would be good as Luiz, Christensen or Rudiger can give us height and physique. Alonso will overlap of course but need to maintain discipline defensively. I can really see us beating the SPUDS and will love it.... Come on Chelsea!!!
  4. Is Boga Small?? I thought he is one fit fecker...... 1.72 height ( Dembele 1.82) and body build he looks tough as hell.... Anyways don't really know man. I just hope the manager makes the best decision to get is going and get us a good performance. Let's hope Morata is firing on all cylinders
  5. I think Luiz should play his position in defence. We have Boga and Baker - play either of those in Mid with Kante. No need to shift Luiz here. Pedro should be abck and we should have him, Morata and Willian up front. Whoever partners Kante should be told to sit and be disciplined. In all honesty I think Cesc would struggle as well against the pace of Spurs in mid field so perhaps its a blessing in disguise to have someone like Boga there who is also pacey and physical to battle it out in the mid. I was happy with Morata, he's not yet fully fit but at least there was that glimpse of what to expect from him. God i cant wait to have Eden, Bakayoko back. I think Morata will shine!!
  6. Are anyone worried about the squad size?

    Now - onto the main event!! Squad depth... I think chelsea was carrying a lot of dead wood. the hot subject is Matic really. My opinion is that we could improve on Matic, cause offensively Matic was not that great. I actually think we did that by getting Bakayoko and its sad that he is not yet fit and we haven't yet seen him. On a like for like like trade - I think we did really well getting a 22 year old for 35mil and selling a 29 year old for 40 mil (rising to 50 on performance bonuses). I think we got a better player, More Pace, Awareness and Attacking abilty in this position. Diego - I enjoyed the goals and winning mentality of this guy but hated the drama around him. I think getting Morata was good and he will come good for Chelsea real soon. Rudiger, Christensen vs [Chalobah, RLC]: I have no comment on this. Overall I think we are just unfortunate to have the injuries we have right now. Obviously we need to add depth but we should do this at the right price not the ridiculous fees going around. A wing back [please get Rose or Oxlade] and a backup holding mid are needed. I think we will have a very slow start to the season but will be really strong from October onwards! We need to build a team for the future and I think we are doing that right now...
  7. Are anyone worried about the squad size?

    The first 45 mins today were painful. Seriously painful. But they are just 45 mins of a 38 game season!! The squad depth... This is a hot and tricky topic, a lot of emotion runs just after a game so i decided to wait a bit and then comment on this after cooling down. Looking at the line up at kick off - [Courtois, Rudiger Luiz Cahilll, Azpi Kante Cesc Alonso, Willian Basthuayi Boga] - This line up is good enough to beat Burnley in my opinion. I was actually excited when i saw this line up cause I wanted to see how Boga would do. Cahill was and is the weakest link in the team at the moment - that was a silly tackle and as a result Boga's debut was cut to a mere 17 mins. Basthuayi, Michy Michy Michy!!! Oh Michy. I really like this guy but damn. Really damn! Man is weak for a well built guy! It's like - he really knows how to blow his chances! Looks like he'll be back up striker always....Second 45 mins was much better, the ref did nothing to help us but i think I have to give special mention to Ngolo, Luiz, Rudiger, Alonso. These guys played really well. In Luiz I heart, desire and talent. A natural winner and this guy should be our captain!!! People are always trying to find replacement for Alonso but that guy is actually really good. I think we need a replacement for Cahill instead.
  8. Haha - nice one on the bench! I think Morata is not yet ready to start. His performances have been off the Mark but I do hope he plays well soon. I would love for Boga or Musonda to start. Boga looked really good in pre season.
  9. Hazard was supposed to only return to training in September, but he started training 2 weeks ago, in July. Of course not yet as physical as the other first teams but it's positive his recovery is ahead of schedule. Let's see if he won't be back making an appearance by the 3rd game week then!
  10. We are definitely weak for the opening weekend and I just want 3 points. I don't care how we get them, 1-0 or 6-0 but I just want the 3 points! I am hoping for at least 4 points in the opening 2 games (Burnley and Spurs). Get 4 points and we would have done well. By the 3rd game in 3 weeks times - t will be a completely different story! Hazard will be back, Bakayoko will be fit and who knows maybe we would have signed someone else and will be really strong and going on another run! Come or Chelsea! Hang in there. The start will be the hardest but we just need to grind the first 3 games and we are okay!
  11. You talk sense man! A lot of it!! I would not want Hazard to leave. He really is top class. I do understand that he gets man marked and kicked etc - but its up to the team to complement him. We have Willian and Pedro. These guys should do more when Hazard is being ganged on. These guys should make the opposition look silly for man marking hazard by blitzing the space and tormenting the defence. I also think we have under-utilized Willian a lot this season. That guy is pure class and we should be able to adapt formation and use him more when necessary, especially on transition from defence to attack! Willian is to good to be a bench player!
  12. I would not blame hazard - I blame the whole mentality and approach! I kind of think this guy has a point: https://www.change.org/p/chelsea-fans-more-success-at-chelsea-fc
  13. I think we will win the game but this is cup final and as we all know - cup finals ain't easy! Obviously Arsenal have been working to fix up their defense problems and will be ready for a 90 min display in Wembley. People are talking like their defense will be completely useless but I doubt that very much. They can easily shift it around and be very balanced: Cech Bellerin Mustafi Holding Oxlade Xhaka Ramsey Monreal Ozil Giroud[Welbz] Sanchez They can throw in Theo, Elneny Coq if they wish and this is actually a strong team. We need to be at our best and very solid to beat them and lift the CUP. Wont be an easy game but we should get the job done!
  14. Feel sorry for whoever captained Diego Costa in fantasy football this week - cause I doubt the lad is even sober to play! Excited we won the league with 2 games to give Batsman, Kennedy, Chalobah, Aina, Ake, Loftus and Zouma some game time. We should rest as many players as possible since this is really a dead rubber!!!! Begovic Zouma Terry Ake [Ake and Terry can be swapped actually - whatever, don't really care] Aina Chalobah Cesc Kennedy RLC Willian Basthuayi I predict 3-1 to Chelsea! Willian and Michy to score. Fabregas 2 assists