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  1. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    He drives forward a lot with the ball which I like. He is a tall, strong lad and I think a midfield of him, Baka and Kante would be a powerful centre midfield. His game does need refining, but being his first top flight season I think he is doing well.
  2. He made a bit of a prat of himself, but we all say/do silly things. It could have been worse, he could have been pulled over after one too many grandma's cough mixtures with some tart in his car
  3. It was too late in the game though I think.
  4. I was thinking that during the game. Two teams playing 343 that are well organised ends up in a checkmate. Surely if you have the superior team maybe a 433 would be better suited as you've got another man forward against the 3 CBs? I'm no coach but I think it makes sense.
  5. Hugely disappointed. We can blame the ref who did make some horrendous decisions, or just accept we were poor in the final third and the gooners did a good job of nullifying us. Luiz was an idiot for such a reckless challenge, but frustration gets the better of us at times. The whole short corner thing never worked after Fab slipped in the first time. Hopefully Morata will soon adapt to the physicality and lack of time on the ball as he looked well off the pace today. I wanted to see the likes of Luiz drive forward more as the gooners would regroup and we would try to pass through them. When Luiz took the invective, it pulled there midfield apart and actually gave us space.
  6. Antonio Rudiger

    When he adopted the role he did a brilliant job. Maybe that was because teams weren't used to facing 343 and had more time on the wing. But like you said, VM has been underwhelming, especially since the start of the season. His crossing has been woeful.
  7. The line-up looks good to me, especially giving Zappa a run out. But does Courtois need a rest? Willy is only really there incase he gets injured and knew that when signing for us.
  8. Agree. This is why I can't see it being a whole new starting 11. Still need experienced heads in the team to keep the system and shape.
  9. Sky Sports are running a 'pick your Arsenal and Chelsea combined 11" not really too diificult that one. Bar Sanchez it would pretty much be our starting 11 . .
  10. Alvaro Morata

    Completely agree. What I find amusing at a game is the idiots full on swearing and gesturing at the away supporters. Why? Absolutely no need for it. Especially when there are kids sitting there. Support your team and your players, have fun but respect your fellow supporters and set an example. Never understood the hatred people harbour over a game of football.
  11. https://www.reddit.com/r/soccerstreams/ Head there just before kick off.
  12. Alvaro Morata

    This is what I'm most looking forward to. Generally Hazard is two man marked and with Costa we were playing to feet. Now we have someone who can play to feet and is dangerous in the air (not as good a poacher as costa at the minute, but given time) how will teams defend that? Give Hazard space and he will exploit it, but give Morata space and he can punish you in the air . . will be interesting to see what happens.
  13. Zappacosta

    I've never heard of him. But if what you are all saying on here is true, then I'm happy with it. The likes of Rafinha, Aurier and Danilo came from somewhere and didn't magically appear in the worlds best teams. Now we have a striker who has a lethal head on his shoulders, players that can cross a good ball gives our opposition more to think about. Great name too . .