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  1. I'll look forward to the dvd
  2. I know he's going but it just doesn't seem real. Seeing him in another teams kit will be gut wrenching and will then hit home. Top bloke (according to a few people I know that have met him, including an arsenal fan!) And a true legend at the bridge. He will be back in a few years I have no doubts about that.
  3. What a finish. The keeper never expected it at all and thought he was going for a chip.
  4. Spurs are 1 down too!
  5. That's a fair point. But then singing to a team thats renown for fighting that you hate them is going to invoke a response. He just needs to hope the guy who he set it up with clocks him and not someone else!
  6. Must admit that made me laugh. More so because of the stupidity than anything. It looks like the bloke in the white jumper was going to have a pop until the other bloke waded through and smacked him.
  7. They can say what they like about us, but the fact is we went toe to toe with Barca for a few years and was one of the only teams that could give them a game and better. That was when Barca were at there best. Even last year we had a decent run in the CL even though our league form was dire. Like any club, we get our fair share of stick. But for the real Chelsea haters, at least we have given ourselves a good account in Europe over the years . . Far more so than City have, and we are supposed to be the small club that doesn't know how to attack?!
  8. The second pen was Suarez winning a pen for diving not long after getting booked for diving . .
  9. Without a doubt. But, as we all know, Barca are the darlings of the footballing world and nothing will change that.
  10. Imagine if it were any other team other than Barca who won the way they did? The pitch forks would have been out starting with the commentators.
  11. On a brighter note City drew
  12. Suarez gets booked for diving and then wins a penalty by diving . . How can he not get punished for that? Scum. I don't know why so many fans blow smoke up there arse. When they are on it they are unplayable, but when they are losing they are absolute filth.
  13. So glad that diving prick Suarez isnt in the prem anymore. After several dives he has finally won a pen.
  14. Could anyone post up the hazard goal please?