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  1. I can't be any worse than our 'Mourinho: potato field' back in 2006
  2. Fair enough, changing to an unfamiliar system when your chasing a game is quite different to practicing it before hand.
  3. If this is the case, then why? Other managers adopted his system last year - Wenger being one of them who even criticised the system and it worked for them during the run in.
  4. Same formation, same players, same sh*t.
  5. Alexis Sanchez

    Wow, no wonder we didn't pursue it. For City to say 'thanks but no thanks' shows how ridiculous it is. Where will it end? I can see how this would cause dressing room unrest (regarding enigmas post) every other player will be wanting more money, especially the likes of Pogba who has the ego to feel he would deserve more.
  6. Alexis Sanchez

    At the time of posting, Sky Sports had a 'Breaking news: Sanchez agrees Man Utd contract' but seem to have taken it off.
  7. Alexis Sanchez

    Carroll it is then
  8. He is struggling with his knee apparently.
  9. This spin of the ball meant it could have gone anywhere. Can't say I blame Morata for that.
  10. FIFA 18

    I posted this in another thread: "For anyone who hasn't yet bought Fifa 18 this a little prewarning, the game has a few bugs and not really worth getting at the moment until they are fixed in my opinion. So far I have encountered: - Career mode. For some reason when you sell players or sign players on a precontract, they don't actually join/leave your club. Actually trying to sign a player is really tough. When a player is sold, there wages aren't added to the wage pot. This is really frustrating when trying to play a career with a team like Doncaster. - Finesse shot bug. If like me, you remap your button layout, for some reason it causes a glitch with finesse shot. No matter how much power you apply to a shot, the bar fills up and the ball is skyed over the bar." Hope this helps
  11. He looked good in the cup, but putting him in against a good Watford team could be too much too soon. Definitely want to see more of this lad though.
  12. Well I was watching it on TV and can remember hearing the chants once, I think when Rudiger took his first touch infront of the away end. So to hear it on TV it must have been a good majority.
  13. So I heard what I thought I heard during the game. It wasn't like it was the odd racist, it sounded like the majority of the away end. Absolute scum.
  14. Eden Hazard

    You trolls come and go . . don't be so naive.
  15. It's a bit unfair to say a fan has less right of a say if they don't go to games. Everyones situation is different. Some may have moved away, others may not be able to afford to go etc etc. I agree that fans who go are less critical online, but that's because we have vented our frustrations at the match (having said that, you always get the plonker a seat behind who thinks it coincides with football manager and that we should play the 2-1-1-2-3-2 with banana balls over the top.) It's a forum, and without opinions it's pointless so I'm to trying to knock yours back, but you have to understand how all our situations are different. I also agree it can be tedious at times when the game doesn't go our way and toys get thrown out the pram, but we all support the same team and want the team to do well, and everyone should have a say in that.