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  1. Malcolm9

    Next Chelsea Manager

    You'd have to be deluded to think the club would bring in McCarthy......
  2. Malcolm9


    It was 100% real.
  3. Malcolm9

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    I actually want him to stay and be given full support from our board. I know he has been very frustrated this season, but I feel he is a part of Chelsea and if he can upgrade the squad with better players, as well as use our youth talent then I think that'll be enough. Get rid of Cesc, Willian etc and bring in players with the right mentality and skill set.
  4. Malcolm9

    Robert Lewandowski

    I would easily take him as a short term 1st choice striker for a few seasons, the guy is deadly.
  5. Malcolm9

    Tiémoué Bakayoko

    He was ok, nothing special. His terrible pass to Cesc led to Rashfords shot on goal. He still plays like Bambi on Ice far too often.
  6. Malcolm9

    Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    Wilshere and Lallana went to the last Euros and World Cup and didn't do much, and I can see Ruben being a much more important than those two ever were. Ruben has the physicality and drive to be a great midfielder for club and country, and I really hope he's in the plans next season. I think we have a pretty decent squad for the World Cup btw, I think we are pretty solid all round.
  7. Malcolm9


    A tad harsh, yes this season hasn't been the best but we still won the league last season after finishing 10th the previously. If we win the FA Cup then should be saying thank you instead of good riddance.
  8. Malcolm9

    Next Chelsea Manager

    I can't see that happening at all. Taking on an untried manager is too much of a gamble. If the club stay with Conte they have to fully support him for next season and let him bring in the players he needs to freshen up the club. If it's not Conte then they need to apply that same logic to whoever does come in.
  9. Malcolm9

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Exactly, teams feared pushing up against us when we had the firepower and fight from Costa. Having a solid midfield two of Kante & Matic massively helped to. This season we lack that cutting edge giving teams the motivation to push further up and pressure us, we lost that fear factor that teams like Liverpool & City have had in abundance this season.
  10. Malcolm9

    Alvaro Morata

    Morata just doesn't have the mental or physical capacity to be a top striker in the PL, we need someone much better.
  11. Malcolm9

    Chelsea 2018-2019 Home Kit "Leaked"

    All clubs are changing it every season now, it's a massive money maker.
  12. Malcolm9

    Chelsea 2018-2019 Home Kit "Leaked"

    I quite like it to be honest, though I don't buy kits so I won't be spending £60 on it.
  13. One I think, straight at the keeper aswell.
  14. We only been using more recently, that's because it doesn't work having two in midfield, three gives us so much more. I would personally play Barkley or Willian in that attacking midfield role that Cesc has, as they are more mobile and will score more goals. Giroud is a good striker, but going forward he can't be our main threat if we want to challenge, and Morata will never be that player for us unfortunately.
  15. We played well, so what are you on about? Tactically we outplayed Liverpool in every way, if we had of played a more open game it could have played into their hands.