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  1. Alvaro Morata

    Just a shame he slipped when he was put through by Willian, he deserved a second goal.
  2. Exactly this! Now we see the problems of not strengthening enough during the transfer window.
  3. We lost against a very in form City side, alongside losing our main striker 35 minutes in. City were good but they'll pick up a few losses this season, you can't win them all. Personally I wouldn't have started Cahill but it's done now, easy to say in hindsight.
  4. I don't take that as a valid reason to be honest, it's not like they don't have any experience of playing on other pitches. We were the better team, it's as simple as that.
  5. It was the play that led to the goal that was class, or did you miss that part?
  6. Marcos Alonso signs for Chelsea.

    Christ, all players lose their heads at times, Conte made the right call taking him off and that's that.
  7. Diego "the guv'nor" Costa

    Morata will be more clinical, plus he'll probably play the whole season rather than the first part of it like Diego did in 14/15 and 16/17. Let's not forget the awful 15/16 season to!
  8. Alvaro Morata

    To all the people saying Diego over Alvaro, I don't think so. I think Alvaro will be more consistent and will cause teams just as much trouble but without the drama. The guy can score with either his head or feet, he can hold the ball up better and he's quicker, we've definitely got this guy at the right time in his career.
  9. Benjamin Mendy

    The Premier League is alot stronger, early days.
  10. Random Rumours

  11. Benjamin Mendy

    So are we making that call after him only playing one game for City? He's a good player for sure, but let's see how the season pans out first.
  12. That's a great starting XI, it also gives Cesc protection with Kante and Bakayoko either side of him. Pleased to say we have a strong bench as well after all the transfer window shenanigans.
  13. Barkley

    Where would he get in regarding the Spurs midfield though? And look at what Conte did for Pogba, took raw talent and made him an important part of the Juve team. I still think he's got the talent to be a top player with the right guidance.
  14. Random Rumours

    He doesn't replace anyone, he allows us to rotate him, Alonso and Moses in the LWB/RWB positions.
  15. Danny Drinkwater

    Drinkwater is better than Chalobah and our midfield will be far more mobile this season.