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  1. Morata has plenty of room and potential to get better and better, we've got him at a great age. What I like is his ability to dribble with the ball whilst looking in control, and I can see him linking up well with Hazard, Pedro, Willian etc. I also like the fact he's prepared to assist other players and he actually shoots. Let's see how he gets on being the main striker for us, as he's scored a great amount of goals when given the opportunity. Lukaku is proven in the Premier League but I still think he wouldn't have suited out current play style, Morata will from what I've seen. It's a shame that the club and Diego are looking to part ways, if only he kept his head and was more consistent because an on song Diego was a great sight to behold at times.
  2. Benteke wasn't great at Liverpool as they don't suit his play style.
  3. If you are good enough then age doesn't matter. The guy is a decent player but Bellotti is more suited to our play style as I mentioned in my previous comment.
  4. Belotti looks like he'd fit in with our style of play more than Morata ever would, plus if he is so good why did he never become the main striker at Juventus & Real Madrid.
  5. Yeah because it's not like Moses was one of our best players the season just got gone.........
  6. Is this actually true? I can't see Conte telling him via text message, he'd do it face to face surely?
  7. Our losses were more down to the players not turning up on the day rather than the formation. If we bring in the right players to improve our current system, which will also enhance the squad depth and quality, then I'm very confident about next season.
  8. He's been our best player so far.
  9. I find it funny when Spurs fans go on about Roman and the money we've spent, but then wanted City to win the FA Cup, the irony.
  10. I can't see Palace doing that, they need to get points to avoid being dragged into a relegation fight.
  11. How is Costa playing? I'm working so I'm unable to watch today. If he's still playing the same surely it's worth giving Michy a chance.
  12. Still massively buzzing, what a game to win in that manner, the mentality and never say die attitude running through the team. I know Stoke had their tactics, but I really hate when refs just allow players to constantly kick out and foul the way they were. Personally the ref should make sure early doors that going in that physical is not acceptable; going for the ball I understand but going for the man is just a scummy move in any football game. Anyway, they are the games that win you the league, so happy that we showed our mettle and got the 3 points.
  13. Let's just forget all those goals he's scored for us and the games he's played well in yeah?
  14. He just had an off game; calm down dear.
  15. Great result away from home, gutted we couldn't win it with the penalty but overall a good point to be fair.