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  1. I find it funny when Spurs fans go on about Roman and the money we've spent, but then wanted City to win the FA Cup, the irony.
  2. I can't see Palace doing that, they need to get points to avoid being dragged into a relegation fight.
  3. How is Costa playing? I'm working so I'm unable to watch today. If he's still playing the same surely it's worth giving Michy a chance.
  4. Still massively buzzing, what a game to win in that manner, the mentality and never say die attitude running through the team. I know Stoke had their tactics, but I really hate when refs just allow players to constantly kick out and foul the way they were. Personally the ref should make sure early doors that going in that physical is not acceptable; going for the ball I understand but going for the man is just a scummy move in any football game. Anyway, they are the games that win you the league, so happy that we showed our mettle and got the 3 points.
  5. Let's just forget all those goals he's scored for us and the games he's played well in yeah?
  6. He just had an off game; calm down dear.
  7. Great result away from home, gutted we couldn't win it with the penalty but overall a good point to be fair.
  8. Shows good respect to Brentford bringing on a player like Costa, very happy with how we've played today.
  9. I feel for Bats as he was pretty excited to join us, but Antonio is just not a fan so there isn't a lot he can do really. A loan move to another Premiership team would do him the world of good, at the moment he's like Remy Part II.
  10. Comparing China to us spending back in the day is crazy, offering 3/4/5 times the salary to the top leagues in the world is not comparable. If you are a top player who wants to be remembered don't join the tin pot Chinese league, the top European leagues are where you can stamp your name in history and win meaningful trophies.
  11. Yeah it'll be good to see if Bats can show his stuff, take your chance boy!
  12. We looked comfortable the entire match, always difficult breaking down teams sitting back, another goal for Costa as well. 9 points clear, I'll take that.
  13. Who cares that they beat Barca, it's hardly a barometer when they've been fairly average the last load of games. We won't change our mind-set and I'm sure attacking wise we'll be a massive threat to them. And someone mentioned there squad is better than ours, really?? I don't think so. I'm pretty confident we'll get the three points from this game, keep the faith.
  14. I think we'll win 3-1, defensively City aren't that great and with a focused Costa along side the attacking threat from Hazard, Pedro and Moses we will be fine. I can't see players like KDB, Sterling, Navas and Nolito being that great tracking our attacking full backs all game, so we can find gaps to create chances. I was more bothered by City a few years back when they had Tevez, Nasri, Kompany and Toure at the height of their game, Tevez especially used to score against us more often than not. If we can get through this game unscathed then I think we can make a big statement in the fixtures after to really cement our lead at the top.