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  1. Cannot replace an Eden Hazard
  2. Surely he'd want another crack at the big one in a blue shirt before considering leaving.
  3. Lamps has taken to it like a duck to water. Think he's got a better read than the other two already.
  4. Wells said, that's what I was trying to say in my comment.
  5. It's got nothing to do with Barton's own ability. You can have your own views from home so why can't someone who made it professionally but who wasn't that good not have a view? Personally I think people have Kante goggles on , but he's still been very good and if being one of the top performers in a tough league two years in a row in what could be back to back titles is not at the very least consistent, then I don't know what is.
  6. Not that I was basing it off one sub appearance, but what else are we able to base opinions on if not for what we see in front of us (even if it's very little)?
  7. No as to my last point in my post, it's still unknown at this very point but I think the next few weeks will indicate this. I may be wrong " Obviously the last point is unknown. But I think we will see him brought on ahead of Chalobah for the rest of the season " By the very nature of us chasing the game Ruben was going to be tasked differently, but ultimately I think they will fight it out for the same position in the long run. Again this is unknown. I may be wrong.
  8. Here's how I came to that conclusions. Chalobah rightly had earn that final spot on amongst the subs as a youth, a lot of seasons on loan in the senior side, one in a foreign league for a great club. Though he is really only suited to that central midfield role, at least that's where he has been developed. For Ruben to still get opportunities this season, amongst it being in his skillset, was molded by Conte into almost a striker, at the very least an attacking midfielder. Whilst Chalobah has been serviceable in his appearances, all of Ruben's sub appearances have been a class above Chalobahs. Ruben can also play in Chalobahs position and in his more recently used positions by Antonio. Antonio seeing his performances and knowing his history (where he has played AND performed) then puts him up the pecking order. Obviously the last point is unknown. But I think we will see him brought on ahead of Chalobah for the rest of the season. That's how I came to it.
  9. 4/12... I'm a fraud
  10. At the very least he's back in front of Chalobah now, which I think is correct.
  11. Juve loan out more players than us. This is a cake walk for Antonio
  12. I'm baffled by the Kante goggles. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love him, been one of the best signings in a while. But he was out muscled and passed poorly until the red card. Willian for me. Lacked the end product but was very samba to good affect for most of the game and was our biggest likelihood to score for me.
  13. Just ignore him. Don't praise him, don't hate on him. Just ignore him. He'll come round
  14. We gave you just as much as you have us Jose. One day I hope you realise