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  1. I think it's great that we aren't solely reliant on him being the difference in games now. I also think, and this is just speculation, but the amount of space some of our players had against wolves and the amount others didn't have showed that A) wolves were clearly more determined in their marking of some players (hazard) and B) Conte may have seen this coming and used Hazard as a decoy to an extent.
  2. Excuse my ignorance, but who or what is Camelot? Presuming we aren't talking King Arthur.
  3. It wasn't so much for celebrating. My interpretation was that Antonio was getting the crowd to start singing as we were up 4-0 and all he could hear were United songs. Mourinho has done the exact same thing in the past.
  4. Would it be out of the question for a football fan to win the opportunity to draw each round? Therefor quashing any of this BS and also getting unliked personalities off the box?
  5. He had one of his more frustrating games against Wolves. Hit it into the first man about 10 times. At the start of the season he was unpredictable. Cutting inside or going on the outside. He should have done better with the amount of ball and space he had at times, but he'll know that.
  6. They haven't won yet
  7. Someone voted Kante. Can't stand the blatant disregard of the authenticity of the MOTM thread
  8. Fab for me, class above as usual in a game where was often up against two. Ake had a terrific second half, absolutely nothing getting passed him. Zouma was rusty but confident, he'll get back to his best. Moses put about 12 crosses into the first man, was frustrating. I swear he used to have a left? Hazard was probably our least effective player, which I think is a positive sign for the whole team. Tough game but great result.
  9. From what I can see, it looks like. Wanted more playing time, if that meant a loan then so be it. Didn't get a loan, had to stay with the club Thought, well if I'm going to sit on the bench for another few seasons I want to be compensated for it No? Then I'll find someone that will do both? I'm sure there are suitors out there that would give him a chance to play, possible not for that money but it seems he was only asking for the money as he couldn't see a way into the team. Sad to see him go.
  10. But now you're just speculating as to what would have happened if certain players stayed and certain players moved on. In a world where we can't play them against each other in the best of 10, you have to use something they could both commonly achieve at the time.
  11. It's the only barometer
  12. It's not over until the fat lady sings.
  13. That Chelsea 11 won far more than that Man U team has at the moment. Great names on paper. No names on silverware. Edit: I'm aware Carrick won the CL. I'm referring to the team.
  14. I have got a lot of time for this St Etienne team. Playing really well and great game all round.