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  1. Great players no doubt. Takes more than that to win the league. The last two winners haven't been the best on paper.
  2. The history one is so laughable, really have to quesiton the intellecut of people suggesting it. The small club one is even weirder, okay lets say we are small... whats wrong with being small? We've won 5 titles in 12 years.. it's terrific being small.
  3. If AM sell Griezeman to Man U for say 50M I imagine Lyon would Sell Lacazette to AM for 40 odd So 20M seems about right for Traore, maybe 25 and a buy back clause as you say.
  4. He's their third best player
  5. Good players shouldn't be scared of other good players in their position. They should relish it.
  6. Yep agreed. We need to add players to strengthen the squad, not sell and replace with theoretically better players.
  7. The players looked very reluctant to chuck the three finger gang sign up. League cup + Europa + Cl qualification is a great result for a season where they were nothing special in the league.
  8. I find it unlikely they will slap their 2016/2017 design trend on the new bumper deal with the champions of England for the 2017/2018 season
  9. I remember there was a French TV show (possibly the exact same one) that asked Hazard if he preferred blue or red, alluding to which side of Manchester he was going to be joining. A month or so later and he was at Chelsea.
  10. Random question. What language would Zidane be using when coaching is RM players? Does he speak Spanish?
  11. "Chelsea don't treat their legends right" .. "Chelsea's send off of John Terry was match fixing". Which one is it Journos? How sour
  12. Shame, their short/sock combo is great
  13. Nearest and dearest rivals thread topic. Seems relevant. Mazzarri leaving Watford. Not really sure what Watford are trying to play at, coaching merry-go-round.
  14. Dave's followed by Luiz for me. They were gobsmacking. Matic's, though in a big moment and against Spurs, wasn't even the best goal he's scored for us IMO. I prefer long range hits over the others. Great goals all round though.
  15. God that is sour. So sour.