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  1. Diego "the guv'nor" Costa

    This about sums it up nicely.
  2. Rate our center backs 1-5

    Wow a lot of people putting Christensen rather high. Don't get me wrong, great player and probably our best against Qarabag, but I don't think hes achieved or performed to the level of the other guys yet. I've factored in Cahill's leadership qualities and grit in the below, otherwise could consider swapping him and Rudi. Luiz Dave Cahill Rudiger Christensen
  3. Alexis Sanchez

    I love it how when Pep arrived, he told Sterling that he was a huge part his plans (presumably to side the true Brit fans) but is now the makeweight to get a far superior player.
  4. Alexis Sanchez

    We could pay anyone in world football's wages.
  5. Willian

    Always find it funny when people are like "oh 100M and its a yes from me". Like A) That person will personally get a share of that money or B) They know exactly where the club will spend that money It's not a given that making a surplus in the transfer markets means it gets spent in that window or in future windows. I see it all the time, people adding up the sales of recent players and then asking where X amount of money is? Anyway, back on topic, I agree with the poster earlier who said he is one of those players you won't know you had until he's gone.
  6. Your unpopular opinion about Chelsea

    I'm absolutely fine with having sold KDB, Lukaku, Mata, Matic. Only one I regret is Robben
  7. Tiémoué Bakayoko

    As cool as that story is, it's just not possible that a coach would be taken a back by a player offering to do what their profession is. Why would Conte risk a a £35M investment if he were injured or unfit.. it just goes against the grains of modern sports science.
  8. Harsh on Stoke Newington. In and around that Church St area is quite alright these days IMO.
  9. What can realistically be done behind the scenes?

    Have no idea however I still think we are slow for whatever reason. City had signed 2 players before the window was open because they really wanted the players and knew what they want. Don't know how that is leagal but they did. They did the same thing last year + the world's greatest manager and we ate them.
  10. What can realistically be done behind the scenes?

    Haven't been a factor for years
  11. What can realistically be done behind the scenes?

    Innovation breeds success. What brings the next trophy.
  12. What can realistically be done behind the scenes?

    Name a club that signs players quicker, more consistently than us and has won as much silverware as us in the last 12 years.
  13. Alex Sandro

    Please, do every club in Europe's. Please.
  14. Alex Sandro

    Diego is easily the toughest to lose and in an ideal world we would still have him and Morata. However the rest I think have been adequately replaced (in my mind, could be wrong, we'll see how it pans out). I refuse to let Oscar and Matic be talked about now like they weren't well below their best (and I was a huge fan of both).
  15. Alex Sandro

    I agree it can be interpreted differently, I guess I'm trying to highlight the shi*t storm people were brewing last year when we bought Luiz and Alonso and thought we couldn't challenge.