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  1. Alonso needs a rest after all those minutes.
  2. the man for the moment they say....
  3. Alonso played a lot of minutes, he really needs a rest.
  4. They get there first win and first two goals against us, so laughable.
  5. After the Man City match i just wanted to see a good performance and a win of course but this is just poor.
  6. ? Our squad should win this, regardless of the transfer and apart from that their form is atrocious. But this is the football right.
  7. we are all over the place! Just why?!
  8. That Willian sub was awful! Why not get Bats on, he just gave you the winner in Madrid. He won't be happy that Willy came on instead of him.
  9. Alvaro Morata

    I wasn't expecting him to score that third goal. Kinda Costa like.
  10. Stoke game should really be: Azpi - Christensen - Rüdiger