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  1. woah guys stop complaining about the ref!
  2. idk why everynone is screaming at the lineup. Despite Harzard every change makes sense. Good to see Ake and Bats, well i am an optimist i guess.
  3. not too happy about resting Costa, just means he will play against Southhampton.
  4. Just get Alaba, he would suit the wingback role perfectly.
  5. get Bats on he will give us a hattrick, right?!
  6. We look so off it in incredible. Pls subs after HT. Definatly COSTA!
  7. ah don´t really think so. Costa is a beast and if he gets benched he would work on himself.
  8. It is not "one of those days" that are already whole bunch of weeks how Costa is playing now....
  9. He has done many good freekick attempts and now finally it is in!!!
  10. I don´t know what he is trying to reach with this criticizing players publicly. Does he want to question them and get a reaction? Maybe but he does it way too often and it also dosen´t work. Further what is is with Jose (also with us) that he is trying so hard not to celebrate a goal? Just seems so odd.
  11. I still hope for the best but you know it is Arsenal that are playing.
  12. those were really 15 good minutes from RLC.
  13. RlC with the lay off for himself that resulted in the corner. genius!
  14. Please give Bats a try. I just can´t see Costa anymore with his flying to ground and only wind up the opposition.