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  1. like always, Jose is not amused.
  2. hope Traore cause some havoc
  3. at this point i don´t know what Costa gives us over Bats.
  4. Magic flute is playing aka Mozart, nice goal!
  5. Good by Ake there!
  6. and you said Kenedy looks poor
  7. Kenedy lost a bet?
  8. what the heck?!?! It is Batsuahy, hell yeah!
  9. so negative football from United. (Jose)
  10. Real all over the place. Too overconfident it seems.
  11. With his RIGHT foot, what the heck!!! Nice Matic!
  12. Hazard is like, yeah Costa i give it to you then Costa, no i give it to you, Hazard no i give it to you then Costa well s**t, thank you Hazard.
  13. what the heck, everybody turns into Lampard.