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  1. Truth has been spoken.
  2. Beautiful combination there.
  3. Nevamind


    In Mourinho's last season where everyone was bad he made a few goals from free kicks and was kind of the standout player (not really), therefor king of freekicks since then.
  4. Can you tell me what Azpi did better to not be on your list? Blame a Lb for not getting a win or what...
  5. it is always fortunate.... Can´t see it anymore.
  6. Cahill for the winner!
  7. Moarata always tries to make it look nice. Use your power for once.
  8. Nevamind

    Jose Mourinho thread

    United fans will come to the conclusion that this season will be a slighty better one than the disaster of our 15/16. So many similarities.
  9. Nevamind

    Welcome N’Golo Kante

    Yeah that seems logical.
  10. Nevamind

    Welcome N’Golo Kante

    I would say his duties got split up so his influence seems to be a bit reduced.
  11. Hahahaha Rüdiger having none of it. Really dumb thou...
  12. Second half was not his half at all. Yes he made goal but that doesnt mean he is one of our best players on the pitch.
  13. What Fabregas does thou is making those sweet long passes.