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  1. Maidstone Blue

    Man of the Match - Chelsea Vs Arsenal

    Barkley and Pedro to share the award .....they have both shown a lot of improvement and deserve some recognition ....KTBFFH
  2. Maidstone Blue

    Chelsea V Arsenal (PL) Sat 18th Aug 17:30 UK

    Chelsea were by far the better team and deserved to win this match ....we are numero uno sitting on Top of the Spuds and the rest of the other also rans!! ...Come on The CHELS
  3. Maidstone Blue

    Next Chelsea Manager

    What has Sarri actually won?.....
  4. Maidstone Blue

    Next Chelsea Manager

    What is Ridiculous is people moaning and constant whining about CFC ....it’s expected of the media to act like that...but Fans on this CFC supporters web site need to Man Up ......the days of CFC writing blank cheques have gone. The total costs of sacking Conte and his team of coaches and paying millions to Naples and paying millions to Sarri and his team of coaches must be ENORMOUS ! .... has any body calculated that bill ? ..... IMHO I think we should keep Conte until his contract expires next July.....The Players also need to Man Up ....or move on if they don’t like it. CFC and it’s fans have to keep strong.
  5. Maidstone Blue

    Next Chelsea Manager

    There is absolutely no need to worry about players contracts......players come and go ....proper fans like you and me stay for life....CFC is much bigger than any player.
  6. Maidstone Blue

    Next Chelsea Manager

    The Last time I looked ...Antonio Conte is on the payroll of CFC ....So “For Sure” ....would it not be normal for him to prepare a training schedule for the upcoming new season?!
  7. Maidstone Blue

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Yes ...that’s exactly why any person with half a brain who was born within the last 113 years in the Fulham area chooses to support Chelsea FC instead of the other team that plays in white & black!
  8. Maidstone Blue

    Next Chelsea Manager

    If any players demand who should be in charge and who shouldn’t be in charge....they obviously feel they are bigger than CFC ....if that’s the case ....then CFC should sell them to the highest bidder and recruit the best they can who do actually want to play for CFC without moaning about it and obviously without CFC being screwed over by the players agents etc. Alternatively CFC could always do a big U turn and start promoting more of the CFC youth team....instead of wasting millions buying average players.
  9. Maidstone Blue

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Am also 1000% sure that all CFC players have been told exactly what date to report back for training....whether they know who going to be in charge is another matter....but whatever CFC decide should not be an excuse for the players not giving 1000% effort to do their utmost best for the astronomic wages they are paid.
  10. Maidstone Blue

    Next Chelsea Manager

    I’m a 1000% sure that Chelsea FC are doing their utmost best to recruit the right man for the job ....none of us fans know anything factual about what’s actually going on .....,however if indeed you believe that Conte is leaving !? Then how can it be disgusting for CFC??? to not allow themselves to be screwed over by the existing current employers of Conte’s replacement (by demanding CFC pay out Ridiculous millions of Euros). I’m sure that CFC will have this sorted out in time for when the players report back for training.
  11. Maidstone Blue

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    The only reason he says he intends to honour his contract ....is because ....if he walks out....then he doesn't gets any compo....he is not daft in that respect.....but he is stupid in keep picking Bakayoko ....
  12. Maidstone Blue

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Yes...the photo is Chelsea V Man Citeh ....As usual I was in the Shed ......before kick off ...I recall a citeh fans coach arriving outside the Rising Sun (now renamed the butchers hook) ....when a load of long haired scruffily dressed ( dirty flared jeans and denim jackets) citeh fans were instantly welcomed to Stamford bridge....by being attacked as they stepped off their coach.........those were the days....
  13. Maidstone Blue

    West Ham away

    Spot on
  14. Maidstone Blue

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Antonio Conte is right......unfortunately the Premier league title is Citeh's to loose ...which sadly I can't see them doing.......therefore realistically we are playing for 2nd, 3rd or 4th spot........I am glad they beat Man Ure today.....as I'd rather see Citeh win the league than Man Ure. Antonio needs to make sure Chelsea Football Club secure a Top 4 position in the League, win the Carabao Cup, win the FA cup and go as far as possible in the Champions League......No pressure !!
  15. Maidstone Blue

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Yes ....Conte and all of the players......must surely be missing Steve and JT.......as they were excellent people to have around the club especially the training ground.