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  1. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Yes....totally agree....the late 1960's .....is a very nostalgic time fondly remembered by me.....back then I used to turn to go home and away & Leicester! ...( that song was first sung in December 1968 ...on my 1st away match outside of London .....on a wrecked London Midland Football Special Train coming back from watching Chelsea beating Leicester 4-1 at Filbert street and also Beating their fans on their own turf in the Filbert Street Spoin Kop.......I remember the train having no windows in it....and the Chelsea mob from Kilburn getting onto the railway tracks near Wealdstone and finally arriving into St Pancras around 3 hours late about 10.30pm
  2. RIP Ian McNeill

    A great article by Pat .......Ian McNeill thoroughly deserves to be recognised as a very important person in Chelsea FC history .......i expect on Saturday to see CFC players showing their respects by wearing Black Arm Bands and leave Selhurst Park as winners. Rest in Peace Ian
  3. Diego "the guv'nor" Costa

    Yes I sussed that out some time ago....when Simeone came over to London in December last year.....he blatantly tapped him up during dinner with Costa and his agent back then.........everyone knows Simeone is a very slippery sly c*nt ......
  4. Alvaro Morata

    Frankie is starting to get a bit worried about Morata beating his scoring record.......I can see Morata getting at least 35 goals this season
  5. Alvaro Morata

    Blimey .....what's he gonna be like when he settles in.....he'll be banging in 6 goals a match then if he carry's on like this !
  6. Your all time Chelsea front three. Who would you choose?

    Roy Bentley, Bobby Tambling & Peter Osgood would be a formidable powerful front 3 ......with Drogba on the bench !
  7. Diego "the guv'nor" Costa

    I think we should close this particular thread comletely down ......Diego is definately not the Guvnor......CFC are the Guvnor's ! By all means ...Start a new thread .....titled ......Diego is a complete a idiot !
  8. Your all time Chelsea front three. Who would you choose?

    Yes Erskblue....I fully concur with your excellent choices .......you can't beat those three ! ........with Charlie Cooke and Pat Nevin providing wonderful crosses into the box ....for those 3 to bang into the net !
  9. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Your father was very wise man.......the terraces could be dangerous at times ! ....as I remember back to Feb 1969....I was in the "middle of the shed".....we were playing Sunderland at the bridge ( we won 5-1.....Bobby Tambling scored 4 and Alan Birchenall 1) ...after one of the goals, the crowd surged forward very aggressively and someone in front of me fell over.....leaving me with no one to lean on...so i fell down and I got up feeling very dazed, and decided to move positions, walked around the back of the old east stand and stood underneath the old north stand....I felt better....there weren't many Sunderland fans there ! ......the official crowd was only about 29,500 ...but in the shed it felt like there was 50,000 ! ......happy times!
  10. Danny Drinkwater

    Welcome aboard Danny .....it's always Good to see an English player, with the right work ethic & attitude and who actually wanted to join us ...get stuck in son !
  11. Win or Loose Up The Blues .......KTBFFH ........come on Chelsea....show some fighting spirit
  12. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Yeah....I agree Peckham Blue......I was at both games....I got home about 2 in the morning completely legless and missed the parade !
  13. Diego "the guv'nor" Costa

    Yeah....that's right.......it's a tricky situation dealing with a childish c$nt ........because Costa is trying his utmost to be a bigger pain in the arse than he normally is! and that takes a lot of effort, even by his terrible standards....he plainly wants a fight and wants CFC to sack him ! But CFC need to be very tough, but at the same time, stay calm and quietly go about their business via the legal route, using a Top Lawyer / Barrister and all of the leverage and deviousness at their disposal ......surely they must have some influence with his money grabbing agent ? ..... If Costa doesnt report to Cobham by Monday ......Then Roman personally get involved and arrange a meet up with Costa in Madrid and sort this out .......forget about nice meals at the Ivy.....it's time for CFC to get tough with these c$unts.
  14. Diego "the guv'nor" Costa

    Poor old Costa.....if we stop paying him....how's he gonna manage to finance his large supply of plastic dummies to spit out ? I can see him in court pleading poverty crying his eyes out, whilst he scrambles around on the floor of the court kicking and screaming .....FFS
  15. Kenedy officially signs for Chelsea

    Kenedy should stay with Chelsea......ok he made a stupid gaff .....but tell me who hasn't ! We're short of players FFS