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  1. For the past year....Costa and his Agent have been pissing off everyone at Chelsea by releasing selfish and childish spoilt brat type statements to the media about how much he is worth and how much he loves Madrid.............well enough is enough......I think the general consensus is that he can piss off to the highest bidder .....But I stress only when it is the right timing for Chelsea FC .....Which obviously means when and only when Chelsea have recruited a New Centre forward to take his place......and if that dosnt happen, despite our best efforts to bring in a replacement.....then Costa will remain a Chelsea player until his contract expires. / Chelsea FC is more important than any player. If loves Madrid so much, then he can go and sit on the bench at Real long we get a shed load of dosh, I couldn't give a Fukc where he goes!
  2. My favourite JT moment.......goes back to the late nineties when I was at the Bridge for a match against Newcastle I think (I might be wrong) with my son who was about 9 years old at the time, we were in the East stand lower south family section and the half time announcement was a young teenage JT signing his professional contract on a table near the dug out .......One of the best pieces of business the club have ever done ! I hope to see JT as a coach at Chelsea in the future !
  3. Since 1997.....I always wear the same shirt for all Chelsea matches that I's a button down collar in Royal Blue in good quality thick cotton.......after 20 years of wearing it....its become my tradition to wear it.....and it's my lucky shirt ! .....for example, this last season I wore it to each of the 12 matches I attended and Chelsea won all of them !
  4. Spuds might play it more attractively but they're still win Fukc All !!
  5. Imo....Costa will be on the Outs list !........"but only when we've signed a new centre forward" .........Jamie Vardy anyone, ha,ha ....another Chris Sutton !? ......I certainly don't want our club paying Everton a penny over 40 mio for Lukaku........if we did, we would be a laughing stock.
  6. Tibo needs to man up and get on with it............we definately need him to play .....even if it's only for the 1st half ......bring on begovitch as a sub when we're 3 goals up.
  7. Absolute Garbage ......Jose still hates spuds more than he hates anyone else .....don't u worry about that
  8. Ake needs to start against spuds if Alonzo is not fit
  9. There is no doubt that Conte needs to show more bottle and drop Costa to the bench ............we need to bring in either Fabregas or Willian and play Hazard as a false number 9
  10. All you lot of moaners on ere need to man up the team and look for positives instead of being negative......we are still toppa the league and we will still go on to win the league ......providing we win all of our remaining 4 home games
  11. We've certainly stepped up a few gears in this 2nd half .........we need to win all of our 4 home games and am sure we will win the league as spuds are bound to slip up in a couple of games .....keep the blue flag flying high
  12. Let's fu**in hope so
  13. We are going to put up a what if we loose....we are still toppa the league......
  14. we need to hold our nerve.......Fabregas could link up with Costa and all of a sudden....Boom , we're back in it !