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  1. Our top 4 chances were sealed with the "loss" in the midweeks game. This game is just the topping on the sh*t pizza.
  2. brownindian

    Alvaro Morata

    I remember arguing with you about Morata before and you were fairly patient with him and willing to give him a chance to get better, but if you are ending the season with this assessment, then it is fair enough to say that the Morata experiment in year 1 is a failure. I agree with your assessment - all i will add is that I will not mind selling Morata if we get close to recouping the money.
  3. Unfortunately that is also down to Conte - Notice we have stopped counterattacking directly and wait to pass the ball and bring all the Chelsea player and their grandma into play before we attack. This is all down to Conte's tactics. The Chelsea of the past with Mata/Willian/ Hazard and Oscar were a direct counter attack threat.
  4. And lose all that money ? HA !
  5. Conte has done a lot over the course of the season to warrant. It is not just this one game or his poor tactics. He has alienated players, thrown the board under the bus, not taken responsibility for his short comings with team selections, not bothered to learn from his mistakes.
  6. Anyone complain about Huddersfield time wasting is being unfair. They did everything in their power to stay up and they succeeded. What should be shocking is this: - We could not beat a Huddersfield team. - We could not defend properly against a Huddersfield team. - We could not score the first goal against a Huddersfield team. - We had both our forwards playing and they both could do f**k all despite us dominating the possession. I am disgusted at Conte as mush as any of you but the team that played in the end with Cesc+Moratta+Giroud+Hazard+Willian+Alonso is our strongest attack and if that team cannot score, then we are in serious need of getting better offensive players cos i dont see anyone in the squad who can turn things around. Also, Talking of Conte: 6 changes ? I understand Courtois injury but u finally have a team that is clicking and u need to win 2 games at the end of the season. You have not rotated the squad for eternity and u chose this moment to make 6 changes ? Really ?
  7. I dont know and dont care about the formation. A win against LiverPoo will pull us back into the top 4 race while also putting pressure on them and TitHam for the next few games. No more is this just about moral victory, West Brom have slightly opened the door for us.
  8. brownindian

    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Why not both ? Let him lift some trophies and enjoy his life for now. The senior team will be his in time (as early as next season maybe - although i am more a pro-loan guy).
  9. brownindian

    Olivier Giroud to Chelsea

    I get what you are saying and like the optimism - but the loss to Tottenham is the clearest indicator to me that we dont have the mettle to finish in the top 4. Right now i am more in the opinion of playing Odoi, palmieri and other players who need more experience that trying for the top 4. I am sure a lot of people will not agree with me, but i hope we dont qualify for the Europa league and that next year we just concentrate on the league and win it.
  10. brownindian

    Leo Jardim

    The review of him sounds really good.
  11. brownindian

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    The left-back got left back(behind).
  12. brownindian

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Southhampton is a relegation threatened team. It will look pretty sh*tty celebrating a win against a team that could potentially get relegated and us with nothing to win except the game.
  13. brownindian

    Olivier Giroud to Chelsea

    Fair enough - had you asked me after the Barcelona performance, I would have most likely agreed with him on selling of Morata, but now i have cooled down on that. Wised up maybe ?
  14. brownindian

    Eden Hazard

    Good goal today.
  15. brownindian

    Olivier Giroud to Chelsea

    I actually like this arrangement of starting Morata and having Giroud come in as a sub. The substitution needs to happen earlier like today and not in the 80th minute and beyond. I think it is important to give Morata his run of games instead having him in the bench and since Chelsea has nothing to play for right now (Except FA cup).