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  1. We were lucky to escape with a draw. Conte is stressed and is beginning to make stupid mistakes. Our two best players were Hazard and Luiz......so what does Conte do? He takes them both off and leaves Fabregas on. Cesc did sweet FA. I despair for this team. Conte isn't making things easy with his team selections and tactics but we have'nt got a deep enough squad to challenge on all fronts. Roma wer ll over us and a number of players did'nt cover themselves in glory. Things are not looking good at the Bridge.
  2. http://www.sportwoop.com/Chelsea-AS-Roma-1T23DN Stream
  3. Don't like this lineup. Fabregas in midfield and cahill at the back. Where is Rudiger? He knows Roma inside out. Another poor team selection by Conte. Let's hope we don't lose.
  4. You do realise that Morata will start this game? Also count the number of players in your formation.......it adds up to 12 players.
  5. Another must win match. Roma will be tough opposition and their midfield is like a steel wall. For that reason Fabregas shouldn't be allowed anywhere near the midfield. If he does play then he must play further forward. Luiz in midlield. Dave, Rudiger and Christianson at the back. Hazard, Pedro/Fabregas, Morata. upfront. Not going to be easy but it will depend on Conte's team selection and tactics which have been sadly lacking in the past two games. 3 points would be ideal. Let's hope we get them. COME ON YOU BLUES !!!
  6. Now that's the side Conte should play. That's my selection too. Spot on Antonio.
  7. Roma will prove harder opposition next week. Bot impressed with Conte recently.
  8. Stream http://www.ifirstrow.eu/watch/583738/1/watch-crystal-palace-vs-chelsea-.html
  9. Who else is he supposed to play? Luiz in midfield, No Willian, no Fabregas and Pedro upfront.
  10. His team selections over past two games leave a ot to be desired
  11. http://www.sportwoop.com/Liverpool-Manchester-United-IT5JIO
  12. Don't like the look of this team. Willian???? Fabregas???? Conte is losing his mojo. This is going to be very tough.
  13. Morata and Kante missing but we should win this but I reckon it will be a lot tougher than we think. 'Woy the Boy' will see to that. Batman, Hazard and Pedro upfront. Luiz in midfield. Christianson Dave and Rudiger at the back. We need all three points. Let's hope we get them. COME ON YOU BLUES !!!
  14. Are you having alaugh?
  15. Dreadful team selection and poor tactics. Pep has out thought Conte but he only has himself to blame. I looked at that side before kick off and I wasn't impressed. We look shambolic and Citeh are taking us to the cleaners. Morata goes off injured and Conte brings on Willian. LOL, Conte's head must be elsewhere. Fabregas has done Sweet FA a and Conte's love affair with Cesc needs to end. Cahill as wing back and Tibo taking stupid chances add up to a very poor showing. Why isn't Bats on the field? We now have no striker. It's just wave after wave of Citeh attacks. Conte needs to change things around and fast A massive cock up by Conte