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  1. Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

    Palace scored
  2. profesionnal performance so far. Dominant, efficient, creative, clinical ... As good as it gets ! let's carry on in the second half!! #UTC
  3. Chelsea's UCL credentials

    Btw, I hope Hazard is going to shut some badmouths too ... He's won with Chelsea, and he'll carry on winning with Chelsea !
  4. Chelsea's UCL credentials

    No pain, no gain !!!! You don't make great results without sweating a bit ... Look at our win at ATM!!!! It felt like winning a QF/SF of the UCL!!!!
  5. Chelsea's UCL credentials

    this season so far is a rollercoaster of emotions for sure !
  6. Chelsea's UCL credentials

    there's one thing though... they got refs
  7. Chelsea's UCL credentials

    barça conceded four against PSG without Mbappé and Neymar ... they struggled agaisnt celta vigo, valencia and olympiakos this season. They don't have Neymar anymore, no more xavi, an ageing iniesta, messi mental block against us AND ... a thin squad too . their good form has passed now... they'll start losing in the liga eventually and are dropping more and more points now in la liga... We kinda always tend to gear up for the UCL and show up everytime however sh*tty we are in the PL ... Let's believe guys !!If Eden Hazard said we can do anything, you can be assured the rest of the team will follow suit in the UCL!! Believe in the chels !!
  8. Chelsea's UCL credentials

    you know what they say... there's a first time for everything
  9. Chelsea's UCL credentials

    I don't care about PL anymore !! if we can beat barça, surely we can beat anyone and win the UCL!!! let the Citheh have their w**kfest while we conquer europe once again... something they'll never sing !
  10. Chelsea's UCL credentials

    . Plus, Morata will be hyped as sh*t to beat the catalans!
  11. Chelsea's UCL credentials

    Bring back the bus hehehe
  12. Chelsea's UCL credentials

    "We are chelsea, we can do anything" Eden Hazard 2017. Batman will score the winner at the nou camp in the lasrt minute you'll see !