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  1. D-1 ... This game will determine much more than simply going through the QF. Our future, for the next 3 to 4 seasons may very well depend on this Ro16 result. Deadly Counters and compact defense should be the way. Helped us in the past, helped us recently and will help us tommorrow. Wing support will be decisive to win this one. Whole world dream of a RM Barça final ... Just like 6 years ago! We'll play against 12 tommorrow once again. And we'll play against 12 the return leg too! A whole country will root for them hoping we get whooped... But hopefully we will prevail ! Prevail just like when in 2012 an almost invincible Barcelona was left in shreds by a subpar midfielder named Ramires. Torn to shred by the shadow of Torres. But also by Drogba, Lamps, Terry, Cech, Brana, Cole etc ... And we still have talent in today's team! You don't win the league with 30 wins and 93 points with a team of knobheads in terms of football quality!! Players should remember that we're champions (till May at least ) ! With the likes of Hazard, Kanté, Morata, Christensen etc we must believe in our chances! We may get deflated, spanked, torn, defeated, beaten after tommorrow. And the only hope that would be left, would be hoping for better days next season ... But what if! What if Chelsea Football Club remind the world that we became the first team ever to defeat the tiki taka barça (Bayern faced a lumping barça in 2013 they did not beat anything comparable to what we did !) that put 5 past RM... that we're a team who beat germans on pens in their homeground in a UCL final ... a team that finished 10th, in absolute shambles, to bounce back and claim back our PL the following season !! How many of the so called top 6 did that? how many of the so called finest in England have a positive record against Barça of such magnitude, except us? We're not the darlings of football and NEVER will be. We'll never be liked for the way we play. We'll never be liked at all ... but we could not care less !! We don't give a sh*t of being praised for beautiful football and get spanked double figures whenever we face big teams in UCL! Because we built our domination, history, pride and reputation on kicking the so called darlings of football right up the ass so many times that we've become their worst nightmares whenever they hear they drew us in the UCL. Call me deluded, unreasonable, dumb ... But I want to believe in these guys who gave us a great PL last season and redeemed themselves of the absoulte sh*tfest of 2016! Transfers were a let down, no doubt about it and this should be fixed ! But we also have players! Good players, very good and could prove great and amazing if they come tommorrow and rub their f**king balls on barça's forehead !! We beat them when they had Ronaldinho, coming off as complete underdogs and still won it!! we beat them afterwards of course, again as complete underdogs and never lost since 2006 against them! If the players, Gaffer, staff and all the supporters could remember that tommorrow, then, maybe, the "what if" would become "we've done it" and "we've done it before" for all the future encounters as we like to sing it!! Finally,as Eden Hazard said it : " We are Chelsea! We can do everything !"
  2. Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

    Also, it is hard to admit it but I hope for the day both Messi and Ronaldo retire ... Refeering will benefit from that !! It's just too obvious whenever either of Barça or RM play, UEFA want them to advance so that they can clash in the Semis or Final of the UCL !!! To me, this has ruined this decade and that's why I don't hold these players with the utmost respect when basically they've more or less played with 12 men instead of 11 !!
  3. Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

    Real madrid have done better though in terms of success. I don't recall barça winning 3 out of 4 UCL. Real madrid did it last season. But apart from that I wholeheartedly agree with you ! Red card is guaranteed against them ... AND STILL SOME JOURNALISTS COULD BLAME YOU IF YOU WIN CAUSE YOU DESERVED A SECOND ONE ACCORDING TO THEM!!!! Hoping it won't be for any of the following : Hazard, Morata, Kanté, Christensen or Azpi. UEFA want Barça and Real through the final... They've been planing that for so many years !!! In 2012 They dreamt and were so close to reach it .... but We thought otherwise hahahaha ! But beware of that this season : just look at the pen in the RM PSG game or Neymar's yellow for instance !! It is guaranteed we'll conceed a pen against them if we're playing good against them !!! No matter what !!! It is guaranteed we'll have Hazard booked !!!! But last time we were 10 men down and conceded a pen against them, we still wen through !! I hope the players remember that and play confidently and aggressively against them !! UTC!!
  4. if we won the first game or drew : fcuk it and send the U23! If we lost dramatically : field the main 11 for this !
  5. This will be the huge one ... Kinda afraid to be honest. Because this game will reveal how much Mental strengh, grit, determination and focus our team really has... Also this will be the first time we play barça wihtout one of the following players : Cech, Cole (Ashley and or Joe) Terry, Lampard, Drogba. One can deduce from that how immense the task will be on tuesday for our lads. If there's a plan, preventing and cracking down on the Iniesta/Rakitic relationsphip in the MD will probably be the key to this game. They love to attack from the centre... Needless to say Conte will have to be VERY wise in choosing his midfield... Also we'll need to leave as little space as possible in the centre area too. And force them to go wide on the flanks where they seem less convincing. For us, need to take every counter attack and work wonders with them. I am also afraid of this game because our RB and wingmen wil play a prominent part on the final result not only offensively speaking but also defensively. Attacking from the centre will be difficult for us I believe . Let's hope Zappa/Emerson/Moses don't have a day off that night then... Hoping SB will be rocking!!! We're going to need this. Also believing that winning this game will lead us to a very nice prize this season ... Although there's still a long way to go!! But defeating Barça and progressing further in the UCL will certainly leave a huge impact on everyone else ... Que sera, sera I guess !! UTC!!!
  6. convincing and professional performance. Main players got rest, always a plus. Scored 8 goals in the last two. Conceded none. Always welcomed before facing Barça.
  7. absolutely. Hull are dire.
  8. Now we should rotate !!! And rewatch intensely the 2012 Semis
  9. I confused him with someone else then cause I believed he played against Carrier bag. Then perfect !!! He'll score those screamers Alonso fancies when he takes the Free Kicks against Barça !!
  10. really?!!! I swore I believed he played against carrier bag !!!! f**kING YES THEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. great game so far. A shame he played UCL already with roma ...
  12. for once in a while, I won't be doing this :
  13. He scores when he wants! he scores when he wants!!!! Olivier Giroud!! He scores when he wants !!!