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  1. We officially have an incompetent board

    Emanalo and Maria, you have ruined this club.
  2. Gary Cahill - PL CL FAC LC EL champion

    I'm so so so angry at Cahill. His stupid decision to carry the ball in their half, not pass and follow up with a red card challenge has totally started chain events of disaster. Had we won, it would've papered over some cracks regarding our squad (I still think we would've addressed our squad anyway) but in our situation, we desperately need to fill in the cracks as damage limitation. Thanks to Cahill, we are in BIG trouble. Should be stripped of the armband.
  3. What is going on? Transfer frustration.

    I lost you once you started praising other teams. City haven't strengthened where it matters, Salah is not a league winning signing etc etc. None of our rivals yet have a clear edge over us.
  4. The Nathan Ake Thread

    Just because you grew up with Chelses youth players, it doesn't make your opinion more qualified than someone who hasn't. Fact of the matter is, some fans would like to see academy players break through the ranks. IMO i just dont think our youth are good enough for one simple reason. They are paid too much, too young. RLC moves around the pitch as if hes already a superstar. Social Media and big contracts for young players have killed their hunger to strive for more. Very hard to find a player like Lampard in today's world.
  5. Matic

    seriously why get so butthurt over a comment labelling Matic a donkey?? Go on the fa cup final thread and other matches where he has performed bad and you will see much worse. Calling a player who has been on a sharp decline over the last two years a donkey is hardly anything to get annoyed over. Am I allowed to call Moses Bambi on Ice at times?
  6. Foreign Chelsea Fans

    Also I cant stand when plastic foreign fans are blamed for the atmosphere. I've been to enough games myself in the MH with not a foreign fan in site yet these grown men dont sing.
  7. Foreign Chelsea Fans

    I absolutely love foreign fans! As a Chelsea fan before the money came in, it makes me proud to see how much this club has grown. I'll never forget going to Cairo and just as you get to the top of the hill to see the pyramids in eyeshot, there was a little Egyptian boy just standing with his back to me and a Drogba jersey on. Also when in a taxi a bike steamed past with a boy on the back with his 2011 Lampard shirt on. It was so striking, imagine there being so much smog making the town almost colourless only to see that striking blue waltz past. I felt so proud.
  8. Chelsea Kits for the 2017/18 season

    Wish they would hurry up and release it so I can parade it round London on a Saturday. Also the plainer the kit, the better. I cant stand patterns and all that stuff.
  9. James Rodriguez

    Biggest Myth in football this whole making money back in shirt sales. People still ignore the reason why Nike and Adidas pay mega kit deals. You were being generous with 10% too. It's more like 5%
  10. Hello from a Terrier!!

    Welcome to the forum of the Champions Terrier. I expect an easy 3 points against you at the Bridge but we cannot underestimate you away from home. Hope you guys stay up to be honest.
  11. I mean the second chance to equalise which IMO was easier than the first. Arsenal played well but that's because we played so so so bad. Had we started Willian and Cesc or made those subs far earlier, I'm convinced we would've won.
  12. Next Seasons Prep

    Calm down people. Unlike Chelsea, City do not have a PL crown or a single trophy to their name after spending a massive amount last summer. They are under immense pressure and the amount of money they have spent already increases that even further. Although we certainly need to sign players, the post season is only a week old. If you want us to go out and sign rush transfers by signing a 28 year old Perisic for 50million pounds, fine, but it's not a road I want to go down.
  13. Ratings from my seat at Wembley: Teebo: 6/10 - He either kept the scoreline down to 1-0 or it was bad finishing. Not much to do Alonso: 5/10 - He tried but was not one of his games to remember Luiz: 5/10 - Average defensive display Cahill: 5/10 - Made some good challenges but was also nervy. Was beaten easily a few times Dave: 5/10 - Not one of his better games but still shows passion and desire on the pitch Moses: 2/10 - Shocking, shocking performance! From the very first minute till his sending off. Got in dangerous positions so many times but didn't know what to do with the ball. Was like Bambi on Ice. The dive was just criminal being on a yellow. He let his team, himself and the fans down big time. Kante: 6/10 - People say he was poor and yes it was not one of his better games but I saw him make crucial interceptions and trying to do two jobs at once. Give him a competent partner and he can do a better job. Matic: 1/10 - I'm being really generous with my rating here. One of the worst performances from a Chelsea player that I have ever seen. We had a free kick in the middle of the park and he kicked it straight to an Arsenal player. Just summed up his day. Never closed down, didn't win any balls, absolutely everything he did was terrible. He's just big for nothing. I don't expect him to be a dictator and make good defense splitting passes but at least be competent for what your body is built for. Just an absolute shambles. Hazard: 5/10 - He was totally invisible this game. Pedro: 6/10 - He was positive and tried but when the rest of the team are rubbish, not much more he could do. Costa: 6/10 - Just never got into the game. Had a chance to equalise and blew it. Conte: 4/10 - Even the Don can have a mare and on Saturday he had one. Took way too long to make any changes. Matic should've gone off earlier. With Arsenals high line and makeshift defense he should have used the likes of Willian and Cesc from the start. Two players who like to control the tempo of the game. Matic would've been better coming off the bench to see out the game and Willian would look to create goals for Hazard and Costa instead of Pedro who looks to shoot and blocked shots leaving our pathetic defense to defend the counter. Arsenal didn't win that game, we lost it.
  14. Matic

    This guy had a terrible terrible game. I haven't watched the game back but did Matic run into Kantes path when he was on the counter losing us possession which immediately led to Arsenals opener? Jheeez you know its bad when people who watched on t.v. and those in the stadium knew he had a terrible game.
  15. Its certainly not best to get carried away. From experience in the Premier League, whenever one team is tipped to smash/beat the other by every media outlet and fan, the opposite happens. The only example I can remember is United vs Chelsea, but I'm sure it's happened on several other occasions this season.