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  1. Your unpopular opinion about Chelsea

    The Ghost goal! Why are we moaning about and incorrect goal that had it not been given would see Cech being sent off, conceding a penalty and missing the final? We had 80 minutes with 11 men to score and failed.
  2. Most hated opposition

    Any other PL club managed by Jose, so right now its Manure.
  3. I've seriously considered if Martin Atkinson is a Chelsea fan. The amount of wrong calls he has given us over the years is insane especially against Spurs.
  4. Emanalo The Problem

    Interesting.......I have long defended Emanalo as he was a scapegoat and now I'm pleasantly keen to see how our future unfolds. If he was as bad as the majority made him out to be, I fully expect us to sign all our transfer targets which will lead us to romp to the title. No more scapegoats, hooooraaaay!
  5. Racism or bringing up someone's culture should have no place on this forum. Completely irrelevant and pathetic.
  6. I can't remember one PL game since Robinho scored where we dominated and looked superior to City. They always seem far stronger than us.
  7. Jose Mourinho thread

    I was at the Etihad before Eva Gate. City crushed us with Jose in charge.
  8. We officially have an incompetent board

    Emanalo and Maria, you have ruined this club.
  9. Gary Cahill - PL CL FAC LC EL champion

    I'm so so so angry at Cahill. His stupid decision to carry the ball in their half, not pass and follow up with a red card challenge has totally started chain events of disaster. Had we won, it would've papered over some cracks regarding our squad (I still think we would've addressed our squad anyway) but in our situation, we desperately need to fill in the cracks as damage limitation. Thanks to Cahill, we are in BIG trouble. Should be stripped of the armband.
  10. What is going on? Transfer frustration.

    I lost you once you started praising other teams. City haven't strengthened where it matters, Salah is not a league winning signing etc etc. None of our rivals yet have a clear edge over us.
  11. The Nathan Ake Thread

    Just because you grew up with Chelses youth players, it doesn't make your opinion more qualified than someone who hasn't. Fact of the matter is, some fans would like to see academy players break through the ranks. IMO i just dont think our youth are good enough for one simple reason. They are paid too much, too young. RLC moves around the pitch as if hes already a superstar. Social Media and big contracts for young players have killed their hunger to strive for more. Very hard to find a player like Lampard in today's world.
  12. Matic

    seriously why get so butthurt over a comment labelling Matic a donkey?? Go on the fa cup final thread and other matches where he has performed bad and you will see much worse. Calling a player who has been on a sharp decline over the last two years a donkey is hardly anything to get annoyed over. Am I allowed to call Moses Bambi on Ice at times?
  13. Foreign Chelsea Fans

    Also I cant stand when plastic foreign fans are blamed for the atmosphere. I've been to enough games myself in the MH with not a foreign fan in site yet these grown men dont sing.
  14. Foreign Chelsea Fans

    I absolutely love foreign fans! As a Chelsea fan before the money came in, it makes me proud to see how much this club has grown. I'll never forget going to Cairo and just as you get to the top of the hill to see the pyramids in eyeshot, there was a little Egyptian boy just standing with his back to me and a Drogba jersey on. Also when in a taxi a bike steamed past with a boy on the back with his 2011 Lampard shirt on. It was so striking, imagine there being so much smog making the town almost colourless only to see that striking blue waltz past. I felt so proud.