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  1. Me too lol. Time to celebrate. I feel like I've reached my life goal.
  2. No. Can't stand the thought of retiring shirt numbers. Let the legacy continue.
  3. A nonsensical moan irrelevant to this thread..
  4. And some people on here wonder why I despise him and call him a c××t
  5. Its all about momentum and when you compare both ours and spurs fixtures, it looks more favourable for them to at least close the gap further.
  6. There was a game where we got a massive rub of the green. WBA or Hull I think it was, were denied a penalty after our player blatantly pushed their player in control of the ball to the floor.
  7. We have enough people overusing that term with no relevance.
  8. OK so Costa, Dave and Cesc aren't quality players then? United won two leagues and even made a champions league final after Ronaldo left. Spurs finished 3rd and are on course for runners up along with a potential trophy since Bale left. If you don't trust Emanalo who would you trust? I mean two of the great players you mentioned were signed on the back of a terrible season after coming 10th. Plus there aren't many identifiable marquee players out there. I really can't see the logic in your post other than a nonsensical moan.
  9. Glad i wasn't the only one who noticed this. Ever since Roman arrived our biggest weakness was always rescuing a big point or 3 (whichever we needed) late on. Utd and Spurs notabley frequently pull it out but not us. Now things have suddenly changed and im so happy we can score clutch goals.
  10. Hard to see us scoring. Costa has been poor. A point is not bad.
  11. Come on we all know Emanalo is only responsible for the bad transfers we make. Someone else needs to get credit for all the good ones we pull off.
  12. I know you have a problem with my opinion of your special one however, as I've said from the very beginning. This is a forum, a thread for his past, present and future to be discussed. Anyway, that was a very very poor retort from you if you genuinely agree with Ray Wilkins.
  13. Superb article and all very very true.
  14. Let us just continue licking Jose’s…wherever… because he is our most successful Manager yet, even when he insults our current Manager and tries to put him down at every chance he gets. Let’s worship the Caesar even when he keeps taking cheap shots. Let’s adore him even when he wants to kick our players to death. Lets praise him even though he takes cheap shots at our fans. Or how about saying we are defensive which Gary Linekar and anyone else with a football brain knows hes alluding to Negative football. Yea, he owes us nada. We owe him our very existence. Hail King! Without you we are naught. People saying how terrible our fans are for calling this big hypocrite out should ask yourselves why our fans weren’t going after him when at Madrid or Inter?? Simple: he managed to stay very respectful. Respect is earned. You are not entitled to it. Even God knows that because without man, there’s practically no God. Jose is in bed with an enemy. The only way to avoid our wrath despite all you did for us is to respect us in words and deeds. Repay that respect we showed you when you were in 16th. I said he manufactured his way out of Chelsea and hes also manufactured a damaged public relationship with the fans. Jose should know more than anyone that a section of fans behind the dugout are not a full representation of those in the West, Shed and MH. But we gave him an inch to complete his agenda and he jumped at the chance.