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  1. KonaKai Blue

    Eden Hazard

    If this guy stays he might not be as decorated as Drogs and Lamps but he will go down as the greatest to ever wear the blue shirt
  2. KonaKai Blue

    Eden Hazard

    Please please please please please sign a new deal
  3. We haven't outclassed City over 90mins since 2008 when they had Robinho. Incredible. The only top team.that treat us like boys.
  4. Utd seriously are being underestimated
  5. KonaKai Blue

    Favourite Ever Chelsea Player

    Eden Hazard
  6. KonaKai Blue

    Eden Hazard

    I feel sick reading that. Just praying he signs a new deal.
  7. KonaKai Blue

    Thibaut Courtois

    I cant remember the last time Teebo won us a game like DDG has for Utd. Even against clubs like Palace who beat us, their keeper was excellent in denying our comeback. Teebo seems to let every good shot in.
  8. Chelsea 6 - Arsenal 0 Chelsea 8 - Wigan 0 Chelsea 1 - PSG 0 Chelsaa 3 - Utd 1 Chelsea vs Sunderland (Drogs carried off like a hero)
  9. KonaKai Blue

    Alvaro Morata

    Disgraceful finishing!!!!!!
  10. KonaKai Blue

    Thibaut Courtois

    And thats the point. Eventually, when the dust settles, he's going to want to be in an environment closer to his kids..I think the time is near.
  11. KonaKai Blue

    Eden Hazard

    Been a Chelsea fan since 96, seen many great players in them 22 years. For me Hazard is the best of the lot. Ive never enjoyed watching a single player in action every time since Ronaldinho. Take any non football fan to a game, tell them to keep a close eye on the number 10 and theyll soon wriggle in their seats with orgasms.
  12. KonaKai Blue

    Thibaut Courtois

    Its been published thah he and his girlfriend have split. Thats a fact. She is also from Madrid and many sources have said she has moved back to Madrid. She only moved to London because of him. Him wanting to be with his kids in Madrid is my own opinion because I think it makes perfect sense
  13. KonaKai Blue

    Thibaut Courtois

    Teebo is a goner. His has split with him and taken the kids back to Madrid. No way is he going to stay in London playing twice a week when he can move to Madrid and be close with his kids again. Very unfortunate.
  14. KonaKai Blue

    Your unpopular opinion about Chelsea

    The Ghost goal! Why are we moaning about and incorrect goal that had it not been given would see Cech being sent off, conceding a penalty and missing the final? We had 80 minutes with 11 men to score and failed.