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  1. He wasn't at Huddersfield?
  2. That's true but I don't feel like it be around 25 mill. But I want sandro
  3. He doesn't want to spend 50 mil on Rodriguez, he was available for 20 mill. He saying he wouldn't want to spend 50 on sandro
  4. You don't t like alonso?
  5. This rumour is just to hide the tax fraud thing. Make all the articles go to him leaving. And also it may mean rm will pay his taxes
  6. You must be mad
  7. I feel we waiting for first July to confirm them
  8. Who can we get if we lose courtois. We need to keep him. I agree with morata
  9. Give him 200k he deserves it.
  10. He's one of the players I really wanted that had a reasonable chance if happening. Oh well :(
  11. Nah I saw it before I read your message.
  12. Tottenham scum
  13. Doubt we getting sanchez or sandro.
  14. We played as if this was a friendly. Second half I thought we could win. But moses, or dear God. What was on your head? That lost us the game.
  15. I want whatever he is smoking