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  1. It was a penalty in my eyes
  2. Banter, I'm asking as my housemate is his hair dresser
  3. I know this is a random question, but how do you rate his hair cut?
  4. Olay my stream is so behind, rlc hadn't even come on yet, oh there he is
  5. Rlc over batman. Didn't expect that
  6. Costa needs to be subbed off. And not played next game, will teach him
  7. Yer only a few fouls on Costa actually, that kick was a red, apart from that he's just over doing it
  8. Stoke really at random small team, kicking us. There nearly as small as man utd now
  9. Costa going to be sent off. Sub him off
  10. It's minimal, but always going to be a penalty. Cahill f**ked up. Ffs
  11. What happened with Costa, my stream cut off.
  12. Went toilet and came back just as we scored! Wahoo
  13. Bego, ZOuma, Ake, Chalobah, RLC, Febregas, Batman