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  1. You guys have to realise the 3 at the back haven't played with each other before. They need to me to understand each other
  2. Should have been. No consistency.
  3. 352 then? Or is boka playing as a rf?
  4. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    If he was at Chelsea, you have to realise he'll be 4th choice. He needs game time to improve, so it's good he's there
  5. Danny Drinkwater

    He is our third choice midfielder. Once boko gets fit, he will start
  6. Is christensen acc at rb?
  7. I still don't understand why Luiz isn't in the centre and christensen is
  8. He's not going to use another sub this early. I don't expect a change till 70 min
  9. Batsuyi proving why he doesn't play
  10. Studs showing, 8 times out of 10 would be red
  11. Bright side Masunda is number 17, looks like he's moved to the first team
  12. Well that escalated quickly
  13. Random Rumours

    Do we need van djik?