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  1. He's only 16!i didn't see the didn't see the first leg, but the commentator said he was our best player
  2. Terry coming on, rather have ake especially with long on
  3. In the second I saw it I thought there was a deflection. You can't blame refs for everything.
  4. Nope, begovic, zouma, Terry, chabolah, fab, hazard, Costa
  5. We could have, but they probably wouldn't be this great if we did
  6. I only started watching football in 2003 and supportes Chelsea because they were the first team I saw play in blue. But from that game on, I was hooked and John Terry was one of the first players I ever remember loving. He's played a big part of who we've become as a team and you know be is massive when my mum knows who he is! Captain. Leader. Legend.
  7. Neither were on the bench and therefore couldn't replace alonso. Only a bench player can go on in place of an injured first team pre game.
  8. Was a yellow for moses, he shouldn't go trying to handle the ball.
  9. Rlc seems more active then we saw him last season. He's definitely improved!
  10. We playing like we bottom half if the table and they're the league leaders. Jesus
  11. 4231 I guess now Or not, pedro rwb
  12. Costa getting on my nerves
  13. What's happened with calobah, he seems to have gone down in the picking order after coming up