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  1. All I would want is batman to start. But annoyed that rlc and Kennedy not starting .
  2. He may go there with less wage due to more chance of playing time? Tbh I don't really care, a season ago I would've , I felt he was one of our most promising lads, now we have batman and Abraham .
  3. Muller not playing nuchal for bayern wouldn't mind him
  4. Batman to come on for last 2 minutes
  5. My mate at the game, snapchatted this. He was also kicked out for pissing off the arsenal fans at the end of the game.
  6. If hazard played like that regularly , he'd be the best player in this league, by far
  7. Costa being the dirty player he was last year this game
  8. No wing back in sub, hmm zouma over ake
  9. Looks like he's staying, as he came on today
  10. Chabolah is in our squad , replaces mikel. Ake/aina? replaces iva. Oscar maybe replaced by rlc?
  11. No hazard either, Batman?
  12. Replace him with Niagollan (or however you spell his name) and I think that would be a quality midfield, aside from height.
  13. Not sure abour Reus, he seems to be a bit injury prone
  14. The stream I was watching , said hazard was the best player in the first half. My days